Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Deepest Desire

November 20, 2021 Season 1
Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki
The Secret to Fulfilling Your Deepest Desire
Show Notes

The secret to fulfilling your deepest desire is... FULL FEELING.  God's Love.  Having the felt- experience of God where you are, frequently.  

Today's Quotes:

"Books and learning, yoga and meditation and illumination-- all are but dust compared with Love." 
- Vivekananda 

"Friend, if you've never really met the Secret One, 
what is the source of your self-confidence?
Stop all this flirtation using words. 
Love does not happen with words. 
Don't lie to yourself about the holy 
books and what they say. 
The love I talk of is not in the 
Who has wanted it has it. " 
- Kabir

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." 
- Albert Einstein

"As Namdev, the great 13th-century poet-saint, wrote, he had perfect knowledge of the Vedas (ancient Indian scriptures) and all of the schools of Indian philosophy; he had accomplished the goal of the yogis; he had himself experienced the joy of merging in the formless God; but he’d transcended all of these experiences through the grace of the saints, to find that “the secret is the Lord’s Love.” 
- Krishna Das, Chants of a Lifetime 

"The effort through mental means to become spiritual is wasted effort. The attempt to understand spiritual things with the five senses or the intellect is useless. Developing a sense of receptivity; learning to silence the senses and gaining the ability to listen for “the still, small voice” – this is the Way. Human thoughts – even good ones – will not help."
-Joel Goldsmith, Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture 

Today's Practice:
Fulfilled prayer happens when you are FILLED FULLY... fully feeling God's Love where you are.  Don't pray for happiness or peace.  Don't pray for dream solutions and dream stuff.  Drop everything and you'll find only Love.  Drop even good thoughts and words and you'll find only God.  And then God will fulfill Itself. 

I Love you, 
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