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Intention Setting With Clare Kelly - Episode 47

March 07, 2024 Aideen Ni Riada Season 1 Episode 47
Intention Setting With Clare Kelly - Episode 47
The Resonate Podcast with Aideen
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The Resonate Podcast with Aideen
Intention Setting With Clare Kelly - Episode 47
Mar 07, 2024 Season 1 Episode 47
Aideen Ni Riada

Welcome to today's episode of The Resonate Podcast with Aideen! In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Clare Kelly about setting intentions and harnessing intuition as a guide. Clare shared her passion for infusing love energy into all aspects of her work, including her latest service, which involves creating personalized scents to accompany intentions, enhancing their manifestation potential exponentially. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of intention-setting and intuition-guided living with Clare Kelly.

Clare Kelly is an Irish lady with a passion for bringing the power of intentions and intuition to life! You might know her from previous lives as a leader in tech, an executive coach, or as the founder of the GoodIntentions practice. Now she is bringing the power of scent together with her coaching sessions to empower powerful change.

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Instagram: @iamclarekelly

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Welcome to today's episode of The Resonate Podcast with Aideen! In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Clare Kelly about setting intentions and harnessing intuition as a guide. Clare shared her passion for infusing love energy into all aspects of her work, including her latest service, which involves creating personalized scents to accompany intentions, enhancing their manifestation potential exponentially. Join us as we delve into the transformative power of intention-setting and intuition-guided living with Clare Kelly.

Clare Kelly is an Irish lady with a passion for bringing the power of intentions and intuition to life! You might know her from previous lives as a leader in tech, an executive coach, or as the founder of the GoodIntentions practice. Now she is bringing the power of scent together with her coaching sessions to empower powerful change.

Connect with Clare:



Instagram: @iamclarekelly

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00:03 Welcome to the Resonate Podcast with Aideen. I am Aideen Ni Riada and my guest today is Clare Kelly and Clare is joining me from Ireland. She is a lady with a passion for bringing the power of intentions and intuition to life. I know Clare from actually doing mantra meditation in Ireland and I'm so pleased to have you on the podcast today. Among many things, she has been a leader

00:32 an executive coach and the founder of the Good Intentions Practice. Now she's bringing the power of scent and smell together with her coaching sessions to empower powerful change. This has been an amazing journey you've been on, Clare. How did you find yourself doing what you're doing now?

00:55 I don't know, I don't think it was a direct line from A to B. I couldn't do anything A to B, it would have to be all around the house. So, yeah, it's probably easier to work backwards. So now, as you said, I'm working with a very powerful sense of scent and combining that energy with coaching people into feelings that uplift them and help them in their life to bring change that they would like. So it's been.

01:24 very magical. I could talk about that in itself for a whole podcast. But how did I get to do in that? Before that, I was in Salesforce. I don't know if I'm allowed to say it, but I'm saying it anyway. It's a big tech company. And I was there for eight years. And in there, I was in the latter part of that. I was a people manager for years, but then I manifested.

01:53 like actually for real, using intentions and intuition. And I roll as a full-time life coach within the team that I was in, which was wonderful. I was part of layoffs there back in May and that in and of itself has been a very interesting journey. I like lots of ups, some downs, but I always look for like a very interesting.

02:21 journey anyway, like I'm not in for the boring life. So it's given me a lot of freedom to have and do what I am now doing. And then really all of that coaching and the intentions and intuition work and I've done family systems, I've done, I don't know, a million different courses. I'd say like yourself 18 addicted courses, but I love it and really.

02:49 A lot of that influence has been from my mum when she was alive. She I grew up with a very spiritual lady because she was a nurse, but she also was a healer. So I was kind of grew up with lots of things like this, which I was very lucky. And then I've had wonderful teachers along the way. As we know, we did mantra meditation together, so great teachers there. But essentially, I've read many books at the power about the power of manifesting. But more than that.

03:18 bringing like, like have creating your own life, the power to bring your own energy to a place where you can design what happens to you. I don't, I'm not good, I don't design the outcome, but I like to bring my energy to a place that it attracts great things in my life and I basically use my life as an experiment and I've many stories about how that works.

