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Real Hoodoo - Sen Elias From Crescent City Conjure

July 25, 2019 Kirsten Sandefur Season 1 Episode 10
Psychic Babes
Real Hoodoo - Sen Elias From Crescent City Conjure
Psychic Babes
Real Hoodoo - Sen Elias From Crescent City Conjure
Jul 25, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Kirsten Sandefur

Sen Elias on of my favorite authorities on Hoodoo and Conjure discusses Rootwork and Hoodoo with us!

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Sen Elias on of my favorite authorities on Hoodoo and Conjure discusses Rootwork and Hoodoo with us!

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Hi, guys. Welcome to psychic babes. I'm your host, Kerstin Sandefur. Today I'm really excited. We have a amazing guest that you're gonna be really excited about two on his name is son Elias. He's a countryman route worker. Or which an initiative to the Alexandra tradition. He studied European witchcraft. Southern folk magic in Western medicine is, um but he's also the owner of Crescent City Conjure which, um, if you haven't heard of it, you definitely have to check it out. It has very no well known reputation for his authentic spiritual tools that you can use in witchcraft and conjure. And he's a well respected teacher and authority. And who doing, conjure? And he's not taking any new clients at this very moment. But that's because he's in pretty high demand. But, uh, you guys can, uh, check with him in the near future. I guess once he gets, um, openings, I guess, like a month or so, but and in my study of who don't conjure nearly every teacher, Matt has recommended him because his authentic and they vouch for his work, which is pretty pretty big, saying so check out a shop online at www Crescent City contract I us. And so we're thrilled that Have your day. Welcome. Send.

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Hey, Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here.

spk_0:   1:17
Yeah. So how did you get your start Into who doing conjure?

spk_1:   1:24
Well, who knew? Overworking Conjure is is a form of folk magic. And so my all folk magics, it follows ah, certain way that is carried forward through the generations. That's usually orally, right? So folk magics are people who study and practice the occult would call low magic. And what that means is that it belongs to the people who were common folk. They didn't have a lot of money, weren't necessarily Rachel or necessarily, well, agitated. Who do you work and conjure as a result of the transatlantic slave trade? So that would make sense as faras cultural context. How I got my start it relates to and, of course, is the same story that, um no, I believe that you're born and as a hoodoo practitioner worker, my grandmother would call it a route doctor s. So it's up to the older generation, the generation before you to recognize that something is different, right? And so my family recognized that something was different with me having different experiences. I was interested in religion spirituality when I should have been interested in like basketball. And so, you know, my grandmother was the one who identified it because she also has gifts who do is African American folk magic. It's how indigenous African Africans virtuality and believes delighted with Native American folk magic, European folk magic when due to the transatlantic slavery. So we still see that being carried on orally and in African American households. But of course, since its arrival in America, that family tree, as far as that's how spirituality breaks off in a shared amongst other people, cultures and races. It's not just it's not only an African American thing. Now it's it's, um it's ah, you know, is wider than that. That's how that's how I got started on. I was having a different life experience when I was a child on my grandmother kind of informed me as faras what was going on with New York on these gauges on contacts to better understand the spiritual nature of what I was experiencing. She's the one

spk_0:   3:53
that's great that you had that I didn't I didn't have that at all. So I was sort of running around in the dark. I was just thinking I was a weirdo, you know, pretty much for

spk_1:   4:03
I said she saved me from the nuthouse for Knows where I would be if I if I didn't have a spiritual context for Oh,

spk_0:   4:12
yeah, absolutely. Now I think once you kind of have asked this question. Thio how How does who do relate to the history of the eight ers? And it's I think we should. I just want to make the distinction that who do is not a religion and, like, unlike being like voodoo. So how can you speak more to that?

spk_1:   4:33
Yeah, absolutely. So it's really interesting because the more you learn about it, so four is so for, um, African Americans and in America, right? And in condom who were working contract or people from the South because that's where you're going to see a lot of this work carried out and practice strongly s Oh, uh, you don't when it when you're raised and it has a heavy, heavy and thick Christian overtime. All right, so you're not really thinking about you? Don't get introduced to it alongside of the wire or the Orisha or the Congo of other African traditional religions. So it's not. It takes time, for, I think, someone who was born and raised in that household sounds, who carries that within their blood to circle back around and understand some of the similarities that who has with other eight ers Afghan traditional religions? The more you look at it, the more similarity that you connect you confined the technology on the spiritual methods in the world view are all very the same. For instance, well, let's look at Paula my own men, right? So we see the pound. We see them pogo being housed and in a container. It's similar to that of agree Gree. The idea that a spirit can be contained in a container is that that's the fabric on. That's the work of building something that lives and breathes with innate within a container. You see it in practices and are certain original practices with their with their with their pats, their spare parts, that house there orisha. So it's a similar idea. It's a similar use of natural materials to build something that's more complicated. So when the hoodoo mainly comes from the Congo's with western parts of parts of Africa. Of course, there were different people who were captured, and they had to come up or a for them to share their information amongst each other and tow. Maintain some time continuity. They had to share some of the core beliefs. So, of course, different parts of Africa have different specialties because a huge continent. So, you know, there was some bass lines that were shared. Baselines, like belief in ancestral veneration of ancestors continue on even after they passed. I dislike animism that every natural and living thing hasn't started spirit to it, even if it's not necessarily national. For instance, money or commerce because it has such importance human beings. We imbue it with a certain spirit so it could be used. And the contacts that food working counter these baseline of belief was, is what was passed on what came over here to America. So we don't necessarily see the Orisha Lavoie the important go all these very specific, spiritually practices that you'll find in Africa so still practiced. We see a baseline of of agreed upon information that came over, and then that information is what evolved into something new that it evolved into, um, something that they didn't have the same roots and flora and natural materials that they had in Africa. So they had to communicate with Native Americans mainly about the spirits that were in the votes, because the Native Americans help that wisdom as well. So there was a shared conversation that could be a

spk_0:   8:00
Bajaj project. That's kind of a mix of different cultures coming together and using what they have toe make things work.

spk_1:   8:07
Absolutely. Yeah, out of necessity, you know, s oh, that's That's where that's how who do evolved in America. And since then, that original see those original roots have communicated with a lot of different cultures and have evolved even further. So we see Jewish mysticism involved due to our Jewish merchants being present in the South. You see Chinese medicine being being involved, and now we're beginning to see a stronger lane. Two more the effort more than Afro dysphoric traditions. So it's really it. Zen evolution, just like the folk that are a part of the folk magic folk magic is organic as the people continue to grow and travel and pick up information. So events the tradition itself.

