Psychic Babes

Do you want to let go of years of baggage and emotional drama? Kerrie Mercel from Clarity Cards discusses her groundbreaking technique

October 15, 2019 Kirsten Sandefur Season 1 Episode 10
Psychic Babes
Do you want to let go of years of baggage and emotional drama? Kerrie Mercel from Clarity Cards discusses her groundbreaking technique
Psychic Babes
Do you want to let go of years of baggage and emotional drama? Kerrie Mercel from Clarity Cards discusses her groundbreaking technique
Oct 15, 2019 Season 1 Episode 10
Kirsten Sandefur

Heal past trauma that will enable you to find love, happiness, heal relationships, invite wealth and abundance into your life, fix chronic pain issues, heal negative thought patterns and much much more. You don't want to miss this episode.  This is one of those well kept secrets that only successful people have known until now. You can have everything you want as well.
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Heal past trauma that will enable you to find love, happiness, heal relationships, invite wealth and abundance into your life, fix chronic pain issues, heal negative thought patterns and much much more. You don't want to miss this episode.  This is one of those well kept secrets that only successful people have known until now. You can have everything you want as well.
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spk_1:   0:16
Wait. Hi, guys. Welcome to psychic babes. I'm your host, Kiersten Sandefur. Today I have an amazing guest carry Marcel, and she's a fellow light worker. In the last 29 years, Carrie has had several seven figure businesses and an award winning businesses that have been that have helped thousands of people really greatly affect their lives. Um, I met carry on lead in and what became friends and started talking. And I was just completely taken with with her clarity deck, and she's gonna talk about this. She also conducts workshops and live events, um, around her clarity card system, which is based on the Sedona method. So we're gonna talk to you guys about that today, and I'm gonna introduce you to carry and have her talk a little bit about how she developed it. And, um, what it can do for you, because if there's an episode that you need to stick around for, um, if you want to learn how to help yourself in any way how to release stuff that you've got that you're holding on to, this is episode guys. This is one of those ones that it's very well kept secret. Um that you know, we're gonna be telling you about today. It's and it's amazing. And I hope you guys will, you know, by the deck and and absolutely get get the release from it like I did. And from at the 100 100 south was people that Kerry has affected and using us to Dona Methodist. Well, so welcome, Carrie. Hi, everyone. So, can you tell me a little bit about how you got into spirituality and a little bit of just about your history? Kind of with it.

spk_0:   2:10
Well, you haven't heard this this before. And I had a very colorful, colorful life, and I started. I saw a little ad in the newspaper when almost 29 it said I come to to meditation. We're looking for people to do an advance group, and that was in our, you know, you don't know what you don't know. And an advance group. I thought, Well, I'm not events. I really know nothing, but I'll go along and see what they say anyway. And so I started my spiritual journey at the very heady levels of the Rainbow Bridge. And I don't know if anyone has read the rainbow bullet. Bridgette's channeled information. The last copy, I think, was produced in 72 its system Amazing process That just opens you up to moving forward. What I've learned with the Rainbow Bridge is the way it open shooter loot. To move forward is to seize. It creates AA lot of adversity in your life because we only have. We have lessons and we have success. So what happened to me from when I was 29 when I I fell pregnant when I was 31 2 years after my spiritual journey, and it didn't pan out very well. I ended up being nine months, three weeks pregnant, and I've gone to the doctor and I was in tears and I said, Look, I'm just done any of you ladies of being pregnant,

spk_1:   3:42
you know, I am so understand those women who are all happy about it the whole time. I'm like, What? What's wrong with you? Did you try looking? Didn't get you rolling? How's that working Shing, anyway?

spk_0:   4:00
I went to the doctor and I've been counting down the days to nine months goes I have is the gestation theory. I went to the doctor and I said, You know what I said, I'm She said, You've got you die It's mixed up and I said, No

spk_1:   4:15
heaven and e way Adam on my fingers You know, they haven't

spk_0:   4:23
I said, Yes, I have. I know exactly when it happened in the 999 hours, she said, Let's give it another week and we'll see how it powered rolls and that that day I actually went into labor, and I we went into original hospital that were very poorly staff, and it's a bit of a story, but I'll just cut to the chase after after I've been in in labor for a couple of hours. They the student doctor, they didn't have a nurse or a midwife student doctor couldn't find the heartbeat any longer of the baby hash. And so she went in next door to the only midwife in the hospital and said, I can't find it in the Midwest and go that control the game. But while you're here, give me a hand doing this because she was having trouble with the lady in next door and she said, The machine is not working. Can you go and get the machine carries using because we needed on this lady. So they swapped machines. So they gave me the machine, a broken machine. The other lady had the had the working machine and the midwife. And when the student doctor came back and tried again, the hot pink was very intimate, and she really couldn't find a strong heartbeat. So what happened was we went into emergency there with the doctor who was the emergency doctor. There's only one doctor in the hospital, and she came up from the emergency room, couldn't find the heartbeat, and it was full on emergency. So that time, all the specialists and everybody got in, came to the operating room. We found that there was blood all over. And we're talking about the time of AIDS because you might even be Oh,

