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How to prepare for ascension and the infamous Atlantean Rings and the skull of Pleiades - with Steven Strong

January 11, 2020 Kirsten Sandefur Season 1 Episode 14
Psychic Babes
How to prepare for ascension and the infamous Atlantean Rings and the skull of Pleiades - with Steven Strong
Archaeologists findings the Aboriginal way
How did you get the trust of the Aboriginal Elders?
What have the Elders said about the Ascension?
All you have to have is good intention and be aware
What do I have to do to ascend? Have good intentions and a kind heart.
The Ring from Atlantas
The Pleiades Skull
Psychic Babes
How to prepare for ascension and the infamous Atlantean Rings and the skull of Pleiades - with Steven Strong
Jan 11, 2020 Season 1 Episode 14
Kirsten Sandefur

 Steven and his son Evan believe that they have rediscovered a hidden history. Steven speaks about the ascension, what the Aboriginal Elders think is happening and what we need to do to prepare. Time is running out folks.  2020 is the year of major changes and Steven confirms what many have been speaking about for hundreds of years.  He also tells us about his amazing collection of magical rings,  specifically the Ring of Atlantis. De Belizal was a practitioner of radiesthesia, the study of vibrational fields within the human body, which allowed the access of information from animate or inanimate objects. In the mid-1960s, De Belizal conducted vibration tests on the ring using specially calibrated instruments to decode the resonant energy vibrating from the Atlantis ring. De Belizal’s results discovered that the ring’s geometric shapes created a faint energy forcefield consisting of minute energy vibrations. This effectiveness corresponded to the correct placement and application of the Luxor symbol.The ring's electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of its energy signature. This energy acted as a forcefield to whoever wore it. It allegedly was able to increase an individual's ability to access their subconscious mind . With his findings, De Belizal keyed the term "Waveform of Luxor" - which had to do with studying the geometry of the ring. He then proceeded to create a larger and flatter version known as the "Harmonizer of Luxor" in order to see if similar principals could be used to protect more massive places such as a home or office.He discovered that when the shapes were flattened, the contraption was able to maintain properties for compensation and balance of the cosmo-telluric energies in a consistent area. De Belizal also alleged that the Atlantis ring and bar were based on the authentic waveforms found in Egyptian sarcophagi to create a protection zone, to shield against the rupture from certain Cosmo-telluric forces, or negative energies brought forth from men holding bad intentions.

Pleadian skulls and other items he has found on his digs that people are desperate to take off his hands and have tried to kill him to get to them.  His story is incredible and you won't be able to get this kind of information anywhere else. He isn't afraid to discuss the things everyone else is afraid to talk about.  Steven and his son Even have written five books "Constructing a New World Map", "Mary Magdalene's Dreaming", "Forgotten Origin", "Ancient Aliens in Australia" (co-written with Daniella Cardenas and Bruce Fenton) and "Shunned" that rewrite the history of Australia and the world. Steven Strong is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful "Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit".  For more information visit 

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 Steven and his son Evan believe that they have rediscovered a hidden history. Steven speaks about the ascension, what the Aboriginal Elders think is happening and what we need to do to prepare. Time is running out folks.  2020 is the year of major changes and Steven confirms what many have been speaking about for hundreds of years.  He also tells us about his amazing collection of magical rings,  specifically the Ring of Atlantis. De Belizal was a practitioner of radiesthesia, the study of vibrational fields within the human body, which allowed the access of information from animate or inanimate objects. In the mid-1960s, De Belizal conducted vibration tests on the ring using specially calibrated instruments to decode the resonant energy vibrating from the Atlantis ring. De Belizal’s results discovered that the ring’s geometric shapes created a faint energy forcefield consisting of minute energy vibrations. This effectiveness corresponded to the correct placement and application of the Luxor symbol.The ring's electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of its energy signature. This energy acted as a forcefield to whoever wore it. It allegedly was able to increase an individual's ability to access their subconscious mind . With his findings, De Belizal keyed the term "Waveform of Luxor" - which had to do with studying the geometry of the ring. He then proceeded to create a larger and flatter version known as the "Harmonizer of Luxor" in order to see if similar principals could be used to protect more massive places such as a home or office.He discovered that when the shapes were flattened, the contraption was able to maintain properties for compensation and balance of the cosmo-telluric energies in a consistent area. De Belizal also alleged that the Atlantis ring and bar were based on the authentic waveforms found in Egyptian sarcophagi to create a protection zone, to shield against the rupture from certain Cosmo-telluric forces, or negative energies brought forth from men holding bad intentions.

Pleadian skulls and other items he has found on his digs that people are desperate to take off his hands and have tried to kill him to get to them.  His story is incredible and you won't be able to get this kind of information anywhere else. He isn't afraid to discuss the things everyone else is afraid to talk about.  Steven and his son Even have written five books "Constructing a New World Map", "Mary Magdalene's Dreaming", "Forgotten Origin", "Ancient Aliens in Australia" (co-written with Daniella Cardenas and Bruce Fenton) and "Shunned" that rewrite the history of Australia and the world. Steven Strong is a secondary school teacher with a background in Archaeology and Education. He was involved in the formation of a Graduate Diploma of Aboriginal Education for the N.S.W. Department of Education, writing units on Traditional Law and Contemporary History. He also co-authored the highly successful "Aboriginal Australia: A Language and Cultural kit".  For more information visit 

