Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)

Reinventing Yourself with Michelle Enjoli, Career Coach and Tedx Talk Speaker

March 21, 2022 Melissa Libby, Michelle Enjoli Episode 45
Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)
Reinventing Yourself with Michelle Enjoli, Career Coach and Tedx Talk Speaker
Show Notes

TEDx talk presenter, Michelle Enjoli is sharing with us, the importance of routinely reconnecting with yourself as a human aside from being a mother, partner, etc.  

She routinely helps mothers reinvent themselves by working with them through a career pivot, new job search, or personal branding.

Michelle is a first-generation college student who landed her dream job as a television producer before graduation. She has worked and developed content for global brands in television broadcasting and marketing like Univision, Telemundo, ABC, NBC, CBS, Mercedes-Benz USA, and Delta Air Lines.

In 2016, she created the first all-inclusive business resource group at Mercedes-Benz USA to connect leaders and professionals for growth and development. She expanded on this work and developed a curriculum on an entrepreneurial career with a focus on networking, personal branding, and self-esteem. 

Michelle's inspirational TEDx talk “The Most Important Connection to Make for Success” is now featured on and YouTube. 

 Among many other outlets, her work has been recognized and featured by the

  • Better Business Bureau
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • Entrepreneur   
  • Forbes
  • Glassdoor 
  • Rolling Stone

She is featured in a book called “Hispanic Stars Rising. The New Face of Power” and is currently working on her first book.  To purchase, please visit:

To contact Michelle, please visit:

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