The Energy Exchange

Break up with yourself X EM THE BREAKUP COACH

July 06, 2021 Alex & Lexi Season 1 Episode 6
The Energy Exchange
Break up with yourself X EM THE BREAKUP COACH
Show Notes

Are you guilty of getting in your own way when it comes to moving forward with your life? We know we are. But as always homies, we’re helping you build the foundation to become your own biggest support. 
Alex and Lexi welcome Em Wills, The Breakup Coach, onto the podcast this week for an invigorating and introspective discussion around breaking our toxic habits. This episode invites us to take the necessary few steps backward in order to move forward. We often think of the past as somewhere we don’t ever want to explore again, but The Breakup Coach is here to show us that we need to know where we’ve come from and what we’ve been through in order to reach our highest potential. 
 Em helps us to understand how our brains are constructed and conditioned to think, act, and behave a certain way, and it might not be what you thought. Have you ever considered the balance of masculine and feminine energy? How living in a dominantly masculine energetic world is stopping us from achieving our personal goals? We hadn’t either, but damn did it shake our ways of thinking. Em is here to shine a light on stepping out of the logical, masculine brain, and stepping into feminine and intuitive thinking. This shift helps us to break our toxic habits and start creating a healthy foundation. 
If you’re ready to break up with your past self this episode is for you. Roll one up homies and let’s get uncomfortable. 

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