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Kirsten Sandefur:   0:08
Hi guys welcome to psychic babes. I'm your host, Kirsten Sandefur. Today we have an exciting guest on. His name is Steve Strong. He's an Australian based researcher, and he's an author and a former high school teacher. He has a background in archaeology. He's involved in the formation, of a graduate  diploma of   Aboriginal Education for the Ennis W. Department of Education. And he also co authored the highly successful Aboriginal Australia Language and Cultural Kit and has written over a dozen articles on original history and lower for the National Indigenous Times. He's a researcher, historian and author with a bachelor's degree in social science, and he majored in psychology in archaeology and anthropology. And he has about 30 years of contact with the original Gemiliori  People and tribes of the Bunjilum Language Federation and the benefit of extensive consultation with many of the original Aboriginal elders. Steve and his son Evans work is to reveal the ancient story of the original people, and, um, this information's pretty much been lost to most of Western civilization, so he's gonna talk a little bit about the ascension. What it means what the elders have told him. What's going on? He will  give us a little bit of a timeline about that. And he's also going to reveal to you and, and show for those of you who are watching this podcast, some of his pieces that he has. He has magical rings and rocks and things like that. Skulls of  Pleiadian beings. And he has the original Atlantean rings or the rings of Atlantis. It is one of the original three. So these are, highly magical and very, very rare items that he has in his possession so very excited to have him on. He's been on Graham, Hancock and many other talk shows around the world. So welcome, Stephen. I use both of your psychic babes. I'm your host, Kerstin Sandefur. Today we have an exciting guest on Um, it's name is Steve is strong. He's an Australian based researcher, and he's an author and a former high school teacher. He has a background in archaeology in archaeology. He's involved in the formation, never graduate diploma of Aboriginal education for the Ennis W. Department of Education, and he also co authored the highly successful Aboriginal Australia Language and Cultural Kit and has written over a dozen articles on original history and lower for the National Indigenous Times. He's a researcher, historian and author with a bachelor's degree in social science, and he majored in psychology in archaeology and anthropology. And he has about 30 years of contact with the original GE Miliary People and tribes of the Bunch of Lung Language Federation and the benefit of extensive consultation with many of the original Aboriginal elders and Steve. And it's an Evans work is to reveal the ancient story of the original people. And, um, this information has pretty much been lost to most of the Western civilization. So he's going to talk a little bit about the ascension. What it means, what the elders have told him, What's going on. Um, give us a little bit of a timeline about that, And he's also going to reveal to you and, um and show for those of you who are watching this podcast, Um, some of his pieces that he has he has rings and rocks and things like that Skulls of Palladian beings, and he has rings Letter from rings of Atlantis. Hey, is one of the original three, so these air highly magical and very, very rare items that he has in his possession. So very excited to have him on. He's been on Graham, Hancock and many other talk shows around the world. Welcome, Stephen.

Steve Strong:   4:44
Hello, Ok to begin with, I'm a  teacher., I was involved in teaching original studies in New South Wiles. Um, I helped write the curriculum for New South Wiles with quite a few other people on DDE I toid Aboriginal studies in high school. And as I toured the studies, I taught the course that I'll write. I realized as I won the trust of the Children and the oldest in the community goes in, which was on in more worry, I began to realize that what I was teaching it that the kids was wrong. So what I did is I went back to the apartment education, tried to explain that we had to rewrite the curriculum of rewrite the course because I've been told basically every teaching was wrong. And lo and behold, I didn't want to listen to me. So I left teaching, started to actually write some books, which was an economically disastrous choice on that set us on a path we've been on for the last 10 years and which basically happiness, see, I'm an original person said. That does give me a slight advantage. I would lost 10 years. We've gone the country alive. Australia at Field Quest We don't go on the country unless we're Austin going to country my stock. You'll adjust, decide where they want to go. And until people they're coming. We sit here and wait to be asked. So we approach this differently. We do this proper alway original way. When original people went onto someone else's country that would let someone neither were coming from wait to be asked. So we do it the same. So the prime I was

Kirsten Sandefur:   6:32
that I think that's the That's the polite and Kym away. People should do things all together in life. But, uh, that's interesting.

Steve Strong:   6:43
Yeah, that's how this started. In the last 10 years, we've been hoping, and Evan Oh, we've probably done 60- 70 sites. We've been all over the country and we know what stage now where we've got a list. The place to get to him. We just can't get to himself. We get there when we can. And to be honest, I'm not that keen on going out country. I've been doing it for 10 years on 67 I'm feeling like sometimes I don't want to climb up place anymore. But I've told my wife for the last two years don't never get back on country. But that's rubbish. Just kicked Allan back anyway, so I can't get away from that primarily. That's what takes place. And because they'll just keep contact.

Kirsten Sandefur:   7:22
How did how did you? Yeah. So how did you start really? Getting the trust of the elders. So they started telling you kind of the secrets of the Well, it is the world. Earl. Don't say that.

Steve Strong:   7:41
Um I think that came about to an extent. We write it up three books for University Press for America, and some elders read the books and then they content, and that's as a result of that. So to begin with, it was more. The books we wrote which were more academic and the elders read that and felt we were coming from the right place. And then they started contacting us. One group, which is the Ramindjeri. Which is a group that um well their island has been basically burned to a crisp. It's Kangaroo Island, the whole island has been burned. . Whole long has been burnt. They contacted us first, and guys, I went down there for seven days. And then I finally decided to give me ceremony than they gave me a role and its called Wirritjin, which is black fellow white fellow dreaming. So I started from that, Um, that group are my main group but i've worked with many others. But I always got back an answer to the Ramindjeri because that was the first ones to give me ceremony. I've had about four more roles from other elders in other places. And that ceremony gives me the right to go on the places where I'm welcome like that. That gives me the right to keep doing what we're doing. So all this is done not as an academic, but as an interlockiter between academia and Aboriginal culture. And my job is basically when I go onsite, the elders show me what it is I want, they give me answer, which is really easy. And then I'll figure out the questions and then I present information that way. So my job is basically to present Not an academic story, but the elders story, because they are the keepers., the indigenous people.

