The Energy Exchange

Deal With Your Stress or Your Stress Gon' Deal With You

July 13, 2021 Alex & Lexi Season 1 Episode 7
The Energy Exchange
Deal With Your Stress or Your Stress Gon' Deal With You
Show Notes

Get ready for some laughs this week as Alex and Lexi hop on the mic for a solo episode. The energy is high and the vibes are immaculate as the girls discuss life’s stressors, escapism, and healthy stress management. Sounds serious? Well, it is. But as always, we’re laughing our way through the pain to come out happier on the other side. 

This episode invites you to look at where stress is coming from in your life and how to physically, mentally, and energetically work through whatever is causing you discomfort. We also explore the idea of escapism, which means: “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy”. Escapism stops us from dealing with the present moment and working through our problems.

Alex’s holistic medicine studies come in handy this week as she guides us through understanding the different kinds of stress and how ignoring stress impacts us not only mentally, but also physically.  After all, we learn that stress is the leading cause of inflammation, and inflammation is the leading cause of disease. So, if you don’t deal with your stress, your stress is going to deal with you. 

To keep it light, Alex and Lexi recall stories from their past and current lives where stress was significantly impacting their day-to-day, and share some of the old bad habits they used to cope with stress (AKA get ready to laugh with us). As always, we leave you with tangible steps and tips on how to manage your stress in a healthy manner. Roll on up homies, let’s get comfortable to talk about some uncomfortable things.

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