The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

Season 2 Recap

February 14, 2023 J.P. Leck Season 2
The Endless Elsewhere Podcast
Season 2 Recap
Show Notes

Now for a quick look back... 

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Lindsay Leck as Lindsay Mallyn 

J.P. Leck as The Circle City Collector 

Tucker as the Caller 

Strangel Choir: Laura Morrison Richcreek, Kathy Dumas, Jose Najera, Stephen E. Foxworthy, Tucker,  Brett Wright, Liberty Leck, and Lindsay Leck 

Laura Morrison Richcreek as Heather Langdon 

Robert Mallison as Operative Fivecoat 

Patty Najera-Esparza as Sylvia Flores 

Liberty Leck as Skarlett 

Stephen E. Foxworthy as The Bard and Fredrick Hardesty 

Molly North as Maevalesse 

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast was created by J.P. Leck 

It is written, directed, recorded, engineered, and mixed by J.P. Leck 

All rights reserved 

Original Music from Revealing Deities and Miscreations by Hans Leck 

Additional music from Zapsplat 

Artwork by J.P. Leck 

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