Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast

Ep 112: Arctic Safari with Dr. Kelly, The Points and Miles Doc, Part 1

September 25, 2023 Dare to Dream Physician Episode 112
Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast
Ep 112: Arctic Safari with Dr. Kelly, The Points and Miles Doc, Part 1
Show Notes

🎙 Episode 112: Arctic Safari with Dr. Kelly, The Points and Miles Doc, Part 1 is now live on the Dare to Dream Physician Travel Podcast! 🌍✨

I love this chat with Dr. Kely as I learn how she balances being an off-the-beaten-path world traveler and a full-time surgeon in a leadership role. From her early days filled with curiosity about the world, to visiting national parks with her family and discovering a love for nature, to a path in engineering that intersected with language exchange programs in Uzbekistan and Russia.

Listen in as Dr. Kelly shares how her travel experiences influenced her decision to become a doctor, and why she believes in the power of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. For her, travel isn't just an escape, it's a vital means of preventing burnout and finding purpose in planning and looking forward to new life experiences.

And don't miss the gem of our interview- as Dr. Kelly recounts her unforgettable trip to the Arctic! She takes us to The Floe Edge, a mesmerizing area where receding sea ice attracts a wide array of wildlife including the mythical Narwhal. Learn about the logistics, flights, and the unique reliance on snowmobiles due to the absence of roads. Dr. Kelly also sheds light on the crucial role played by Canadian and indigenous guides in this extraordinary expedition.

Gain insights into the indigenous communities' lifestyle, their deep-seated family values, and their unwavering communal spirit. Dr. Kelly emphasizes the significance of communal support in the Arctic environment, underlining themes of survival and community strength.

Put on your dream goggles and tune in to Part 1 of this fantastic interview! 🎧🔥

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