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#460 Bullion & Black Swans

January 05, 2024 The Arterburn Radio Transmission
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We have before us the opportunity to forge, for ourselves and for future generations, a new world order. Good evening folks. We're listening to the hour of the time. I'm William Cooper. The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache. It's 12 o'clock, american, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there on or behind the lines, this is your song Time, weather and Hi wait. Veteran of three foreign wars, entrepreneur and warrior, poet Tony Arteburn takes on the issues facing our country, civilization and planet. This is the Arteburn radio transmission, first go of the new year, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas. It's good to see all of you streaming live on freeworldfm and, of course, my home station, 9.30 am the answer in San Antonio. I am happy to be back. There was so much that's going on in the last couple of weeks and I wasn't able to do a show last week because we hosted the David Knight show. And man, I just tell you what there's so much to talk about in 24, what we're going into the economic, societal changes. Really, this has been my wheelhouse for a long time and it's finally here. This is the culmination of the fourth turning. Ladies and gentlemen, we are watching an upheaval, a creative destruction, if you will. Some of it planned, some of it is organic. As a matter of fact, I'm going to talk about a couple of different things in the show today that really caught my eye. There's some phraseology being floated around in the zeitgeist and the stuff that catches my attention. It maybe doesn't get all the coverage that it should, but there's some phrases and you pick up on them. There's subtle things like black swan. You hear the phrase black swan a lot. We'll talk a little bit about what that means and I've tossed that around for the last few years, but I think we're watching. There's so many something that Winston Churchill said that the terrible ifs accumulate. And they certainly do the terrible ifs accumulate. So we've got not only the change in our currency system that's coming, with the BRICS nations continuing to form alliances and gathering more nations in their periphery, like Mexico and Saudi Arabia, and even Japan looking to join the BRICS nations, which are 40% of the world's population just within themselves, with Brazil, russia, india, china, south Africa and more countries, dumping the dollar, which again is going to lead to a lot of chaos and a lot of turbulence, and this is some of it. Some of it actually could be for the good, but a lot of that just gets blown back on us and the American people. So we're going to talk a little bit about that today too, because, look, there's going to be so much history happening and everything that I talk about really is about trends. If you look at the price of gold, I pulled up an article let's see if we can, and there's like three of them that are talking about gold is going to break records in 2024. Yeah, this is just the money metals article over on zero hedge. Gold is set to make history in 2024. Now you guys hey, tony, you're a precious metals dealer. Well, the thing is, this has that is a reflection of everything else that is going on. If you follow the currency right, the fiat is fake. It's the head of the snake. If you go back and you follow the origin story of fake money, then you find out that it is really the ground zero. It's born out of everything fake that we have, whether it's fake politicians, fake wars, fake news, fake companies, zombie corporations, all of those things stem out of fake money. They stem out of our fake currency system, because it's very sophisticated, it's economic alchemy, it's a magic trick, it literally is magic that they've invoked, if you know anything about the origins of the Federal Reserve. And then this is coming to not necessarily an end, but what it's coming to is there's going to be a transformation, it's becoming something else. So if you have normalcy bias and you're like, well, you know, tomorrow should look like today because it looks a lot like yesterday, well, that's not how history works. You know, there's that famous quote from Hemingway. You know, one of his books asked somebody how they went broke. He said, well, gradually, then suddenly, so really, it's just gradually, and then suddenly, and we have these massive changes. I was on the David Knight show yesterday and I said that you know we're talking about the digital dollar and they ended up titling the interview the dollar is not going to zero, it's going to digital. It's something I say all the time there's going to be. This is. This is where we are. There's transformations happening all around us. I mean I grew up watching politics, being interested in it, being fascinated by the, the process. I mean, I was even thinking the other day. You know there's what happened to these political artists, if you will like these, these guys like they would call in member Lee Atwater. Lee Atwater was one of these people that they would call in to fix a campaign. You know they called him in to fix George HW Bush's 1988 campaign, lee Atwater into dying of brain cancer. But he was a ground level genius, you know, and then he could actually sway elections. You know, put in, planning things into the public consciousness. They don't really do that anymore. It's it's not really designed for that anymore. It's not really to capture anything. If you notice, none of the parties run on much of anything that excites their voters. Has anybody noticed that? It's? They