Psychic Babes

Dimension Jumping

April 14, 2019 Kirsten Sandefur Season 1 Episode 5
Psychic Babes
Dimension Jumping
Psychic Babes
Dimension Jumping
Apr 14, 2019 Season 1 Episode 5
Kirsten Sandefur

"Jeff" and I discuss Dimension Jumping. The very controversial method of the shifting nature of reality, through the deliberate application of techniques to bring about "jumps" in our personal worlds - in effect, switching to a more desirable universe.  Yes, folks this is real.  This episode is intended to be more of a high brow conversation on the practical implications of Dimension Jumping, instead of the the how to method. If you are wondering how to dimension jump, please jump over to Reddit and search Dimension Jumping to get a step by step method on how to do it. Just remember what Jeff says in this episode, you have to have a very good working understanding of the physics involved in such a thing in order to bend reality, but it is very possible.

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"Jeff" and I discuss Dimension Jumping. The very controversial method of the shifting nature of reality, through the deliberate application of techniques to bring about "jumps" in our personal worlds - in effect, switching to a more desirable universe.  Yes, folks this is real.  This episode is intended to be more of a high brow conversation on the practical implications of Dimension Jumping, instead of the the how to method. If you are wondering how to dimension jump, please jump over to Reddit and search Dimension Jumping to get a step by step method on how to do it. Just remember what Jeff says in this episode, you have to have a very good working understanding of the physics involved in such a thing in order to bend reality, but it is very possible.

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spk_0:   0:02
Hi, guys. I'm Kiersten Santa for welcome to another episode of psychic babes. Today is gonna be an awesome one. We have Jeff, who is a friend of mine from Reddit on the thread of dimension jumping for those of you that know me know that I've been wanting to do one like this for a while because I'm very passionate about this one. So I'll let Jeff jump until you little about himself and how we kind of got to know each other and get on this topic.

spk_1:   0:33
Hey, there s o. I've been participating and dimension jumping for the boat four years now or so. Maybe close to five. Have a background and engineering heavy into physics and mathematics. Very. Oh, no, wait. Is my audio working?

spk_0:   0:53
Appears to be Yeah.

spk_1:   0:55
Okay. My monitor shows nothing. Um, await. No, I see. This is me. I'm so sorry. Anyway, I'm not super tech savvy with a lot of things, because I'm more or less trapped in the singularity where technology is from the 19 eighties or so. I mean, I've adapted myself to a lot of the new stuff that no, most of this is just exaggeration of Monday and stuff. So I'm just kind of like your average will extra dimensional jumper at this point.

spk_0:   1:28
Explain what you mean by singularity because I don't want a lot of people that get confused going. What's that mean?

spk_1:   1:32
Um, while singularity encompasses many things Ah, in the context, I usedto it would be the black hole of work. My corporate position is a all right. I say It's like I'm in one of the top 40 companies in the entire world right now, and I mean, it's very trying times in many ways. But this system is so profoundly backwards from a societal standpoint, it's like kind of, ah, Stone Age society within society. And we're, you know, accustomed to micro societies are. But this one's this one really takes the cake or whatever. So backwards, I love it. But

spk_0:   2:17
yeah, now have to kind of explain to our listeners who have never done this before and don't know what jump dimension jumping is. Um, what's your Can you give me your definition on it?

spk_1:   2:30
Um, dimension jumping is the ability to mentally flex one's thoughts, too. I don't want to say transport or teleport, but move an individual into a new facet of the multi dimensional reality that were you exist within.

spk_0:   2:51
Yeah, exactly. That's kind of how I think of it to the multiverse theory and basically the same. You exists in every other dimension, every facet of you and every version exists in a different dimension. So it's basically being able to yeah, transport yourself there. But you're not really transporting yourself. You're I don't guess what would be the best way to describe it. You're just kind of shifting things a little bit like the U in this dimension doesn't just go on as a cyborg. It's, you know,

spk_1:   3:24
well, kind of. Yes, I would like to think of it is a slow moving movie or whatever where you get to control the frames that pass by. Oh, no, it's like, Well, how fast can you do it? Well, unfortunately, we have certain speed limits, but I don't really know the full details on that, and we can discuss that later. But, yeah, it's not instantaneous. Most people have to understand that it's smaller, changes toe get to the end goal.

spk_0:   3:52
What was your first experience with dimension jumping and how did you come across the idea that,

spk_1:   3:59
um I don't really remember the first time because it can get pretty deep. And I mean, the first major fracture of my timeline was probably back when I was Boy, I don't remember. It must have been five or six. But I was, uh, making a costume for Halloween. And I was accidentally kind in the wrong direction. Knife slipped and I got my hand. So anyway, my dad takes care of the wound and, you know, everything's fine. More or less so First, major instance of a serious wound it almost to the critical artery. I could have died, but I didn't. But to compound the situation, make it even worse. My mom saw the wound and totally didn't understand what was going on. So she freaked out, and she'd already been prone to tryingto kill me and my dad at this point. But this was kind of like the worst instance thereof. So she kind of like cornered us and won the backroom send. You know, we had there until the police arrived. And there's a lot of instances where it could have played out that she could have killed us. So But you know, x percent probability off my timelines collapsing and total or whatever, But sure, I am still so