03:45 What was interesting was before we came on, you said that you'd even set a good and intention for today's podcast. And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing that because this is a great strategy that we can use before we do anything to kind of, to set the tone for what it is we would like to see happen. And like you say, we don't always.

 04:10 create, you know, sometimes if we get a better outcome than what we originally thought. And sometimes the outcome is a little off and not, you know, it's no smooth road. I don't think anyone gets that. But you had set a beautiful intention. And I would love if you would read out some of that for our listeners, just to give them an idea of what you mean. Yeah, so I am an addict of my own practice. I literally before everything create right out.

04:39 with pen and paper, my intention or else in a voice note. So I do believe in voice. I think you do too. Yes. So my intention, this is what I've written. My intention in sharing my story with Aideen today of using my voice and other things is that love enters as I speak and that this frequency.

05:07 hopefully can uplift those who hear it. The divine guidance helps me share stories that will help others to find their own voices and to feel safe when speaking, regardless of the outcome. That we bring joy and love into the room with us and that we have lots of fun together with white.

05:32 three explanation marks. So if you're listening, stay tuned because it's going to get even more fun as the, as the podcast goes on. I absolutely love that. And intuition has played a huge part in me developing my business and growing my business and, you know, making the changes that I've made in my business. Have you ever felt like your intuition?

05:59 gave you an insight that was like a little bit left of feels like have you ever been surprised what you've been guided to do next? Yes and that's to me one of the like the markers of intuition I it's not a voice that is just raised up you know if the thoughts in your head to me because something so random and specific.

06:29 Like here's a very good example, right? And, uh, I call this by the way, using IPS. So you know that you have GPS, like for navigation. I especially use this on holidays. I, my intuition and I've had many examples of it guiding me to places where I want like I've had like, it's just beyond brilliant what you can do with your intuition, but, um, one example is like I was sitting in my

06:58 in my kitchen, I just recently, well, about four years ago, bought a new house and I was sitting there with hardly any furniture and without having really thought about getting any sort of pet, I, out of the blue, and I mean, out of the blue, I got this specific thought to look up kittens on Done Deal. And Done Deal is like an ads, like a classifieds, you know, sort of site. Yeah. I'm like, what?

07:25 look up kittens on Done Deal that's like really specific. And so I did because like to me like where the fuck has that come from? I don't I'm sorry. I may curse. Sorry. Apologies. Irish people just do that. I don't mean any harm. There's good intention in it. OK. So, yeah, so I looked up kittens on Done Deal on my phone.

07:54 and at the very top just posted literally two minutes before that, when I had the thought was the cat that I now have in my house. Oh my Lord. So yes, I've used it many times. I used it in Japan once when someone was joking. We were on a trip and they were like, Oh, I wish I could find a Starbucks. And I was kind of joking going, okay, I'm going to use my IPS. I literally, I was kind of joking. And then I did get a thought going, okay.

08:23 We're in like a tube station and we're down below. And first of all, I give out to her for thinking about going to Starbucks in Japan. Secondly, I was like, Oh, it said I could see it. And I'm like, Oh, I have to turn left and then left again. And it's just there. And I said it out loud and I went, well, let's go and see. And it was there. Oh my Lord, Clare, that's amazing. So.

08:53 I really do. I have I am my own experiment. Yeah. And yeah, I really believe I believe in intentions to me. Intention is the call and intuition is the answer. Wow, that's beautiful. Yeah, because, you know, the one of the biggest turning points in my life was when I made a prayer to do more with music in my in my work, because I had already set up on my own working for myself, but it was all.

09:21 stuff I'd done years ago, I was image consulting and nutrition and I had no passion for it anymore. And I just said, let next year be more to do with music. And three weeks later, a voice came into my head saying, do a singing workshop for adults. And it was the same thing. I did not want to hear it. It wasn't my idea. It wasn't. I was like, maybe I'll sing at weddings next year. You know, I had my own. I had my own little idea what it was.

09:46 So it was because it was different from what was already in my head. And it was different from what I thought it might be. And it was an answer to a question that I had already made. That's why I decided, right, well, there's no harm in testing that out. Like the way you said, well, let's go take a look down that corridor. So I just took that one step at a time and I did one singing workshop.

