Beyond the Message

Matthew 3

September 26, 2022 Damon Hubert Season 3 Episode 2
Beyond the Message
Matthew 3
Show Notes

This week we are looking at the book of Matthew as we discuss repentance and what that looks like in our lives.

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Discussion Questions
How is your heart?

What is your heart oriented towards?

If your heart is oriented towards God, is it your WHOLE heart? If not, what part is missing? Why?
What would need to happen to orient that part of our heart to God?

If there is sin in our life, have we repented? Why or why not?
If we say we repented - is it a change of heart and mind or just an "I'm sorry"?
What fruit shows our repentance?

If you have not repented, will you repent?
What do you think that area of your life will look like if you repented?
What type of spiritual fruit could you produce after repentance?

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