spk_0:   9:01
Yeah, that's an interesting Yeah. Um what? What do you think? The difference is really between root work and conjure. Can can you talk about that? So I know some people confuse the two and think they're both one and the same, but that's a

spk_1:   9:15
very good question. It's it's really let's overtake a question because you'd be surprised. Some people who will talk a lot on the matter don't even know the difference. So it z very good wise of you, tow. Ask the difference. So root work is specifically about the roots, right? Is specifically about those things that grow within the ground. Growth of the ground. When we say roots were talking about flowers and trees, herbs and all these other things, not just roots, you know, we're calling this The rule is a catchall word for herbs and all that other stuff root work are the techniques that are involved and elevating the spirit of a living thing. So, you know, we have a Reagan. All right. We may seasoned chicken with a Reagan. So now is out chicken. A magical recipe. A resident. You know, root work is the techniques that take it from seasoning to something that can be used in the spiritual context is taking something that has an indwelling spirit and making it even better. So, for instance, let's say you meet someone who has a talent off to play instruments. Of course, they still gonna go to school and create crew and at skill to their common. That's how you take someone who's has raw ability and make them something great is the same idea. If that's, I think, the easiest and simplest way to understand something that has indwelling spirit something that's already living its life, you're performing certain techniques over it so that now it has the ability to actually do work more than just elevating the spirit of our roots, your room workers about combining these different notes. So let's use the example of music again. We have one instrument, and we're trying to create orchestra that's also work, combining more than one. I'm highly trained or highly elevated spirit of a root on, and I think they're a part that really comprises what work is securing that spirit into one central location. So if we're talking about oil or powder or agree, agree or any anything like that. That's one central location that has to be secured right there, because when we're talking about magic were talking about spirits. So spirit can can travel more than just one central location. So we have to be clear that the magic is in that powder in that oil in that gri gri. So just to break it down to simplify my work, really clearly it is about elevating the spirit, combining certain our natural elements a securing them into one location.

spk_0:   11:54
So combining the natural properties air, you know, spirits of properties that that route has and then elevating it to use it for something else.

spk_1:   12:02
Absolutely know the difference between root work and conjure conflagration. Because you'll see you'll see a refer to ask concentration, which, not dissimilar to other spiritual practices, you know, And that's exactly what it is Asian got. You know, raising up certain spirits and intelligence is to do some work for you. So the use of prayers, which act effectively as in vocations or incantations, you get into more of the ritualistic aspect of who do you work in, conjure or conjure when you're talking about Congress specifically now that that ritual looks different than you know, the dusty tomes of your ceremonial positions. But it is similar in his own right. Is this how the culture developed ritual so rude workers? Specifically, the techniques that deal with the roots conjure is specifically the relationship you have with spirit inability to call them up. I'm entering into bill relationships with both spirits. Uh, now all of these things work together, you know, they're all pieces that work together. So I'm understandable that they're usually named simultaneously could even but yes, there they are different things.

spk_0:   13:20
So every worker isn't necessarily always a conjure, you know, conjure either. Although some refer to them

spk_1:   13:29
absolutely say that I would say I absolutely say that that of worker isn't necessarily ah conjure man. You know, Contra meant isn't necessarily, I would say a compliment. Does have to know if you if you are not a worker than I gotta give you the side eye on that one. Okay? You know, because that's a part of the core injuries that's a part of the There's still a part of the condom, you know, a ce faras route where deals with the spirit of plants will doesn't necessarily have to go into the ritualistic aspect of things like this year. We're working that identifying with the word con German. But I think in our in our language, even even amongst the people who seek rule workers and counter people out the title can be in exchange. Can be can be the same. You can call someone a room doctor or condiment or who you person and they don't know what you're talking about. You know, the client or the people seeking this people don't really need to know the difference. You said I'm so then it was, Oh, I'm not a condom end like this is not. It's not necessary.

spk_0:   14:40
Yeah, I've just always wondered that because I'm into me, they sounded like two very different things. But they're often refer to together, so I just always wanted to ask that I think that clears it up. One of my favorite things about you doing I think this is probably and you can tell me more, a universal concept of most of the eighth year of the eight years, but is the concept of virtue and vice and I just I think that's, you know, being kind your parents and like raising Children appropriately, hospitality like honesty, the common good. And I think that that part of it, you know, of all the terrors is really what has had its casinos led to sustainability. And, you know, for them being around so long and I think a lot of other religions or spirituality is lax and not a little bit in my opinion,

spk_1:   15:34
Well, yeah, I completely agree with that. From my perspective, a mainstream religions are more about control than anything else. What exactly you do believe that people can find their true spirit within mainstream religions? I look at my grandmother. I mean, she calls herself she Christian. I mean, I think she's more than Christian, but she identifies has a Christian. The difference is like having that Christians who are annoying this home and they don't like you. Don't practice what you preach and you don't even know your

spk_0:   16:12
Yeah, yeah.

spk_1:   16:13
What are you in? Or are you just a sheep following direction? My grandmother was the definition of Christian to me. She you felt something from her. You know, she just she's world in a in a way that that held context for her because she wasn't trying to be anything. She simply was that

spk_0:   16:35
People like that radiates Barrett. It's just, you know, Yeah, I can feel it off of him.

spk_1:   16:40
Yes, She was truly and honestly in contact with something that she believed in it as as much as she believed in any physical. Thanks The point where that that invisible thing responded to her, you know, and you could quantify some of of that response. It was it was truly magical, you know, It was truly spiritual s. I do think that no matter what religion someone is, they can have a real relationship to the divine to God forever. But I think major religion makes it a little harder when it comes to the African traditional religions. I think it's just intrinsic teaching. That community is important on that idea of community expands into your natural world that every living thing has a relationship with every other living thing. And so that concept is a is A is a spiritual teaching not just about not just about survival, although it definitely has the benefit. It's a It's a lesson on how everything operates.

spk_0:   17:38
Yeah, and how we're all one and we all should treat each other. It's such, Yeah, I just think tickets lost nowadays. But can anyone practice studio? I mean, do they? What do they need to really understand fundamentally, before they get involved in doing workings?