give them just enough. It's like it's like you're in a toxic, failed relationship and the other person, you know, doesn't necessarily want to leave because maybe it's financial or it's just comfortable or whatever. And it's like they give you just enough so you don't leave, or just enough not to invoke your departure right, just just enough, like an employee who just, just just enough. And that's I think. And maybe they're not even doing just enough anymore. I do, if you've seen the headlines, and I mean, if we're, are we really being serious about the primaries? Is anybody being serious about the primaries? Does anybody? Is anybody care? I'm trying to wrap my head around what all of it means. I think there's probably it's a pageant with. On the Republican side, you got Nikki Haley which I've been warning all of you about, nikki Haley for years and years and saying this is the, this is the agent of the globalist, this is the military industrial complex, neocon, this is the, the darling of those who would want to make sure that they placate to values, voters, placate to so called conservatives that the, the right would doesn't know what right wing is anymore. It's, she's going to placate to that and she's going to be a formidable force in the future. Well, lo and behold, that's what's happening. I don't know what that means as far as the primaries, but you know, if, if I'm looking into the future, pretty much it's Donald Trump sweep Right. I mean, we all see that the, the agents of the brain dead, agents of the globalist, the, the, the operating left, whatever they are, have made Donald Trump a martyr and continue to solidify his, solidify his support by, you know, persecuting him for nonsense and things that, well, you know there's a lot of things that you could actually bring up that he did but that they won't do. That that's all stuff, that's nonsense and it'll be all dragging through court and just solidify his base. So I don't see him not gaining the nomination. But again, what are the issues that any of these candidates anywhere except for? Maybe you get an RFK junior, maybe touching the periphery of some things that we need to discuss, but I don't see any national candidates even breaching. What about central bank digital currency? What about the fact that we're losing the world's reserve currency status of the dollar? What about the fact that we are on a hair trigger for World War Three? I know folks that Ukraine, that we're not again. All the billions of dollars that gave to T shirt man, I understand that's gone on for a long time and nothing happened. But you do realize that there's a spark there. There's, there's danger in it. If you know anything about the history of World Wars or how things kick off, things have started with less. So I would again, I don't think that's over. I'm glad that it's. The support is dwindling in the West and we're not just, you know, readily sending them money from the Treasury, hand over fist, but I don't think that we're going to stop sending them money. I mean it's too much of a money laundering station for the elites. I mean both parties love Ukraine. I mean John McCain wanted to bring it into NATO. I'm sure Lindsey Graham wants to fight to the last Ukrainian and your kids and wants to make sure that your kids go there too. But then you have the Israel Gaza issue, which is not really Gaza, and Hamas versus Israel. It's Iran and its proxies, and this is language. This is geopolitical reshuffling of the Grand Chess Board. So those things aren't off the table, and we don't hear a lot from candidates other than you know. When you get the new speaker of the House, mike Johnson, that's the first thing he does is fund Israel, even though Israel owns 75 percent of the Nasdaq. Why do they need my money? Why am I giving money to the state of Israel? They're a very powerful nation. They have a first rate Air Force, a first rate army no-transcript. I mean we do all of their fighting in the Middle East for them. We've been doing that since pretty much its inception. Has anybody ever asked that question? I mean, terrorism doesn't really threaten Israel, not really. It's not going to destroy Israel. They have 300 atomic weapons. What threatens Israel is nation states like Iran, like Iraq, like Syria, lebanon, egypt and these. Well, of course you can't throw in Saudi Arabia, because they work so close together, the House of Saud and the Israelis. But again, these are all the terrible ifs and this is how we open up 2024. It's pretty to even cover in an hour. Going over the broad spectrum of things is a daunting task. Anyway, I'm going to lead off with some financial stuff, because this is parapolitics and precious metals. As we know, this is the Art of Burn radio transmission. But gold, and the reason I go back to that, the reason it's important to look at, is because this is how you're going to mark the changes in first starting in the economic system of the United States and then bleeding into the societal and geopolitical aspects of the American Empire. For a long time, ever since the 1970s, when Nixon took us off the gold standard in 71, gold went up 2,000% in the 1970s and again, the reason it did that is not because gold went up in value, it's because the dollar lost purchasing power by the end of the 70s. I think you know he had the head of the Federal Reserve was Paul Volcker. They raised interest rates to the teens to curtail inflation. And this was the time of Jimmy Carter. And Jimmy Carter had a word for where the economy was. They called it malaise. And at the same time, the Hunt family, the Hunt brothers in Texas, who had a vast oil fortune. Matter of fact, they owned the rights to the oil in Libya before