spk_1:   6:04
no. Now, Yeah, no droving rememberthat the bags,

spk_0:   6:07
which they wouldn't give you blood transfusions. And so I lost. I had an emergency caesarean. I'd lost a hell of a lot of blood. You could I could hold my hand up and you could actually see, you know, see, see through my hands. But they didn't want to give me any blood because I had noticed that the time to see whether it was infected with AIDS, so they chose not to do that. What they did choose to do is to get like a milk bottle, which is a point full of antibiotic, and they pump my body for full of this antibody. And it took me five years to get over the health challenges. I get a virus every month. If anything that went around, I got enough. Just month after month after month, I got sick. But what happened? Jamie Clay. She was born Sheila's I I pound finances. I tried to resuscitate her for 10 minutes and she didn't mind.

spk_1:   7:05
Gosh, I'm so sorry.

spk_0:   7:07
My my ex husband. He stood on the other side of a piece of glass, watching them trying to resuscitate his baby. You know, it was just really It was just shattering. So I think all I can say is, thank God and I'm a spiritualist. I'm not a not a Christian. Thank God for my spirituality, because what? That deed that set me up for a massive journey. And as I said, I was doing the Rainbow Bridge. So as I came out of that using the Rainbow Bridge. What I was doing was opening more portholes for more Maur tragedy to happen in my life. So we ended up that we had a scuba diving center and we took somebody from Brisbane out and he nearly ran out of the at 40 feet. And then he went down to nearly 100 feet and did run out of there. And he died. So way were held up on criminal charges because we didn't return this style. But back to to base we wear held up way. Just had 10 into the nineties on my 10 years of help, and I and we didn't that that court case took 10 years, we weren't. I believe so much that this would never go to court a week out of court. What happened? Waas The diving industry in Queensland banded together and said, If they go to jar which it was going to be a jail jellicle sentence, if they go to jail, it will impact the whole industry. And we'll all have to shut our dive stools because there was no we

spk_1:   8:49
didn't kill gone. No, I wasn't her fault. It

spk_0:   8:52
wasn't apple, but what the government was saying is that we breached our Judy is here, and that meant that we didn't bring him back along. And even though we weren't there, neither of my husband or I went on the boat. Even though we weren't there. We had procedures around everything we still had. And then the ex wife popped up and she said that she wanted It was she was so distraught about her husband. She wanted compensation. So she took us to court. And then we found out the guy who thought it had districts prone, like to these the woman Judith Alan with anybody. And she's a rang her. If anybody knows of Judith. Alan, we've had three private investigators looking for her. She was a person's dive buddy and she disappeared after that guy. What? Yeah, well, so anyone I talked to around this face, I always say, do develop Because somebody somewhere? Yeah. Yeah. Just goes here. We know. And so we were. We were drawn through the courts. We start was still struggling with vagina Mia, as was John and truly the 90 back. Like what? What?

spk_1:   9:58
I didn't know. And you don't know what

spk_0:   10:00
You don't know is it the Rainbow Bridge every time? Because I When I I do something, I do it 100%. And so I was doing all the exercises in the Rainbow Bridge and the Rainbow Bridge was kicked on opening these portholes for adversity Come in. So I would learn or 16?

spk_1:   10:18
Yeah. Yeah, that's that's a That's a great story about how you got started on your journey. I e I mean, you always impressed me with your You have amazing stories, but yeah, I don't think I expected that. I you know, I went through my divorce, and I thought that was heavy. No, no, I was going through my awakening, but, jeez, I Yeah, it can't even imagine. But I don't know why that is. That spirit does that to us. It's like you're so it's like you want to stay, like, trying so hard, Like, throw me a bone here, clear out, gets more crap, like, just more crap at us like No, I need a break. But I'm really If we wouldn't

spk_0:   10:57
be sitting here drinking martinis by the beach, we're not going to learn anything. And we've come down for an experience and the way. The best way we can experience is three suffering. Unfortunately,

spk_1:   11:10
Yep. Yep, that's very true, unfortunately, but ah, yeah, This journey is not an easy one to choose. It's definitely not, um and it chooses you. You don't use it. I can't. You know, it's kind of that's just so yeah, the end of