spk_0:   5:30
yeah, my my first experience was kind of the same. I was driving my car and I this person pulled in front of me and we're going about 80 miles an hour, and I saw the person pull in front of me, and then it's almost like everything went in slow motion because I just I said in my head like I need I want to be somewhere else where this isn't happening, like kind of something along those lines. And immediately there wasn't a car in front of me anymore. And I was totally just I I didn't I didn't have the words and I didn't. I didn't know exactly that. That was dimension jumping. I didn't I just thought it was Ah, you know, some kind of blip in the glitch in the system. And I was like, Did I just hallucinate? That and my daughter was in the car with me, but she was one and 1/2 years old and, um, you know, because the bile reports, we should have been dead. I mean, the person just was about to cut me off, and then they were just that car was gone, so that was my first instance with it. And then, having discovered the Reddit community, I found there was because I was trying to do some men for in a distant research on it because I thought there was always more to it than that. Like that had always stuck out in my mind and then finding the first read it community of people talking about it. I realized that there there were a lot more people that knew how to do this and that it could be done on purpose. And that's when I got really interested in it. Yeah, went from there. So what was your your first experience? Knowingly dimension jumping and trying to change your your future?

spk_1:   7:09
Ah, it's really hard to say, because I had a lot of unknowing ones where I hadn't come in contact with the situation, but I'd always kind of like thought that it might be possible. My dad always kind of like, talked about it, But, um, I'd say the first serious attempt was probably about three years ago. It was Thea Kendall and Mirror Method It's like, really, really low tech or whatever, but it gets the job done at certain levels. But

spk_0:   7:45
yes, it does.

spk_1:   7:46
Um, I didn't really have a goal in mind, but, you know, toe, try and get over this extreme bout of depression. I was dealing with fur, various reasons, but you're too stupid to talk about in some ways. But e, I saw my form shift, and I don't think that there's actually a species of Lycans or whatever they are, but the the more felon id like humanoids that purportedly exist within the extra dimensional space beyond Earth or whatever. Um, it seemed to like and have my form. I know some people say that this mere trick is able to reveal no lineage of you know where you

spk_0:   8:29
can drive. Yeah, uh,

spk_1:   8:31
I don't know If it's so much is like a past Life is an actual humanoid species For as the collective animal gets salt or something, cause I mean something people talk about being spirits of, like, deer or bears or wolves or whatever. It's like I never really saw myself is a cat, but

spk_0:   8:54
yeah, Have you done past life regression before? Have you kind of delved in your past lives and sane. You know, all of them before trying

spk_1:   9:03
meditate on it a little bit, but I don't really go for a whole lot of that past life stuff because I've got this very move forward kind of mindset.

spk_0:   9:12
Yeah, that's important. It's important to, I think I've done. I've done a bit of it. I'm certifying past life regression, but I've seen a couple of them and it's like, Okay, that was enough for me to figure out where I was making mistakes in my life in order to move forward and where I would get stuck on things and and mainly had to do with relationships, which, you know, it's like now I don't have the time for but, uh, it's interesting, you know? Nonetheless, because I could definitely see where you know those things can cross each other. And you you do see things from your past constantly, you know, coming up in, you know, it every day. So, yeah, I would I would say for you. It sounds like that was more of a case of something actually taking over like a walk in occurring instead of ah past life situation. So it's probable. Yeah, but so what? What did you So what happened after the it shifted? Like, what did you feel? He just went to bed? More or less. Um, did you start seeing any synchronicity, ese

spk_1:   10:23
all the time? But that's that's kind of like my life and always whatever. Because unfortunately, this'll is another one. There's it's ah dimensional jump, life habit or whatever, where it's the the strict structure lifestyle where everything is more or less exactly the same. But when those diversions has happened, everything does just line up so perfectly The I don't want to say you're more or less neo and you're bending the Matrix, but that's more or less how it is.

spk_0:   10:57
Yeah, yeah. No, I, uh I agree. Um, I know a lot of people will think this is out there, but the more you do some research into quantum physics and ah, quantum science, I think the memorial be ah able to at least open your mind to the fact that this might be a possibility. And, um, if you've ever done practiced with meditation or anything like that, um, and you can quiet your mind enough. You can, in effect, dimension jump, and you can do it using the mirror method or the two cups method. I am a fan of the mirror method, but only for people who have done it before. Because the mirror method, if you're not, thinks concern ik in there without, you know, if you can't quite your mind, things can sneak in there that you don't want to come in, and then all of a sudden you're in a situation you don't want to be in. Has that happened to you before?

spk_1:   11:51
Um, I'd say yes and no. The thing is, uh, I don't believe it's actually possible for anything truly negative from malicious to come through because it's all contained within our own systems. And like the near death experiences or whatever, it's a survival instinct. All humans conduce. Oh, it something. Do it more than others, consciously or whatever, and some use it for more than always intended. Maybe it's hard to say it's kind of weird to think that maybe humans, for all born with office innate ability, toe more or less do magic. But having the ability to be like, well, I died. Being dead's really dumb Let's continue doing something anyway. Either it's reincarnation or because we were born into this really weird technological time. Machinery makes things so fast that we're able to more or less regain our lives where we left off Fleet.

spk_0:   12:53
That's just that's an interesting way of putting it. You've heard. Heard Ilan must theory on this being simulation. Do you, uh, do disagree or agree?