spk_1:   17:54
Okay, so I'm going to take it from I'm gonna address the question from a literal standpoint. First know, not everyone can practice. Not everyone can just stroll up and and and started on the thing. Right now, I think the more specific question is, can any race in your culture any no sex any, like all these specific, like right? You don't have to do with true devotion. Yes, I will say any of those? Yes. Outside of true devotion. Having a gift, having shipping truly inspired. Yes. I do believe that anyone can approach it with the right with the right spirit. Right now, you're seeing a huge increase in popularity. And who do you work? It kind of hits. And here's the thing. Every culture has its folk magic, all right. There is where every single culture has this foot match. There's higher smoked magic. There's more smoke magic. There's European vote But there's Indian folk magic. Every culture hasn't spoken magic, so it's really interesting to me how people are gravitating specifically two wars, food people, working coroner. And I think it's because they think that that's the only folk magic you know. They think they think, Oh, this is folk magic, all folk magic. It's hoodoo unconscious it's not.

spk_0:   19:19
Yeah, but that's true, I think people. Do you think that? Yeah,

spk_1:   19:22
Yeah, I think I think that's a vital mistake because I think a lot of people are missing out on a tree connection with their their culture rules, But yeah, anyone can approach it. Just you just have to go. You got it. You kind of owe it to the blood. Okay. I mean by that is people showed a lot of blood, a lot of sacrifice, a lot of pain and anguish for this tradition to survive, you know, and continue and continue forward if if If you If you can't understand, um

spk_0:   19:55
give it the respect that it

spk_1:   19:57
yes, if you can't give it the respect but also, like, go need to dive deep into the study to study how it evolved people. And it evolved from the suffering that they had to endure because, you know, people want toe light a candle, anoint themselves with oil and, you know, do all these will do all these little things with no foundation. You know, without a foundation, you're really talking. We're not really doing anything. You just lighting a candle are known to yourself of oil. That's not who do. Lighting the candle and anointing yourself with the oil is not who do. There are a 1,000,000 different cultures. Spiritual practices that light candles amount themselves with oil. So it makes it. What is it specifically who do and that could be found in the foundation of the work?

spk_0:   20:44
Yeah, understanding the journey, I believe that people went through just like similarly. And my mother grew up in Germany in World War Two when the bombs were going off, you know, and she'd almost died several times. It's like I can't physically understand that unless I go back through her journals and things like that and read what she went through and what it felt like to live like that. What? So, you know, speak to my you know, grandmother, about nto you know that that's what I mean, that's kind of how I think people have to approach it in order to understand, um, what it's about,

spk_1:   21:20
I agree. I mean, I agree with that. 1000% you have toe, you have to understand the spirit behind it. You know, people want the techniques, they want the stoves and all that. But But why are we even doing you know, why are we even buys this recipe significant? No. Why is it important? And I think when you go back through the history, you start getting that story of why it's significant in that you truly understand how to connect. What? The work itself.

spk_0:   21:53
Yeah, 1% agree with that. And the spirits, too. I think that that really comes from, you know, understanding that journey. Um, what are the most common spirits toe work with and who do? Because I know we met Just said made a distinction between, you know, um, you know, working with certain spirits or God's offices and voodoo and other types of eight yards. But what are the most common wants to work with and who do? And can you work with him?

spk_1:   22:22
Yes. Okay. So at its core who do is ancestral generation, right? Right. So the most common and I was the most common the necessary spirits toe worked with before. You're even beginning to practice. Who do are your ancestors on without having a strong connection with their ancestors? You really shoot him in the darkest forest, workers concerned your ancestors from the form they give you insight, wisdom and direction about what you should be doing, when to do it and why you're doing it. Not everything is a spell. Not everything is a working something. Some things need to be increase in fortitude, internal strength, resilience away. These all these internal things that are going to come from your ancestors Sometimes the work isn't to make agree, gree. Sometimes the work isn't to make a power or to fix your shoes or thio pick a certain type of her sometimes the workers to get over. So your ancestors are going to give you the wherewithal. In order to do that, I'd like to say that you know why? Why did we heart so much from our ancestors, You know, And what I like to say is that God never paid a bill and that our ancestors know what it means. You know, toe live in a physical world because they've lived before so they can help us more immediately and with more, with more empathy about our situation and praying to something that is. And there is a belief in a higher being and God and who do I, um Our ancestors are really who we run to first. Now, after our ancestors, you see a lot of ST generation because once again, it is highly correlated with Christianity. So we'll see ST Michael for protection. You'll see pretty much any any state that that family or that person gravitates towards can be a relationship. Can u boat with them? You know, and the saints are the same. So the saints will work with anyone eso anyone practices who can congratulate towards towards the saints. Now, other spirits that you can work with us, whereas you see Jewish mysticism involved, you can work with certain actually commitment seven planetary intelligence, even though we don't see a heavy, um, focus on astrology at all. And who do

spk_0:   24:53
you mean, like the Olympics spirits as our vittles?

spk_1:   24:55
Well, no, not necessarily that limp experience I would say more spirits as they present themselves in this six and seventh books of Moses that steals stuff like that s so I wouldn't say that there's a a lien on astrology at all. But you both see certain planetary spirits, you know, involved. But they're not in the same context as as astrology. Will parliament or even that ceremony musicians will put them in because they would use the same the same information for their for their work. Now there are a condiment will build relationships with spirits that aren't necessarily named or known, that you can't find in books just contacts, that they have started spirits, that they have stumbled across the spurs of the Garrett Can you can be common bond during spirits that don't really have a place to go If you contact one and they decide to share their their name and their desires or whatever, you decide to build a relationship with them. That's one thing Certain nature spirits, things that just resigned from the Earth and decide to reveal themselves to a condiment in a certain way and have a reputable can actually do work. You'll see a condom and forming relationships with Gravier, our spirits person deciding the graves president resigned in church. First, I presided Reverence for to spend his I've resigned in the woods, are at the crossroads, you know. So those are those are those are some of the most common things that I would expect to hear from a conscience.

spk_0:   26:33
Yeah, um, speaking about a graveyard. What? Wise graveyard dirt. So important. And many workings. And what? What do you need to know before you go attempt to go? Oh, my,

spk_1:   26:46
No, no. Why? Graveyard Dirt is so. I mean, I do know why it's so popular, because that's once again, that's limited knowledge. Right? So this thing is really not is really not at you. Wouldn't be using graveyard dirt that often, you know, Um, so it's just one of the place of many. So we'll

spk_0:   27:09
have a head somebody the other day say to me that she read online about going to get graveyard dirt from half a married couple. Tow recently. No. Re established a relationship.