a young Colonel, gaddafi, came to power and he nationalized the oil. But the Hunt brothers and the Hunt family own that. Well, they tried to corner the silver market in the 70s, for the same reason you and I buy silver or gold. But they chose silver because they thought well, this is, you know, again undervalued. They look at it the same way I do now and they started buying massive amounts of physical silver and just literally cornering the market where they where the prices would have to be revaluated and the deep state came in and bankrupted the Hunts. And no one since has ever tried to do that. And again, that's that is the tell. The powers that be have been at war with monetary metals ever since we went off the gold standard and probably before that, because you look at the 1965 era of our coinage, they just became Chuck E Cheese tokens. We took all the silver out of them, making them worthless. They're just fiat nonsense. The world took notice in 1965 through 70 and they started repatriating their dollars and wanting the gold at the gold window that was promised to them in 1944 at the Bretton Woods agreement. So that all fell apart. And when the deep state in the powers that be the folks you don't see behind the dummies that they put up in Washington or whoever elected official is, they decided that they're going to be at war with metal, they're going to be at war with precious metals. And this has been a constant battle between the dollar, which is the petrodollar, and the price of metals, and that's getting out of control at a certain level. And you see the BRICS nations. They want a completely different commodity exchange rate and every other central bank on earth right now, that's any major central bank is a net buyer of gold except one, and that's the Federal Reserve Bank. That's the Bank of the United States, if you want to call it that, even though it's not our bank, and it's a privately owned international banking consortium that has nothing to do with you. So that's what's happening and those things are coming apart. So as the American influence wanes and the percentage of currency transactions and financial transactions around the world decline in dollars, the purchasing power of gold, of silver. They're going to start revaluating and I don't know where that ends. But you see, we're marking the end of 2023. Gold hit its all time high again, breaking where it was in 2020. And I think it should have done this a long time ago. But we've had a lot of intervention from the Federal Reserve. I mean, jerome Powell has raised rates faster than any time in history. I mean you talk about the 70s where they got interest rates into the teens. It was 14% to get a mortgage. Folks, they did that to and it's funny, no one ever asked the question why did that happen? Why is there inflation? It just became a natural part of life because you get slowly gets introduced into your everyday business, everything that you're doing. It just bleeds into it and you become just desensitized. But it's not part of the American experience. It's not supposed to happen that way. Well, they've raised rates faster than any time in history. They've already announced because our economy and it's an election year, no surprise there it's addicted to cheap fiat currency and debt and those zombie corporations need to be fed and all the things that have. This is not your father's stock market. We're not talking about profit anymore. This is talking. This is ESG. This is environmental, social governance. How are you behaving? What is your behavior as a multinational corporation? Are you a subsidiary of one of the major banking holding companies? Are you being a good servant to the Bankster overlords? That's your new score. That's your new profitability. So this has nothing to do with whether you have a good idea or a better widget. We live in an inverse economy. Does anybody think we have a free market economy anymore? We'd be deflationary. Things would cost less all the time, not more. And, of course, you only have that if you have sound money too. But you put those things together. You should have things that would be cheaper, because there should be a better way to make something, a better way to deliver it more efficient. That's the way things always turn out that way in a free market. But if you notice, prices go up in the supply chain because you were locked down and told you were not essential. When Anthony Fauci was made president of the country you had, hundreds of thousands of small businesses were shut down, not the big box, but this is what happens. This is the top-down authoritarian Marxian system that's been implemented. And the rest of us? Like Gorva Dahl said, we have socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor. If I don't make payroll, if I don't have a better product, if I don't serve my customers on my level, I go bankrupt, and not just in a day or two, probably in an hour. It's like I don't have much choice. I have to perform, I have to be excellent or I die. Well, that's not how I don't respect these. I'm supposed to follow some of these billionaires and so on, and they're supposed to be masters of the universe. Whatever, you're always bailed out. There's always a golden parachute. You're not a tightrope walker, you're larping. You're a figurehead. You're a t-shirt. You're not interesting to me. I don't follow any of those people. I grew up around entrepreneurs. I grew up around people that built stuff, real courageous entrepreneurs, people that had guts and vision, and you don't see that a lot anymore. I was talking to my son about that. I was like, hey, the world's wide open for you, son. I mean, if there's not many people that