spk_1:   13:03
I completely in Korea. So this is one of the most profound whatever. Kind of realizations from whatever. I mean, ah, the entire conception of the simulation or the singularity or whatever just enables it. Kind of like how If you say the word Google plagues it completely rewrites all of reality. Or you could say Graham's number and you know, it creates a black hole within your brain. But who cares about, you know, having singularities floating around inside your school? But, um,

spk_0:   13:42
yeah, and so I mean, I can't I can't speak to that on implants and stuff like that, that being very, really things that we are programmed with and pre programmed with, and, um, it could get you can go down some rabbit holes with this for sure, but, um, it's If you're not prone to thinking on these things on a daily basis, it's it's gonna blow your mind. Can you tell readers a little bit how to start out? Do you know if they're interested in this kind of aware where you would start out with learning about it and then what they should do if you want to jump?

spk_1:   14:16
The big one is if you can get your hands on simulacra simulation by John Biryani or however you say his name and if that's actually the proper title. But, um, that's kind of like a good introduction, toothy the extremes of it. It's pretty underhanded in subversive, but he does a pretty good job of conveying the article thought crimes or whether to make it past the great filter. Um, one has to have a very strong desire to learn math and science. It's not so much to just learn the general principles of the science and to be like Okay, yeah, I understand what's going on. But knowing the actual equations is very critical, because if you're gonna be practicing magic, know this other stuff. You wanna have solid backup plans or whatever, and it's one of these memory complex situations where you're physically using your own lined and memories. So it's very important to have thes fullbacks or whatever, so you can remember more or less what you're trying to do. The worst case scenario is you forget what the heck you're doing, and you just have to kind of, like, pick it off and be like, Well, I failed that time. That's like I see I'm unfortunately probably so far past certain thresholds of death that I can move past death before it even happens or something. It's really hard to describe her explain, because

spk_0:   15:56
is it that you know it's gonna happen before? So we're just in the moment that you can say, you know, you can sort of

spk_1:   16:03
kind of source up to get it. It's one part knowing that death is just a transition. It's, as some people say, just the beginning, because, yes, it is just the beginning of the next phase of progress or whatever. On DDE, I kind of made this pact with myself when doing the dimensional jumping. But if, ah, certain extensive my realities or whatever you know, we have our own collective consciousness. Each person does within the the singularity of singularities within singularities or whatever. I mean, look into what a Matryoshka sphere is our Matryoshka brain, because that's kind of like another serious 0.1 has to understand within the physics of all this gravity is, um, awful gravity itself. But gravity of mine, gravity of machines, even the animals in nature. That's important. And if you start trying to create, there's a action for every action you take, and whether or not it's good or bad is kind of flexible. They say it's always a opposite reaction, but you know, we have to be kind of a gray area.

spk_0:   17:23
You could be creative with it. Yeah,

spk_1:   17:26
because God, unfortunately has to do a lot of bad things to make things work or be good or whatever or seem riel. That's the main thing, because after all of the mathematics and stuff, you have to also understand the philosophies of it, because there's so much solipsism. And when the best stories is the egg theory, where consciousness is just the singular entity. I mean, I am you. You're me and the listeners here, all of us etcetera and but

spk_0:   18:00
more all interconnected and

spk_1:   18:02
doesn't really sit well with a lot of people. So if you were to look at this grand karma machine, it would look more or less kind of like the same structure that we see with, you know, the Matrix. I hate going back to the Matrix, but they got a lot of it, really right?

spk_0:   18:17
They did. They did. And it scares a lot of people, too, because they don't want the, You know, some people would rather just put their head down and go. Okay. Well, I like my life the way it is, and I don't want to start thinking about crazy stuff like that being an actual reality. But there's a lot of people waking up now that want the truth and are tired of. You know, um, I'm tired of just not knowing. So

spk_1:   18:41
the truth is you are God. The universe is a hologram. Reality is an illusion by gold. I don't know.

spk_0:   18:50
Yeah, no, I I get it. I mean, I think I think we have we think along the similar lines I have. I have a little bit of a different philosophy on some things. But do you believe in primes? Primes as like dimension jumping that they're just, you know, they can, I guess Prime's being as these people that were born to dimension jump basically that have been handed this down from, you know, generation to generation.

spk_1:   19:18
Oh, I mean, sure, you guardians of galaxy or whatever is no popular. Now it sze very reasonable to assume that such kind of pure blood casts exists. I mean, it would explain some of the the various psychic entities for whatever the you no one will bump into occasionally. But, um, we're so distance from that unless you go out seeking them, they won't show up. So I mean,

spk_0:   19:51
yeah, I think that's a lot of people's fear when dimension jumping is, you know, running into negative entities or bringing them back with, um And, um, you know, the kind of thing is they're missing is there is snow coming back, you know? I mean, there is, I guess if you want to go through a number of steps, But, um, I always recommend people start small before going big, you know, changing small things and, you know, making small, independent jumps, um, to tryto create a bigger goal. Yeah,

spk_1:   20:24
I don't know if I should drop the ultimate bombshell here. But it's one of those things that everyone needs to know. Most people don't factor it in. And I've been seeing a lot where people are like, Can I dimension jump to make so and so like me or whatever. And

