Beyond the Message

Lord of the Sabbath

October 03, 2022 Damon Hubert Season 3 Episode 3
Beyond the Message
Lord of the Sabbath
Show Notes

This week we are looking at the Jesus' interactions with Pharisees in Mathew 12.

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Discussion Questions
Ever had a rule in life - a dumb rule - that you had to follow? Ever question "why"?

What do you do when rules and common sense clash?
Do you follow the rules? Why or why not?

What about our religious rules and rituals - What do we do when these rules hurt people?
What spiritual/religious rules have you encountered that seem to go against God's intentions?
Did you follow that rule? Why or why not?

Are there spiritual or religious rules that should be followed but need to be relaxed depending on the circumstances?
Which rules?
In what circumstances should they be relaxed?

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