Beyond the Message


September 19, 2022 Damon Hubert Season 3 Episode 1
Beyond the Message
Show Notes

We took some time over the past few months to restructure our podcast to be more useful for our audience, but now WE ARE BACK. Thank you for joining us again.

This week we are looking at the book of Haggai, and how the HOPE that is promised to those in Jerusalem can be experienced by us today.

Please see below for discussion questions as well as links to get connected or for additional resources .

Discussion Questions
Why do we want so badly for things to be the way the were?
As it relates to our churches - do we want things to be the way they were because those ways were effective at reaching people with the Gospel and helping with life change? (LIFE CHANGE - not just getting people in seats)
OR - do we want things to be the way they were because it was comfortable?

How can we make the new expression of church (whatever that looks like in your context) into what God wants?

What does it look like in our life, our church, our context to seek what God wants for it NOW instead of looking to make it what is used to be?

What is God calling you to do to expand His Kingdom?

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