spk_0:   11:27
2016 being so unwell and not getting out of bed A friend of mine introduced me to the Sedona method. She said, Hey, you should give this go. And she she was doing a course in miracles and she was running workshops that I was going down to him participating in on the Gold Coast. And I'm forever eternally grateful to this, maybe, and never bevel of the whole name who and she is a lovely lady does not a spiritual stuff in this space. And she helped me understand the Sedona method. And what that did was got me out of being, and it got me work. Walking again, got me a way that I can handle, came in a far more fit we've way than what I used to, and I went I know admitting piece to clarity is it's the Sedona method. So I wrote to the people in Sedona, had already paid to do courses with them and ask for permission to use the method on the clarity cards. And they gave me permission. And so I put it together. I got it. I got the whole cardboard said printed, and now it's my job to get it to market, and that's where Kirsten comes in. Jesus will do that in the US,

spk_1:   12:45
and this is something that I haven't told my listeners. But Carrie and I have decided partner together, and we're gonna be developing an app for clarity cards because I once I experienced this process, I was dumbfounded. I was literally like, How have I missed this? Because I've done release men therapy and I've never had this kind of, you know, this kind of visceral reaction from it. And I was telling Carrie that this morning because I decided to because I've had such success with it to start doing it every morning, irregardless because I feel like it's an onion peeling away layers and, um, I was bawling and then laughing like, you know, like two minutes later, I'm like, Thank God, nobody can see me, right? And how? Because I looked crazy as hell. But, I mean, this was like one of the most intense releases I ever had. So, um, now talk about how the different the different categories are set up and what kinds of releases people can get. Okay, we're going

spk_0:   13:44
to do a release at the end of these tools. Everybody wants to hang around. Certainly do, because it'll what you have done. Heaps of group releases, then it works for a group. Justus. Well, a SW one on one because you're internalizing asking your own question. When I said clarity up, I wanted it to cover every aspect of your life, and that's exactly what it does. So if you do a full session with clarity, it will cut. It will bring up things that maybe you don't even even know things that you know. Other people are doing things that are affecting you as you doing the same clarity sishen as things become a parent, you're offered clarity cards, which will release whatever baggage is that's stopping you getting forward. And a very, very common response to a clarity session is I feel so much lighter. I just feel so much like, I feel like I've just let go of so much, and I really contain

spk_1:   14:46
a baggage. Yep. Let's bag. Yeah, him So that the different areas, though, like wealth, Um, personal finance relationships ex Explain how you kind of develop those and why you decided to focus on all of those areas, and And why would you pick those ones versus, you know, I don't know, spirit released in therapy or something like that. Yeah. The thing

spk_0:   15:12
is that there are many people a za percentage working in this space. So we're a very small denomination, and so the categories are to meet people middle ground. So if you want to experience wealth in your life and you're not experiencing it now, what clarity will do will show you why you're not experiencing it now and what releases to do so that you you will. So it was It was really to put it back into rather than you know, you say some great Sharman or some some incredibly spiritual person. And I've got the gear happening.

spk_1:   15:54
And God, would you, Randall, that is

spk_0:   16:01
not meaning people, Milgram. That's sad.

spk_1:   16:03
And I've gotten that you know. No. No. Yeah. No, I know what you say. No, my

spk_0:   16:08
one of its listens. I made my own medicine drums, you know?

spk_1:   16:11
Yeah. Just just phone my But you know what? You're talking to the average person who isn't into this stuff. You want to be a little less. You don't want to be out there. That's right. They

spk_0:   16:28
say the whole purpose of me putting it in this form It. I've been on my spiritual path for 30 years, I participating every day. And most people don't do that. And I can. And I can see humanity really, really hurting. And this is my gift to humanity. To help people understand what they can do in their lives, to make a difference to themselves, into the people around.

spk_1:   16:54
That's that's really powerful. I'm you know, I think that's the key to this whole journey that we're on called Life is making it better for yourself. You know, it doesn't have to be this crap shoot of horrible situation after horrible situation that you just think you're put upon in life. It really doesn't. It's taken me a long time. I'm 42 years old to figure that out. But, um, you know, because I didn't come to it is early is carried it. But, I mean, I've been doing this since I was a kid, but I didn't really understand the whole picture. So, um, what she's done is really give us a way to be able Thio look at these things and to not have to be familiar with any sort of form of divination or anything like that. It's not woo at all for those of you who aren't, um and it really is very simple that there's six categories, right, carrying a security six dead ahead of

spk_0:   17:51
you and they cover Oh, well, you know, like wealth and health and relationships and, you know, they're six cover.

spk_1:   17:57
Every person can use these every single person on the face of the earth. And the next thing kind of I want to talk about is, um give us an example of how a person could use clarity to release something just an average example. So people can understand and really, you know, just get the you know, just so just go through it, You can actually even go through release that I know we're gonna do that the end, But, um, just just maybe kind of cover what's what it encompasses.

