Viewpoint Vancouver

Michael Von Hausen: How does False Creek forecast the future?

October 27, 2022 Price Tags Media Society Season 2 Episode 71
Viewpoint Vancouver
Michael Von Hausen: How does False Creek forecast the future?
Show Notes

Join Visionary Urbanist Michael von Hausen for a broad yet intimate perspective on Vancouver urban design, from the '70s through to the present day.

Michael has been laying Vancouver's groundwork since the ’80s, as a key designer in the early development of False Creek. His multi-disciplinary perspective on urban design draws from landscape architecture, planning, design, and development, to forge an urban ‘greenfrastructure’ to feed our bellies as well as our urban souls.

Together Michael and Gord chart the development of Vancouver's design identity, focusing on the evolution of False Creek from '70s Pattern Language, through to Concord Pacific glass-tower mania, to Olympic Village, and consider how False Creek points to the development future, for Sen̓áḵw and the for the Region as a whole. 

Michael von Hausen is CEO of the Great Communities Institute, which he founded in 2021 to focus on integrating urban design with real estate development and to share progressive ideas. He is Adjunct Professor at Simon Fraser University in the Graduate Urban Studies Program, and Adjunct Professor at Vancouver Island University. 


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