10:13 And in February, like it still took me two months to do it after Christmas. I was at Christmas time that I got the insight, but it was one of the best things I'd ever done and I started trusting my intuition from that day on.

10:27 Amy and sister. Yes. We just said there was the intention is. The call. Call and intuition is the answer. Yeah. So if someone isn't setting intentions, like not that many people do that kind of thing. I mean, I know you do obsessively, but I love that about you. Are we just kind of

10:56 like floating around randomly and, you know, not getting anywhere just because we're not being specific enough. And it's a good way of putting it. And that's one aspect of it. But the simplest way I find of why I do it is because it I am bringing my conscious, my consciousness to light. I am bringing my awareness to the moment. Right now.

11:26 what I'm doing and I am connecting to my body and all of me to bring alive a feeling, not necessarily to me, it's less about, you know, writing a plan, like an outcome, you know, it's not actually, you know, when I let's sort of give an example when I was wanting to buy a house. I wasn't.

11:53 My intention was more about I imagined people coming to my house and the joy and the crack we were having at the kitchen table and dancing in my kitchen. And all of those things happened. So to me, the intention is more about the experience that comes out of you getting a thing if it's a thing that you're asking for. You know what I mean? So what is that I come with that? I have to write that down, Clare, because this is different, right?

12:22 You're not just going, I want a house with four walls and a nice garden. You're saying what you want to experience within the house. Yeah. And to me, I've said this before, I think, but I love it. It's so simple. Bruce Springsteen said this in his audiobook. I love Bruce Springsteen. Or he's got a Netflix series, I think he talked about it as well that the formula for love and creativity and all things wonderful is

 12:51 one plus one equals three. Yeah. We're more than the kind of the you put two people together. It ends up being way more than just two people in the same spot. Yeah. And the way he described that, I love it because it's exactly what I'm doing when I'm bringing my conscious energy to setting an intention, I am asking myself what is left in the room. So like, what's the extra one?

13:20 both of those parties get because we've come together. And he explained it as when the guy who was the saxophonist, I can't remember his name, I almost forget it. We can sort of see. Somebody in the audience will know and they'll be shouting it at me right now. I'm sorry. But he also explained that when himself and the band were going around doing all the gigs everywhere, it was more like turn up, do the gig, go home. You know, it was like a job, you know.

13:50 It was, you turn up and you do it. There wasn't much hard in it. But when he said this guy joined the band, it brought just, I guess a va va voom to it. And he connected them all. They were bringing joy into what they were doing. And that joy then was left with people, you know? And he said, that's what he said is one plus one equals three. When you're bringing that love, whatever you want to name, you want to put on that energy, but I believe it's the energy that we do call love.

14:19 It has many names like joy, passion, like, I don't know, love and dance and whatever you like. But there's a positivity to it in that people leave that experience uplifted is the best way I could describe it. And the danger of not doing it for me in my life and why I do set intentions is if you're not bringing your awareness to what you're feeling and what you're thinking and then your actions.

14:49 You risk doing things from an energy of fear. So, and, and. To me, when something like you, we all know this, right? Let's say in the tech world, I was asked to create a report and someone from above has passed down that task to someone to yes, and they've gone, oh, oh, oh, and they all start panicking, right? And everyone's like, and suddenly my boss is like.

15:16 Clare, we need to create that board for the quarterly end results. Blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, well, firstly, I really hate creating reports. So that's why I got out of doing that stuff. But, um, um, you can feel that that motivation, that energy with that request, if that person hasn't taken the time to figure out why they're asking for that and what comes good comes from that report that gets passed on with panic and fear and that will crew.

15:44 That doesn't create things that like blows them up. Like, you know, fear contracts energy. Love opens it. Yeah. You know, and yeah, that's the best way I can explain it. So to me, if I want to create, if I want to like Bruce Springsteen said, leave people in the room just going, well, wasn't that the best night ever? We had so much fun dancing.

16:13 Like one plus one equals three. I need to bring love into what I do. And to me, that's a conscious thing. You do, and you can do it moment by moment, but the danger is that if you don't bring your attention to it, you can go into autopilot and end up running off fear instead. And good things happen when you run from love and not fear. Not run from it.

