Don't SUCK at AI

SEASON 2 - Episode 3 - Scott Leigh - Co-Founder of AltFee

February 10, 2022 John Lindsey Season 2 Episode 3
Don't SUCK at AI
SEASON 2 - Episode 3 - Scott Leigh - Co-Founder of AltFee
Show Notes

Join us as Scott, one of the most influential voices in Legal Tech today when it comes to alternatives to hourly billing, shares how their new AltFee Software could revolutionize how legal billing is done today!
 John provides Intro on Scott and shares his Background:   00:37 – 02:24

Scott gives some additional info on his background:    02:25– 02:33

Don't SUCK Fun Fact about Scott – And in this episode we find Scott’s journey leading to AltFee is really a “family affair”!  So Scott shares with us how they all work together in harmony, it’s a great story! :  02:36– 05:03

Scott takes us on a trip back to the early days as he saw some brokenness and disjointedness in the Legal domain , specifically as it pertains to how services were being billed:   05:04 -  08:18
Scott shares with us a little bit about the technology itself and how it allows Lawyers to spend more time practicing law, leveraging massive efficiency gains, and provides them with a tool that gives them the ability to scope and price out their services:  08:19 – 10:55

Scott talks about why he feels that now is the time for widespread adoption of this innovative software solution and what will make Lawyers want to jump on board! :  10:56  -  14:01
Scott talks to us about how a model like this could actually help increase access to the legal advice many need but can’t afford.: 14:02 – 17:50

Scott wraps up by providing a look into the future and how he sees the practice of billing by the hour losing its shine and why AltFee is the perfect tool for the future!: 17:51 – 21:25

John Reviews some of the things that ABSOLUTELY DIDN’T SUCK today!!  21:26

  23:24 Scott’s Contact Info:


LinkedIn – Scott Leigh:




Conclusion:  24:00


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