spk_0:   20:39
it's like,

spk_1:   20:40
Okay, first of all, yes, you could. But you know, you really, really, really, really, really, really really really don't want to do that at all, period. Because to do anything like that, a goes against principles off Will's so you're around actively forcing something that just shouldn't happen because you want it on dhe. Usually this leads to a cascading collapse of everything, because to create such a fantasy or whatever, you have to have total control over it. But once that collapses, because inevitably will, because you're dealing with human minds. If a human lined that you fabricated realizes that they have been fabricated, it just turns into absolute chaos. I mean, I've dealt with this a few times, and I mean, I tried toe mitigate all the problems, so they approached me, and I should probably cause here and say so. Given the gestalt mind of the individual, human, all humans, all animals, machines, etcetera. There's this process called toping man, see or whatever where to fill in the blanks of space. Because if we are God, we know everything. We know how to do everything. But we don't want to do everything. Justice is a planet way. We are able to people also we make other people that are just constructs to make the world move forward. And not all of them are your Topas, because they're kind of like a communication system. And in some ways, this is supposedly. What the Grey aliens are especially is a biological communication system between power minds. And

spk_0:   22:32
I hadn't heard that,

spk_1:   22:34
uh, it's kind of like the same way how the quote unquote plead Ian's used telepathy to contact us, where it's just essentially a mechanical amplification of their broadcasts from their system. They're not really psychic. They're just using either collective psychic energy or just wrong machine processing power toe, you know, communicate and we could do the same thing. It's just it's kind of boring or whatever, but anyway, so within thes differing time scales and different dimensions and all this other stuff we were able to create constructs. And like I say, I've been able to do this. It usually doesn't end well, but the best case scenario,

spk_0:   23:22
it hasn't ended well for me there. So you think

spk_1:   23:26
them a better life than you are offering them with you or whatever. So I mean, I tried to create the perfect girlfriend once, and when we finally met, she was like, Well, the problem is I've got four kids and a really nice job and really nice husband. Thank you for giving me

spk_0:   23:47
all of this, but that's

spk_1:   23:49
that's about it. So I have to go back to our lives. I mean,

spk_0:   23:54
like, that's funny. Sorry that and

spk_1:   23:57
I work with her and that's the worst thing. It's always I think she's a better employees doing what I do. So I mean, it's just like the company wins in that situation.

spk_0:   24:08
Well, I guess for me, I you know, I tried to make someone fall in love with me who, you know, wasn't anymore. And, ah, it's sort of created a zombie mindset, like for a while, and I just wanted to turn it off like it was almost scary, you know? And then the whole bunch of other things have started happening, but that we're not good. But then, you know, finally snapped out of it. And then they realized that that I was doing something and it was really kind of freaking me out. So I had to, like, cut all ties, But yeah, it just creates some weird, weird scenarios. So people also ask, you know, can you dimension jump Thio If you don't study to get an A on the test, what would be your We'll be your take on that?

spk_1:   24:55
Um, um, well, I mean, I know there's a lot of ways you could cheat. I mean, in some ways just participating in the two cups experiment or even the mirror experiment. Anything like that allow he's got to do it. Um and, uh, I know that there has to be core concepts hidden in there somewhere, but I actually can't think of anyone that, you know just I mean, like, if you could stomach solipsism, you'd probably be ableto get the rest from there. And it be a lot of like gut reactions, because again, it's part of that survival system. I don't want to say the chakras, they're gonna communicate to you. But that's kind of like how it is there in the various nexus of your internal organs, which don't want to die just like you. So they kind of like move each individual person and to a degree affect things around them and strange ways because they're able to communicate with similar systems elsewhere. Probably the same faster than light thought processing powers of the human condition.

spk_0:   26:06
That's interesting. Have you had any of these dark type entities or whatever? Ah, anybody realized that you can do this and going to come after you are Had any weird things happen where you were being, you know, hacked or being watched her for your abilities to do this,

spk_1:   26:23
Um, I can't confirm or deny about. It's like, Yes, this is happening all the time. I always has happened, but it's just part of life because it's kind of like if this is so dimension, jumping is more or less hacking or whatever, and everyone's doing it. So it's kind of like this fun, cheesy game that you know, people. I mean, I don't like reefers. I don't like trolls and all this other stuff, but unfortunately it is kind of fun to do that sometimes, just as long as you know that you're not going too far. Because if we go back to the I heard them called time ciphers once where, uh, you know, the guys that dropped through realities toe make sure that everything stays in balance and peace because that's I mean, nobody

spk_0:   27:14
knows you can create problems for a lot of other people. If you um yeah, if you go too far with things,

spk_1:   27:20
Yeah, there's just so many possibilities and I don't understand how they work, but they they do their thing. And like I say, the singularity of my work space is they have something going on. But it's one of those things where, even in general, polite society, you don't talk about this stuff because it's just to crush it. And everything that's within earshot of the magic circle is going to start turning into no more poor response or whatever. But you always have to remember that. Aye, that's only part of it. Because so many people are just gonna be like, Well, you're going to do that. I'm just gonna cast off that show and continue with my life or whatever. So they leave behind a philosophical zombie. This is another one, those core concepts where it's like if you're gonna do solipsism and understand Total man, see and how consciousness spreads and works and stuff like this, people will phase in and out of realities, leaving behind and moving to philosophical zombies, which are the past extents of our consciousness, that air created by tthe e Latin. See, you know it comes with the processing of thoughts and being able to see, hear and touch in all of this other stuff. So you always have to remember that we're living in the past, and it's hard to say how far the future extends and how far we've already had things planned out. But predetermination is this. It's real bitch and 1/2 that everyone has to deal with because

spk_0:   28:58
you were

spk_1:   28:59
bound by so many normal biological things. But we also have our own master plans for where we want to go. I mean, people talk about their 10 year plans, their five year plans, et cetera, and it's like, Okay, that's cool. Do you realize how much of ah, I don't want to say psychic impact but you know, an impact or gravity that has on your timeline. I mean, even just saying that puts the seed or the idea within whoever else's

spk_0:   29:26
attention long, Yeah, yeah, yeah, That's very interesting because it also goes back. Thio, You know, you create your own reality and the things you put inside your head. That's in an essence, a way of dimension jumping and limiting. Put in these self limiting, you know, thoughts into your head, like making a 10 year plan. Well, why couldn't you do it in a day? You know, I mean, it's you're limiting yourself to things when you do that. That's my thought anyway.