16:38 You spoke for not fear. Run to love, but it happened to me very recently. I just had like a day of kind of, oh, no, this isn't going well. Right. I went downstairs. I was like, oh, and I even spoke to my mother-in-law and I told her things just start. You know, I just told her things weren't going well for me, whatever the moment that that fear was. And I made it.

 17:04 a big plate of food and I put it all on a tray and I was going upstairs to Mike. You know, we we tend to eat upstairs because we're we live with my mother and all. We like to spend time, you know, together. We watch TV and we have our own little space there. So I was going upstairs and the next thing it tripped up and the soup went everywhere. And I was like, oh, this is because I was in fear. I was like, that's OK. I get it. I get it. You know, I need to to change my ways because we do. It does attract a different kind of energy.

17:33 and things don't go smoothly, but sometimes that makes you more fearful and it kind of fuels the negative. But for me, I had that wake up call and I was like, what do I normally do now when this happens? And then I have a certain like you've got your strategies. I've got some strategies that I use that if I do them properly for a few days, I'm back on track. And I'm sure some of the listeners have amazing strategies as well. They're already using.

17:59 But the thing about it is you can't forget to do those things like you have to keep doing them. If they make you good and they keep you on track, don't forget to do them. Yeah. And I'm glad you're obsessed about it, because the good intention you read out for our podcast today was absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Well, thank you. And there's something that I got to say, I love doing many different types of spiritual things and I

18:27 Because of the redundancy I was part of, I made conscious boundary. Well, I was lucky enough not, I'm lucky enough not to have too many people depending on me, but maybe that's also unlucky in one way. But anyway, you know what I mean? I had a little bit of safety and time. It gave me time and money to enjoy the summer a bit, which was great timing. But I got to do amongst many great things. I went on an ayahuasca retreat.

18:57 in Spain and I had some amazing, what you call it, insights, visions, all that kind of stuff. And one of them was about joy and that that was, I was kind of, this is deep, but sure, why not? It's the idea that you bring love to things. You bring joy to things. You-

19:25 bring fear to things, you bring panic to things. And when I think of a feeling as a thing, like I can talk to it and then invite it in to the moment that I'm in. And this is the kind of, I guess a takeaway from one of those visions was I was shown that the moment before I was born, and this is deep and this is the type of coaching I do with people.

19:55 was shown a way, well, an energy to help bring people to that place before they were born and to talk to themselves and feel the passion that they had to come into this life. And because to me that's the greatest intention you could ever have and connect with is, and mine was a feeling of pure joy. And I mean, pure joy. Like...

20:21 I saw my niece run to my dad, her granddad, about a month ago at home up in the North. And it was pure joy. Like she was shaking, like how excited she was to see my dad. She was just screeching, she was about, she was two and a half, she was like, she was just screeching, granddad! And she ran through everybody at the party and just like shook with joy about how happy he was. And I'm like, oh.

 20:50 That is the feeling I'm talking about. And that is the feeling that I had. And it was even more than that before I chose to come into this life. And I kind of asked myself in it, you know, what is your intention for this life? And whether you believe it or not, I answered myself. And it was that I want to bring this joy and help other people bring this joy.

21:18 into their lives and to feel it and to just blow the bloody doors off. You know, like not just, you know, fun, but what joy is. It was then a whole other thing about Joy's best friend is sadness. And it showed me where Joy came into my life and blah, blah, blah. So many different things. But the reason I said that is it's a kind of a tool that I use now in order to to bring

21:47 A new feeling into a moment, a new energy is I say, hey, love, come along, I'm asking you to be here now. And if I give space for that in my heart and I allow it to open up, it does, it just happens. I feel it. And that's what I put in the intention is that the sharing of my story and what we talk about is that love enters as I speak.

