The Endless Elsewhere Podcast

The Golconda: A Halloween Special

September 30, 2021 J.P. Leck Season 1
The Endless Elsewhere Podcast
The Golconda: A Halloween Special
Show Notes

Lindsay and Joseph leave Circle City for the shores of Lake Michigan where they will investigate the sightings of a mysterious ghost ship in this, the first ever Halloween special from The Endless Elsewhere Podcast. 

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Lindsay Leck as Lindsay Mallyn 
J.P. Leck as The Circle City Collector 
Laura Morrison Richcreek as Haley Wyckham 
Thomas Machin as Leonard Dyer 
Jack Draga as Dylan 
Kathy Dumas as the Local 
David Dumas as the Redneck Tourist 
Hudson Leck as the Boy Tourist 
Liberty Leck as the Weirdo Tourist 
and Stephen E. Foxworthy as the Irish Tourist 

The Endless Elsewhere Podcast was created by J.P. Leck. 
It is written, directed, recorded, engineered, and mixed by J.P. Leck. 

All rights reserved. 

Original Music from Revealing Deities and Miscreations by Hans Leck. 
Additional music from Zapsplat. 

Artwork by J.P. Leck. 

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