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Ancestral healing with Aboriginal Elder Arrole Lawrence- Don't be ruled by your past!!!

December 10, 2019 Kirsten Sandefur Season 1 Episode 13
Psychic Babes
Ancestral healing with Aboriginal Elder Arrole Lawrence- Don't be ruled by your past!!!
Psychic Babes
Ancestral healing with Aboriginal Elder Arrole Lawrence- Don't be ruled by your past!!!
Dec 10, 2019 Season 1 Episode 13
Kirsten Sandefur

As a healer, Arrole specializes in finding individual solutions to problems that affect the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional Being.
As a spiritual teacher, and public speaker he has addressed First Nations communities, government officials, students, teachers, medical professionals, and alternative healers, on various different topics as listed below.
Private Sessions are available for persons of all cultural backgrounds in Orillia, Ontario. For a private session please email him at [email protected] and write "Healing" on the subject line or contact him by telephone: 705-325-5477. Healing appointments can also be conducted on-line via Skype.

Today we discuss my healing session (even the deep dark stuff) you won't want to miss this man's abilities!

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As a healer, Arrole specializes in finding individual solutions to problems that affect the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional Being.
As a spiritual teacher, and public speaker he has addressed First Nations communities, government officials, students, teachers, medical professionals, and alternative healers, on various different topics as listed below.
Private Sessions are available for persons of all cultural backgrounds in Orillia, Ontario. For a private session please email him at [email protected] and write "Healing" on the subject line or contact him by telephone: 705-325-5477. Healing appointments can also be conducted on-line via Skype.

Today we discuss my healing session (even the deep dark stuff) you won't want to miss this man's abilities!

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Hi, guys. Welcome to psychic babes. I'm your host. Cares to Santa for today. We have a great guest for you. I think you're gonna be really interested in this episode. Um, his name is Errol Lawrence. He is an aboriginal healer. Amazing first Nation, Teeler, and a tribal member of the key see cooing in first Nations in Manitoba, Canada. Um, he provides healing and teaching. Service is to first nation communities, private individuals and professional organizations. As in a digit as an indigenous healer, Arrow helps individuals quickly resolved crippling ailments. It's just depression of abuse, addiction, physical ailments, despair, grief, pain, suffering. He pretty much covers the gamut on any anything that you're experiencing that you don't want to be. And he provides access healing to your ancestors who have pushed their unresolved, emotionally charged energy into present into your present. And they basically make us play out these patterns over and over and over and over again. And these patterns are addiction, abuse, slavery, deprivation, suffering and much, much more. And I can myself testify. He is a very talented healer and very talented at what he does. And, um, just an all around amazing individual who is definitely doing his part to help humanity. And I'm very grateful for you. And thank you for coming on the show.

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You're welcome. Thank you for inviting me. Yes, absolutely. Forward to this conversation.

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Me too. Well, I want you to talk about a little bit How you got into healing. But before that, before we do that, um, I want to tell the listeners a little bit about my journey, because when I contacted Darrell, hey said, Well, listen, the best way for you to understand how I do this because I wanted to learn how to do how to do this kind of feeling. I've I've been interested in aboriginal, you know, healing modalities for a long time. And, um, he said the best way for you to experience it or to understand it is to do it. So on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m. Frightened, bright and bushy tailed. Um, I was up and we're gonna wait. Took off to do the healing. And I thought I picked this time because my daughter of a three year old daughter, um and I thought she'll be asleep, you know? No problem. Well, it was kind of funny because she woke up about an hour into it and instead of me because we had gotten through, um, some of the healing stuff already A good chunk of it, Um, she I I knew immediately she wasn't gonna be upset. It wasn't gonna be a big deal, but that she wanted to be included in it and that my daughter sat there for an hour and 1/2 after that, without a peep out of her. And I don't know any three year old that does that for one a much less not mine, you know, And, um, afterwards, it was really neat. She she said to me, Mommy, I felt your energy and I don't talk to her like that. Even she knows what I d'oh. But, um, that's not something she would normally say. And I felt hers, too, And we had an amazing day, and we have Honestly, it's it's changed our relationship completely. And I tell you guys is because it was so profound to me because I I was going through such a trouble with her at the moment with her not listening, and it turns out it was it had to do some ancestors and it wasn't I wasn't listening. You know that that was the thing, because I was hearing all this other chatter that didn't able meet a center in on what her wants and needs were. So I was finally able to shut that out, and I knew immediately she just wanted participate. And we didn't have one like tamper tantrum. After that, we didn't have one. You know nothing. And her teachers have said in class, she's been amazing. She's listening, and it's just it's been really profound for us. We had amazing day in nature and great talk, you know? And it just I know what she needs now without her even having to communicate it to me, it's I telepathically. She just you know, she just sends me the message and I get it. Sam, that was That was one part of it. That was really that was my first inkling that this was going to be more powerful than, uh then I had even imagined I knew it would be. But there's a reason people come into your life, and I'm very glad that girl came into mine and helped me with this because it's a gift. I don't know if I can ever repay, but I would certainly certainly like to. So, um, I wanted to ask you, um, you mentioned it in an interview at the age of six. Um, that you came to the aid of your mother, who she had, you know, her back had been bothering her a za result of working long hours. And I'm standing on this concrete floor and you told her, Turn around and you put your hands on her back. And 20 minutes later, there was just no sign of pain. How did you just intuitively know to do that?