spk_0:   18:25
Okay, well, you thoughts believe some feelings how things that you've created and they have been created by situations that you have seen. Listen, did

spk_1:   18:37
we talk

spk_0:   18:37
about this later about the icecream lighter in the session? Because I don't wanna bore everybody and

spk_1:   18:43
no, no, we didn't. Okay, so we're just think

spk_0:   18:46
of what? Your favorite ice cream Gnaeus. Mine's chocolate. Kirsten's is vanilla. And my question to everybody listening is when did you decide that your favorite ice cream waas chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, whatever it is. When did you the cyber? Can you remember now most people can't remember And it really it doesn't matter what flavor you like, but you have created a desire. You have created a choice and you don't even remember you when you created that desirable choice.

spk_1:   19:22
Here's the other funny thing about that. Most people got the suggestion from somebody in their family or somebody from that. It wasn't even on their own that they came to that conclusion, that they liked that because they were introduced to that other one first. That's exactly what it could be a split. Is your brother going? Wow. How could you not have anything but chocolate? That's the best ice cream in the world. And as a two year old, you wouldn't know. I believe your brother. All right? Yeah. And you just take it as like and you may love vanilla, but, you know, you don't know because you didn't give it a chance. That's right. And this is how

spk_0:   19:57
a lower life is defined. 70% of who we are, what was created before we were seven. And how's that working for you?

spk_1:   20:06
Yeah. No, I mean before your seven. You don't? I mean, you don't really You can go back to those days, so yeah, you know, the you the things you know, now, like I mean, in my in my experience, kids air so smart, and it's like we cripple them, You know, when they grow older, because they we take away all the things that they have. The gifts that they have and teach them. Know this life is this way and this way. And No, that's stupid. Don't do that. You know, don't talk to people who are, you know, It just don't uh have, you know, invisible friends, things like that. They use their intuition all the time and we take it away from him as adults and we do. And and as parents,

spk_0:   20:48
we need to set boundaries. And we need to, you know, we we have We have our own baggage that were already carrying, and what we do is we place that baggage on top of their kids and their kids and accept that bag into past baggage. On

spk_1:   21:02
and on and on it goes,

spk_0:   21:03
and on it goes. So that was there was no surprise to find that I had and a lot of abuse in my family. And, you know, you're a big release around abuse, but it wasn't it's abuse that I'd accepted into my life. But while it was abuse that had been handed on the generations

spk_1:   21:25
yeah, and that's that. That that's the amazing thing about this deck is you guys, this is stuff that you know, you don't maybe never realize that is yours that you've accepted as your own and that it's been going on for a generation from generation generation and you can let it go now. That's so and you can take your family to let it go too, you know? And But if you let it

spk_0:   21:49
go that the really cool thing is that you're not gonna pass it on to your kids. I've got a clinic, sideshow daughter and this abuse. I am not passing on to her. It is not going through my lineage any longer.

spk_1:   22:04
Yeah, that that's great. We'll come. What is the science behind? Release mint therapy. And if you can tell everyone how Sedona really uses this and how they came up with it, If you know,

spk_0:   22:18
I do know there are Lester leaving tonight, I think is how how his name he was he was in ease, I think somewhere around his forties now, you know, the accuracy of this story is more my interpretation. And he was He was a man who was diagnosed with many illnesses, and he was sent home to die. He had two weeks to live, and what he did in that two weeks was he went in and he did did self reflecting. And he was get within three months, he had to do work to bring himself back into his physical body so he could operate But he had had cured his cancer. Well cured. He had addressed easy all his health challenges. And he came out with the CID einem it that it wasn't originally called Dina with something else. And the principle of Sedona is that you're not thoughts, feelings or beliefs. They're things that you've created. If you let go off a ll the adversity in your life which is just ego or mine, mind creating it. What will happen is that you will open a void for abundance and joy and happiness. But at the moment, most people have so many thoughts, beliefs and feelings are actually cloaking them. And they always always have happiness, joy and abundance. It's a choice available to them, you know, valuable to them. Yeah, it's a choice. It's a choice of her to you right here, right now. And people say you have been why I can't be happy because I don't

spk_1:   23:55
have that. This is and that's going on.

spk_0:   23:56
Yeah, I can't be happy because my sister told me I was Oh, you know I can't. But that's not the truth. It'll that's mind if it's a negative. If it's a negative, if it's not peace. It's coming from mine. And it's creating disharmony in your law. And it's not the truth. It'll only things unchanged are arbitrary. So love is unchanged, Love. It's a

spk_1:   24:19
dream. Now this That's great. I love that. Um how can somebody use the deck? You've talked about that you've used for pain relief. Um, I wanted to ask this question for specifically for my father because he has a ton of issues with pain. And how so? How could somebody use this? I guess I'm wondering what category specifically you talked about using for

spk_0:   24:45
your pain. What with pain is as attached. I end to my physical body if the amount of pain that I I would be experiencing So if I wake up in the morning and and attended court rather, I'm calling a pain because you understand that it's sensations because if it is whatever word she used be so careful because words of things if I call a pain, how can it be anything? The pine?