Kirsten Sandefur:   9:31
they are They have taken care of us for so many years. And people don't really realize, you know, in the way we've treated them is absolutely horrible. Yeah, but the same with the Native American's here. They are the keepers of our history here.  And, you know, it's just I don't know that's a whole nother issue. But, um, it's how do you have to be of, um, of dissent of Aboriginal descent in order to be able Thio, um, be invited to into these initiations?

Steve Strong:   10:05
Absolutely not. Papa Alway Doesn't judge you on the skin. He Judges you on intent and on action. When I was given ceremony for the ramen jury, I never made an issue of my Aboriginal because I don't look that aboriginal. to be honest. I've never In fact, I never told anyone publicly that I was aboriginal until we had death threats from Aboriginal People. There were Aboriginal people saying, "What gives you , a white fellow the right to say this?" And I don't respect that sort of thing.

Kirsten Sandefur:   10:36
I don't either

Steve Strong:   10:39
My elders have told Me, the one that's my main older told Me " Spirit knows no color and I go by that every day. It's to with intent some of them some of the most aboriginal people in  Australia, are white and some of the most non aboriginal people are white. It's got nothing to do with color. It's got everything to do with intentions. So no, I was taken on, and many of these elders had no idea I wasn't aboriginal when I was given ceremony,  it wasn't issue for them.   What matters now as did then is where am I coming from with my intentions, Evan's intentions and then after that's not a problem. Proper Elders and  custodians of the old way. We want to share, so no, not a problem. You could be white, you can be black. You can be any color you want. It's not a color thing anymore. This is a culture thing.

Kirsten Sandefur:   11:33
Well, I think so Many people, you know, have have read these books that are actually works of fiction and taking them as works of you know of actual, uh, of things that have happened that works there, works of fiction, basically of walkabouts with with the elders that I can't remember the name that book. I don't know if you know,

Steve Strong:   11:55
you know I know what book you are talking about and , talking about well and it caused a lot of grief up here. Yeah, Steven Segal who came out here and sided with the original people attacked the people who did that. That was a fictitious account, and it was a pack of lies. But look, the point where that is, within that there was still respect for the culture. But actually, it wasn't done the right way. Um, but, you know, it's it's water off a duck's back because a lot of bad things are said about aboriginal people. A lot of bad things have happened to us men. If we worry about that, we'll never get out.

Kirsten Sandefur:   12:33
Yeah, now you're absolutely right. I like your outlook. Now what have the elder said to you? And I'm sure you've probably been given been privy to knowledge coming through about the ascension and what's going on right now. What has been said to you, because when I spoke with a friend of mine Arrole, Lawrence who is an Aboriginal elder, he said, Nobody's worried. Right now. Everybody's in peace, and I've heard a couple different things, you know, back and forth from different people about it. But that kind of makes sense to me a little bit, because if it were that the end days were coming, they would be in peace because they know it's part of the cycle and they accept it. But I'm wondering what your thoughts are.

Steve Strong:   13:16
Um, well, you know they aren't my thoughts, to be honest, because there's the thoughts of people around me and spoken to me. We actually, when we meet a new elder and they ring us, I always start by trying to work out because a lot of people can claim to be an Elder. All right, man, you can claim anything on this planet and you can, get away with it.  They are always asking the same thing. Tell me about the change. Now I have met an elder, that knows his stuff that won't say exactly the same story I've heard for the past two years. Now I've got to make a point about this. I actually don't like putting time scales on anything, but its  pretty hard not to when I keep getting told certain things, but quite simply the story I've been told time after time after time is incredibly consistent, whether it comes from Victoria, whether it comes from the Kimberley, whether it comes from the middle, whether it comes from the East Coast. There's an incredible consistency where the elders tell me things and they have no idea what I've been told by others. And it's just the same story with very little variation. And it goes a lot like this. I remember about two years ago when I got the first phone call from Brendan Murray. Daniel Victoria is a very well respected older off a keeper of all way, and he told me there's a change coming. I said to bring on or not again, might I heard that so many times I know. They said, We've never mind disclaimed before a ll The other times when people of my prophecies we shut up, Yes, just our proxy. Know this, and it goes like this. Um, I spoke to a woman who was at the meeting when this took place. It was based around the reunion. You were unification. All that reuniting off the seven sisters from the plea eighties and incarnated form and that took place about a year and 1/2 ago, and I got the information from the person was at that meeting. I'm what happened was six original woman's came up to this white woman and I said, Our science system because until you do, nothing changes. She said. What are you talking about? Tell us what you think. You know how much you believe from the very beginning. And I need this for me right now, which was gonna I knew what she was on it. She believes she's one of the sisters, and anyway, she's in our counts itis. And she said, When you have to sign says she did She said Yes on I believe in one of the system She said, You are, you're the 7th 6 the black one is Why? Because that's the way it's gotta be. And what I was told was that was the last confirmation. What I'm being told by the oldest was because in Australia we are aware of the fact there are different alien groups. What we're not interested in any of them were on the interest in the plea. I Deion's no one else kind of Australia about the player is and it was a deal night. I knew in the part. In the future they be needed again. I don't That was some don't call on, They're coming, and that's being very clear. Every older I've spoken. This is not long. I know some elders now gone Bush. I don't live in the country that I live in house anymore. They're just waiting. And Bush and the story is that they're only why and they will be. I know Sam Wilder's climates this year, but I'm not prepared to say that I've had a lot of able to say it will be this year, but that's all past it on. But I'm leaving. That's it, is I climb on. I'm going from about 50% to 90 Smiths and convinced that this is gonna happen that sometime very soon there will be a massive ship they will have up above the roof, which some pickle Israel. But that's the Yeah, huh And what's very interesting is I don't know if you know this. That about two months ago, three months ago, the last person was led to book on the