spk_1:   27:22
That's the That's why you don't Well, you know. Okay, so there are There are few. All right, so before you go before you go into the cemetery to get yourself some great gardener. You know, Earth to the graveyard is ruled by certain spirits, right? It's a kingdom. It's a house. So this is where the dead live their day to day life. That's where that's where they reside. That's where they wake up. That's what they go to sleep. It's the house that did it. You can't just saunter into a cemetery wanting to do work. Now it's a different thing to go to a cemetery. Just amazing flowers. If you're not gonna do work, you're not necessarily interacting with the spirit of the dead to the same degree is more remember, it's a respect. Now, if you go in there with the attention, I've called it the spirit up to communicate with the spirit to have something do work for you, then you need to enter in a very certain in a particular way, which I'm not gonna share over this part podcast. But unless you're confident that you are that you know how to enter a cemetery for I don't suggest that you're interested Material. Uh, next

spk_0:   28:31
I heard that I

spk_1:   28:34
mean is dangerous. You know, these spirits will hold you out. You know the follow you out there, Play you along the way. Now, as far as a married couple and whatnot in the cemetery, cemeteries are all bad. They're like any other you conduce good And that any any of these places you could do that. The

spk_0:   28:53
world The world is a mix of good and bad Thio.

spk_1:   28:56
Absolutely. So if if you do know how to proceed in the cemetery, if you do know how to pay pay great order you don't just take great under. Then you can perhaps find the dirt of of a nurse or a doctor who could potentially you call a ceiling. But then, you know, to me that's a long way around. I won't do that if I only had access to a cemetery because their other places that are a little more potent in the healing energy healing section or if I had an ancestor who was buried in a grave, are who I knew was a doctor or a nurse. Then that might be where I would run t I type work. But, um, you know, there's no situation where you can read a spell on line that soon's go get graveyard until the united here, Mary couple. I don't care if it is a marriage counselor who died. It is a syrup that you don't know that person. You don't love me, you know you have no connection to them. So really, you're just driving a random person's dirt and hoping for the best, Which is always a bad idea.

spk_0:   30:06
Yeah, um, so you know, not long. Why's ancestor of generations so important and hoodoo and conjure? And how come someone start to develop a practice that involves honoring their ancestors in on a day to day basis? And then, you know, also, if you could talk about, like, how to set up an altar cause ups the question I get asked a lot as well and offering us

spk_1:   30:28
Okay. Um, So, um, why is it so important? So I have first office. This is something that naturally happens within first within the African American culture. I think in other cultures too. But I hear this

spk_0:   30:45
variance that starts here.

spk_1:   30:46
Yeah, especially from from people of color, though they'll say, you know, something told me your I was directed and I don't know how are the voice of my grandmother comes to me when this certain thing happens, it's a conversation that happened that that happens a lot within these communities. You know, something told me and it is first, it's our ancestors. They're speaking to us in a very loud and real way. So so that's something that needs to be healed. First we have to talk about healing, how to actually follow that direction. Century hearing from your assets is the wisdom and guidance that they're actually sharing with you to get started in practicing. No matter what race culture you come from, it needs to be with an access the halter. It's necessary to have an NSS, the altar to piggyback off of the conversation that some people are naturally hearing the voices of their ancestors. The next is well, If I'm hearing them, then why do I need an ancestor? Ultimo already communicating on an ancestral alter is a completely different discipline, and it has different benefits and drawbacks that are important for someone who's going to truly carry this work to understand and to become consistent with ancestor altar creates a reciprocity so you haven't exterior representation of an internal process is a very important zero point

spk_0:   32:11
haven't heard it referred to that way. That makes sense. Okay,

spk_1:   32:14
yes, it's a very important zero point that happens between the person who holds the blood and DNA of their ancestors. It's important to know that your ancestors aren't ghosts, right? Like they're just not floating in space waiting to be talked to right there inside of you. You are them. They aren't there. There you are, literally that they are literally you, right? They are the foundation on which you stand literally because their bones are in the earth. There's a lot of litter, little literal dates that are happening here. A lot of relationships that already exists that we don't really acknowledge. Number not in our culture.

spk_0:   32:49
It's a shame.

spk_1:   32:52
I agree. It is a shame that it's an interlocking relationship that isn't something that we're creating is something that we're honor, You know, I think that we're remembering something that we're supported. The ancestor altar is a is a it's a working spaces. A telephone is a meeting. Spot it sze working on your ancestors and through your ancestors yourself. So it's before before you light one candle before you, you would find yourself a one oil before you want to re one songs before you want to go to the cemetery and collect yourself strangers their way. You know, you should have the wisdom, support and protection of your ancestors. You know, they should be informing you about what direction your life is to be evolving and what lessons you need to learn how to, UM, how to deal with the hurdles and struggles that come and learning those lessons. You know, that's that's why it's so important. That is, what you do is it's about survival. You know? How are you going to survive if you don't have the guts in the pockets of the people who have survived, who have passed our wisdom for the wisdom that you're attempting toe to incorporate in your own life? How are you not petitioning the people who have tones of wisdom, but they've already accumulated? You know, it's not it's not. You didn't start this in a new under the sun, you know. So it's like, you know why you have to refer to the work that's already been done. Otherwise what are you really doing?

spk_0:   34:32
You're not learning anything new. Yeah, it's it's It's interesting what I'm looking at it. Um, what about offerings, though? Should, um you know, should you give, you know, part of your dinner and things like that to your ancestors I put on the altar of her day? Or is that too much, or is that