spk_1:   25:15
It's true. Wow. Okay,

spk_0:   25:17
if I call it a sensation, it could be a good sensation or bed sensation. It's neutral. It's neither. So when when I used to wake up in the morning, I'd wake up and I go Are my legs I can't move those. I can't do this. I can't do that. I do a body check which wasn't helping me. It'll all it Waas was locking in place and my day was going to look so you know, as far as the pain if on detached from the pain or sensations, If I detach myself from that and not be focused, whatever you focus on is what you're going begin. So if I'm focusing on how bad my legs today, all I could get is more badly. I can't get anything else. And that's the way the head of this works. It's hair you're feeling, so my challenge. And, you know, I still have my challenges, you know, the with with my help, it isn't percent. However, I'm getting better and better and better. And I'm doing that by not focusing on know on what? I don't have that focusing on what I do have. And I am a middle aged woman living in the most wonderful place in the planet, surrounded by beautiful people and doing business with absolutely wonderful, wonderful ladies like this.

spk_1:   26:33
Well, thank you, and I feel the same way. But I think that's part of the problem with a lot of people's. They don't like to look at those things and they don't like to see what we have. And we like to focus on what you know, what's missing in our lives, I guess. And the fact is that the only thing the only reason things were missing is because you're not allowing it to be in your life because you think you don't deserve it or because you think whatever preconceived belief you've allowed yourself to building your mind. And, um, truly, this method will help you release those things. I've done it myself. Carry senators. Thousands of people have done it with her. And, um, it takes, you know, for one release three minutes to do it for a whole reading about an hour, you're just pretends

spk_0:   27:27
Onley on on where we travel. Within that reading. Like if we did a really, really fast reading, we could do it maybe in half an hour. But the purposes is exploration is uncovering where you're stark in and where you what you willing to do to me for because most people are willing to just leave in suffering. And a whole planet is living in suffering, and very few people are making the choice to say right there. Are we sure we have to be doing

spk_1:   27:58
this? Yeah. Yeah. Ridiculous. Yeah. Well, I hope this this video will kind of in this podcast. What kind of this episode will help people step up to realize that they have a choice, that this is truly not something that they are a lot in life, that they're given to choice. Being happy is also a choice that you can choose to take. So what is your vision and hope for clarity in the future?

spk_0:   28:24
Well, I'd like to I'd like clarity in every home. It's something that if you can read, I know I've got on the box 12 plants. But if you can read you, could you you can use clarity. And I would like to see Children being tour had to relive so that they're not just drowning and suffering. Yes, you're not going to come in this lifetime and just have a perfect life that that's no, that's not the purpose. The purpose is to come here to experience life on this planet and for, you know, the spiritual. The fraternity has seemed to have got that by the head and gone. Unless you can work your purpose out, you're no. You know you're not living life or or whatever. That's not what it's about. Your purpose is to experience this planet. Whatever it is, you don't need to go and pay for expensive courses to work out what your purpose is because you're already doing it right here right now. And yes, you're perfect.

spk_1:   29:27
That's great, thank you. That's I think so many people need to hear that message, and I think the more that it gets passed on through light workers and people like yourself, it's just the more people will learn to accept that and they'll learn to listen to it and believe it and own it, you know, and expect. Expect more from themselves, expect more from other people and to give more and love more and just be happy. So I mean heavy books for May. Yeah, it does for me, Dio you know, um, celebrate the little things that this

spk_0:   30:05
week are bean are being I joined a beekeepers club about six months ago, and this week I got Cem Bey's. Now for everybody listening How exciting it is, Gary getting B's probably not exciting, but seriously, this is a lot

spk_1:   30:21
of excited. I'd love that. The bestest sings and I stand outside the big boats in the little bit.

spk_0:   30:29
I mean, and that bottle all in Rome, a little back legs. And my car is ah, bee at the entry to welcome him.

spk_1:   30:36
Hell, I be I'm glad you're back. Come. How funny is that? That's up to celebrate the little things.

spk_0:   30:45
Like I have heads. I have had 1000 times more than what I paid the joy out of that bay Baltzell re

spk_1:   30:52
e. I haven't had a piece of honey. No, No. Well, perhaps you will now. Oh, I don't care about the honey. No, it's just a buddy. You know, I was watching them. I wouldn't need a killer of honey in a whole year. And like they bridge one

spk_0:   31:12
dry box in the city garden and a killer is doing a two point threes. About a kilo £32.3 is a killer and a guy. Um, he got a just out of one box 200. What que eyes of honey. Wow, we did like £500. Something ridiculous. Well,

spk_1:   31:34
I'm just wonders. And then I would buy a kilo in e. Would you do with that much money anyway? How long have you been honey recipes? I'm thinking of developing, citizen. That's, um how do you think clarity could be applied Thio other areas that it currently doesn't cover?