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You know, it's just one of those things. I just knew what to do. And there's no explanation really beyond that. So when presented with the opportunity, I just stepped in and said, Trust me, this will work. Don't ask me why I know this, but I do and put my hands on her back and he said 20 minutes later, I think she was thoroughly amazed.

spk_1:   5:43
That bad?

spk_0:   5:44
Yeah, sure, this was a little surprised, and, I think was doubting it for a little bit. But then, when it went into a second day and there was no pain, you know, she had to come back and ask yourself a few questions, and I think what she discovered Waas. Oh, well, I guess I have one of those. So with tribes there, they're making room for people like myself to exist. So the medicine people born into specific family lineages. The women know that when they give birth to these type of Children that you just give them the space to do what they're here to do because the assumption that they sort of give us to work with is that we're here to do work. And out of that, she just gave me the space. She didn't ask any strange questions. And she did have one caveat, though she did say, You know, whatever you do, don't show your dad

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and why Why do you think that was? I mean, I also want to talk about I think this is an amazing message for, you know, crystal Children and the start of star seeds and things like that. The Children that are now coming around that have these healing abilities that's important to just trust them and do like your mother did and encourage it. And, you know, they're just let them be themselves and not try to pooh pooh it and say, You know, no, that's not That's not correct. You're not. You can't do that. You know, that's your mother did an amazing job, obviously, of raising you and doing that. What is natural to all of us, you know, in, I mean, because these abilities, we all have abilities like this. We just don't know about them. And we don't learn that their skills that we can develop.

spk_0:   7:27
Well, I agree. And, you know, I guess I was fortunate in that I'm coming into an incarnation in a family that has ties into the culture that understands that these people are part of the journey that they are indeed, given the space to do the work, the exploration, the experimentation with others to develop a skill set that it's not well understood by many. But everybody stands back and allows it to occur from that perspective, My father was studying at that time, uh, orthopedics, and he I guess it was steeped in that Western methodology. And it wasn't only it was only until about a year ago that he had finally given in to having his first session with me. And he was facing some kind of very unusual situation. It was causing total body paralysis. And I just said, Listen, you know, I'm not the one who's suffering here to you, so you need to decide what you'd like to do. So you either get on the table or you don't. Either way, I'm still having lunch. So you decide how this is gonna work and so fine, he gave in. So he got on the table, and two hours later, the legs were moving. The arms were moving. He can put his hands behind his head and even for himself, I think that was a shock to his system. I was looking at, you know, a lot of it was tied to childhood events that, you know, tie themselves into the future. So things that had occurred at a very young age were now in his late seventies, all the roads we're meeting here and this is the consciousness.

spk_1:   9:15
Yeah, I very much believe in that, too. And I think, um, you know, a lot of shamans will tell you that disease and illness stems usually from past events, traumas, things like that that we have suppressed or thought forms that come in and just are able Thio, you know, accumulate cumulate buildup in a certain area of your body and they manifest themselves in pain and it until you deal with that. And that's been my experience. I mean, you know, with my back pain when we didn't. I think I have I haven't had I'm not have not. It just occurred to me now, like I haven't had any pain. I haven't had any pain and

spk_0:   9:55
are not on my hands were over here, so

spk_1:   9:57
yeah, so that's I mean, that just shows that you can do it from a distance to You don't have to be, you know, in front of somebody. But well, that's a That's an amazing story. Um, why do you bring our ancestors into the healing and why? Why's this essential?

spk_0:   10:13
The story of the ancestors is not well understood outside of many of the native communities, and I think that the story needs to come forward in that way. Have that we are old, came before us, so we will be affected by whatever our ancestors have experienced and left unresolved under deathbed. So this story not being told to pretty much anybody in North America that I know of all the logical outcome when you see families descended into playing out issues of trust, issues of abandonment, issues of betrayal, this is This is what the family systems were doing. When you see that when they come in here, you begin to realize that Well, wait a second here. No, this is This is this is only part of a story. You're not understanding that this is so ancient that it has thousands of years of evolution and so on. People's deathbeds they didn't resolve when she understanding This shouldn't be that, you know, if you look at almost like a grid, the grid on the bottom and the horizon, there wouldn't be Theo energy of the universe to be understood as untraditional love and the vertical line to be that of time moving across so way we're at that place where death is imminent. The thing to be doing at this point is to take the sine wave of our life and to collapse the whole thing right in to unconditional love. Therefore passing no information forward except for that which future generations can then draw upon. So we have two sided knife. You have the one side where you have unresolved war, unresolved suffering, unresolved starvation. I'm resolved. Meditation, unresolved of abuse. You have all these unfinished business that people tend to carry with them all. I should have done that, but I didn't do what I'm going to do it. And then this keeps cycling through while your ancestors were doing the same thing. So you get an accumulation of charge within the DNA. That then begins to alter the functioning of the DNA and future generations, so you might have a perfectly family healthy system. But then all of a sudden, you run into a situation where you have some mouth form a few of a child that is suddenly experiencing some sort of sickness, and nobody's looking at the most obvious aspect of where this is coming from. So the body wouldn't be telling you the story, the body being showing you in the form of the metaphor, what's actually taking place where when you look at it and you observe it, you get it realized. Hey, wait a minute. This looks like it is information that is coming from generation after generation after generation of unresolved, denied or suppressed energy that has been flowing through the DNA well. When it arrived at this particular generation, it not only created warfare amongst the siblings and parents, but it also kept the cycles of the Vue cycles of limitation, cycles of suffering, cycles of despair, cycles of depression moving forward. And now it's in our time zone. And what happens at this point is that it begins to take form. And if we begin to listen to our thoughts or what we assume to be our thoughts but armed and we begin to entertain their that focus then can initiate wth e energy of the unresolved that denied or suppressed charges moving forward throughout the DNA and arriving in you. So you're not really just sick for yourself. You are experiencing the sickness of yourself, plus maybe hundreds upon hundreds of ancestors who have gone through the same experience. And so what are they doing? They're moving it forward now through time to find a living participating member who could then take responsibility for the energy and bring that back into unconditional love. So that's a story that needs to be understood, because you the war that I see happening in people's family systems it didn't begin to that. Thes problems have been accumulation over time. And what what happens is you have alterations is the DNA. You then have changes to your cellular structure. You have changes, too. Your energy system in terms of watching people's energy system to move in a downward fashion, which then brings them into a match like a laboratory match full particular diseases, particular malformations within the body. So if we don't understand that the things that we are feeling today aren't always just our own deal, then we will be again to understand that we can reduce the load by giving access to the ancestors to do the healing that they were meant to do. So in our culture, we understand it as the cancers are responsible to do their own healing. In other words, you can't really do it for them. But what you were doing was you held that stays open, and so my job was to interact. All of them must you in other lifetimes, and at that point we were able to look at the police systems that are causing so many difficulties, which, by the way, we wanted to be completely honest. They're not, actually, really. If you look at it from this perfected at you're living in the universe that has created a being that puts out of energy, I'm in a traditional loved Well, now, if you want to find out if anything, we're believing in these true concept of the universe measured against that. So all of a sudden it becomes apparent that we're carrying on believin blame shame, guilt, judgment, jealous and a bit of frustration, rage, fury, patterns of abuse, of war, starvation, of subject occasion, colonization, all of this stuff. None of this is anywhere near on unconditional love. Therefore, the only reasons why it's alive within this is because we are being conditioned to believe into these convents. Toby Riel,