Kirsten Sandefur:   17:20
Ross. Yes, and when that happens,

Steve Strong:   17:22
a group of people went up on the last day because his last time up there no angry because they figured I had to write climb on this rock for ever. So they defecated on the site that you and I don't know. So I trashed it. I did everything. They were making it. Subsequently they did everything they can to make a statement about the anger about not being allowed to go where they want, even on sacred ground. The next day, Hillary was covered with the biggest storm that's been there in the last century. He was cleaning the rock. That'll rock had to be cleaned because what I'm told is the oldest from the oldest. All, um is that the ship will hover. 01 wanted Will have insisted Lanes. I don't care how old is old lands on a kid? Ah, Bobby LaRue. Uh huh. What? They are waiting for it. I'm gonna make this point. That's very clear. And I think you probably know this anyway, the rule amongst the aliens and extraterrestrials who have give respect as they can never interfere directly with what we do. I know that grace Break that rule and I know the reptilian do, but that's different. What On this occasion That we're still applies, The ship will hover. I'm not really a room. And then what it does? This is what all the olds of told me the same story. I even know the number. They need a certain number of people in Australia. He was still enlighten, not fearful, not scared. No worried about their jobs, not worried about everything else will creates will worry. And I are enlightened and want to give your soul to a change. If that number and I've got Children and I'm guys into six figures, so that worries me greatly. If that number is there, they will take that energy that will take the engine of the people in Australia that were concentrated into the ship. And then that ship, the energy will hit Billa room. It will then hit LaRue and charging larue up. Then it will go to five other sites in Australia, which I'm aware of three. I don't know what you two are roughly know where they are, but not specifically three. I do now and then those sites will be energized. And then that will create a Web pattern that will goto all around the globe on all the indigenous people that are sitting up for this. They have sacred sites will also be charged. Now the charge works. Something like this. I'm sure you're aware of the Shuman residents of the fact that has picked

Kirsten Sandefur:   19:42
up I'ma gatekeepers. Also, I do charging of the grid a

Steve Strong:   19:47
lot. Okay, Well, what's gonna happen is instead of peaking at 150 it will stay there permanently. But there's a drool back with that, according to the olders. And I don't doubt them because it's come from so many. I'm 95 9% convinced this is going to take place. The drawback is this. If there are the correct number here, yeah, she will hover, then fly off and very much like it he tried was going to the galaxy when the wilds clear off. When I say thanks for the fish, players will say thanks for the visit on off. And they'll leave us to our own devices. I'm told within two generations will be wiped out. That's your way. The hell of it ourselves. Yeah. If that's not the case, then the earth has to clear assault because where were dangerous? But yes, there is our own equivocation in this because what I've been told is there will be for a period of time to vibrations taking place. Symbol tiniest Li mon material plane, which is a physical impossibility. Which means the Earth will be vibrating at 100 and 50 Jew under whatever and some salt will gravitate towards that vibration. But others can't do it. It's too high for them. It will kill a lot of vibration and you'll have to You'll have beings on this planet now what? I've been told by the oldest because we can see each other. Someone like shadows. Yeah, but both cannot continue to exist. So what then takes place according to the oldest, is that the lower vibration withers and dies. And all off the people and souls that lean that way, whether they be bankers, CEOs, repped aliens, whatever, whatever group that may be on the special. Be honest. Probably 95% of the bankers were 99 but there might be a couple of her Okay, when it comes to generals and politicians Jesus, I think the number loving anyone find not generalize because they'll be repped aliens revolved to say You can't generalize like this. It's it's come and go. What then happens is is the lower vibration withers and dies. And as it does, all of the souls that have drawn that way, I locked into that vibration, picking that up after our little break. Primarily what takes place next is that we the stronger vibration takes over. The week of vibration finally disappears. And with that, the souls of those people locked in in that particular vibration which will be in the billions also just appear. What

Kirsten Sandefur:   22:27
do you mean by us here. So

Steve Strong:   22:28
Well, let's just say I'm gonna actually disagree slightly. Mr. Wilders, you've got your story that because I doubt that never resonated with me. And I've been told something simple later. That makes more sense. What my oldest told me begin most of what happens then What do you mean by disappear? Stable? They come back in. Can I come back again? And they will say it now. Well, a long stick. What you sign and they're indication was to begin with. But I don't think this is quite right there. Indication is that the salt will be destroyed that you have counted. But I'm being told something now that makes more sense. I've been told it's not so much their souls will be destroyed. It's that that will be banned on barred from re entering rain kind. I don't want this plan and that take place for mashing amount of time. We're going to maybe millions of years before the whole curses I will write again. Didn't I might get a chance, but I think they got that slightly role and that should be destroyed. My understanding is that would be banned on by admission from this planet because of what they've done here before. And because this was the last time where you had to make a decision as one of the oldest step to me to incarnate and become in the ball completely is a huge task. This time around, the bar has been set so you could help ever, and you get on the other side what? You gotta have his good intention and be away.