are competing for you, you're a space anymore. Most of the time they're just kind of giving up. Well, I don't like that attitude because that's exactly what the elites want. Let's talk a little bit about gold to make history. Let me exit out of this program and get you into another screen, but we're going to go through a little flurry of articles. I appreciate all of you joining today. Let me set this up here real quick. I've got a new background I'm going to put up here in the studio. I just ordered some new images and we've got a new paratrooper coming out. By the way, I'm going to do the release one on UFOs and it's going to be a deep dive. I've got Chris Graves, mr Anderson, billy Ray Valentine. We're going to do a roundtable on best history. What are they? Just some philosophical implications, all the good stuff. I am in Denison, texas, the first place that the term flying saucer was used in the late 1870s. By the way, this is zeroheadscom. Gold set to make history in 2024. This article by Stefan Gleason, via Money Metals the gold market is poised to make history in 2024. It enters the new year with striking distance of new all-time highs. How high will gold go? Much depends on how low interest rates in the US dollar go. The Federal Reserve ended its rate-hiking campaign last fall. It is expected to pivot towards monetary easing later this year Election year. That should work to the benefit of gold and other hard assets. Of course, there remains much uncertainty surrounding the economy, inflation and interest rates. If persistent inflation pressure forced central banks to keep rates elevated, then stock and bond markets could tank, possibly taking down precious metal markets with them, at least temporarily. Yeah, never forget that. A great example of things not going in the expected projection for precious metals pricing in an uncertain market is the first quarter of 2020. You saw a massive downturn in the stock market and paper assets Gold and silver went with them temporarily. I would remind you that people tried to call and get product from me at that time. When prices went low and there was no product, no one wanted to sell at prices that low. There will be valleys on this journey. It's not going to be up and to the right forever and always. That's not how things work. Market volatility could also ramp up later in the year around the presidential election. Yeah, well, you think so. I think so too, with partisan prosecutors and judges threatening to jail the leading rival to incumbent President, joe Biden, and some state election officials moving to remove former President, donald Trump, from the ballot, questions about the legitimacy of the election are already being raised. Well, isn't that the point, right? Isn't that just to continue to inflame the public, to keep us all at each other's throats? You guys see the triangulation here, right? It's like an abusive parent keeping the kids fighting with each other, not actually taking care of anyone. I mean, we're long since past the days where the government, anybody in the government, cared about what happened to the American people. As a matter of fact. I mean, you even have people like Tucker Carlson have noticed in his book Ship of Fools. He's like you can't have a country survive that is run by people who hate it and hate the people. Some pundits are warning that something akin to a civil war could break out if the declared winner of the election is perceived to have stolen it. Well, you know, that's a great open question. Maybe we'll get into on this program throughout this year as we open up 2024. And anyone that even has the perception of being an American and putting the country first and I'm saying perception because we're not talking about if we're talking about Trump, we're not talking about the same thing, but I'm saying perception Can you even govern. Every major government institution in Washington DC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the globalist left. If you want to call them left or whatever they are, they're just kind of beyond things. They're technocrats and waiting. That's a great question, isn't it? I mean, even if you had, like a rock rib, real American leader, you know, are they really going to be able to even govern because of the massive built-in rot at the top? That's why I think there ought to be a better way to start the restoration progress of this country, and there should be a better way to do that, and I mean in a sense of starting from the bottom. Maybe it's counterintuitive. Maybe at the top, maybe that's where the draw is and we never actually get anything done. Perhaps we should start at the local level, maybe it's we've been doing this the wrong way and I say that it's a rhetorical question because that's what I actually believe. You know start at the individual level with yourself and then work your way up. But it is going to be the loudest thing, right? It's going to be the most in your face. A series of news events this year will be the election. Regardless of the outcome, larger questions loom about the ability of the political system to deal with the mounting debt crisis. Neither Republicans nor Democrats in position of power have any realistic plans to get spending under control, balance the budget or pay down the debt. It will cost the government more than $1 trillion in 2024 just to make interest payments on the debt. Well, you know, you have a trillion here and a trillion there. Sooner or later. You're talking about real money, folks. How long ago was a trillion seconds? You know these are not numbers that the founding fathers or anybody with any sanity would come up with. A trillion seconds ago in time, it's 32,000 