spk_1:   16:42
that they're okay. Yeah, And that that is just a part of life when really

spk_0:   16:47
it's not

spk_1:   16:48
not, and that's not what our creator meant it to be. And, um, we've gotten so far away from that, and I think, Yeah, I hope some day Western medicine evolves to be able Thio, you know, use these applications in their healing methods because it really is invaluable. And I mean, I I'm sure you can go tell me hundreds of thousands of stories of people you know, just curing themselves of addictions and stuff in one, you know, one treatment, because I have heard of it. And, um, you know, I can I can very much see how stuff like that could happen. So people at her hopeless guys like, if you know, if you're getting any of this, if you hear any of this and you and I know we all have issues to deal with, seriously C Garrel out and I'll get his information to at the end of the show. But And this has

spk_0:   17:41
done that for a moment. Yes. Very interesting things that happens with addiction is you have to look at this for multiple fronts, the vast majority. And I mean, you know, when you're working on getting you guys called reservation, just use that term in it. So when you were on the Native American reservation in Arabic means we just call them reserved. But when you're there, there's a high level of it. So I would say that it wouldn't be generous to say that the rating was somewhere about 80% of all people above the age of 30. So you know, we're getting into a pretty tragic circumstances. I think I understand about what's behind. Most of that is the unresolved. I believe in the things that I am not good enough and and then the next species that would be that you also had a pattern to the station. So what happened? Runners and do is in another lifetime you cycling through the same genetic patterns, not realizing that each time you were losing part of your soul light, which is now magnetized to the earth. Well, if you want to end the addition, you need to bring back the lost like you have been giving off every lifetime as a result. So what's happening? Is that it? Well, you need to that part me to retrieve this because in all honesty, what stops a lot of the invitations is the realization that immunity will lose dddd intimidation because they were looking for a way to retrieve what they aren't. They lost about themselves, you know that and ties to very specific round, so each round holding different vibe. Victoria frequency. So if somebody just alcohol, that's where we're gonna go. Look. And if this any other stuff to his chemical methamphetamine, Whatever. One of the busiest street behind Victoria, Uh, oscillation. And your soul light is trapped in the places you need to bring this home to make yourself a whole again. But also to heal the ancestral patterns that are being pushed forward from every generation. When you're looking at alcohol, I have rocks that have been, in addition, 4000. I'm in fermentation that on this planet a very long time.

spk_1:   20:01
Yeah, well, I I know for for myself, You know, I had a cheerleading injury and therefore started, you know, they prescribed painkillers, and this was a long time ago, but, um, you know, I inadvertently got addicted to I didn't know what I was taking. I didn't know that this was gonna happen to me. I was very much against drugs and things like that, but it got it was, like, painful to not take It got so bad that I didn't even know where my own pain tolerance was anymore. And luckily, you know, I was able to to quit with that eight years ago. But going through this, I realized there was still that poor. There was still that portion of me that, um you know, that was kind of hidden in there, That fragment that I didn't have and that light And you, when we talked about that, we got to that part, Um, I felt that energy come back and I felt complete again in that I don't need any substance to make me feel better. And I haven't been drawing. I haven't even thought about it in, you know, seven or seven or eight years I've not been interested in, but still, I still felt a sort of oid about it. But I finally felt the completion of life. Yeah, that's never gonna be a problem for me again, you know, ever. And that was just profound for me. And that's a hard story for me to share with you guys because, you know, it's, uh, we all not that none of us are perfect. I mean, that's obvious, but you know that that's the one thing that was tough for me to admit to a lot of people. I hit it for a long time because I was embarrassed and because that's just not my family, you know, that's not how we do things. And and it was truly one of those things. I felt like I didn't know how to get out of and finally having this to be the ultimate conclusion of, like that chapter in my life I know is done and dusted, and that's over with, and that will never come back again, which I had already known. But to feel it was was so powerful. And so I am. I want to discuss a little bit about your process. How is it different from, you know, Ray P or other healing modalities?

spk_0:   22:17
This particular work begins with an agreement. So, you know, I said, before we start, it always starts the same way you give permission here today to be healed by your own energy. So by doing that, that agreement made between us, but you're not really that's That's not the important feature. The important feature is that agreement is athlete, uh, between the spiritual side of cells. So I asked you on the ground, you basically are relinquishing your I guess you would say your rights So you allow for a higher level and a deeper level with feeling to proceed because my remit is actually it is with you might find agreement is mostly between Michael and yours. And so the information flow back before it's a lot more than that. So we have access to be able to give you the questions that need, really, really asked Pram, you bringing forward on the knowledge by getting you just happen to your biological system. So for us, the understanding that we have is that seated human intelligence is through this heart center. It will never be up here. The field strength with brains too small compared to that heart we also understand, and in our time very young extract harder this connection to total body communication in addition to the Seoul next to the Hyatt Heart beating out of your spear. And if you want a telephone line straight in to whatever you wanna call it creative today there's a set of 20 and so when we get used to focus bringing the attention in, then theory minutes allow for me to access what I need access to be able to ask you the right question that by the way, they were wanted in the empty this editorial. You're so so what's the matter? I can be a common enough. I will be able to pick up the information on then It seems very seamless. I asked you the next question. I show you how to take all of this art. So in the ass is we had a situated in the interest rate with Kylie. Uh, you know, did it person. And what Weight has been learning this for a while, so good at it, But she didn't understand what plays. So what happened was in really minute being She doesn't want to be cooperative all of a sudden, and that agreement is still in place to work. It still conducted on base with her higher. So I pushed her out of the way letter just said, What's next? And so we went through the whole entire process. Now she has a right to deny her room healing and in the southern environment. But the fact of the matter work is done. So the moment she decides to turn that around, she literally just see to it. And that's all that's required.