spk_1:   34:50
not enough? Eso everything that you procured Ancestor Alter contains material, right? In a certain time, her job because of energy is wrapped up in that material a cz The energy as those materials are consumed that O r. Otherwise decayed energy goes to your ancestors. Your ancestors don't operate off of them air. You know you have given them material in order for them to do the work. So every light that you put on your ancestor altar and illuminates them, allowing them to eliminate you. Every time you put a cup of coffee on the altar, they are invigorated, allowing them to invigorate you every time you put a cup of water on the assets to alter their refreshed, allowing them to refresh you. It is a given as to take the more you move, the more offerings and gifts and veneration in time and energy that you prove your innocence. Toe also the more of that you will get back. They just know what to do with it better than you are. So, you know, giving flowers and thanks for blessings have having been received giving gifts on your ancestors birthdays. You know, the ones that have passed or their death day. Well, certain things like that. Coffee and tobacco, cigarettes and liquor. Certain vices are really good for spurs of the dead. Now, our ancestors are different class of spirit, of the dead, right that they have passed because they reside in our blood. They still live on in a different way than someone we don't know. We can't contact some. You know, we don't know where have a blood connection within the same way that we can call our ancestors, you know, so that that that blood connection is really, really important. They may be a different type of dead spirit, but they still like the stuff that dead spirits like like liquor spritz displays, little liquor and tobacco can vices. And you make sense to me because I have been. If I haven't had a sip of whisky in, like 20 years, I know what you do. Some work things that belong to them are ways to entice them to your answers, to alter, you know. But the point of an ancestor altar is toe have that direct communication to create a strong line of communication between them and you. So eventually, the plane is for you to begin hearing them. If you haven't heard them in the past, you should be hearing them. If you have a strong relationship with them at your ancestor altar. If you have heard them in the past there, we should be louder and clear. Now, I'm I like to call our ancestors. Our young ancestors are old ancestors, which means which means that on the front lines, you know, you're going to get you know, Grandma who you've had to have. You might have had a conversation with lashings living great grandma because she's had a conversation with grandma s. So now that your grandmother is talking to you, Precrime was like, who you talking Thio? Come up, right? You keep on. The more you practice in the more dedication that you have to this more consistency, the further further you'll go down, your family line isn't something a lie. You know lineage. So the more on ancestors that will become, uh, strongly aware of you. And the more assesses you will become strongly aware off. Now, there's a point where old ancestors come up and those are the ones whose names we forgot, right? Those who are not bloodline who don't have an obituary. You know, I haven't let really left anything behind, but they'll come up and they're they're more for me if I'll say for me. You know, Congo ancestors, they can be fun, you know, for me, then more about where I asked us is gonna help with the media. Things like I'm healing relationships within the family, increased income, healing, love work, you know, because love is a part of survival. You know, Emily's I'm building. Those things are older. Ancestors are more about strength. Fearlessness fighting the right. I'm you know I'm gonna save Kirsten. We're working against your enemies because that that is a necessary skill of survival as well. The soldier is encroaching on your territory. Or are are being a real and honest threat to your future survival. You're going to probably need Thio. Stop that.

spk_0:   39:32
And that's it, right? That's something I want to say, you know, right? I mean, that is your right to do that. If somebody is, you know, throwing work your way is to turn it right back at you. That's a lot of people worry about karma. And you know what karma is, and I think they don't really understand what karma is. You know, God doesn't punish you for doing magic. It can even black magic. But, you know, he he understands that. You know, you gotta protect yourself for things. I mean, at least that's how I see it.

spk_1:   39:59
Absolutely. I actually agree the concept of contra, doesn't it? Perhaps, Captain Picard, the concept of karma does not exist. And ho, do you work and conjure? Uh, first officer use my idea. So it really doesn't exist here either. People just were imposed himself on top of things. They don't really understand what it really means in the deeper spiritual lessons that are taught when karma comes up in the right context, which I think karma's a fantastic lesson. But it has more to do with lifetime and the conclusion of you know how you've evolved as a human being or a person who is incarnated. Not like, you know, if you stop and be something we're asking is one step on your toe, you know? Oh, and who wasn't really concerned with what it was like If you cross this line I'ma fuck you up my

spk_0:   40:50
period. I mean, that's how it Wasit was, like, you know? Hey,

spk_1:   40:57
yeah, that nervous thing, that was it. But always with wisdom and discretion from your from the from the point of view of your ancestors, right, those who see above us and come pick a paint the bigger picture and not, You know, we estimate beings can only see the trees situations that are right in front of us. They could see the forest. You know, s o if we're feeling like, oh, I need to do something about this, you know? And you're really angry about that. Usually, anger and that emotion is a good sign that you shouldn't do something, Zach to anger faces to immediate go to your ancestor, ultra bring it to them. They'll tell you how to handle the situation. Sometimes it is to do work against that individual, and sometimes it's No, you're wrong. You were actually wrong. So you just need to know.

spk_0:   41:44
Yeah, um it's also you were talking about asking your ancestors, and how important is divination and, you know, actually checking with him before you do anything

spk_1:   41:58
absolutely necessary. Don't you know? Once again, us human beings love our trees. You love to see the trees. I think that that's the whole forest. So, you know, I like to use the example of reactionary. Yeah. Yes, yes. I'd like to use the example that a client comes to you and says, you know, can you do are working for me so that I can get this job. Uh eh, You're like, Yeah, you know, that's that's nothing wrong with that. That's that's cool. You know? Let them negative can come from that. But what if in the case that this person was a person who did nothing but no working for themselves and this spell that they wanted waas a quick fix? And then you have someone else who was in life for the same job? Who really, really needs it? Who doesn't have any income who has a family to take care of, better qualified in this other individual. And because of your spell working you took that job from the person who by all you know, intensive purposes deserved it more than your client. Did you do something positive, or did you do something negative? We can't quantify those things. We can't call anything purely positive, right or negative. It's It's impossible to know how these different? Uh huh. These different variables act in the world, you know, all these different very was or how they communicate with one another. If something at the end of the day is truly good, we're truly bad. Our ancestors. No, our ancestors can look at that entire mathematical equation and say, This is something you should do. This is something you shouldn't do. So if the work is pro unquote good, we're put unquote bad. You still use a contact communicate with their ancestors because even if in your perception is good and even if in your perception it's bad, your ancestors need to give you the grow light.

spk_0:   43:57
Yeah, and you can't see every possible variable to everything either. There's so many hidden things that you don't think about it like that, see himself innocent. But, yeah, there's a 1,000,000 different variables come to play. Do you use terror for divination or to use trauma long ago, or what do you use?

spk_1:   44:14
And he's both depends on it. Depends on the context of the question. Um, if if I'm gonna be using Tero or trauma longboats. But, yes, I do use both.