22:18 So like a guest coming into the podcast, you know what I mean? Love is there too. And I've brought a load of other friends if you want to ask. We'll see who they are too. Beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful. And how do you, your newest part of how you work with your coaching clients is bringing smell and the power of scent into your coaching sessions. Tell us a bit more about

22:48 that because that seems really unique and interesting. Yeah, so like all things wonderful, it sort of organically happens because I feel I was in a wonderful state of freedom and play this summer. Like I said, I took time and I drove my 83 year old dad, he said he would never go to Cork again all the way from the north and I said,

23:15 You will daddy, you're coming with me. So we went to Garnish Island where he'd been 60 years before and I got to see him have a banjo. So that trip was amazing. We went all from Cork up the West Coast up through Kerry and it was amazing. So I got to have fun also with my niece. I decided to learn the banjo. We went to Willie Clancy and my sister has told me now that that has changed her life because she is now really into playing the fiddle.

23:44 got into a trad band, they're going to be traveling over Europe. And I'm like, wow, it's amazing what can happen. Wow. So, but also then from that, because I, most of the time, I'm not going to say I was all the time, oh, yeah, life is great. You also like shit your pants because like, oh, this money's going to run out. And what do I do with my life? So, but that's where I would be like, okay, love, I'm keeping it in your energy. Come into this moment.

24:13 And the sense thing happened through keeping in that energy. And I have a wonderful friend called Patrice and her now husband, Peppy, who live in the wilds of West Cork. And they were getting married on their own land. And it was an amazing wedding. But we kind of had a bit of a session.

24:41 Because like anything, when you're planning something like that and you realise there's so much you have to do, God bless her, it was getting tough, right? So I basically do what I do with everyone and this is, I am getting to the scent part right, but this is where it came from. So when I was talking to her, I said, okay, imagine you are one of your guests or your guest is leaving the wedding with someone they came with, right? They're driving away.

 25:11 from your land and they're talking to each other. Imagine what they're talking about and like what would you love them to be saying? And it's not necessarily specifically about what they're saying. It's when you start to think about that, you then get it, you awaken a feeling in yourself of what that is. You know what I mean? So that's the little hack that I use with people.

25:41 giving away all my secrets, but is to get, it's hard to force yourself into a good feeling place when you're not in it, right? I'm like, oh yeah, I'll just invite love into the room. And I was feeling like shit 10 minutes ago and I feel great. No, there are things that you will find each person does themselves to make that happen. But in doing this with a lot of people and training people in Techland and speaking at

26:10 all different things about this. The greatest moment for people when something good happens is when they share it with someone that they love. So this is my tip to people listening. If you're interested in what I'm talking about, whatever you're about to do, think, allow yourself to think just for yourself. There's no harm in wishful thinking, as they say. There's not.

26:37 Allow your imagination to imagine something good happening. And let's say it's you getting that job that you, you really want. Imagine coming home from or finding out you've got the job and ringing someone that you love and telling them about it. And the moment that you tell someone you love about something happening to you is, I honestly feel it's one of the greatest moments of joy and love and great energy that you get in life. You know what I mean? I'm sure. Oh yeah. You know.

27:07 You know this feeling like I know this feeling. I was under Robbie Williams concert and I loved it. I happened to have like work the following morning. I was actually had to wasn't even going to be in Ireland. I was flying off with I worked as an airline stewardess. Some of you might know that. But I I got to London and I was about to get on a flight to London. And I said to someone in the room, I was at Robbie Williams, but they didn't care that, you know, it was almost like I had lost that moment of like excitement.

27:37 because I didn't get to talk to my friends about it as much as I wanted to straight afterwards. So there's a need and a kind of wish for connection. Oh, 100 percent, 100 percent. And it's like that, like, what is it that somebody says, you know, happiness isn't real until it's shared? I think it's in a movie, I can't remember. Anyway, but there's something in the sharing of it. And I guess that's a lot of your work is the expression of.

28:06 of yourself, of your say, of whatever. So yeah, that connection is so powerful. And that moment of sharing that moment with someone you love is like to me, the ultimate, you know? So it's like my own little hack to think of it. So yeah, I said that to Patrice and she started to describe. And what you find is it can be a little bit hard initially to think of a future moment or feeling or whatever. You can sort of start at...