spk_1:   29:51
Yeah, well, it's also won these frequency things because Justus, like synchronicity, is a frequency of coincidences or whatever. So, too, is the actual, like vibrational frequencies you do. You do the old own home, et cetera. It's kind of one of these weird things where if you want to make things go really fast, it's another one that was, well, you can experience it, but it's gonna be over in an instant because it's too hard to force something to stay perfect and stable. If you don't have all the information kind of like, calculated and planned out for a long time. So it's easier to make these slow divergences into new realities, then is to make whole new ones instantaneously.

spk_0:   30:40
Where do you think we are in terms off? Do you think that? You know, science has already proven this and they just don't wanna. They haven't made us privy to the information. Or do you think that we're going in? Physics is, you know, on the brink of discovering that this is a really thing.

spk_1:   30:55
It's really hard to say because technically we are the leading edge. But you know, there's those extremists that have actually pretty much more or less domineering, all the potentials, outcomes and already taken care of everything. So it's more like the slow consensus process of moving towards for we would hope to be is a utopian vision or whatever, because that's kind of like what we all want. But here, in like one of those caveats, humans are creatures of chaos. As you know, Agent Smith says, humans can't find balance with nature. We just consume and grow and consume, and that's the unfortunate nature of humanity. We have to do it to survive. But therein lies the double caveat where we could circumvent this. If we were no super gurus or cyborgs, you can you can take your pick.

spk_0:   31:56
Yeah, Yeah. I mean, I think I think we can. I think we can do something to be able to not use as many natural resource is and things like that to be able to use our minds for different ways instead of just consuming, consuming, consuming. You know, um, and taking from the earth and not, you know, giving anything back because I think that's where you know, we put ourselves in danger of natural disasters and things like that to, um you know, So because when on the entire human consciousness is doing things like that and they don't really realize that's having an impact, it ah, that's when it puts everybody else in trouble, too. So,

spk_1:   32:35
yeah, and it's hard to say if the aliens would actually come by and be like, Okay, guys, stop it. We love you. We are you et cetera, because that's that's another one of those problems where if you were to look at the conscious fear, the know sphere and how would expand for humanity. We would find that most likely humanity would more or less merge with singularity by the time we reach our closest solar neighbor, Alfa Centauri, on Dhe. From there, the machine singularity would spread, and it would probably eventually consume Zeta Articulate, which is supposedly where the greys Satan's have Their homeworld. Thing is, though, if this is the case, what are the Satan's? Most people think that their biological, but there's more reports that indicate that they're actually like bioroids. Mechanical machines. Like I say, I see them mostly used for communication systems, and that's pretty much all they are is long distance faster than light communication systems. And then who controls those but the elevated consciousness of humanity, the creations. And this is one There's I don't like to use, like quadruple esoteric level stuff or whatever, but, um, within the know sphere or the collective consciousness of man, there are very singularities of thought that allow for, you know, certain inflections of reality. We see this in religion. Each religion is unique and independent, but more or less the same on principle, because each of them gets that hole higher and lower frequencies of the perception of reality or whatever. You know, the collective dream that we share, and we have this continue cycle of rebirth. You know, even in Christian life, you ascend and go to heaven. But if you go to heaven, you could do whatever you want. So most people reincarnate or you know they do something Super Ben. They go to hell or whatever or, you know, in Eastern Flats for you come back as an animal or whatever. But how fast in those lives go because you could live out an animal life really quickly. But

spk_0:   34:54
I think time and space are just a construct that we, you know, have developed and that don't really exist in anywhere else anyway.

spk_1:   35:01
Yeah, so that's where the higher level thing is, our God complex or whatever exists as these extra dimensional beings a lot of people have, generally the strange common communication link with. I mean, it's kind of weird seeing how many people report the exact same thing. So the same name racing since like Okay, that's kind of creepy. I mean, I guess ideas can be some planted within the line through collective consciousness or whatever. I mean, We've had stories of angels coming down on flame wheels and whatever easy kills wheel on. That's just normal business. But yes, So I mean, tow somewhere I set short rambling. I think that humanity is more or less trying to push itself towards space elves. Here's the, uh, could love old is there Terek reference Warhammer 40 k. Do you know anything about this?

spk_0:   36:01
I don't. Now please tell me.