years. A billion seconds ago was 32 years ago, so a thousand times a billion is 32,000 years. Taxes can never be raised high enough to cover the massive obligations and the political reality is that spending will never be cut and promised benefits will never be taken away either. An injection, excuse me, an inflection point is nearing. That's exactly. It is an inflection point. The US government credit rating was twice downgraded by ratings agencies in 2023. Under our Fiat monetary system, however, the Treasury Department can always quote, borrow, unquote more dollars into existence by dumping bonds into the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve in exchange for cash created out of nothing. Yeah, you want to know a real rabbit hole. You can't. First of all, it's not even real, the debt it's just. Unfortunately it's based on the system that we have. So you'd have to have like a reckoning in a completely new system. But in order to pay the current debt, you'd have to borrow more debt units, more currency and therefore create more debt. It's snake eating its own tail. You talk about evil genius, the central banking system, you guys? I mean it is not even close to being a legitimate branch of anything in American life. It is the other. It is an imposter. The calls are coming from inside the house, right? It's the thing that's eating us alive and funding all of the murderous, psychopathic politicians that have driven this country off the cliff. Unlike the Fiat Federal Reserve notes, precious metals are scarce. In fact, they face widening supply deficits in 2024. Investors gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium mines are struggling with rising operation costs and degrading reserves. As mining output hits a ceiling, demand for metals among industries, consumers and investors continues to grow. Investment demand is a wild card for gold and silver markets. It's surge following the COVID-19 outbreak but softened in 2023 as higher interest rates lured savers into money market funds and rising equity markets diminished the perceived safe, even appeal, of bullion. That could change in 2024. The prospect of Fed rate cuts, election uncertainty and gathering debt storm makes holding physical precious metals mandatory for those who seek to protect their wealth. Guys, you know the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer from the 19th century, the German. He wrote a famous book. It was called the World as Will and Idea, but he had a saying about the phases of the truth. The truth went through three phases. First it is mocked. That's the first phase it's mocked. The second phase, it's violently opposed. And the third phase, that it's thought of is self-evident. So what we're watching is in a little bit of that way. There's been so much emphasis and it's very addictive about these fake markets that have been put in place and the general public drawn into them. After 1971. If you notice, after 1971, I think 1974 is when we got the IRAs and the 401Ks and you started seeing like you didn't see commercials on television look at this stock and get into this portfolio and ask your financial advisor. There wasn't any of that. The American dream was home ownership and buying real estate. You had a dollar that was supposedly as good as gold. You could depend on that being a dollar in 20 years. You just put it away. You got a silver dollar here or you've got some paper notes that you could exchange for the metal if you needed to. You had silver certificates. Again, the inflation wasn't there, but then it was and you can't do those things anymore. So part of that was getting you into these other systems. I'm not against owning stocks. I own some stocks. I like to buy a little bit of mining stocks. Recently I've bought just some silver mining stocks because there's very little silver mining going on. Most of the silver in the world is in landfills. Folks, we don't have the silver. Really. I know it doesn't make any sense because you're looking at the price. She's like why in the price, $150 an ounce, tony? Because there's powers way beyond me that actually control that. I don't control that. All I know is what I think it should be worth based on history. Even geologically, it's 17 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold. So even geologically it should be something more like $100 an ounce, but it's not. It's not that right now. So we're going to see, I think, a revaluation of all things in the coming years, in 2024, I think we'll set the tone because we're already starting off with a bang. This reminds me a lot of what happened in 2020. Again, not investment advice. I'm telling you this will be. Gold will set it's. This is an easy prediction. Gold will break its all-time high again this year, probably three to four times. It'll hit, it'll hit. It'll keep going because the dam is breaking and there's too much central bank demand. I mean, you'll never. You're not going to hear this on a financial network. If you want to go follow Jim Kramer, get you some fang stocks or whatever, but gold will continue to do that. And it's not because that it's getting more valuable, necessarily, but I don't think it's true value is placed on it because we don't really know about the physical markets. You really can't get a grasp on them until there is no more product, and that's a very thin veil between there. It's a very thin thing Right now. If there was a whale, like I mentioned earlier in the show, if there was a whale like Elon Musk, he could corner the silver market tomorrow, and he probably should, because he needs that silver for all of his electric vehicles, supposedly right, and here's, I mean, there's 40 pounds of. Even