Kirsten Sandefur:   24:00
So it's not like the loss of one where you have to be 51% service to others and are not ok, OK,

Steve Strong:   24:06
that's got nothing like that. Each person will judge themselves. Major put symbol might derive judgment. Their soul will be the judge, jury and executioner. If their soul is attracted towards a higher vibration, that should be. Now you're running out of time. Go to warp step on. What I've been told is that from that point on, the U. S. Will resonate much higher vibration and that will lead to a being cleaned. And it started. So because I should probably know the North Pole is somewhere in Siberia and it's still moving. Well, it will right itself again, because the earth is now out of balance and it's wobbling as we know, right? Just balance back again. If that doesn't work, if there are the right number and I'm gonna make the point, it's six figures on Australia's got 25 million people are gonna tell you right now. Everyone's very fearful, ready? So it's

Kirsten Sandefur:   25:05
Why do you think it's It's just Australia? Is that because I know there would be some Westerners like myself who would be open to, you know, going there to offer you my energy to lie like that? That would be something I would. D'oh. Why why's that? Just Australia, where they're picking their choosing on Ellery

Steve Strong:   25:22
Straw you supplies where humanity began North Africa. That's where the first. I'm not saying there wasn't seating with the Anna, not with Syrians and others. Everyone. Cedars, for God's sake, We are dog's breakfast of genes. But people, the idea ins, the difference is I got the dreaming stories I know has I kind I kind as partners. That is not the case in other parts of the continent. They came here toe, learn from the original people and for us to learn from them. It was a partnership of equals that did not take place for the gold mining. The anarchy and other places and humans were manipulated and created, and I genetically changed to become compliant. And of course, we still see that to die everywhere

Kirsten Sandefur:   26:11
be there. It's

Steve Strong:   26:13
different. The plea idea in jeans are the genes where we're equal to them, where there is no imposition of one group on top of another. The stories I know the dreaming story about the first coming, and it was for quite some time, According to my oldest, they could not get here because we did not agree to it. The car. Okay, you can't sit up. I couldn't just barge in here like the D Ducks went slightly here.

Kirsten Sandefur:   26:38
That's why a lot of stories of Palladian in abducting people or things like that is they believe in the same philosophy. They have to be invited, right? Exactly. That's that that residents to That makes a lot of sense.

Steve Strong:   26:52
So that's basically the story of what we believe the essential. Actually, Billy and I, I know that I am aware off a story that took place stopping dial in Northern Territory when I met the guy. I'm one of the guys work with 60 minutes of cameramen is small by what took place. And he told me the story when an uncle of my concerts 91 of these sticks of held one and he said, The change is coming just warming this stick up because of all the sticks and all the sacred objects will be in the ground at the same time. We have to get this place sacred, so I'm just warming the stick up and watch what happens, and you place to stick on the ground in a parking dialling on the story was do about 90 people walking around that park at the time, and they fell down on the ground. Two people didn't. One was ago. I spoke to on the 60 minutes cameramen did for, and they laid there for five hours. Ambulances came for quite a few people, the hospital, and they work up for bounce light and said, What am I doing? And what the order toll? This guy, This guy told me a story says that's what will be coming. He said, Look around when you sleep only two didn't fall. You said, I think so. That was about 56 years that I got that happen. That's not a very good school, too out of no honey, that is not going to get us the number. We know itself. And as you probably know of all the years, and I know this is true, this will be met the most people and chaotic there. There's a reason when it's going to be the case, because it has to be because of his one, like the reptilian stra canyons and the ones who are still trying to hang onto this planet, keep this way, which is the plea ideas. Don't have enough people to feed the energy. Or if they don't have that, any people. Then the rep tunes on the dry canyons and probably run this place creeps. It's that simple. It's a dividing line for humanity. If we just get story

Kirsten Sandefur:   28:46
really needs to get out there, though, I mean, you know, I can't I mean, this is very important stuff. People need to realize that it's not now or never make you know if we're gonna do this, we've got to get the energy from everybody now. Or, you know, tomorrow might be too late. I don't think it's just a That's the out

Steve Strong:   29:04
flyers and destroy it,

Kirsten Sandefur:   29:06
um, are symbolic. Have

Steve Strong:   29:09
nightshade beginning the cleaning of the planet, and it starts in the Strider again.

Kirsten Sandefur:   29:13
I just told her yesterday to as well, I said, I think because I was getting some channeling is that the fires would start of the of guy a cleaning herself of, you know, the evil and

Steve Strong:   29:27
it is. But you know what's interesting about this? And it's quite interesting that in Australia it's a very conservative country has been for a long time and when you do, surveys about what's the most important issue whenever the economy is high environment is about six or seven for the first time ever in Australia, the most important issue in this trial for the first time ever, miss the environment and the animals. You see, this is the first time we've had bushfires with people said What about the animals? They've never been mentioned in a bush by ever in Australia, ever. We never think about the animals. We've lost Beaton's. I think we must have got 3/4 of all the qualities that will be burnout, kangaroo violence, kangaroo honesty. Last place in Australia. Most people don't have a seat. Don't notice all of the animals. All the clothes in Australia on the mainland, disease with chlamydia, some sort of some sort of disease like that. The ones on kangaroo on a clean. Yeah, unfortunately, kangaroo on this being but through. And we had about 20 30,000 quality. They're talking about three or fourth and left. Three or 4000 arrested, did die are the only clean Khurana is left in a strike on all the other ones have got this disease, which is spreading through them, causing grief when we can't stop

Kirsten Sandefur:   30:46
This sounds sounds similar to, you know, the nose arc story like, you know, all the animals were being destroyed, like doesn't you know, resonated? It's all seems like this is so cyclical like this. We've been here before and it's just happening again. You know,

Steve Strong:   31:01
it's not the first time.

Kirsten Sandefur:   31:03
Yeah, that's what I thought. It's

Steve Strong:   31:04
on this before, but this is actually you can go back to prove stones. Obviously Landis's want Yeah, they made mistakes. And I feel that if I know now, I have been talking many people. This is worse because you have Nan Tien's. We're using crystal any

Kirsten Sandefur:   31:19
all right?

