The Energy Exchange

Let’s go to War (With our Ego) x Kady, Empowerment Coach

June 29, 2021 Alex & Lexi Season 1 Episode 5
The Energy Exchange
Let’s go to War (With our Ego) x Kady, Empowerment Coach
Show Notes

Happy Tuesday homies. We’re back for another week of life-changing guidance and inspiration from our guest expert Kady- A Shame and Empowerment Coach. 

Kady is here to rock our worlds as she teaches us about overcoming shame. Have you ever felt that you won’t be accepted by others if they knew a dark or secret part about your life? Have you regretted a one-night stand for years or hated yourself for what you ate last night? Haven’t we all? 

Kady helps us break through shame by getting vulnerable AF on this week’s episode. Kady shares deep and intimate stories about her experiences with an eating disorder and sexual shame. Kady shares her story of battling shame after being diagnosed with the highly stigmatized STI, herpes. Lexi and Alex get deep about their own shame around past sexual partners and having a high body count. 

Kady helps us to realize that our experiences don’t make us bad or unworthy people and that we all share feelings of shame, fear, unworthiness, and disconnection (AKA- YOU ARE NOT ALONE). And of course, Kady leaves us with a variety of tangible steps to put teachings around overcoming shame and stepping into vulnerability into practice. You don’t want to miss it. This episode is a game-changer. 

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