28:33 based off, let's say you were doing it for going to the Robbie Williams concert, remembering a concert you went to before, or in this case, remembering a wedding you went to before and what you were feeling and thinking as you walked away from it. So it's not as much about what somebody would be saying. It's more that you start to open your imagination to that something, something good could happen from it. And then you find that once you open that door of possibility, it just

 29:02 snowballs. I do like if you really do it just sort of snowball. So anyway, Patrice had kindly shared her intention that she wanted people, and I love this, to have fearless joy at her wedding. I'm like wow, what? I want to go to that wedding. And I was, so that was good. Fearless joy. I'm like wow. So I got off that call with her and I went, wait a minute, I know what I'm going to do.

29:32 I because I really believe that there's one thing to keep a thought in your head about something but there's another thing as you know to express it, it focuses that thought, it focuses that what you do with that thought and the action comes from it. So writing it out or like putting it in a thing. So I was actually already I'd made a bracelet for a lady with her mantra on it. And after a session.

30:00 But then I had an idea, it just came to me like intuition does, to make them a scent for the wedding, based, like filled with the energy of her intention. And I still have it because they're really good quality, it's all natural products and essential oils. And I made 30 of them for the tables. And in the, she also had bell tents where we were staying on our land, so they were in there too, and they were in the toilet. And then you could just see the moment when people were like,

30:30 wait a minute, what's that? And it said their name on it. And on the back it said, Patrice's intention for the guests. And then they then gives, they kept obviously one for themselves and they give some to the top guests. And I got one too. And I remember visiting one of Patrice's friends and she had it in her house. And I'm like, and she goes, I love that because when you smell it, you're right back into that moment.

30:59 And then I was like, wait a minute, not like that was a nice gift, but I'm like, wait, there's something to use in that power of the way that when you smell something, it awakens feelings in you. And I was like, this is brilliant. Okay. So if I like, if I get to talk to someone and help them express their intention, we create a scent and then I usually will have a second session with.

31:28 person to do either a guided visualization or meditation or whatever way works for that person, but to have them smell the scent whilst they are in this feeling, good place of whatever it is that they want. So now that smell is associated to that feeling.

31:53 Like it could be used by sports coaches. I shouldn't be saying that because it's probably a really good idea. I should just do something with, but like if you were like a team and you want it, like you wanted to, or you're doing the marathon and you're like, going to give up one day and you're like, Oh no, what am I going to do? Like if you had a set for, and it's like, what would you call it? Something like get up again or keep going. Right. And you, I, you talk about times where you've got up.

32:22 and you've kept going and what that felt like and the benefits it brought to your life. And now you're in that feeling place, you know it's possible. You then do a session with me and you associate that with that feeling. And now when you smell it, you're like, whoa. And the olfactory, as I'm sure a lot of people listening know like how powerful it is and the science of it is kind of cool because then I discovered all that afterwards where it like skips the, what do you call it?

32:52 Hippocampus, which is the more, you know, reason and logical side of things. And it goes straight into your limbic system. So that's why when you smell something, you're like right back, like in your granny sitting room or whatever it is. And because it just, I'm like, wait a minute, that is brilliant because that means that we won't lash on all of our thoughts and judgments about.

 33:21 what we're doing. So I really feel like I've discovered something really powerful. And it's, yeah, I've used it myself and that ayahuasca retreat I was on. And every time I smell that, I am right back in that energy. And that in and of itself is so powerful. There's so many, I could tell you a million different ways I've used it since with people. And every time I am learning more, more uses for this.

33:50 And so she can tell I get very excited about it. No, but it's so amazing because like our conscious mind comes back in with the reasons why, you know, the logical reasons why maybe that you can't do it. So because a lot of our intentions, there are things that haven't happened yet. There are things that we don't have any proof for. We may believe it's possible, but we haven't seen any evidence of it yet.

34:17 And it's so easy then when you're having a bad day. And like, I feel like that myself some days and recently myself. Because you just get a little tired of doing what you're doing and you're not sure maybe what to do next. And it's in those moments that we need to be able to reconnect with that original intention. And if a smell or a scent can help us reconnect deeply with our original.

34:45 intention and the joy that that intention brought us. That literally is magical. And I think you're right. I think you're really onto something here, Clare. Like, I think there's. Yeah, if anybody who's listening, you know, try to use it. But if the way that you're using it with your clients in your coaching practice, I suspect that they're getting like exponential results compared to before. Like, do you have a client in, you know?