spk_0:   31:57
How could it be applaud to other areas? Because,

spk_1:   32:01
like, we talked about certain things that I think

spk_0:   32:04
that the clarity could be applied if you're having issues with entities. I had I had an entity attached maybe a month or so ago.

spk_1:   32:18
See, I do workshops. And when I when I come

spk_0:   32:22
her last workshop, I did. I came home in the entity, came home with me, and it was easy for me to question because the entity had attached to the just come with me, you know, looking for an opportunity. But one of one time I actually had entity attacks. And I didn't know this that itwas attached. And he came through what I was doing. It was sending thoughts. It was in my thoughts. So the entity mine generally just is negative stuff, right? If it's not in pieces, come from mine. And so I was experiencing these unusual, uncharacteristic thoughts that I was like,

spk_1:   33:02
Where did that come from and how that happened? Me, Tim

spk_0:   33:05
s. So I get a release where I welcome the entity. Enter Dean and and it's it's dead easy. The release of basically you're welcome it in and then you let it go and they're entered. Iwas reluctant to go But it's certainly went, and I haven't experienced any challenges with that. Came to be a guys I'm a bit of a magnet in today, so just

spk_1:   33:27
get me to Unfortunately, it

spk_0:   33:30
comes with the spice. I think, you know, it just is what it is.

spk_1:   33:36
And I think it's more common than people are probably currently aware of. You know, um, it it's It could be so not noticeable that you just dismiss it as like, uh okay, that's, you know, those that thought was in my own, but okay, but people who don't do this day today they don't meditate on their thoughts and things they wouldn't You wouldn't really recognize that it wasn't here. And you would just think that That's weird that I thought that no, no, that's that's right. And what? I'm one of the

spk_0:   34:02
things that that last workshop I did. There was a lady coming and she was so incredibly negative. And you've you everybody's met people like this where you just don't want to be around them. She I don't know how many in the tea she's she had honor. So

spk_1:   34:18
when you meet these

spk_0:   34:19
people that you don't want to be around, it's not. The people were all one. You are me and I am you. It's just that these people have come in and and she's absolutely This one was so full of negative she was so closed. And no wonder she had all these net negative entities just deflecting the launch. She couldn't be anything else.

spk_1:   34:42
Yeah, that's that's That's sad. That's really no So that that would be great to see that, you know, being able to use it for a spirit release mint therapy. And we've talked about, I've, um I've done to release one therapy and found incredibly effective on. I think this could work with that technique very great. So I think that it would totally work together well, Cem, Um, do you want to do our release for everybody so that they can experience this for themselves?

spk_0:   35:13
Yes. So it's certainly would. And I think we might do that Release on relationships. I sound like a

spk_1:   35:21
good idea to me. Everybody's got some kind of relationship issue. Doesn't have to be, you know, a partner, whatever. It could be any family member. It could be. It can be relation, you know, can be, Ah, significant other, um, friend, whatever.

spk_0:   35:37
That's right. And so the way that you'll be able to see these are the relationship can'ts there six releases on on the card so that when your asses we mentioned before the six different categories, as you can see thinking here my now being

spk_1:   35:55
asked by finding the famous cry and you know what I find on me like that you can't see it, I promise. That's good. So we've got six

spk_0:   36:09
different cards and under the relationship, and I am going to just will you pick 1126 two, two, run away from relationships that's hitting is and I'll show you. That is very little text on the on the back in the cards and all we need you to do. We talked about it before. You're not your thoughts, feelings or beliefs. The things you've created him and most people are like this. They're holding onto the No, no, they're mine. My mind, You know, I don't want to let them go. They

spk_1:   36:43
don't even think I don't

spk_0:   36:44
want to let him go in mind. I made them. Are in a question. I what cited inside of people doing releases are Would you like to let this go? And that's I know. And I said, Really? I said, Okay, well, you've got a choice yet You can hold onto it and keep it for the rest of your life, or you can let it go. Which one would you like to do? Oh, no, no. Right. Let it go. And so this is this is running away from relationships and

spk_1:   37:18
real quick. Let's just make sure everybody knows to think of a question before Carrie started to think of a question that you want, um, toe let you know something. A situation that you want to get clarity on and that you want to possibly have released from. So it could be something like no significant others having an affair. What? You know what's going on there? You know? Why is your relationship with your mother so difficult? It could be any of anything you like.