spk_1:   25:19
Yeah, and I think it's beautiful that also it's your doing the healing for yourself. It's not, you know, you're you're not claiming Thio. I'm you are a healer and your amazing healer, but it's like like more like you're a conduit. You're the person you know, providing the framework for it, and they and because of the press,

spk_0:   25:36
a little different than even that. So the understanding that we have is that within the culture, we always communicating idea t generation that you are responsible for your own healing, and it is not the responsibility of a single other person. So the seals have on understanding that says that we're not responsible for the incoming other hour. It is to teach you what you already know how to do it, because the understanding that we have is that every single person was present at this particular time zone has at one incarnation or another, bidding Indy, a lifelong healer. So this is not news is winning by a single person in here who has done cycled through this type of learning in a long time. So we already know it was there, So I My God, then it's simply to get that heart to cooperate. And it's so the ingredients step

spk_1:   26:34
out, out, out of the way and allow the healing happen

spk_0:   26:37
absolutely with access to full information. And it's not just information for a single lifetime. We have to look at as total being meaning all lifetimes, past, present and future and that of your ancestors past, present and future. This is absolutely necessary. So what happens with new dentist? We've already set in place that even your next incarnation problems were solved because we've already we've already taken care of that business,

spk_1:   27:03
and it ends with the beautiful thing, too, is that people can realize it ends with you. If you do this, it ends with you. You're not passing this along to your Children. Don't have to worry about it. And you know you've done your part in being the best parent you can be by doing this for your Children and for your ancestors as well, who don't have to suffer with this anymore, you know, And for me, I think that the coolest thing well, one of the Cole Center so many, I mean, was my psychic channels were so clear and still are, I'm not having because I had to train myself to quiet that those channels and kind of ignore them through. I would turn on white noise before I would meditate and before I would go into a reading because I had to quiet those other things down so I could hear that really information coming through. I don't have to do that anymore. I just have them for I just get the information and it's a lot clear and a lot less convoluted with, you know, images that I can't understand or it's just very gather their clear to me now And it's That was another great thing. I mean, it's benefit of my work. I know this week, um, you know, doing readings and stuff. People were just amazed at how spot on things were in very specific things, which I've always been specific. But this was I knew it was like, you know, when you're out like you're on your game, because you just you know that that that the information is pure and true and not convoluted with anything else. And so for that for me, you know, for my career was you know, it's great because I'm so interested to get into the healing part of it and girls going to teach me how to do this method as well, which I'm super excited about doing because I think that is the point of, you know, each each person on this planet has a job. Thio heal themselves and and healing yourself. You kill your ancestors, you help Hell, you help heal the world. And that's all it takes. Just starts with one person. And yeah, and

spk_0:   29:11
we get the point where we were, you know, when we looked at, for instance, you know, situation with yourself. It probably came on when I had spoken and said, You know, we're taking this all the way backwards. From the point of view, all the ways to very first are being that arrived on Earth because you have to leave include all the generations that came forward from. The understanding him shared is that you are all that you are all of these things and yourself sign of these. So we we need to be confident in the fact that it, you know, we have to be able to take about a broader understanding him ourselves and get all the way backwards. Very first footprints that land in your D. N a chain Who were the first people that came here. And besides that, what did a brain here? Because his war, which is not a part of this planet. So somebody brought it here, and it hasn't a decidedly through the generations unchecked. We're still fighting wars. This is that it should have ended a long time. So we have to understand that we are affected by the history of our ancestors, the stories that they lived through living through you. But there's a flip side to this. Here's the party, Miss. When you heal your ancestors, you have accident any information you never read about. So it's over other people who are very talented, such as yourself who are using more than a psychic ability. But I've dealt with people who are privately. You musicians think it's nature. One. If you knew that you couldn't with permission, ask your ancestors to download the library of every one of their light of times with a play. That instrument, What do you think is gonna happen to your skills that what if you just wanted to talk to the ancestors going all the way back to the very first Arby's, who would have had a much higher understanding himself and had them down move within yourself, the library, everything he knew about magic intuition. I had a hell, uh, telepathy you made is there for the day. So when we came into a cycle of suppression of humanity and this has been going on for quite some time, this distraction is all about making sure that you never find out that you have access.

spk_1:   31:34
Yeah, yeah, truly is. And that's what there are people behind the scenes making sure we don't figure this stuff out because then we lose control there. Then they lose control and we get

spk_0:   31:46
out of control. Total is nothing more than a little losing because of what is controlled but an act of fear. Yeah, so you control nothing, and that's the job that he plays on everybody. But here's here's the really interesting component of all of this. You all have Children. Why aren't you going to the ancestors? Because remember you in every lifetime and you live it all over the planet. So you have ancestors in every continent. There are people in your ancestral lineage is right now they're teaching in some of the greatest universities on this planet. So why aren't we downloading from our ancestors? Which what I did with people a lot things mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, algebra, functions with relations. I mean, we go through the whole gamut. Everything. How many of them have written books is why're you terrible it anyway. So let's let's bring this to the table.