35:14 a story that you would be willing to share? Yeah, yeah, because I've got consent from these people because I have the testimonials gift for you on my site, which is by the way, Clare Kelly dot A-E- dot E. Anyway, yeah, there's like, for example, this man, lovely man, bought a gift for his wife. What a great man.

35:44 And I just thought to be honest that in and of itself, I was like, Oh, what a legend you are. Um, he, this lady had been out of work for a while. Well, also she'd been doing the most amazing job, rearing her children. Um, but like Anna saying, when you're out of work for a while or you're not doing it, it's your confidence will waver because you're just not using that tool. And he said, he basically said, you know, Clare, I know you can.

36:13 You're good at uplifting people. And what he's like, I don't know what the scent thing is that you're doing, but I'm sure she'll like it. I'm like, cool. So, yeah, so the initial session is online, right? I do a lot of my work online. I can do it in person. Like I live in Brigham Wicklow and I'm going to be doing workshops in Carlow in my centre that we were in, Aideen. Oh, wonderful.

36:39 Yeah, let me know when that's happening, because I love that venue and I can definitely tell people about it. Great. I have to decide the date myself, but I'm feeling February at the moment. But yeah, so essentially, I work with her, really like what I was talking about earlier. I like if the best thing could happen just for a moment, come with me on a journey where you actually are in a job that you like. And it can take a little while to get into that.

37:08 zone, like you're saying, you know, it's like when you start pedalling a bike, initially, it's hard to push the pedals. But because I'm there asking you, it's kind of makes you a little bit, you know, that's why having a coach or someone to help you reflect and express and connect to is so powerful and just try to figure it all out on your own. But she was sharing, started to share, I asked her, you know, things about the job she might have loved before or, you know,

37:38 parts of her job where she felt like she was really good at it, but also she liked doing it. Because to me, that is what a strength is. You can be good at stuff, but you also don't like doing it. And if you can avoid those things as much as possible or minimise or delegate those things, you're onto a winner in your career. So anyway, I said to her, yeah, so remember those. And she was telling me a few things. And then we did a bit of a session, a guided thing. And then I got her to do an exercise. So.

38:08 I will ask people to do things because to me, if it's just me writing your intention, that's not, I think that's BS to be honest. I will ask people to work for their work hard for their money. You know what I mean? Because that's the idea. The idea is that you make an energy come to life. I'm there to help be a catalyst for that. But if you don't put the time and effort.

38:37 into writing that. So I get sometimes I got her to write out a story from her future self-talking about to her about what she loved about her job she's been in for a couple of years. And she sent it to me. It's just like, is that is that the right way to do it? And I read it. And I was like, yes, by the way, there's no there's no wrong way of doing it. Like, unless you're writing something about causing someone pain, harm, and then I'll go after you. But like,

39:05 There is no wrong way to do it. It's your energy. It's your manifesto, whatever you want to call it. So when she sent that to me, then I read that out to myself as I create the scent. Wow. And I have, cause I do believe in creating like a secret, a sacredness around the work that I do. Um, even though I'm really into technology, I studied product design and I worked in tech companies and IT and all that jazz, but.

39:35 That's a tool, the same as people in, I guess, certain religions or sort of artistries have certain tools like incense, you know, in the church. Why do they do that? Or why did the people in Lidl or, do you remember Cuisine de France when they started baking bread in the shops? Remember that smell? Yeah. No. So there's all these tools that people in these wise organizations.

40:04 have used for many years that I am like, I'm tapping into that technology. That's a technology. And so this scent thing is part of that technology. So when I'm creating the scent, it is really important for me to take it with, I would say seriousness, but like focus on energy. So it's the most personalized gift you could ever give yourself because you've put your energy into it.

40:33 I then literally spend about three hours where I will, if there's anything for me to add to that, through my intuition, I work through my intuition to pick sense and my mom was a rheumatic therapist and I've studied emotional essential oils, which is cool, where it ties essential oils to emotions. But I actually use my intuition through a pendulum, if anyone's ever used one of those.

