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Episode 3 - Pia Vınderime - Piştgiriye Efo’n Gilydd - Standing Together
July 25, 2018 Wales PEN Cymru
The third reading is designed by Wales PEN Cymru and is part of a project to support Kurdish linguistic rights. In this podcast, you will hear Kurdish, Zazaki and Welsh musicians and poets who came together to create an evening of songs, folk tales and poetry and to demonstrate a shared struggle for linguistic rights. The event is entitled, in 4 languages: “Pia Vınderime - Piştgiriye - Efo’n Gilydd - Standing Together” You can find the programme, which includes all the lyrics and poems in their original languages and in English, together with historical information and artists’ short biographies here. Kurdish musician and activist Ali Sizer, Welsh singer/songwriter Geraint Rhys and poet clare e. potter are joined by women from the Kurdish Community Centre in Newport. Ali Sizer, who is a singer in the Kurdish dengbej tradition and saz player, worked with the women from Newport to give new life to traditional songs in Kurdish and Zazaki.
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