Church of the Geek

Holy Crit: The Hard Lessons (pt. 1)

June 16, 2022 Church of the Geek
Church of the Geek
Holy Crit: The Hard Lessons (pt. 1)
Show Notes

Church of the Geek goes back to school! In The Hard Lessons, four students of a former teacher return when the teacher dies to remember the teacher. In this game, Brian and Sam are joined by the creator of the game, Joshua Wise and their own game master from their D&D game, Michael James.

Join them as they tell the story of Mother Ruler from St. Destructo's School for Incorrigible and Wayward Youth. This is part 1. Part 2 will drop tomorrow.

Joshua is the creator of The Hard Lessons and the founder of All Ports Open Network,

 You can find All Ports Open Network here.  (yes, it is a safe Linktree)
You can go directly to The Hard Lessons Itch funding page here.

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