spk_0:   44:28
And can you explain the process of heating or cooling a spirit like how to manage the fire in it? Um, if I'm saying that, right, But I've been reading about how you use in different workings. You have to add heat to them. You know, if something's you're trying to heat it, you know, spice it up like a relationship or whatever. Or if you're trying todo that cool somebody down. So like that

spk_1:   44:52
Oh, yeah. I mean, the for me when it comes to toe workings, I don't, um I don't, uh, see workings in that context had a cold. He does, you know? I mean, they're certain words like sweetening, but that's not really the same as cruelly. I see. I see cooling on. This is just everything that I've learned to my in my time. But I've never heard someone I've never heard stealing, referred to as a cooling action although it essentially it's no sir. But you know, for me, what's all this? Is making something Haider or making something colder there specifically talking about their spirits? Eso You'll see it in the voting patient voodoo on whether talking hats there especially. But but the food that they talk about hot and cold spirits more often. And then you hear who do you talk about, although there are aspects of it and I'll get to in a moment. But Haitian voodoo You have the router which are hot spirits, right? That phone booth Petro, are you know, like the phone patrolling with the hot fire? Those aren't really, really hot spurs. They act, they act quickly, the act with anger, the act with strength on. Then you have your cool spirits, which I believe are the writer. I'm not a knish it interrogation video, so I'm not gonna speak on authority with that. But I do know those two things that the petro is by your hat spirits from the right on your coolness spirits. And I like to look at that because you asked earlier about the correlation with other African traditional religions. And I think this is one of them when you come to the hoodoo, which is an evolution of that in America, right, which is in a certain context, through the transatlantic slave trade. So we see some similarities about in one way it's a watering down of it on got a watering down in a bad way because other things were added so still ical. He's, um, and strong tradition. It's that specific practice looks. It thinned out a little bit, in my opinion. So on who do altering you're dealing with your ancestors? You can. Old practices using things are called Are Blue and they'll that these little balls of yours little square time. Let's over

spk_0:   47:19
there. He's in a rush.

spk_1:   47:21
Yeah, it's the same thing. Yes. What were you doing there? So you often see glasses of water on at one who do ancestor alters up. So if you have, like, really strong Congo Spears coming up and you you open their alter one day and they're like drums are blazing, you know, I hope that you're like, OK, so I guess this is what's happening right now, and it could mean a lot of different things if your answers to alter is really hot or really cooking. I'm not talking about spirits. A better alternative. Ifit's really fortified know Then, if someone's working against you or negative things are coming towards you, your older ancestors, the ones that are ready to fight could be the one. Think reaching right with the message off. Someone's working against you. Yeah, it's time to go to war. Let's pick up. It's time for France to like, really putting on our war outfit. Um, when that happens, let's say let's say okay, you know? Yes, it's time for us to go to war, but I can't be out here in these streets, you know, with zebra on, you know, burning down everyone's house like I can't I can't do that, Although they will make you feel that way. Sometimes they'll give you the kind of ain't that kind of, you know, righteous anger that you just have to go do something about this. It may be wise sometimes, and other times it may not be so you really have to exercise the sermon, but it may be wise to place in a blue I kneel and your your water when your ancestor altar to help cool them down a little bit. So where they may be able to communicate with you about how to strategically, uh, deal with the situation instead of everything that happens that your ancestor alter also happens within you because there is a connection. So when those spears are coming up in your ancestor's altar, they can have a direct effect on your temperament. If you have to go to work and have to be in this physical world doing certain things, that's that could be a detriment. Eso If you're putting the blue Indio your water, that can help calm that down. So you have a little more mental space emotional space to analyze the situation. As far as keeping spirits up, let's say you do allow my ancestor's altar to go dark sometimes, which means that sometimes it's kicking too much. Is this like like Yanni? Oh, like I can't I can't I can't deal with you. Suddenly you do like big workings that you've been doing big workings of the space of days or weeks taken whoring through, and our ancestors have no concept of time privacy. So, you know, that could be that could be a really there's like that could be a really issue, too. So sometimes my assets, the alternate go dark just so I could read minds. It doesn't mean that I'm pushing them away from the violence and gets a relationship so I can't have them in my ear. 24 7 I haven't physical no

spk_0:   50:28
time like you know, every day or every week or something where you have a specific, you know, time to talk to your ancestors.

spk_1:   50:35
Yes, every morning and every night I saw when I wake up, I start my morning off with a certain prayer And depending on what I'm trying to bring from through in that day, I will depend on the prayer that I'm saying. I have charms that stay on my alter, its specific places on. And there are certain prayers that are said over that charm. And to my ancestors The charm has won over my shirt. Thio under my shirt typically wear my charms under my shirts and that people don't see what I'm up to. Family. I really believe in a plain appearance. No funny headdresses because you want, you know,

spk_0:   51:13
it's hard to tell everybody year. Yeah, that's another thing is when you see people on Facebook posting it. Put a curse, son. Yes. It's like what? What do you mean? That kind of service? Okay,

spk_1:   51:25
it really does. But you know what? And then I think you know this person is clearly not that burned. So there is a There is a psychological aspect of matching notice. If you don't know what you're doing, may be the best you can do is manipulate someone psychologically. If you say so. I put a curse on you. Perhaps it will put fear in their hearts. Yeah, you know, So I

spk_0:   51:49
get bad about somebody anyways is basically, you know, throwing work their way, right?

spk_1:   51:53
Yes, absolutely, absolutely. In concern. Actually, that's a whole science in of itself. But, um, you know, certain things that you decide to say or not say can activate work that you've done behind the scenes. So it could be a interlocking thing as well. You wouldn't want to. You would never want it posted on social media and you would never directly talk. You would never directly tell someone. But you've done like, as far as working wife cursed you, but urinate. Say something that I Rex someone else and I sent it to to do or say something that could activate something that you've done behind closed doors. So

spk_0:   52:33
Okay, so it's just

spk_1:   52:34
and so that's a no. No way.

spk_0:   52:37
What? How do you protect yourself from things like that? You know, people talking about about you,

spk_1:   52:45
a lot of there, a lot of different ways to protect yourself. So if you if you are scratched and into if you are scratched into Pollo, uh, you know, those scratches are a very strong form of protection, right? They stay on your body. They're blessed in a certain way, on this very strong protection, I could sell out only talk about the way that I do it. So the ways that are really important to me for protection are protecting my physical body from illnesses, war just personal physical attack, attacking my place. I'm sorry. Protecting my mind living quarters, including my shop with certain powers at the front door awards above the front door. I can't relax into each of the furniture performing certain rituals. I do perform the lesser vanishing in the ritual, less advanced in ritual pentagram every day. It's not. I do place four railroad spikes of the cardinal points off of my home. I do believe that cleansing is the is a direct, uh, it's unnecessary thing to protection, so a cleansing is a type of protection. If anything has come through, you're constantly putting, pushing it out. You can fix the bottom of their shoes With protection oil, you can anoint religious charms or any type of charm with protection oil to give it a little more poof. Keeping your head covered with a hat or a scarf or something like that is a good way of opportunity. Wearing light colored clothes are is a good way of protection. Now. These things may not make sense when when they're just said it hurt. But it is in the practice of them that they begins to dawn. On you have. They are protection mechanisms, cleansing.

spk_0:   54:41
No, sorry that it makes sense to me. I get I get it.

