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Episode 37: Astrology - Beyond the "Horrible-Scopes"

January 17, 2023 Kara Lovehart Season 2 Episode 37
Mind Body Detox Podcast
Episode 37: Astrology - Beyond the "Horrible-Scopes"
Show Notes

Astrology:  Beyond the "Horrible-Scopes"-

Do you know your zodiac sign or have read your horoscopes or even dabbled in astrology?

Did you know there is SO much MORE to Astrology than just what you read in the horoscopes (AKA the "horrible-scopes" as they are horrible at conveying precision to your unique astrological personality)

Join Integrative Intuitive Medium Kara Lovehart as she interviews Astrologer &  Professional Tarot Reader Pat Dumas as they discuss:

💜Astrology-what exactly IS it? Where did it come from?

💜Common misconceptions on Astrology?

💜Why is Astrology so popular now? Has it's use changed over the years or become adulterated with pop culture? 

💜What is the difference between the horoscopes in a magazine or blog versus FULL astrology charts? 

💜Why/how do you think Astrology provide valuable accurate information/ insight?  How the heck is it so spot on? Is it a matter of interpretation? 

💜What are some of the different types of Astrology? 

💜When does Astrology turn toxic? Ethical dilemmas for reading others charts

💜Our Favorite astrology blogs, videos, astrologers, apps, or other resources to explore

About Pat Dumas
Pat Dumas is an intuitive reader and teacher, utilizing several modalities in her work including astrology and the Tarot. She's read the Tarot for over 50 years, and has been a professional astrologer in the area since 2008. She has trained locally with the PA School of Spiritual Healing (graduate of PASSH's 2-year Energy Healing program and their 1-year Intuitive Program), and Rev. Bill Trivett. She has also studied astrology with Steven Forrest and Astrologos, UK (Dr. Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzberg).

Pat's Services Include:
Astrology Consultations (Don't Miss her 2023 Astrological Predictions Online Recording)
Tarot Consultations  (Book and Online Session Here)Second Saturdays Tea & Tarot in person readings at Firefly Hollow Holistic Wellness Center in York, PA  Book Here  

Episode Resources
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Predictive Astrology: The Eagle & the Lark Book by Bernadette Brady

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