if you're just into defense stocks, there's 40 pounds of silver in each Tomahawk missile. Just blow them up, you know again, that's silver is? It's in landfills, it's in computer, it's in circuit boards. Nobody gets it out of there. It's not worth melting. It will be eventually, but it's not right now and nobody's cornering that market, so we don't really know the value. I would just say things will take care of themselves and you can bury the truth for a while. Eventually it's going to come out. That's what it always does. It rises and shines like the sun and I think it will eventually. But right now you got a lot of sophisticated financial warfare going on. I was looking at the, the chat I'm streaming over on my Twitter on whatever that is now at Tony Arteburn, jackson T Barrett and I thanks for joining the show, jackson, I wish I could get to all. The angry tiger says go, tony. Yeah, that's right. The interest payments is Jackson T Barrett? The interest payments we make to keep the scam going increases $10,000 per second. That sounds right. That's right. That's right. That's all these people. None of them, neither a Nikki or a Vivek or Kamala, are supposed to be mistaken for eligible to serve. That's exactly right and I like your idea. Let the Ross Childs fund Israel. Well, that's what they did to set it up. And then look at the Balfour Declaration. I don't know why. Why do they need my money? You know, in Ukraine, I mean it's I know that we're still sending fighter jets. That's why the timeframe I read this last year, the timeframe for the operating systems to come online and these pilots to be trained in Ukraine was like, I think, coming up like September of this year. So we've given a ton of weaponry and said I don't know what's going to happen. But I would not relax posture on that and say, oh, it's all done and T shirt man's not getting more money. That means we're out of that thing. I don't know about that. I'm very skeptical. I want out, but I'm not sure that that's exactly what's happening. I'm always I mean sometimes when you relax posture a little bit just gives them time to maneuver behind the scenes, to make up a new excuse or do a false flag or something. So just keep your head on the swivel with Ukraine. That's not over. Just keep watching that. Keep your head on the swivel. All right, let's jump around a little bit in the headlines, all right, I had I wanted to talk a little bit. It's so hard to talk the election. I don't, I don't want to. It seems so boring to me, like I got who's going to win. I don't care. I guess not. Are we going to get out of the wars? Are we going to secure the border? Are we going to bring the troops home? Are we going to have a dollar as good as gold? If not, then why? Why? Why am I? We didn't have that. I was excited in 2016. You want me to be excited again after? I know what happened after that? Am I supposed to get in a time machine, are you? Am I supposed to have amnesia to enjoy my, the political process now? So all I mean? I was talking to a friend of mine the other night and I was like, do you realize, as an entrepreneur, as somebody who understands just a little bit about markets and and you know how to attract followers and set up, you know, and advertising and everything, do you wish I? I wish I believed in this stuff that you're seeing? Like it's just, you know, I got my, I'm ready for MAGA again and I go, but but it didn't happen. You know, we had four years and all I had, all I heard, was well, he's surrounded well, he's surrounded well, he's surrounded Well. Well, unsurround yourself, you know. I mean, as a 19 year old kid, I had to go. They had to first fill out my will and then, you know, because I had nobody, I gave my mother you know, she's the beneficiary of my will and I get sent off to combat. And if I don't take care of business, you know, if I don't stand next to the person, you know that needs my help, if I don't go into that house that the guy has grenades, if I don't, you know, return fire. If I don't do all the things, then I'm either a coward or I'm prosecuted and I'm no longer useful. And if I'm told to go rush a machine gun, that's I got to do that. Why do we let all these politicians not do their job? And then there's somehow. They're still heroes. But you know, the ground troop just gets put into a no-win meat grinder and we're just so well, you know, that was their job, that's why they served, you know. And then we just had all these politicians are heroes. I don't get it. I mean, if you didn't do your job, go away. If you're too big of a coward to do your job, then go away? Why am I still following you? Why am I still? Why do I still care what you think? You didn't give it your all. You didn't risk it all. You didn't put up your sacred honor, your life, your fortune. You didn't do that. So I'm sick of this election process because I have to go through it and do all the. You know the triangle. I had to go. What is going to happen with Biden? I don't know. Are they going to replace him? Is he even real? Is Biden is Biden? Did they get? Is he a hologram in a basement? Does it even matter? These are open questions. I'm not saying I know everything. All right, let's talk about this Black Swan event. So much I wanted to go through it. I even had an article up on Lou Rockwell. We're not going to be able to get to that. Maybe we'll do it in overtime. By the way, it's freeworldfm. Folks streaming live over on freeworldfm. We got a lot of great shows for you this year. I'm going to come out with an app for it. I got some magnificent hosts. I see Angry Tiger's over here he's in the chat. Jason Barker's over on Free World. We love you guys. Thanks for supporting the