spk_1:   54:45
It is in. It is Ah, protection and cleansing are the two most important practices in my my my toolbox. The most important practices in my toolbox to protect from the evil eye, you know, sometimes don't use my lo vio or the Evil IV's and a glass of water. I don't do that. We'll do the egg or their do them alone on the little beat Still be Beats alternative it from Turkey. I've seen special workers do do that mirrors on the front of your door or across the street. And so you know, one thing that I do, you won't see any mirrors on my front door, but their mirrors all around me, placed in strategic places to reflect. Um, Tiu deflect certain things that may happen at my friend. So it's little things like that that are really important to me in a city like New Orleans, which is actually it with workers. Or, you know, I think it's more important to be sneaky, right? So I don't want to put a mirror in my former front door because it's a mirror on my friend or that you know, they know exactly why I'm doing it. But if I put a mirror across the street facing my friend door has a similar effect without them being able to find it.

spk_0:   56:13
Ah, okay. That's interesting. Yeah, I guess you have to hit to be turkey. Hear about it. I don't have that problem so much here. Except for people. Just look at me, stranger. What? Why would you have, um So what? What happens when? Because I get this question all time when you're doing a love spell on somebody what's actually happening there? And I'm talking about a course of love Spell.

spk_1:   56:39
Um, so there are few. There are a few things start outside of There are a few things are outside of human control. All right, so we manipulate a lot of these little small things. You know, the money in love. Well, all these all these wonderful things we can call love to us All those great things That's not a course of necessary Most. But as far as true love goes for his true love ghost that is a fine thing that is outside of human control. We can't control that. Although we try our damnedest to control When we fall in love we can't control When we fall out of love we can't control When it happens We can't control where it happens. We can't control the intensity of it. There is no aspect of love that we can control Now when someone comes to a condiment. We're a route doctor that says, make this person fall in love with me. And if that are taking a consummate, our doctor has no morals. No, no has no ethics. Then they'll say Fine. You know, Fuck it out. Okay, There's just No Sarah, no life. I can't. Sorry, i

spk_0:   57:47
e we're We're not safe for work

spk_1:   57:58
is your life. As soon as you pay me, I wash my hands up. So you know I'm not just a facilitator. I'm not, You know, in this with you and so do the work. Now all they're doing is emulating Love is not love

spk_0:   58:12
for a short period of time, Thio

spk_1:   58:15
period of time. I found love and was to last a year. And they seem to consistently last year. The problem with those type of love spells is because they are sort of domination. You're crushing someone else's will in favour of yours. Eyes a few,

spk_0:   58:31
too. I'm sure you know it on some level. And then the resentment. I've just I've just heard so many stories of them going wrong, you know,

spk_1:   58:39
they will always go wrong. You know, it will always go wrong because you're putting something that not an emotional cage. You know, the person may not know what happened or why, but somewhere like you said somewhere deep inside, on some level, they do know on and they'll start their start fighting against it without really knowing what's happening. I've seen people become addicted to drugs, you know, as an escape of see

spk_0:   59:04
anything comes stalking the person, right? It's

spk_1:   59:07
working. Become violent, especially mean. Let's say you do the working, and now you know it's last about a year. So that's time to move in, you know, have so much other bed with you built with someone they could start dismantling that, you know, the through violence and through, you know, all types of things. I must never. At the end of the day, it's never a good idea to do that work. Never, never, never a good idea. And another thing people should think about it is usually when you want to force someone to be in love with you. Chances are you don't know that personal very well. We have one for a few months. Um, you think

spk_0:   59:43
I expect there's a reason why the relationship didn't work,

spk_1:   59:46
right? Right, right that's the one you just wrapping yourself up in that it loves those that those type of specific targeted don't suppose are never a good idea. Always trying to talk about what? I was trying to talk my clients off the potential clients off the edge of doing those type of works, and then I tell him I don't do it. But of course they're gonna go call it 50 other people. So you get to me. Hopefully, I can just put a little fear in the heart about you know, what may potentially happen due to that choice. Instead of like I said, you'll get people And I said, Oh, yes, great. You want love? I'll start with you and rose petals. And you know, you have all about fun and it may work. They're a talented worker and may and may work. They make it exactly what they're asking

spk_0:   1:0:35
for. Well, I mean, don't you think of some level, though you can do things like, you know, like the star niece bath to sweeten here or, uh, to make you more attractive. I just opposite sex, not to a certain person person, but I think those I think those air pretty effective?

spk_1:   1:0:54
Yes, as long as it isn't towards a specific person. Yes, we can call all day. We can. We can sleep in our own Selves to attract love. We can light candles as a beacon to attract love. You can carry low drawing Greek cruise to help as a hand to sift out between all of the people who may not be beneficial to us. That's one thing knows, too. It's two different things. We guess when you're ready for love when you're and you feel like you want to share your life with someone, yeah, there's absolutely special work that you can do to draw that person to you it. But when people say love what they're typically talking about, like one person, right, that's that's when you that's when you start going mental. That Harry

spk_0:   1:1:34
stuff, Yeah, and when it can go really wrong now it's going up to a whole different thing is good for dust. Why is it so dangerous? And what is it? And was it used for, um, so goo goo

spk_1:   1:1:51
goo, for every really good for dust typically uses poison from a certain from a certain animal on that Porter is used much in the same way that we discussed work earlier in order to create a power or dust. So that's proof of dust. Goo for dust is, is I wouldn't say, is it? It is a dangerous recipe. It's a dangerous recipe, can

spk_0:   1:2:18
absolutely good for yourself or something. And well,

spk_1:   1:2:21
I mean, if your studio just you coverage should be making goo for dust that you can do for you Don't don't do that. It's not

spk_0:   1:2:32
right. I will be. I won't be making it.

spk_1:   1:2:36
I'm just saying, like anyway, I mean s o powders in general the way that they work powders or dusts the they rely on the powder getting on the bottom of the ocean of individual shoot, too. That's why you're gonna usually lined door doors with it when a person steps on the goo for does attracted throughout their house through their car, I'm throughout their life, so it's a curse that follows them around absolutely everywhere on knowing our poison that follows them around absolutely everywhere. No, I'm knowingly be. That's why I go for dust is so effective it is applied in the right way, and it does get on the bottom of someone's shoe or feet, which would be originally what would be more likely get in the bottom of their of their feet, the angry in Simone s. So that's why I go for justice are widely known as it has a power that could potentially cause death. But beyond that, it is, Ah, highly effective cursing power. Yeah.

