Design RE:Source

Inspiring future generations with Kirsty Thomas

November 30, 2021 Johnson Tiles Season 1 Episode 4
Design RE:Source
Inspiring future generations with Kirsty Thomas
Show Notes

The Design RE:Source podcast continues with Kirsty Thomas, designer and founder of Tom Pigeon and co-founder of Make Bank. 

Kirsty has been designing for over 25 years, having studied an art foundation course at College. She caught the craft and making bug at a young age, taking great enjoyment in the process of making. 

But it was her love of people, and collaboration that led her to build Make Bank. Her research revealed that increasing numbers of students were dropping out of creative subjects because they cannot afford the basic materials needed to complete coursework. With a lack of diversity coming through the workforce, Make Bank enables disadvantaged young people to pursue a creative education and career by supporting them with materials, support and advice. 

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