Tom Breen: Face the State, but with swears

November 17, 2021 Tom Breen Season 1 Episode 6
Tom Breen: Face the State, but with swears
Show Notes

Twitter friend Tom Breen joins me to dish on  a host of topics: the regional media landscape, the peculiar corners of our home state, both IRL and on on Twitter, and a dive on how national politics -- in the particular with an increasingly radicalized GOP -- is filtering down to state level races, municipal elections and town governance.  I also reveal that I was the guy behind @fakejeffbutler.

Tom runs media for UCONN at Storrs, but of course appears here in his own capacity.  You can find him on twitter at @TJBreen

Tom's published work as an author:

Ghost Stories from the End of World
Hymns of Abomination

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