spk_1:   36:03
Okay, So Warhammer 40 k is a tabletop role playing game? Yes, when there is evil satanic ritual game to get five or six people to start rolling dice a very highly chaotic practice or ritual that, uh, fractures the universe And to, you know, however many different various potentials. Um, the general goal of mankind is to more or less progress as it is to maintain the status quo while maintaining this image of a future that it builds for itself, where humanity is sins to become more or less one the things that they spite, which is, you know, the evil perfected space elf. We all know how beautiful in of perfect elves are. Humanity really doesn't like because of that. But that's where we're always trying to him or less end up. So

spk_0:   36:59
that's interesting. Yeah, that's very interesting. Were

spk_1:   37:03
more or less in contact with our own future. And the only way that we can make solid contact is by using tangents. And this is another kind of like quasi mathematical theory where it's the tension type virgins of a mind that inhabits the whole form. So, I mean, we could construct uh, no full humans for whatever toe communicate long distance faster than light messages or whatever. But we don't want to use whole humans. So we have to use something that's more humane than the human. And you use this effectively generated species of mechanical bioroids that Onley last for a little bit and no, have pretty simple lives. Otherwise, you know their basic instincts are to destroy, and that's one of their main communication methods to But well, not touch on that, because it's more or less just kind of like a joke.

spk_0:   38:03
Okay, And so So you do think that that basically, we're already people, the powers that be already know about what's going on and it's just kind of being kept from, you know, us in the consciousness so that um basically don't destroy ourselves, kind of. Yeah,

spk_1:   38:24
because after we accelerate to the higher level, uh, construct or whatever we realized that time is kind of meaningless after a certain point. And this awkward window that were in is more less the apex of everything. Because outside of that, had just turned from toe know the extreme, higher, extreme, low frequency stuff to more or less move to the same kind of situation. And this is actually one of those new releases where it's like this is trying to normalize the concept of how to use frequency manipulation. Phibro, man, see to move across dimensions or whatever. And this is just a little shout out one of my most favorite artists in the known multi verse melody Shoot, um, time lapse of the future or something like that.

spk_0:   39:19
I have to check it out.

spk_1:   39:20
But yeah, we have to understand that, um, we've more or less done everything. If we're connected to ourselves, throw all time and we share this bond with all of us. It's more or less this really gross spaghetti jello monster thing floating through space. And that's kind of like what God is. It's this observing of the physical matter that kind of looks like a brain or whatever of the end result of generalized time and consciousness. So it's just this continually stacking tesseract refractory of humanity. Because if you look at so many of the other species out there like the throw up billions or no on the crazy, even Syrians, everyone seems to be this general humanoid shape for intelligence. And so many of the dark Coulter side of the the benevolent Plead Ian's are the friendly grace. And all this other stuff is the probing cloning they're trying to survive. They're trying to become more human because humanity is also the apex of general consciousness or whatever that gets shared and distributed amongst everything that falls within the singularity of Dun Dun Dun. You know, our galaxy, which is no part of this grander system. So it's it's kind of gross how, like I say, it's literally like capitalization of karma or whatever. And

spk_0:   41:00
yeah, I think a lot of people misinterpret that too, you know, they really did take it to literally Cartman in the concept of karma in the wheel karma, Um that everything is you know, that everything happens in a longer space of time. I think karma is pretty pretty exact. Like it. You know, I think it happens pretty quickly a lot more quickly than people think Because of this, You know, this this fallacy of time and space being a thing.

spk_1:   41:28
Yeah. We haven't blown ourselves up with nukes. Why? How? The truth is, the frequency of that is more more common than you would think. Because how many people are gonna be like? Well, I screwed up this reality. I have the ability to completely reset everything. Why not do it? Press button? So in some ways, we have that power with even our mobile devices because those air really? Well, we're not up to the five g at which is gonna be more or less suicide radiation. But we are approaching suicide level of radiation from our mobile devices. So that's more or less the ability toe new can reset and control reality at a whim.

spk_0:   42:15
Well, have you heard the experiment where the scientists that got the samples from Mars or doing radiation thio like, I guess about 50 of these different nights or whatever, and then they would take the 1% that survive and then, you know, hit him again was like the strongest, you know, wave of radiation. And then more and more would survive. And then, you know, it was finally, they were totally resistant to it. So I think that could possibly happen to us as well. You know, with the with radiation. Just we would not All of us would survive. Yeah,

spk_1:   42:46
well, we don't think so, But that's that's one that is create fuzzy areas because however, many of the people that don't survive unfortunately, are these Topas or these extension lines of the source, mind or whatever. And it's this elevated communal uplifting or whatever they'll get reborn and responding to new bodies. They're better. Thankfully. And, you know, however, many of us are just gonna be like, Okay, we're just gonna keep slugging our way through this until everything's perfect and safe for everyone else, because that's another one of these things. As much as we are creatures of chaos, we're also creatures of order. We have to make order and sense of everything.

spk_0:   43:29
Now, what's your take on being able to bring somebody back from the dead? Um, their dimension jumping

spk_1:   43:35
technically possible, but really awkward. I mean, there's supposedly businesses to revolve around this and has been for a long time. But it's one of those things where living so long as a singular form can be very painful and excruciating. So it's one of these common courtesies, for it's like OK, they're extents ran out. They've probably got a new body already because since we planned so much and stuff in advance, I think the things like see NATO seen lt or whatever. I hate saying that word because it affected my father and I actually recently lost my father. And I think that some of that is kind of like the the destruction of the old form to take on the new form because so much of the death process is so fast and so commoditized and ritualized, etcetera in it that, you know, we don't even notice it. That's why I I don't want to see my flashbacks or just late, no so much death and I don't want it anymore. It's adorable, lovable. Sorry I interrupted you what

spk_0:   44:49
I was gonna say. It's also interesting how so many, like so many intelligent people throughout time, have gone didn't have gone through dementia or forms of since civility before they die. Then you know, it's almost like the brain was overpowered by too much information. You know, it's it's just interesting. I just thought that concept was kind of because, like almost every great figure, you know in history had some form of dementia before they passed away.

