Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)

New Mom Feelings Even When You Are Not a New Mom

May 16, 2022 Melissa Libby Episode 53
Mom Treading Water (The Imperfect Mom)
New Mom Feelings Even When You Are Not a New Mom
Show Notes

My children are school-aged, yet I can still feel like a new mom.   

Yes, the days of diapers and middle-of-the-night feedings are done, but as our children grow and learn, we grow and learn with them too.    

Watching our children develop and mature is exciting.  However, with all people being different, one way to work with one child but not be the same as working with another.  

At that phase of their lives, we are new moms.  

Fortunately, our children's school and pediatrician provide support without judgment or blame.   We all share the same goal to keep our children happy, healthy, and safe.   Embracing their support and working as a team has helped us do as best as parents.  

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