spk_0:   37:43
Good, good. Thank you for that. And as I was saying, is that you're not your thoughts, feelings and beliefs you're holding on to them. And what the relation does It allows you to just let it go and leaves as quick as that. You don't need creative visualization. We want mind out of the picture altogether. And sometimes you'll be asked things that you don't understand in your mind. We don't want you to understand that it's getting around. Mind attaching straight to your awareness, which is who you really are. Now your awareness will do all the work for you. You don't have to do a thing, So all you have to do is sit there. You can keep your eyes open, your eyes close. This won't take more than a few minutes, and we'd love to hear your feedback. It Grizzlies is a great because everybody asks, has their own personal questions that they want or release is that they want, um, where you know you can have 100 people in the room and do the one release and you'll get 100 releases. It works. It just works. Don't think it doesn't work. And sometimes it takes one reading. Sometimes two, sometimes three. Really? It takes more than three. And if it ever does take more than three, you've introduced a new challenge into the meat. So we might do a release on mother. And then while you're doing the release, you might get a flash off sister coming in. And all of a sudden, wait a minute. My sister does that to life. So you like fine that as we opened the box, new things present itself. But generally the release one release will it will release every time within three ratings.

spk_1:   39:23
Should people pay attention to where they're feeling that released, you know, like where they feel it whenever there thinking about their question.

spk_0:   39:30
Oh, definitely, definitely cursed. And it can't be in your head. So I come from my solar plexus whenever anything which is down there, Many people come from their heart. Shocker. It depends where you live in your body and I will often say within a release. Ask your heart. Don't ask you mind. Minus here isn't to destroy us. Minus here to save us from the animal, which is about to eaters. Mind is not here to save us from Emma.

spk_1:   40:00
Yeah, true. Yeah. Okay. All right. So let's do the release, and it's rent

spk_0:   40:06
run away from relationships. Have you got a question that you thought off their

spk_1:   40:11
person? Mm hm. Guess looked happy with How have you fought? How about if

spk_0:   40:20
I did it with you and everyone else can into their own questions in there? Mind? And then So I cursed. And how have you fought with Will run away from relationships.

spk_1:   40:32
Come, um, fought with for, um since you forever. So, yeah, that definitely it's home with me. And my question was, um, letting go with the stuff. My daughter's father isn't really involved in her life. And it's something I constantly think I need to be fixing. And I It's very difficult for me to let go because my daughter is It's She's my baby, you know? And I feel like there's gotta be something I could do to help this. So yeah, running away from things trying to fix it all, you name it.

spk_0:   41:12
Okay, So can you welcome all that? You just say, Yeah. Can you welcome or wanting attachment? An aversion to that? Because what's happening is it's locking it in place because of your aversion. You're attached. One concept, no great fingers. You're attached to one concept, but you're you've got aversion to the other. So their loyalties, huh? Come. Okay. So can you welcome any sense that it's personal about you or who you are who you are? It's not personal because it's simply your thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you've created him. Can you let go of wanting to fight? We will run away from relationships. Yeah. Now there's no right or wrong. You can answer no to that. If you feel No, it doesn't matter. You're a win. It is going to do the work. So just be a CZ truthful as you can. Can you let go of warning to fight with or run away from relationships? Yeah, for your arrest is that which is beyond both fighting and running away? Yes. Okay. We'll go from the top. How have you fought with or run away from relationships, Kirsten?

spk_1:   42:47
And how'm I fought with? Well, um, I've run away from relationships first of all, because I'm trying to fix this past one that, you know, not fix the relationship, but worry about fixing my daughter situation and all of that. So I think I don't time to pay attention to anything else. Um, so that's running away. It fought with and, um, the

spk_0:   43:12
whole night. It's all one can capital like? No, thanks. So can you welcome a wedding? Yeah. Can you welcome any warning attachment or aversion to that? I can't. Can you welcome any sense that it's personal about you, who you are? You've created all of this Good stand Nobody, nobody else and created the thoughts, feelings and beliefs. And you're holding on to those this'll One stuff. It is perfect. Really. From all about crying. It's all about laughing. It's all about letting the nation God.

spk_1:   44:07
Sorry, guys. Ah, this is a tough one for me. So

spk_0:   44:18
could you welcome any sense that it's personal about you, who you are? Could you let go of wanting to fight with or run away from relationships?

spk_1:   44:29
Uh huh.

spk_0:   44:30
Could you arrest is er which is beyond both fighting money, huh? get me from the top. How have you fought with or run away from relationships?

spk_1:   44:43
Like I explained before? But I'm not going to now,

spk_0:   44:49
but can you welcome that? Okay. Can you welcome or warning attachment and aversion to that Him? Could you welcome any sense of its personal about you, who you are, huh? Could you let go of wanting to fight with or run away from relationships ago, Huh? Could you arrest Is that which is beyond both fighting and running? Absolutely. Yeah. So how does that feel now?