network. We're building a lifeboat for free speech. This time next month you guys won't even recognize what I'm going to put together. A lot of great stuff over there, and Melissa's been helping too. So we got good people, good team. Let me remove this and I'll put up the article I want to talk about Black Swans. All right, let's see. Where is that? You know, I go through this. I have so many articles open and I try to find it. It's a CBS article. One second. You would think I would just have it right here, but I don't see it. Well, that's there we go. It's part of being your own producer. Well, that's not the one I wanted. Hold on a second. How does David Knight do it if Travis isn't there? That's what you got to ask yourself. All right, one second. I think it was just me with the amount of tabs I have open. All right, one second, guys. All right. You know I've been talking about the Black Swan. This is something that is. This is something that has really been floating around in my wheelhouse for a while, and let's get into what that means, because it's it kind of goes back to what you were listening to. What Donald Rumsfeld said about it was the weirdest stream of consciousness about. There are known knowns and there are known unknowns, but there's also unknown unknowns. If you've ever tried to break down that logic and this is the guy that he couldn't find $2.3 trillion he was having a hard time finding that $2.3 trillion on September 10th 2001. You know they had this new accounting office opened up at the Pentagon. You know we'll have a bunch of new people. We're going to find that $2.3 trillion. We can't track it, but that's where the next day we didn't have to worry about it anymore because whatever hit the Pentagon, all right. This is. Cbs investigative reporter predicts a 2024 Black Swan event amid global tensions. Cbs News investigative reporter Catherine Harage foresees a possible Black Swan event in 2024 that could send shockwaves across the world. A Black Swan event popularized by statistician Nassim Tlaib in 2007, refers to a massive, negative and unpredictable event that can cause widespread repercussions on politics, finance, national economies and even global culture. Events similar to Tlaib's description include the Great Recession. Harage, known for her work on national security issues, defined the event as an unexpected occurrence with widespread and significant consequences. In a recent episode of Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan on CBS News, harage stated her predictions for the new year. She stressed the dynamic threat environment facing many countries and that the extended period of heightened threat levels anticipated continue through 2024. She said well, mine's a little dark. This is a quote. I just feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of the Black Swan event. This is a national security event with high impact that's very hard to predict, harage said. She cited several factors that could contribute to the possibility of certain events happening. There are a number of concerns concerns I have that factor into, the, in fact, are into that explain Harage. Not only this sort of enduring heightened threat level that we're facing. The wars in Israel, also Ukraine, were so divided in the country in ways that we have not seen before. I think that just creates fertile ground for our adversaries like North Korea, china and Iran. Well, maybe so, but I think really it creates opportunities for our ruling overlords, for the people at the top who are benefiting from this division. The contentious issues of influx of migrants on the southern border also adds to the issues. Speculations about potential catastrophic events have gained traction, with sanctuary cities voicing concerns over the continuous influx of migrants and reports of illegal border crossers on the terror watch list reaching alarming levels. Political pundits added fuel to the fire by predicting doomsday scenarios should efforts to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot in 2024 succeed. Commentators on X, formerly known as Twitter, supported the claims of Harage and blame President Joe Biden and his de facto open borders policy for endangering national security. Well, okay, let's take that for a second. What she's mentioning earlier about the influx of migrants and, of course, the adversaries, about Iran and North Korea, that's the old axis of evil. They're going to get us. You've got to fight them over there. You don't want to fight them over here, all that stuff. Well, what this is exposing is that the greatest threat we have are internal. These are policies from people who care nothing about this country. They're just able to get there because they travel in the circle of deletes. They're approved. They're part of the secret societies. They're part of the apparatus of control, as my friend Charlie Robinson would say, the octopus of global control. They're approved, of course. They're using weapons of mass immigration to wreck the fabric. It's not just a demographic shift, it's potentiality. When you talk about Black Swan, well, you could have weapons transferred over the border. You could have suitcase nukes, you could have dirty bomb. You could have all these things that could be transferred, be just a lone right. It's always the favorite of the controllers of the shadow government. They love the lone nut right. The lone, it's by itself. It has no ties. Or if it has a tie, it has ties to things you can't find, like al-Qaeda. It's like where is al-Qaeda? Oh, it's everywhere, but it's nowhere. We found the passport. It was in the rubble at 9-11. Jet fuel doesn't melt steel, but it does on that day. But also it