Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki

If you can learn to do THIS, you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens.

November 22, 2021 Season 1 Episode 157
Go(o)d Mornings with CurlyNikki
If you can learn to do THIS, you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens.
Show Notes

When in Trouble...

"You can say, 

'Self, here I am again in trouble. 
I have no idea what to do next, 
but you are really me, 
even though you are all pervading, 
you are expressing as myself. 
You know what to do. 
I therefore, surrender completely to you. 
I surrender my body, 
I surrender my affairs, 
I surrender my world. 
I have no need to worry or fret. 
You will take care of everything.'

And you let go. 
If you can learn to do this first, before you take any other action, 
you will be pleasantly surprised by what happens. "
-Robert Adams 

Today's  Quotes:

"Until every one of us can report that we receive the Word of God continuously, that we can almost at will feel the divine Presence, there will be need of these reminders." 
-Joel Goldsmith 

"When there is noise and confusion without, then is the time to be still and feel the tender touch of My hand on your head.   How true it is, Beloved, that only as there is stillness within can there be any measure of stillness and peace without. 
I would have you know and practice this secret of inner strength.  I do not say it is easy, I say it is very hard.  It is hard at times of much outer disturbance to feel great depths of inner peace. 
That is why you so often fail to demonstrate over your problems of confusion.  It is the reason you are so often baffled and full of grief and disturbance.  
Try at these times to feel My touch.  Only try and each time it shall become easier until you will be able to lift yourself at any moments from outer confusion to inner peace, from turmoil to tranquility.  After all, is that not what you seek, My Beloved?  And that which you truly yearn for and seek I shall surely grant unto you. " 
- Eva Bell Werber, In His Presence

"Whatever you may be going though, if you are conscious about it and do a simple spiritual practice, it will fix itself." - Sadhguru

Today's Practice:
Taste the bliss of this 'short week'.  Become so familiar with the taste of freedom and relief and joy, that when you find yourself back in a moment of chaos and demand, or a moment of trouble, you don't even have to try to reach for this Go(o)d feeling.  You're reaching FROM It.  You never leave It because you are It.  

I Love you,