spk_0:   1:3:45
Okay, um, what's the most popular request you get for workings? And I'm gonna go ahead and say, Let love spells, but

spk_1:   1:3:54
your message that you're right, that's it. It's always the last I'll always want, always will love it back. You know, uh, so, yeah, I mean, those are the ones that I turned down the most.

spk_0:   1:4:09
How many reputable route workers and country people are really out there these days? It seems like you hear so many bad stories. Um, and it's like, you know, I I've you know, looked It looked online and everything in there there isn't one negative review about you want what? And it's like you look for everybody else and there's 50 million the rip off for Fort last rites at her just, you know, seems like they're everywhere,

spk_1:   1:4:35
you know, and I don't I don't I can't. I don't know. I mean, I can't give you a number. What I'll say is that old school workers are typically live in the shadows. I mean, that you're not over school isn't really gonna open up a shop. Then they wanna have their clients who come to their house. Was school meaning

spk_0:   1:4:54
somebody? Somebody who told you.

spk_1:   1:4:56
Yeah. I mean, new school, You still have the same blessing, but you're a little more comfortable. You're not as your typically more educated, you know, and I hate me, but that's the truth. You're typically a little more public due to being raised in the era of social media. And what you see differences between old school and new school. The blessing is on sand. Um, I I met a couple of people who call themselves workers, and so they may know that thing got to, but, um, there's a stair, some blessing. I mean, there's a light that you could see them from across the street, even if even if you don't, you haven't had a conversation with this person. If they are worker on that, I'm. When I first opened the shop um, you know, of course, the local route workers scuttled from underneath their holes. You know, over school. Once we don't come out, they do come out. You just don't see them right there. A part of hiding in plain sight is hiding in plain sight is a part of this work. So they came out from their shadows and decided to check me out. What I mean is that there was this older black man, right? You know what? I've one thing that I'll say about root work Ho do eyes because that it does have a very strong cultural foundation. That cultural foundation can be manipulated and should be. It's a part of the work itself. So you use people stereotypes against them. Um, so you see an old black man dressed in rags and you could make all types of assumptions, and people do, Um, this person isn't at all what you would assume. Assume, but they're using the assumptions against which is how they hide in plain sight. So this person comes into the shop and, you know, just a personal came to the shop, okay? And they're looking around. And me, I'm like, this is probably an old school work by just by the way that they are like the one that you look over all the time is usually the one is usually have person. You know eso I straight up. Ask him I don't got time, you know, like, let's you know, if you you know you can play these games with people who don't know e i e straight a vast unlike you know, Are you are you are roadwork? Are you do And it Is that you? Yes, young man, I am you know. And so we began to have a convert A conversation. He was very eloquent, very well spoken. You'll find that in a lot of workers as well. What present was off a certain way. But there's a whole different world going pin going on inside in this going on outside. It's a part of this, a part of the work, so I know that they're still around. I've met a few of them with that conversations with a few of them. They're hard to find. You'll talk to them whenever they want to be talks to, not the other way around. Uh, but there's a Z No one can. No one can quite a fire. Now, look, I don't even no argument.

spk_0:   1:8:31
It's just enough. My point, You know, I don't I don't think I've run into them too often. And yeah, and sounds like you know, you don't either. So it's just, I guess, the advice you could give to the list nurses to kind of do your homework. If best as you can, right, And go with your gut. You really have to believe in somebody. Anyway, if you're gonna do, we're working for you.

spk_1:   1:8:56
I see all these people who are online talking about negative positive reviews. You know, just because you have a little website and you wear a little hat rack, you know, you say some stuff doesn't make you are, doctor. It just doesn't. Most people who really have the blessing wouldn't call themselves anything. They were just the person that you go see, You know?

spk_0:   1:9:24
Yes. Clinton, the authorities And just what What is already? Well, if you want sorted for that, it's it's It's interesting. I mean, people removed. Everything is toe. But

spk_1:   1:9:39
there's a certain humility that I find, I think in a lot of the one of the main issues that I find in some people is they come They introduced themselves with all these titles and all of these. You know who I am? This on that. And no one cares. No, no, you can. First off, most people aren't even in that world to know what those titles me. Um And then, you know, what is what is you being a, uh, voodoo priests have to do with who do not a damn thing. It's a whole different. It's a whole different traditions. A whole different, you know. It's okay. So you're maybe a voodoo. Lugano are marble. That does not automatically qualify you to be a root work does S o. I don't like when people lied with with titles just say like I tell people you could call me whatever. I don't care what you call me. Call me bald headed black man. Don't care. It doesn't. It doesn't matter. You're still going to be that person that people go to or not. You know nothing doesn't matter. You know if you if you truly have a blessing that you have a blessing that people will find you.

spk_0:   1:10:50
Do people try to test you. Do you get that often? No, I'm

spk_1:   1:10:55
not. I'm not one. No, I don't find that. People try and touch me. I mean, what do you hate me? Because I do feel like some people trying test, but I think we're talking about two different.

spk_0:   1:11:05
Just tried it. Like to try to say, you know, when people are you really, which can't have kind of been there. Tried it? I don't know. They just tried to tell you. I kind of test you to see what you're made out of to see if you're

spk_1:   1:11:18
having that question before. Are you really? And he really do this wherever? You know, I just say, Yeah, I do know. I don't really carry on with them. No.

spk_0:   1:11:31
Yeah, well, then the people that say Well, shouldn't show me something. That's what you do. Something like what? I'm not a magician. I mean, what really different?

spk_1:   1:11:39
You know, that's like, That's That's a different thing. That's like, we're not even having those conversations over here. We're talking about other stuff, you know? What? Just kind of like I don't know. I just say, uh, you know, No, I can't. Sorry. That's not how this works. Know if they're if they're in the shop and I have to be professional, then, um then I'll, you know, be professional. But, um, you know, if they ask me that on the streets, I'd probably just ignore him and walk away only because

spk_0:   1:12:10
but could you sure put Look, figure. You have that. You have a YouTube channel. I mean, it's both people recognize you quite often, and you probably get some silly questions. Quite that. Yeah. Yeah, but you seem to handle it all in. Good. Yeah. Good stare. It

spk_1:   1:12:27
depends. Depends on what day and what time of day the question comes.

spk_0:   1:12:38
Well, listen, I really appreciate you coming on. It's really been a pleasure and that Thank you so, so much.

spk_1:   1:12:46
Thank you all for having me. It's been a pleasure. Honor. Okay, well, banking too.