Steve Strong:   31:19
We just burn anything. We don't care where the smoke goes from where the pollutants girl, we don't care. It doesn't matter. I had some degree of control in the land is bit of feeling Why? Because there were things that went wrong. But in this case, we've gone much further. We're much further down the line and what's basically happened this nature is now claiming is backing across Australia The issue with the strike him Mr. Iyer, is not a normal bush like you guys have got overseas. Our Bush is human made. The original people have been fire stick farming and burning this land now for 10 hundreds of thousands of years. Now we do know if you go back to Australia. Site 4 to 500,000 music out Countries made up a list of 1% of the vegetation in this country because the original people been burning. What's taken place is the trees that survives small soft buyers and germinating this place like you live Some waffles and occasions have become the dominant species because the original people have been burning. Then suddenly hundreds of sales but

Kirsten Sandefur:   32:23
burning the bush right? This is the burned to cleanse. This

Steve Strong:   32:26
is called soft, but not the way white fellas do it today, when we become begin pruners what a soft burn is that will take an area that was most like burn one patched in another. They call out to the animals trace amount. First they've got to scape woods. When they do another one, maybe 100 meters away, then another and then they come back later and do the other ones. And if you keep soft burning went out as opposed to what we do now. Then you control the environment. And there's nothing that burns up the box and explodes the trees, which is what happens now. I used to look out land when the white Feliz kind kicked. All the black farmers often said we'll do it our way. Well, well involved, ladies and gentlemen, because this Bush needs spire and it's gonna be managed properly. The people will be managing a strider. Hundreds of thousands of used with sent out the back and told to shut up. We hit, and now I'm noticing all over. Now the media staying. I think we've got it wrong. Boys and clothes. Maybe you black fellas how to do

Kirsten Sandefur:   33:27
it? It's not a problem. We don't know how we're doing.

Steve Strong:   33:30
Well, isn't this great? I've just written an article for Nexus, which is a big Australian magazine. And Duncan Rights, right asked me to ride in on you, and in it I got an example of one farm and this farm A listen to the black fellas and he let them come and do fire stick farming, stock burning on this land. And he did it everywhere. He went back to his farm and his farm was the only one that wasn't bird and a ll. The buildings were untouched except one. And I was a building fire at meters when you know why was burned because he didn't do the fire stick farming down on that building, but did it on the wrist. Now the story Time off the time where black feathers were doing fire stick farming where that area is fine and every world is just burnt to a cinder. You know, stories on that. So we No, no, because we've seen it and it's in the piper and it's being reported by the IBC. It's reported by us off. This here is our chi, and every time we find out, it's been burnt away. New way burning? No. Good, because you're gonna burn all you're gonna burn down the house. Old way is you burn outside the house and you burn on the Lord and it's just a soft fire and it goes out the same days bleed. That's the difference. And l nothing goes their way. We used to have a situation in Australia where the fire is put out. The fires they can't do. We cannot put out the fires in Australia until we get three or four inches. And if it doesn't rain, it will keep burning forever. We can't put it out. We cannot put out one fire mail. We used to be able to put him on the far as well tell you these claims are going up. 30 40 50 moves and they jump a kilometer in one shot before they know it. They traveled on three sides by fire. What they do is they stay in their house and try and protect them, and we lose thousands of houses. I mean, I couldn't protect them. They just couldn't do it. That's all we're doing. What we're doing is we're standing at a dyke and we put your fingers in there and we're hoping we put enough fingers in here. But seriously,

Kirsten Sandefur:   35:32
that doesn't work. Yeah. Have you heard about this story about what's going on in L. A room this weekend about the opening up of the portal? Um, a lot of play. Etienne's. You don't Do you think it's okay? I

Steve Strong:   35:45
know there's a group that doing a big thing. They're doing a ceremony there this weekend, and they've been making a dish. A woman I do know is the group's involved in one of mash me. If I would publicly site, that is gonna be this weekend, you know? Look, it's either it's because I would never tell him that I was off by two. That it might be towards the end of the year. But it's not a stock. You not know. Why did I have not had one rich guy? Neither people said this, but I haven't had one original person has got up and said in private Everyone, the change will take place early. General, that's not been stable. Anyone, I think, basically. And I'm gonna be very honest about this. E predict. I had that. They took that place that you were in Africa, right? Happened that meetings, they

Kirsten Sandefur:   36:33
Wow, I didn't know.

Steve Strong:   36:34
I think it's a lie about drumming up bombs on personally because I don't know why. I know they've said that my ass may decide. No, I wouldn't. And if they took someone to Sire, I'll tell you now, they don't announce it like that.

Kirsten Sandefur:   36:50
Resonated with me, too. When I heard about it, I was like, Well, but they are doing a group meditation, which, which is I know is very effective. When a lot of people meditated same time vibration to raise

Steve Strong:   37:05
the rocks got up there. What's gonna get ready? It's not gonna hurt that you were positive energy towards the rock because the rock will be that the focal point of all this on all of most of those people when their energies are called a little behind in forward and I'll become so It's not a bad thing in that respect, but I think it's bold on one

Kirsten Sandefur:   37:26
with the money. Part is, when you involve money and meditation for something that's not you're getting the wrong result. You know, if it isn't

Steve Strong:   37:34
roll back. If you might that statement and it doesn't happen, then it lessens it for everyone because it was all you said that before and it didn't happen. You know, you hippies, you make these stories up, didn't type place. What a lot of crap, because once you say something's gonna happen, it doesn't. Then it becomes like crying. Wolf isn't inside the second time to say you have a deputy. Well, I don't think it's a very good idea to make a client. Because if it doesn't happen, you know that it's not gonna look good.