spk_1:   32:37
I had read about that that someone had had completely downloaded the ability Thio learn how to play guitar and play it well, like just from their ancestors, and then was able to almost, you know, just naturally new things. And just now, Yeah, so that's it. That's an amazing aspect to it. I mean, I think I know in my experience, I went through these profound highs and lows when the ancestors came in and everybody might not have this experience. I'm seeing them. But I I saw them and and they were as far as the eye could see, you know, like kind of holding hands with just going all the way back. And, uh, that was really profound to me because some of them are recognized from pictures and some of them I hadn't seen. But then I went back and looked through family photos and was just That was them. And I Was that for me? It was wow. Okay, this was, you know, this That was proof in the pudding. So to say of I didn't just imagine that picture either That was them physically being there. But, you know, I felt it. I mean, I started bawling once they got there. I mean, it was like I felt the weight of all of their problems and it was heavy. It was so heavy. And I just, you know, little by little as it got started, get lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter and lighter. And then I felt like I could fly kind of. Afterward, I felt so much s so much lighter. And so much

spk_0:   34:13
for taking all of this because women were also experienced, too. Was just immense gratitude that these multiple generations, I mean thousands on thousands of generations for you to be able to give them the opportunity to lift from themselves in all of their incarnations, everything that has been troubling to them and then just turn around and send to you an immense level of gratitude that you win it at its experience in real time. Most people, even those who don't operate with very clear sort of third eye vision in this type of feeling, generally do have incredible visuals or intense flowing on the color. And we just work with whatever your assistance, is willing to provide us that point in time. So you experienced that, given a take, gave them the opportunity by holding the space, and they sent back to you an immense little gratitude, which

spk_1:   35:08
and I feel I've felt that and I've actually had a couple of dreams from some of my ancestors thanking me and showing me things you know, in addition, Thio and that they were able to now kindly explained it as well. This is a great, great great grandmother who explained to me Now she's able to communicate with me openly through my dreams because she doesn't have this intense anger towards, you know, members of my family and now she could get to know me, and that was really beautiful. And it was just that one dream I had. But that was profound to me because I didn't. You know, I had had drinks mother beings before, but not not my ancestors. And, um, you know, I was talking my brother last night just really quick off topic. And he said I made my Oma Mar. German grandmother promised me when she died that she would haunt me. And so he's like and she never has, because I was trying to explain to him what I d'oh, he's buried, you know, his skeptic. And I said, Well, have you ever tried Thio? You know, he'll yourself and maybe some part of that relationship that would enable that that, you know, toe happen. He was like, Well, no, I didn't realize. Why would you have to do that? And for one, she's not gonna come haunt you, Because why would you? Why would she

spk_0:   36:32
also remind yourself as well that there's a peace to this that needs to be brought forward? And that is that the healing starts and ends at the footstep of your brother, And then it continues from the other foot step all the way into the future because he is part of the living members of your family. So it's up to him to decide a plug in. It is a healing, but as far as the higher caste Texas itself are concerned, well done. Hammond responsibilities his end simply plug in. And once you do that, everything, everything is downloaded and hit again. And the healing is completely because he would see that by the permission of the end.

spk_1:   37:12
Yeah. Yeah, And it's interesting. Even this is kind of something I was debating, whether talking about because I obviously d'oh, you know, meditate every day. I clear things out every day. And I missed a big thing, and that was I had an entity attachment. And that shocked me because I never would have thought that. I mean, I work with, like, e work with spirits all the time. I released stuff like that, and I I never thought that that there would be an entity that was attached to me was so ingrained in me that literally it made me feel like it was a part of me, and it took a while to get it to leave to it didn't want to go. Um, but and this is amazing Era was able to send in this interdimensional being it was this big black bear because you didn't want to go. And I have never had been able to have somebody implants something like that, so I could see it. You know, I telepathically, of course, but never a vision. And this, for me was fascinating and also terrifying. Because that black bear I knew it meant business. And I was even scared when I saw because I also stopped come across my vision and then the being just got what was out of there. Like Pace. You know, I don't want anything to do with this, and it

spk_0:   38:32
really doesn't know.

spk_1:   38:34
And and I got that feeling to that. Just the energy behind that bear was Whoa! You do not want to mess it. You know, you do not want to mess with this guy. And so it scared me. But it was I was found the grateful because I finally, once that piece left, that for me was Oh, my gosh. It had taken so much of my energy and I

spk_0:   38:57
only was doing it was particularly nasty Hit Been doing it from the bottom of your feet, meaning as the energy leaving the earth entered the bottom of the sea. It was literally harvesting as an energy harvesting exercise. Well, the piece that we had on him is that he knows the rules that go on in here. And that is you don't have any right to do that. Uh, because no permission was given when we asked you to leave your getting only one opportunity. And should you decide that you want to be defiant about that? Well, then, in the culture, we have a number of these spiritually creatures that we deal with Bears, eagles, the wolves, intelligence that comes in from things like the cardinals fish. So we have. We have these different beings that that sort of walk with us. It's a terminally usually say, and that particular being has the ability to enter your field. And,

spk_1:   39:55
oh, yes.

spk_0:   39:57
And here's the thing. It is ferocious on the land as a real creature that's in flesh and blood. It's far more ferocious as a creature in the spiritual realms, because it has a great deal of I felt pounding behind.

spk_1:   40:11
I felt power. And yet exactly. And like, um, credit ability, if you

spk_0:   40:17
will. Oh, absolutely. I wanna tangle with a few other beings from other spaces that thought that this wasn't a force to be reckoned with and learned a very valuable lesson very quickly because they don't fool around the same the same, you know, ferocious aspects that we see here can be then brought forward in a spirit of understanding of things is not only a highly developed to be it is hi, exciting, highly intuitive. And it has skills is magic that it will stare down any person who has, you know, it bad skills could say taking a back shot because you're only gonna get one.

spk_1:   40:58
Yeah, And it was so it was so funny cause I got a little bit scared like, Oh, my gosh. When I first discovered it was there, I didn't want to really believe it for a second. And then it all kind of clicked in, and it made sense is like, Oh, my gosh. And then you said our city's not going and you said, Oh, he don't where I'm sending something, he's gonna go. And you were just so confident in it that I knew whatever was going about to happen next was gonna work. And I think that confidence is well, but then seeing that bear just I mean literally. It came from my peripheral vision, and I was just a shuttered, almost like Whoa, okay, that's, you know, that that was next level stuff. But so there's pretty much nothing that you cannot get rid of through this, and you take back your sovereignty. And I think what people don't realize is that you are you have rights as a human being.

