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The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Menopause Q&A with Gerda Hayden

September 16, 2022 Dr. Daniela Steyn
Wellness MD
The Health and Wellness Talk Show on Menopause Q&A with Gerda Hayden
Show Notes

Menopause is part of the normal female reproductive cycle. Throughout puberty, your hormones induce menstruation. Once you have a period, you are fertile. Where puberty is the beginning of your fertile period, menopause marks the end of this time. The mean age for menopause is 51, and while it is associated with numerous uncomfortable symptoms, you can overcome these and live an extraordinary life!

In this podcast, Dr. Daniela Steyn speaks with a pelvic physiotherapist, Gerda Hayden, about menopause. Gerda has always been passionate about all aspects of women's health and health care. She pursued her interest by becoming a pelvic health physiotherapist while pregnant with her first son.

Gerda has held numerous leadership titles and is currently rostered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario to perform internal pelvic exams and is a member of the Women's Health Division with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Gerda has practiced pelvic health physiotherapy in South Africa, the UK and Canada and has encountered women from all walks of life. Her holistic approach ensures that she addresses underlying issues and strives always to see the bigger picture. She keeps abreast of the latest evidence-based research and applies this to her clients. Her thorough, insightful, and effective assessment enables the development of an integrated and comprehensive client-centered treatment strategy.

Gerda has a special interest in the perimenopausal stage of life. She can fit pessaries and silicone devices designed to support pelvic organs and will be offering this service from the Burlington location.

If you would like to contact Gerda you can do so at:

Website: https://gerdahayden.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/gerdahaydenpt?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

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*Legal Disclaimer: This podcast is intended for educational purposes only. For your medical advice, please get in touch with your own Health Care provider. Never ignore medical advice because of something you have heard in this podcast.
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