41:02 My mum used to use it for everything and I mean everything. Like, how many drops of this? I was like, mum, it's like, it's going to take you forever. But I am now doing the same thing. It's so funny. So I like, I will make sure that I will make that energy come to life. I will play, if you've sent me as a voice note, it's even more powerful as you know the energy and the voice comes through. So my sister, when she wanted to send for a retreat that she was going on,

 41:31 she recorded it as a voice note. It was only a couple of minutes long, but it was a really clear intention for certain feelings like courage and tenderness. And like, it can be as simple as that, but that's powerful too. And then I actually use everything. This is going to sound a bit nuts, but I play a certain frequency. So I will pick, there are certain, I love sound myself and there are certain frequencies called

41:58 I have to say this right now, sulfide. Oh, sulfide, yes. Is that how you actually say it? Yeah. You use tuning forks for that, Clare? Yes. So I have one for each. They have certain frequencies for certain chakras and depending on the energy, again, I will use my intuition or the pendulum to pick one of those frequencies. So it may be. So I have a sense that I have four pre-made sense, by the way.

42:28 for common things that people will want in their lives. They can get that on your website, can't they? They can, yeah, yeah. And like I have one for sure. You're doing a very, you're doing the walk around the house a million times before you come back to the lady who didn't, who hasn't worked in forever and. Oh yeah, sorry. Come back to that, because I really want to make sure that we understand the value of it rather, you know, and.

 42:53 We only have a few more minutes, actually, I want to wind things up. And so I'd love to come back to that, Clare, so that we can hear her story, because I thought that was just fabulous. I'm really like you had me on tenterhooks here going, well, sorry, sorry, sorry, and sorry. Drum roll, please. I so essentially I made the sense with all of that stuff I was talking about. And then I posted to her and then we did a session where I guided her through that experience. And she read her letter out loud, etc., etc.

 43:24 then literally she'd already been applying for jobs, but she, she got a job a week later. What? And this is a lady who hadn't been working since she'd had children. So like it was probably a decade or more since she'd worked. Yeah. So when I say this stuff is powerful, it's powerful, but it's as powerful as the energy that you make come to life in it. I will help you for sure, but there is a magic that comes alive when you put energy into what you do. And that's essentially what I'm doing with people.

 43:54 It's unbelievable, Clare. Like I am just like, when can you book me in? Yes. We'll talk about that afterwards, but I just want to suggest to everybody listening to find Clare on she's on Facebook. I think you're on Instagram as well, aren't you? Yeah, I am at I am Clare Kelly. Yeah. And I'll be sharing those links in the show notes because Clare is a lady to watch.

 44:21 And if you are anyway interested in, you know, supercharging your intentions with scent, then Clare is your woman. I mean, this is a completely unique way of anchoring what you want so that when you feel like you can't do it anymore, you can come back to that feeling of this is possible and this is what this is what I'm creating in my life. And I just think that's beautiful. Tis magic. I don't know about you, but.

 44:49 It's a kind of a cool technology and I am into technologies, but like spiritual technologies. And I'm like screw AI. Well, that is good. But I'm talking about what would you call it? Yeah, ascended intelligence, not AI, but ascended intelligence. That's a good way to put it. And I think, you know, we could talk about AI for another 10 minutes. But I think with all the technology work, we have to become more discerning about where.

 45:17 really powerful, positive energies are. And you can tell those things from listening to someone's voice. You can get a vibe from someone. You can see it in a painting. You can tell the difference between a painting that was painted by someone, you know, with intention or it was just created by AI. There's a there's a vibrational difference. And I think we're being challenged now to be more discerning on those things. As technology comes up with all these new, you know,

 45:45 ways that we can use it. But before we go on another tangent, Clare, let me wind us up, OK? If that's OK with you. 100%. Oh, thank you so much to everyone who's been listening. It's been an absolute joy. I've been making notes here myself and I hope you have been too. And please follow Clare and thank you for listening. And let us know your insights. If you'd like to get in touch with either of us, we would love to hear from you.

 46:14 Thanks again from the Resonate Podcast with Aideen and my guest, Clare Kelly. Take care and goodbye.