spk_0:   41:51
You take

spk_1:   41:52
drugs and alcohol and things like that. You do give up those rights inadvertently. Thio allow beings to come in temporarily, but you can get rid of them, and

spk_0:   42:03
1% your ancestors often can be called forward to step in on a human human basis. When you're dealing with a higher intelligence, you need to bring in something that carries the spiritual weight of something like a bear that has, you know, multiple dimensions of understanding and contained within. And it's not going to back down from very many things. I've had to intervene on people who had, you know, truly bad attachments, something that was sent and often times it just came down to, you know, a staring mash, and at that point, the other one realizes there's no point to be here because, you know, I have to say, I won't be consuming my own energy to stay in this situation. I have to fight this spiritual being. Therefore, game is over. I have to go.

spk_1:   42:55
Yeah, because they don't want to expend any of their energy. You're telling me that that's not the game. They want to just take your energy for free without you knowing. And once they have to expand a little bit energy, they'll move on to the next person who isn't aware, you know, and that's kind of how the game works. So if everybody starts becoming aware, they're going to stop harvesting our energy,

spk_0:   43:16
Absolutely. You're being harvested it. There's so many separate ways. I mean, one of the things that you know with your passports driver's license issued ID's all forms of religious type rituals, where you know it looks on the surface like this is about, you know, kind of love and generosity and that side of things. But there's something else going on in the background where you're giving up energy without permission, and we took care of those things with respect tea as well. And course there was a lot of energy she received back through that process.

spk_1:   43:53
Now have you ever experienced anybody? I'm not having their ancestors come Ford or having saying I can't see anything or has does that ever happen?

spk_0:   44:02
And if it becomes, uh, it's too much for them, they're consumed with wanting to have a show. Well, then the agreement is still in place, and usually at that point they turn off. So basically, the higher self comes in, pushes you over. You'll be in a place where you almost feel like you're in a dream state or asleep, and in that training, none of the entire process. But for me, there's an advantage, because with the soul in place, well, we can go to just about anything, anywhere, anytime, any space. We can go back billions of years of history to choose to, and we can go wherever we need to go to. So there is an advantage to that person being uncooperative or honey pass that to just have him come in and just kind of Leah. All right,

spk_1:   44:55
so there's truly nobody you can't work with. I mean, you've never had an experience where you know it just completely. They've don't don't even the biggest skeptic you can. Pretty much

spk_0:   45:07
I've had lots of doctors, professors from various universities. I mean, we've had high atomic people coming up battlefields. You don't believe in nothing in any way once the agreement is there, you know, when you know when they're difficult, we just say, move them out of here, put feeling in place. And when they come around to a higher level of understanding, all they have to do is just simply agree. And then the healing is there in all of its entirely waiting for you. But you have the right to suffer and has as the Children as especially on an original healer. We're not here to interfere with your right to suffer. So you want to suffer. Okay? No problem. Who's next?

spk_1:   45:55
Yeah, but it's that truly is. That's your choice to make, whether you want to continue suffering or not. And it's This isn't a big time investment for the benefit that you get from it. I mean, it really isn't. And with two hours of my life and I mean I'm so engrossed and so so excited to learn how to do this method now because this is truly something that it changes you so profoundly. I can't even put it into words. It is the most profound experience I've ever had. And I've had a lot of experiences and, you know, in this realm since I've gone through my awakening and even pour that But, uh, this is something I really I think everybody needs to hear this message that try it out. What's the worst thing that could happen? You probably tried everything else. If you're going through addiction, you know, depression, abuse, anything just tried out, you know? I mean, what's the worst thing that can happen?

spk_0:   46:57
The beauty of this, Well, that it turns power back over to you in that if you can agree to it just being the participants, state president, it and you're okay with the expansions thousands upon thousands of years of things that have been going on, if you're okay with all of those things. But the beauty of it is that you become buried itself, probably because one of things that really becomes, I guess in the trash in the people who do this is that they become aware that I am and on Lee ever will be My soul, this were proves is to me there is no recession. There's not known to debate that can ever happen because the experience is so profound and then it really defines. So you mean to say I'm not the physical body? No, no, this is a body is his intelligence. But it is the earth and we understand this is expected. We can change everything you mar and only ever will be the sole. And your culture needs to bring itself around to giving you this understanding so that you can then understand that we have souls were called here to be a part of this planet into the evolution of planet. It is so so however, the souls involved the planet Several, they would have indicated in waiting lady kind of experience and teaching the body how love itself with judgment and teaching the body art and music signs and all different forms of expression. Teaching absolutely enjoy and have a beautiful relationship. Beautiful forms contain with you and by way of this, everything that you were experiencing, it is either going to evolve the planet we're setting back. So we understand that. That's why we were here. Well, then, just become acceptable. Live are really interesting. Like and find that you need ball but the planet, Because this is why you're here. But they don't want to tell you this. No, Dad, you're hearing

spk_1:   49:08
it now. So nobody has any excuse anymore to not do their part, you know? I mean, you've heard you've heard it now, and I can guarantee you you will have an expect. You do this with Errol, and you will have an experience that will change you. I can say that 100% because I felt it so strongly. And I know intuitively that you have this ability to be able to bring that out even in the biggest skeptic. I think so. And then you have you confirmed it by telling me that yourself. I want to talk a little bit about the process of people. Kind of understand how it works. Um, you know, we first started with inviting the ancestors in thanking them for being there, and you asked me for my permission. That was important. And then, um, what kind of started going through the shock Rose and different colors. And you would just kind of asked me what you know. What color Violet, what What appears and

spk_0:   50:09
way were doing there with his ass. Uh, we are imprinted information by color, and therefore by freaking with. So what I wouldn't do It was I've started a top of the head and I would ask Mom asking the soul but I'm asking you is just as well. But the soul is beating the record back. You Are there any issues promised memories, emotional charge, police program events or situations stuck here in the color violet, that Kanon step forward for revolution. And so then when that was done, we went to India. Goal. Blue, green, yellow, orange, red. And then, you know, we we were able to clear those events. So now all of a sudden, your body is no longer carrying any printed information that then clogs the system. I have a greater flow allows, have clarity of far feeling the emotion. All these expressions are then able to get cleaned up because you got rid of all of this information that is sitting there waiting to be processed. But nobody's telling us to processes.