Kirsten Sandefur:   38:03
Yeah. Yeah. Now what do you what? What are your ideas? What can we do to help? Like Westerners? Especially because a lot of my M listeners are Westerners. What can we do to help? Um, the played Ian's with this energy increase in to help, there's nothing

Steve Strong:   38:22
there isn't. There isn't because that that part of what I've said they're going to come. They're gonna land here. But the part of this where people can know is this that if these planet it is in war in fear of war, which we are in fear economic collects and fear of losing their job. And if people stop getting out and cover it up and enveloped in that that blanket of FIA place crew. So what people have got to do is it gonna be positive throughout this year and they've got a talk. Things like you've been a silence team's gonna happen and believe them and tell other people we call this seed dream. If you put the story out and you throw it out to a lot of people, most you look at and say one letter crap. Some will say all. I don't really believe it. If she was saying it could be something here, but I'm not keen on that. That's okay. But then has steams evolve over the next few months, months to go on and they see more and more of the world falling apart. They might start to think, Well, maybe that's around the way out, and they may start to think more about it. So primarily the best way that all of us

Kirsten Sandefur:   39:32
is to start talking

Steve Strong:   39:33
deal with this is to talk about it. Toe believe in a meditation. If you want to do that all those things and talk to other people about you see the only way we're going to change this world. It's not through governments there beyond hope. You are under the control of others. That's not gonna change. The people can change, not the governments and the people have got to believe. But there's a change and they've got a look at this inside. Well, this is crap, But why we live is pathetic. This can't continue. That's got to be a better way, particularly when you look at it from my point of view or get a grandchild of mine. No, I just think the world that we might be in shit, I

Kirsten Sandefur:   40:10
have a daughter as well and it scares me. It scares

Steve Strong:   40:13
you. I tell you, in the same situation. You know, I make my chi 70 20 years old man, if he'll probably be tight. But for my grandson, he screwed because the white things are now how leaders kennel decide anything except making money. That's what they're there for and run on any employment contest and we have to change. So basically, what people need to do is the ones most your listeners are implicitly on open Madang upto that because this year you're gonna be pulling the strings you'd find on revel in the whole thing. The reptile Ian's had. I don't believe. Look, I believe my oldest site the end of the year I believe it's gonna be from the next year or two years or three, so I know it's gonna be closed by now. They come. Yeah, I don't know if Tim eso what people have got to do. It's gotta just say, Well, I decided people and I say it's ridiculous like? Well, then his your option. More of sign. I saw that I was Well, can you try and you don't tell you they can't. So how will we change? That will be troublesome then then if that's the case, we can't change ourselves. We need help. I think a little picnic again. Help us. But there's one thing one point I'm gonna make about this. I asked the oldest about this too. When the ship comes, I said I should mind when the ship comes and I see the nor gonna say our people, right? I wanna join. Tells me not to late. Like you said, it's gotta be a leap of fight. You have to believe that it came for change. And if you can't believe that, Mike, that the fabric of where you come from don't come after you've been sale. When I joined the train because there's no room. But the teams were picked before the referee chained to blow the whistle. So you gotta be clear about that, and I could be able to get to say, Well, I want evidence you're not gonna get. You are not going to get Jesus in the sky coming here and across and saying boys and girls by It's not gonna be like that. That's what every person's gotta make a decision. They've gotta make a decision about the future and their Children's future about where they should take themselves. So they want to do this, that I want to continue or do they want to try and prepare to something? I said The people And they say, Well, what if it doesn't happen? What have you lost?

Kirsten Sandefur:   42:30
Yeah, that I was just going to say that that's so funny because it's not even regardless of the spirituality aspect of it. What, Right now what's going on is not working right? Everybody believes that. Okay, a

Steve Strong:   42:42
compass tried. You see what's the work? And you run the

Kirsten Sandefur:   42:44
scarier It gets better, you know? I mean, it's funny, and I think a lot of it, too. If people each person would do their ancestral healing for them in the past generations, that lifts a lot up to, you know, just doing that for yourself into each individual, and that gets rid of a lot of the clutter. Be ableto stay positive, you know, and well,

Steve Strong:   43:09
people have asked me What? What is it you need to do to make sure that your part with us It's simple or something? Two words. I said. What do I follow? A Teaching us all shit. Now it doesn't matter whether you I I think just religious. It doesn't matter. You judged on two things on the words of good intentions. That's it. Nothing else counts. I don't care which team you belong to. And I give you Buddhist, Muslim India Jewish doesn't matter to me. And I'm a careful if you want an icy. It's because itis in some respects I give them credit. I didn't I Well, they've got no incentive to buy. Well, they must take it'll. They're only gonna be wants. And if they buy well, respectfully, I get an extra ticket because I don't even have the instead of to do anything but so handle, too. So we won't be climbing a team. I believe in Jesus. I believe in what I believe in. Anything will be to do with the fact What do you like when you do with people? How do you talk to people? Are you an angry person? Do you respect other people? Do you love the environment, those of

Kirsten Sandefur:   44:14
you treat yourself well. And how do you speak to yourself about yourself? You know that those kinds of things matter to you know, the negative talk to yourself. That whole thing getting out of that cycle, I think, is important, too, because others well, you have to treat yourself well first.