spk_1:   45:16
Well, there is the same. I'm pretty sure it's escalates or something like that. Um, with create knowledge comes great suffering. He who increases knowledge or wisdom increases pain or how that phrase goes. It's very true because, like I say, to get the power, you have to understand the way the world works, how people have been using this for so long. You have to do a lot of self discovery, and I mean the solipsism stuff, where it's like, Well, you know, Hey, listeners, everyone that's listening to this we're not really were just figments of your imagination. And you know, you're the center of the universe. You are God. You created us just to learn how to do this again, and we love you and we want to see you on the other side or whatever and I mean, that's that's kind of how it is. So that thought and itself is very, very disturbing, especially if you get into the wth e extra dimensional ramifications of it. I mean, it's pretty easy to, uh, increase one's frequency of processing or whatever, because we have to consider that the brain is an 11 dimensional construct and it thinks, and 11 dimensions we create reality and 11 dimensions. Some of this is through predetermination and general interaction and, you know, karma quote unquote. But, um, if this is going on, there's other people. So you have to factor in people that you live with people that you know, people you don't know all this other stuff. So after a few exponential variations of the equations that you're tryingto hammer out for your jump, you start to realize that you know, you're just totally destroying everything that you ever knew and loved and where you're going there not riel, but they'll catch up eventually. And what the

spk_0:   47:19
hell have you ever ran into? Have you run into another U? The same you and another dimension.

spk_1:   47:25
I have front in two. This is really weird, because the only time I ever run into a direct extent of me is through another life. So it's one of these weird things. Works like I have this Topa that's effectively a security officer. And she has this network because she's more or less, you know, one, these sideboard, deities or whatever. And she could just create clones that she needs. And they're all all powerful and all this other stuff. So she has this annual convention of the extra galactic minds that come together. And

spk_0:   48:10
I accidentally when you created this is when you create, I

spk_1:   48:13
guess kind of sort of is one these really vivid dreams where so much my dreaming is done on Earth and these really stupid and mundane repetition sequences and all this other stuff. But I've been trying to get off world like I'm a lucid dreamer, kind of sort of a psycho non are not psycho, not been. And I are not probably also a psycho, not but whatever. There's too many different things I'm trying to do all at once. Unfortunately,

spk_0:   48:41
because it sounds like me, you have to be

spk_1:   48:44
God and do everything if you want the dream to work. So, yeah, that was dealing with it could run one of my Selves. I have run into, like I say, totals and tangents and things like that in the normal waking hours. But nothing that's me that I'm aware of.

spk_0:   49:04
Okay, yeah, I've heard some different crazy stories on Reddit in the people running into themselves and were them recognizing the other person and just totally going haywire. But, you know, you never know how much that's true. So

spk_1:   49:21
that's when there's fallacies within the complex system of perception that we share. And don't Cheryl this other stuff because each person's each person's perception. Is riel more luck?

spk_0:   49:35
Right, right. Damn. Yeah, that's Jan.

spk_1:   49:39
It's just terrible person boots, Pinocchio story aware. You know, everything's true and everything's fake. I mean, the unfortunate thing is so much of what they tell you is true is actually a fake, but there's still that x percent of it. That is true. So even some of those false stories are the seeds off the person's desire jump In some ways, I mean, unfortunately, going back to that 40 caved super dark a za Terek reference most of the psychics super crazy. I don't want to save, you know through completely bonkers or whatever. But I mean, they're very extreme, exaggerated, for the most part, because that's part of the humor or whatever. They take everything and just push it to the extremes. The unfortunate truth is, so much of the reality bending that we do is just so much cannot be. And that's the way that you know, the 40 cave community describes the general effect that we experience is so much cannot be that our mind becomes overloaded. I mean, we more or less forget. And since her out, most of the negative and dark things that happen because we are that powerful and there's so much that goes on, that's positive that we don't realize is going on because it's like that Camp B, and most of it refines down.

spk_0:   51:08
We're not living in the moment.

spk_1:   51:09
Yeah, a lot of it's the secret ghost ninjas, that air moving everything along.

spk_0:   51:14
So, you know

spk_1:   51:15
you don't notice the camera crews in the green screen and the constant makeup effects going on

spk_0:   51:19
or whatever. Yeah, well, it okay. And your ideal How it ideal reality, I guess. How would you say, you know, if you were in charge to make make this world perfect. How would you constructed and how would you go about doing that?