spk_1:   51:17
Yeah, and I think the other. And the important thing was that once I mean, there could be many different things that come up in each area, you know, like a violet. And then we moved down and there was like, five or six things in one different area, too. And things that I think people don't, uh, truly stuff in my past life, times and stuff that I didn't think would have any bearing on this, you know? But the most profound thing for me was something. Well, there's 22 profound things, and I'm telling you guys, it's just cause I want you to understand the level of depth that this goes into. But, um, I I've always had, I guess I thought I had healed almost in my relationship stuff with my ex husband. But I guess something came up where I was still angry with him for not being there for his daughter, you know, like I want him to be and not paying child support things like that. And I finally let that go. And then Ariel asked me, Okay. What? What do you think? He came into your life and I was like, I don't know, I guess to make me the strike to teach me how to be the strong individual that I am now because that's what happened from it. And he was like, Well, he served his purpose than in your life, didn't he? And I was that boom. I was like, Oh, wow, that's true. He did that. He did that for me and then there was no reason to be angry anymore. None because he did this amazing thing for me. And I know now that my higher self and his higher self worked that out together for for me to learn that lesson in this life. And so therefore there's no more animosity there. There's nothing and it's just that for me, was huge and I had a similar deal with my father had some physical abuse issues when I was a kid and we thought we had worked through a lot of that too. And we have. I mean, you have a great relationship now, but there was there was some stuff that came up to that. I was still holding on from my childhood that I didn't realize and it was interesting. You're all brought my attention back to the little girl who was about to go through, you know, getting hit. And, um and I was able to talk to her and to see her about the terror of her number, to see her heel and to see her understand that it was gonna be scared. But it's gonna be okay, and it's, you know, it's gonna be over with and it's done now and to get her what? She walked up out of that memory and then he just had me collapsed. That memory, and that was powerful.

spk_0:   53:55
That's that same approach works in so many different forms of traumatic events, whether it be war car accident, bu separating where we should try to understand that where we keep our energy ally in memory of the past. Oh, it's coming back to your doorstep because whatever that event is, it will repeat, and he and repeating and repeating and repeating until there's resolution to limit and involved. You could almost set your clock to a time in the day when it will repeat again because it's so well time. So you were, in fact, that memory You could tell that little girl because understanding behind that particular thinking you did, it was his s. That child must also be responsible for her own healing. So therefore, your job was simply to get her to come out of that, that particular memory through an act of forgiveness of itself and other. And by doing that, she said, it frees herself on the memory memory, then was putting the rest by you. And therefore there's no more repeating cycle because our energy creates reality. We are the sole, and we make world, including this one. And it's so everywhere that joint energy is stuck, whether it's on a battlefield or whether it's on an operating table or whether it's back when you were six years old being abused and no difference, you will have these things with Pete in your life and told, Yeah, it's about any of the processes leading up to it. So we just need to understand what was the other? That the outcome of the band's lead, your feeling that you weren't good enough. Fast forward to today and in addition, because you're not feeling good enough, so it is still repeat these things. I need to be worked out, but we have to understand that you know our energy, create worlds, creating realities, and you're stuck in a war photo. Just get ready because if you're not going, your future generations are going because they have. Somebody needs to go there to try to retrieve all of the soul like and come back out of this situation and try to make themselves whole again. So we keep his repeating. So I didn't manage to do you again that there's a necessity, but you're kind of you to recognize that you're still engaging in a lot of the war. What you're not understanding is that people coming back home or incriminating walls first clothing anywhere than beds. They think about setting the future generations to have the same kind of experience that you had, unless you take responsibility for the energy that is now held by everybody, including the land and the buildings. These are the relationship First nations were able to understand through the ceremonial practices, Dee dee dee interactions with Earth itself as his intelligence that was a mother to ask site giving us two bodies have experiences with.

spk_1:   56:59
I think it's also important, you know, to talk a little bit about your your lineage and what you guys have done for us because you guys basically gave us this planet healed. And we've kind of taken and just crumpled it up and, you know, stomped on it and thrown it away And, um, and and taken sake of ground that was very sacred, too. You know, not just mother Earth to your culture as well. That and just completely defiled it and, you know, just did horrible things just in the name of money and power. That is an illusion anyway. And I think it's important that we all realizes we're all one. You know, It doesn't matter what race, creed, color, religion or sexual orientation. Whatever we are all one. And we you were all interconnected. And you like I've known that for a while. But you feel it too. With the ancestral healing, you feel that dipped, addicted to it. And if you do harm to one, you do harm Thio. You know, ultimately yourself dio you know, But it's just a big It's a big, interconnected web, and I think you know you'll be able say it more profoundly than I will, but we need to quit being takers taking from Mother Earth and, um, plunging through our natural resource is and harming Mother Earth. Um, or there's gonna be nothing left soon for us to blunder off, out of and humanity as well will cease to exist if if we don't, You know, we don't take responsibility for that. And I know you have gotten communication from the elders, and I like you to share a little bit about that. I