doesn't melt passports. It's always the lone. Well, it gives them opportunity. And you add on top of that, the border is everything. The border exposes the lie of the war on terror. The border exposes the lie of COVID-1984. Hands down. The border completely exposes everything that is wrong and horrible and evil about the ruling class and how they're destroying us from the top down. But it also says, hey, you aren't able to stop this. It tells the grassroots that, no matter who you elect, that we give you right. Like in Texas, you're given Greg Abbott, who's a huge sellout, a globalist sellout, a person of no character who's laughed and made jokes about the open border of the United States, who, instead of doing his job and being a man and stopping illegal immigration because you have the power and the authority and the responsibility as governor of Texas. He does a political stunt for points and ships people to sanctuary cities. Well, thanks a lot, greg. I know that that really translates a lot into donations from people that. I'm sorry. I don't know how you reach them anymore. They're so easily fooled, they're so easily placated by this, the left-right paradigm. You just sucked into it. I'm sorry, but it's just so weak and it's in a betrayal, that guy, it's a betrayal People. He got reelected many times twice now. During the scandemic he raised $200 million to give to a company nobody had ever heard before, took $200 million out of the Treasury, gave it to a company nobody had ever heard before out of Frisco, texas, so they could create a system for contact tracing. Oh, he's going to build a portion of the wall. We don't need a wall to stop illegal immigration, folks. You just need troops and you need the will to do it. You got to be able to humanely, ethically and lawfully say no. You can do that. You can have holding centers. You can create a massive societal effort to say we're not doing this anymore. If you have the will, it can be done, but they don't have the will. History will judge them If there is a future. We're watching losing the country piece by piece. Because you get these Republicans, I'm going to bust them over to Martha's Vineyard. Well, you know what? You're? A total failure. You're a coward and a failure. That's what you are. That's not political points. Look at what you just did. You acquiesced and instead of doing something I don't know responsible, you just wanted to get some headlines. And I think this article goes on and unfortunately, we won't be able to get more into it. It really is just touching on the amount of illegal immigrants and, again, the black swan event. We may look back on this show and say, well, tony was really onto something. Yeah, I'm looking at the obvious. You look at the obvious. You look at the geopolitical chessboard. You know, pay attention to Taiwan. Probably not on the front burner, but it's on there somewhere. What does that mean for us? Well, nothing, if we're a rational country, because we already ceded Taiwan to the communist Chinese in 1979, when Zygmunt Brzezinski put it in writing on January 1, 1979. And Jimmy Carter put his signature over it. I don't know why. Why can I find that, but major commentators can't? I mean this was a deal that was done. I mean it was going back to when Nixon opened China and we were for a one China policy. So I mean I'm not for that. I'm just telling you what the policy of the government has been. So if they change on you, you got to ask why. Same thing with Ukraine. You guys got to know the history of NATO. You got to know the history of NATO expansion and what that means and what NATO is, what it is now and what it was supposed to be and how we need to be away from it. But we don't ever get out of it. And these are super called supranational government bodies that have been created, like the United Nations, like NATO, that take our sovereignty out of it. They put tripwires for war everywhere. You got to watch that really close. They're a tripwire. Treaties are tripwires. That's the reason World War One kicked off the way it did. They couldn't even stop it. Yeah, the Kaiser, you know, like on the radio crying he couldn't even stop his own army, like he really realized what he had done about three or four days into it. You know, with the Von Schlieffen plan, you know, if you know history, it's like watching this is like kind of a nightmare. I remember reading a story about William Tuttunks' Sherman. You know the General Sherman. He went before the Civil War. He actually had to go and check into a sanitarium. He went nuts Like he had a nervous breakdown because he said you guys don't know what you're doing. This is going to be so bloody, you don't know what you're doing. You don't know what you're doing. He just went out of his mind and he had that famous quote from him about Ulysses S Grant. You know, he's like Grant stood by me when I was crazy and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other. You know it is something maddening to watch, all right, folks. Well, we're going to close out here pretty soon. I plug. Thanks for the for standing by the show. Beans and I, we've been busy. The crew at the shop hasn't been able to get to it because of the snow and Branson, so I've just had a lot of stuff going on in the front end this morning. But I wanted to do a live show. Make sure you guys heard the stream on Free World. I didn't want to leave that to chance. First show of the new year. So I hope you've enjoyed it. Thanks for being here. Wolfpackgold is our sponsor. Precious metals, affordable, delivered right to your door. We make it so easy. We send you a comparison invoice. We shop it for you. 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