Everything’s Jake (Rockatansky, from @Qanonanonymous)

September 26, 2021 Edward Odell Season 1 Episode 4
Everything’s Jake (Rockatansky, from @Qanonanonymous)
Show Notes

Set aside a supplemental dose of insulin to prepare yourself for the irresistible sweetness that is Our Pal: Jake Rockatansky.  Not merely one of the three primary hosts of the immensely popular, listener-supported QAnon critical podcast, but further and perhaps most importantly, a man who will be forever immortalized by the gentle and alluring display of bare feet in Cullen Hoback’s Q: Into the Storm documentary, currently airing on HBO.  Jake also wrote and self-produced a five song music EP dedicated — mostly — to his adorable papilion Teddy.

Jake assented to talking with me for reasons I am yet to fully comprehend, and was characteristically generous with his time and attention. The result is more than two hours of deeply engaging conversation; we talk about the inspiration and production of the Teddy EP, get a bit under the hood with the QAA podcast and marvel over its incredible, vibrant fan community.  Jake is forthcoming about the difficulty in covering conspiracist movements and communities, the challenges and rewards of creative work and most especially the  dissociative nature of watching one’s fringe area of interest suddenly and terribly manifest into worldwide iconography.

Jake on Twitter: @realrockatansky

The Teddy EP

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Twitter handles for the hosts: Travis View, Annie Kelley, Liv Agar,  and Julian Feeld.

The podcast also has a website, with links to merchandise, their Pateron page and very active Discord community.  They have an archive of over 300 episodes and currently also host a Twitch Stream on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You can find the podcast Twitch stream here, along with individual streams for Jake and Julian.

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