spk_0:   58:43
think the question you would ask me about the idea of weather patterns and you know, all the decline of change. And to be honest with you, you know, I get it speaking to a lot of the elders, and they're not believe that it concerned These are the ones who, you know, walk the land put down there to back weeks. J say their prayers were touched with this planet. And from their perspective, it's just another day and there's nothing really to be concerned about, because these are sightings. And each of these cycles can relate to other times that those people were presence. So some of these people being alive in the fifties were saying that you know what you're seeing today kind of looks like what was going on under the late and he said it was another little period. Their sixties is another time and created back in the seventies, so on. And so it looks a little bit more intense or what not, but in their understanding of things, it is simply part of the natural cycles of things. So to be wrapped up in the understanding of the climate issue is really just to get into your anonymity away to somebody else's wanted designers, for for you to keep you in a state of fear. You know, the truth of it is that your body is the earth. So you wanted to find out what it is. Climate change is. Why don't you ask your body? She will speak through it and tell you what city what is actually going on. These air cycles has changed, and so from their perspective, there is nothing to be concerned about it. And yes, you know, there will be times when there will be most more snow. Higher winds is more destructive pattern, but part of the horse, if you look back in history and this is hard in Central Ontario, you didn't want to live here on. I mean, the weather was just was saying, But one thing that we didn't take away from all of this is that your body is the earth, and so by actions that you perform through prayer through metal taste, and you actually have a profound impact upon the other. But if you really, really, really want to make a change, you truly want to see this place coming back into its proceed. Uh, you know, Leo, then what I would suggest is go through the hell that the weight of that prayers. Not only just you in this lifetime, but you went all lifetimes plus all ancestors backing up what you're doing. You're creating powerful residents, patterns that then interact with the other being that we haven't spoken about that, you know, Earth is in the air and fire and water. I mean, these are all living beings that are here for a communication so desired. They are here to help us to guide it, show us and we're just trying to do so. The first nations here, still conducting a lot of these. They're they're incinerated, going into places away from camera citizen doing things where there are blessings for water trees land for the winds for range. I mean, they're still

spk_1:   1:1:56
doing this for us, and we don't even really

spk_0:   1:1:59
and want anything in return. They just want another to sort of do their piece by recognizing that that your body is carrying within in the history of Earth. And also, if you really wanted to be truthfully honest, contained within your entire body is the history of the universe. So you are not just the soul. You are in a relationship to this most powerful instrument that is highly intelligent, highly intuitive. It can move the wind. You can use intention to clear things and many water clean. I mean, there all manners of the things that our stuff happening in the native ceremony, where absolutely no outsiders are permitted. But if you ever get a chance to get inside and see some of these things be, people are doing stuff that defies there. They'll deal. Yeah, and they're moving. Even even I had to do it on an occasion of ah tornado coming down my street moved it because you have done. But I'm just saying you can do this?

spk_1:   1:3:03
Yeah. I mean, a lot of people probably think magic is this Hollywood over blows. It hits again, makes it the big fireworks show, which is not really what it is. A lot of it starts here, you know, healing the inside. And then when you do that, then you're able to project your energy out into changing other things in the universe. And it's really it's really easy, like it's really easy to understand once you've been able to do it. But the first part starts with you, and then you heal that and you heal your ancestors because taking care of you will do that. And then, you know, uh, then you can move on to trying to help you. No humanity in other ways, which, you know, I'm trying to do now and I don't know, that's think, too. I don't I don't want any

spk_0:   1:3:50
clear your buildings that learn to clear the land of the buildings that you have nothing else. You change everything because dating within the wall, our every argument and unresolved, contained on held by the walls of the first things are, you know, every of abuse that ever occurred. That was never resolved it. So you want to really improve the couple? Pleasant. How that by removing the thoughts, feelings, demolition charge to the man. Really, the advances situation suck with your personal safety that is affecting everything in your life. Change that. Don't worry about everything else. Everything else will change itself. And I understand it like this. This planet has been around for four billion years, and if they didn't want us here doing this job, I thought that we were being destructive. It's a shake, and that's it. We're done. But that isn't That is happening because the planet is anticipating that we expand our minds and allow for ourselves to that extend the heart to bringing in from other dimensions of the stage. Is the power that you have that is there? It's for your wrong used to then ultimately, it all that is bonding. But if all the plant moved the entire onto a new frequency with Peter, where healing is instantaneous, where you know, boss cruelly beautiful realities,

spk_1:   1:5:20
manifestation is it's like that, you know, I

spk_0:   1:5:23
think this is the direction we need to go. And so with that, if we just started by cleaning your own space, which is best your focus getting I'm a conditional love teacher saves you, Then take care of everything that's creating problems. Because, you know, the simple understanding is this You have an argument in a room and leave that room the next truck walking to get any one argument because

spk_1:   1:5:52
no. Well, thank you, Errol. I seriously, I really appreciate you coming on doing this. And if anybody would like to and please do try him out. You will not regret this. You can. He melon met a r r o l e at yahoo dot com. And just in your subject line, put put healing, please. And if anybody would like many information on classes on healing, um, if you are a light worker, you want to learn how to do this. Hey, also offers those, and you can incorporate into your healing modality however you want. It's it's a malleable kind of kind of thing. So he'll work with you individually or whatever. Just, um, sending me email and you can find him on Facebook as well. And, um yeah,

spk_0:   1:6:37
to also just say thio Everybody out there that you have a large population of veterans that really could have benefited from the understanding that they have a part to play. It's just a feeling himself. And in doing so, you know, you have tremendous benefit in your environment, it by by simply removing the memories of war memories of all of the things that I've heard that the charming, better carry with and all of these things. And I think that when it could be interesting, is maybe, you know, I wanted to look at, maybe organizes some people to just learn about one aspect. We could do it. It's just big. Big teaching lasted just a couple of hours. We can show people how to do this. He'll themselves at the same time. I mean, I

spk_1:   1:7:27
would love to see something. Yeah,

spk_0:   1:7:30
I would be more than happy to do it because I enjoy this and I think it is.

spk_1:   1:7:34
And then that shows and it shows that you care. And, you know, I want to do the same thing, and I can't wait to learn this and get out there and do stuff like that, like Go help, go do this for veterans. Out of that can come home and be happy for once, You know, MPD. You know, the people that I've served in wars like that, that's something they need. I mean, and just, you know, families that are having just drop with addiction, like, I I just I mean, I'm so excited to stuff like that, and that's because of you and I really, really thank you so much for the work that you d'oh! And, um, I really appreciate I really appreciate it also. Thanks.

spk_0:   1:8:14
Enjoy the conversation. And I look forward to many more than

spk_1:   1:8:18
Absolutely thanks, Carol, Okay.