spk_1:   45:19
Much better. Thanks. No, I felt it after. This is the second time I felt it go the first time, I felt a little bit of it. And then I was like, I was thinking, like, should I do this or not? Like, this is what I know. I don't want to really do this. I'm like, don't be authentic. Go ahead. Let's do it like you wanna let's just do it be really goes to the toughest thing that you have to work on. All right, Um, and I knew like that I might have trouble letting this one go, and, um, this just shows like it just goes to show you that it works. You know what? You have the chills film. It does it. It always looks because it's your awareness. It's got energy. It's Carrie. I didn't think that one was going to go for a while. Like I You know, that was one of those words that I held on to know is mine. I think

spk_0:   46:16
that showing all your your listeners, you know, like we're all human. It's such a great thing to show other people, and and I hope everybody else had ahead of wonderful releases. Well,

spk_1:   46:30
just me, too. And please let us know what your experiences were, please, like, and subscribe and leave a review. Um, on whatever, um, you're using to listen to my podcast. Spotify, iTunes, Um, anchor any of those, um, and you can buy a deck of clarity cards from Carrie, and I'll give you She'll give you her information, or if you're in the alternative, it If you're in the U. S. You can buy a deck on psychic babes dot com and, um, www dot sake babes dot com. And if you're anywhere else, Carrie could tell you where you write from her

spk_0:   47:08
Well, what? What? I'm cousin. I've done t Post Something from Australia is an incredibly expensive, Especially if you wanted this year. And so what? Because you know I have done is if we get our pre orders off clarity, I will actually post them to her, and then she could distribute them to you in the U. S. So it's gonna cost cut the cost of postage down a lot for you. The only thing is it you won't get Emma's quickly, as if you just ordered hm through Kirsten's page and had be shipped them directly to you. You know, it is quite expensive. And I think track postage is is you know, it's the dearest one. You'll get it in five guys, but you're gonna have to pay for

spk_1:   47:57
Oh, yeah, and pay for it is it's very expensive to ship in there. So, um, we hope there we wanted to make sure everybody had access to these decks. So, um, we hope this works better, you know, cutting costs, gunning for you guys, And please, um, order. It will change life. And don't say that with any any reluctance to back it up 100% it will change your life, and I'm living proof of that. And so has Cary. And so are thousands of other people that she helped. So, um, carry one last thing that I want to ask his kind of question that I wanted to start doing for all my guests. And it's what is your hope for humanity? And if there's one message that you could really relate to, all of us, what would it be?

spk_0:   48:43
Okay, my hope for humanity is that everybody can release the damage that they have created in their lives, so that all the suffering, it's all about reducing the suffering. Yes, we're all going to suffer that. That's a given. We don't have to suffer the way with the intensity and the way we are in this eye for an eye. Ira. It's not working. You know, I would I would love humanity, and I know we're moving into a different vibration. So humanity he's moving there was still going so slowly in the was in anarchy and and, you know, five. Jenna's so much out there to hurt us, but it all we have to do is focus on laugh, happiness, joy and you know, being the best we can. And whatever happens, it's either. Just remember, it's either learning or success one of the tea. So I'd like to see ah, wonderful, a wonderful planet that we live on that is full of respect and caring. That we stop eating a CZ many animals is what we're doing because I believe that's faking a planet immensely. You know, we're cutting down the Amazon so it could grow cold so we can give it to the cows so that we can sell it to the rich people. That's why it's working. And I'd like to see a big reduction in in what we consume, how we consume, where we're just obsessed with

spk_1:   50:12
just not necessary. It's just not necessary,

spk_0:   50:15
not it'll. And so that's That's what I said, a seat for humanity and all we can do. It is one person at a time, and my thoughts are I'm just one person, and I'm going to be the best person that I can possibly be. And I'm going to do that by releasing the baggage that isn't working for me, and I'm going to share that with everybody else now, Mom now, Kirsten is one person to I've shared this with her and she's gone and shared it with

spk_1:   50:42
you guys Haku. And it's just thought that's just how it rolls with you guys can pass it on as well. You know, you should pull, share it, share the s sharing the love. Because I promise you people will remember the fact that you did this for them, that you showed them these thes things that change their lives, you know? And I wanted to thank you, Carrie. It's truly been remarkable. Um, in the short time that we've known each other, But you've already given me such such a beautiful gift. And I want to thank you for coming on the show and for and everything that you do truly. So

spk_0:   51:19
you so much. That's very, very kind. And thank you for doing what you're doing because you're getting the word out there. And that's your important important, you know, will.

spk_1:   51:31
All right, guys, we'll see you next time signing off