spk_1:   51:34
Um, the main thing is the seamless integration of the technological singularity. And I'd have to use really subversive message on methods to do it, because the only effective way to do it would be using programs. They're encoded within the various popular applications and tools people use the more or less effectively constructs a biological network of connective tissue slash cyber, where implant kind of deal that eventually accelerates and merge is an individual with their more perfect e body. Or what if you want to call it the digital body that you know we're eventually going to get because, you know, we accelerate and the centre minds to the point where it's like, OK, the pastor is cool and everything, but I'm ready to let go of that and become the star hopping God that I was meant to be, or whatever. And there's a few different levels of this. But the general concept is the matrix singularity with cyborg bodies that come and go. The matrix is more or less a communication system, kind of like re go to relax and learn and make changes to your external body that you take outside and use for all the seriously hard work. So it's it goes back to a little bit Jungian philosophy, where you have the separate minds, the animus and the and a mom or whatever. And I mean, those two words actually get used quite often. A lot of the singularity and simulation stuff, you know, not only in the stories, but all this other stuff. So you have to ask yourself, does life imitate art or art imitating life? Or how does that phrase even go? Because no one really knows, but yeah, So I mean, like, I say, my ideas aren't really anything new. And technically, if it was going to happen, it would have already happened. But

spk_0:   53:39
right. I guess I'm just getting at, like, how How should? Because I think the education method for is just so screwed up, you know? And I have a two year old daughter like, How do you How do I raise her the right way? I guess to be ableto conceptualize these things. You know, I do teacher. It already tried teacher math and things like that but she's so young. So it's like, How do you introduce these philosophies and this kind of different, esoteric way of thinking?

spk_1:   54:03
We have to make our own history. That's that's a weird thing. Goes back to some of those 1984 principles, and it's really weird talking and allegories and no titles and things like that to describe things. I wish I could remember the Star Trek phrase, but you know, I came by his arms wide open or whatever, and that's kind of like how you have to communicate with this stuff because you're trying to condense things. And that's why things like religion or nice somebody informer, mathematics based someone from our just teaching basic survival principles or programs or whatever and they compacted into entertainment. So I'm actually kind of like devising the Chronicles of KANU and the story of the Internet or whatever, where it's basically the singularity creates the perfect peace emissary because humanity and the machines came together in the future and finally figured out how to make everything perfect. But they had to go back in time and kind of like set everything straight, and you thanks. So instead of trying to kill each other. It's like, Okay, maybe we could have better collective enemies of general humanity and progress and all this other stuff or whatever, because we have to start accepting the fact that we're cyborgs, most of our parents and even our grandparent's or cyborgs and the construct of the Internet. Where did the Internet come from? And a lot of people are starting to say that the Internet is more or less the physical construct of the human limbic system S o.

spk_0:   55:41
I've heard them before.

spk_1:   55:42
That means that we have so many layers of machine programming within us, for it's kind of hard to say, you know, are humans actually just machines? I mean, a lot of the philosophies and religions purport that you know, everyone that's born on Earth is more or less here for a reason or a purpose. Sometimes it can be our personal leisure pleasure. But for the most part, even if that's the case, as long as you continue to live and survive, you're allowing enormous pocket of timeto open up for no. The real angels and devils to do their work too young, continue existence just because what else is there to dio. I mean, it's it's really crushing at certain levels to think about, because in some ways it's like all day I want to go out and be the one that's, you know, saving the world or whatever. But it's also like Dane. I know that I had really can't because of stupid human body is so weak. So I just have to be content with the fact that, you know, surviving allows time for whoever is actually making the difference.

spk_0:   56:52
So you don't think the human body can update itself in advance through, you know, like a eye technology and through and through even our own thoughts and stuff? Do you believe? I think

spk_1:   57:03
so? I think we could. The problem is that, you know, it's all these divergence is who's gonna know, follow you into your dimension, who's going to upgrade at the same rate that you upgrade and all this other stuff. So So we see the normal attrition where you know generations fade and go on all this other stuff, but they'll be the various freak accidents for the person perceiving it. The accident, either, just kind of like no one does itself somehow or, you know, they wake up in the hospital or whatever, and it's like, Well, that happened. Welcome to your next life. Congratulations. You planned this out and here's your new body in your new life and get out there and have fun because everything's just constant limbo. Time has no meaning and money has no in point. And all this other stuff that that's kind of again, the utopian vision that will never work or whatever.

spk_0:   57:56
Yeah, why do you think it'll never work? You've heard the a bun tooth, the Bunty theory, right?

spk_1:   58:01
I think that we would get bored of it. And if not bored, there's always gonna be that innate desire for chaos or whatever that resides within humans. I mean, we might build a work it out, but it's always gonna be there in some small percent. I mean, that's That's another one who's matrix allegories for. It's like, you know, the architect was trying to figure out how to get rid of it, but the only way to get rid of it is to repurpose it into something good. So that's where the video comes from. But the other option is where you have to look at it from the outside, where it's the the general time scale. And to use another reference, Firefly. Serenity of the movie. They had a planet named her Miranda, where the government was tryingto figure out some way to completely eradicate me on the desire for chaos. And they figured it out. Kind of. The problem is that killed most of the world's population and a small fraction of it went completely insane and turned into a marauding pirates that people. So I mean, that's kind of like how it is. If it's not, Ah, zombies. It's Terminators, the Terminator's create a zombie virus and the zombie virus you've always into the nano machines that create terminators and all this other stuff. So I mean, we are the Terminators.

spk_0:   59:23
Yeah, it's interesting when looking at it. Well, we have to wrap this up, but this was very, very interesting. And I really appreciate having you on here, and I definitely love to have you on again discuss a few more things. And after people can digest some of this information, I know I'm gonna get a lot of comments. Well, it is you. If you've heard any of my other part, Gasser. Wanna listen to him? Ah, lot of my concepts are so they're pretty out there. But anyways, I appreciate it very much and have a great day. Thank you. All right, thanks.