The Energy Exchange


August 10, 2021 Alex & Lexi Season 1 Episode 9
The Energy Exchange
Show Notes

Welcome back to another week with The Energy Exchange. Join Alex and Lexi for a raw and super informative conversation with soon to be social worker and mental health worker Hiyab. 

This week’s episode gets deep as these 3 women discuss forgiveness. While Alex and Lexi though the conversation would be about forgiving others, it quickly turned into how to forgive ourselves. We often want to forgive others immediately, but Hiyab explains the importance of kindness and compassion for ourselves first. A concept so many of us struggle with. 

Hiyab provides the homies with so many tangible steps on how to lean into forgiveness, self compassion, and how to radically accept ourselves and others. This conversation brought tears to our eyes, laughs to our bellies, and so many beautiful teachings that we will now put into practice. 

Roll one up and let’s learn how to be kind, compassion, and accepting human beings. 

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