Scams & Cons


June 03, 2021 Jim Grinstead Season 1 Episode 4
Scams & Cons
Show Notes

You may be psychic!

In fact, there is a good chance  you are – or could be. The Census Bureau says one of the fastest growing job descriptions in this decades will be psychics. As of this writing, PsychicPro Job Center has one client with 25 immediate job openings.

If you don’t feel qualified, psychic training is readily available.

Don’t expect us to answer the question of whether psychics are bona fide – OK, they are fradulent – but you will learn how the business works and the tools it employs.

Ian Rowland explains how to do a cold reading, sessions he calls personal readings because he doesn’t charge for what he does unless you are a business that has hired him to boost its communication skills.

It’s a fun show and if you knew that already, it may be time to go job hunting.

Regardless, it pays to remember the words of author Mike Klepper: “Predictions are but guesses - when they come true, they are prophecies; when they don't, we salvage the situation by calling them allegories.”

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