Steve Strong:   44:29
Exactly. And you've got to remember to the soul is a record of everything you said and done and you can't carry. You can't get rid of it said that for when you come to be judged, you'll be judged irrespective of what you think, simply by how, what you said what you've done, and it's not difficult to respect. 19. It's not hard to find a koala, think difficult to watch. If you are upset by that, then you shouldn't really be here anymore. And it's best to leave this planet because, you know, used to us anymore. So it really comes down to the fact now is what you're doing right now what she was thinking about, But why you behind that should judgment. No one's going to judge you, but just so there's no being up there that's going to stand in line everyone up and say yes. You get a possible find. You do it yourself there on the problem is that the moment you don't realize what some people don't realize that your soul is gonna be a vory script and hard task mask you filed and it will give you a file in there. So this is the time. But please, when people start putting times and tights and same time you it's gonna happen in the long run, that's not a good thing, because when it doesn't happen, then people lose spikes and give up. And I said, Well, I thought it was gonna happen, but it didn't. And therefore, if it doesn't happen, you know, I just get back with the other claims. So that's the far apart on concerned about with that meeting.

Kirsten Sandefur:   45:58
I understand what time is It is a man made concept. Anyways, you know, just time it's going to happen. But time doesn't matter. It will happen. It's just, you know that and that's I firmly believe in that, too. I think. I think what everything you've said has 100% resonated with me and I don't think I've heard anything yet to this point that that I've felt that way about everything that you've said seems to be right on par with the things that I think you know and the things that I internally, no. And that it just This sounds like it makes sense, you know? And I think a lot of other people who are, you know, meditate who are are trying to work on, bettering themselves and working on the ascension, things like that. I think this will resonate with them, too.

Steve Strong:   46:48
Well, I've got an advantage because it's no. I've been lucky enough to get a lot of concrete evidence, something. It's well known in the strident, particularly strong. And government knows this back the front that we found a plea idea. We've gotta play out in skull if they could see you now ask for, like ever five meters away from where I'm sitting

Kirsten Sandefur:   47:07
now, Maybe it

Steve Strong:   47:07
doesn't. That's a play, Etienne Skull and I've been in contact with the fights. I speak to the top level of government in New South Wales. It knows about this and die with this. I've got four letters from the government to put me in jail. I've got about seven or 80 miles threatened to put me in jail. And it's being constantly last two years for the government

Kirsten Sandefur:   47:28
threats and things like that. Because on what

Steve Strong:   47:31
point is this we found for these skulls in Australia I've lost to use. Why now? We've also got an Atlantean ring which has been found in Australia in the last. And I got it right now with me. We found all these things recently, and I keep wondering why all these things turning up in this trial? I mean, the ring from Atlantis is absolutely the best proof on the planet that have planned to suggest. I don't know where it is, but we can prove they exist now. Why did you turn up now? Why didn't turn up 500 years ago or 600 years from there? Why are all these things turning out? Because the government I didn't spoke of people in the government. They say the skull you've got there's nothing like along this planet and is now a human that even comes close to what this thing's like. I mean, it's it's

Kirsten Sandefur:   48:17
yet. Do you let people see it or touch it?

Steve Strong:   48:20
touch it. No. God, no. No. No one but me has touched it and nearly killed me. No, no. I was on Distort for six months when I touched that skull. And I'm not okay with it now. But if anyone stretched killed him with a couple of minutes No. Now he comes from way back, and it shouldn't be touched. A girl. I'm allowed to touch it because it's with me now to try to kill me. Oh,

Kirsten Sandefur:   48:40
what about what about looking at it. Do let do, let other people come and see it, or do they get energy's off of it? What

Steve Strong:   48:47
will? Give me one minute? I'll get you for sure. Sorry. Back down. A wife for sex with anyone back now. No, We're gonna talk about this. Okay? First up, what I'll do is I'm gonna show you a portion of the actual skull, but give me a second. I'm going for the glove once lose, because I don't contaminate. Right? Okay. Can you see that?

Kirsten Sandefur:   49:25
Yes, I can. Oh, my

Steve Strong:   49:27
God. It's far. There it is. Sideways states forward.

Kirsten Sandefur:   49:33
Yeah. No. Well, no, it's Yeah. It's like, not like a normal head. It's Wow.

Steve Strong:   49:39
here is one of these. When we got the I p eight pieces put together, this is a cast. Can you hold it? Where could be seen? I'll turn every advice on there. It is it Can you see this night forward? And when I hold it

Kirsten Sandefur:   49:53
up, I like I'm getting intense energy when I look at that. Really, Uh, just over the That's

Steve Strong:   50:00
weird. Now shake the reconstructed skull. This took six months and two experts to do. And this is a reconstructed skull. Based on those eight pieces and and photographs of 50 photos, we took up a complete skull with a complete face intact. I've seen that too, in a burial site. Now, this guy's made a mistake because he's made for it too high. What you'll get to see this time this is is the size off the eyes. Wow. Now I'll tell you a few things about the skull Number one. It has no stooges. Number two. I want you look the skull. This way. Look at the back of it.

Kirsten Sandefur:   50:37
Oh, my gosh. Yeah.

Steve Strong:   50:39
Now I'm gonna tell you something. You're a woman. Would you like to give birth to this?

Kirsten Sandefur:   50:44
And now now? I don't know nothing.

Steve Strong:   50:46
Good. Now you're going to state, please, because a normal SAPIEN, the widest part of the mule he is the widest part, isn't back. By the way, this is 4 to 500 cc, bigger in brain capacity than any home. A staple. If you see the eyes. Yeah, 6% bigger than a home SAPIENs. All rights, then no start in line with the eyes. The most amazing part about this this peeing is when I was on a burial site with it was taken in by the oldest. The humerus bone, which is the bone from appear that goes down to the older right you're wasn't mind is somewhere between 28 32. The basketball is my goats for the three cause they lost and Cuban is 35. I picked up the humor skull with gobs, Of course, I put it against my arm and it went half the way down past my elbow down to here on The weird part was when I got down there, there's no elbow joint. It measured 43 centimeters and we hadn't got to annul their joint, which means the arm has to be over a meter long, which means

Kirsten Sandefur:   51:55
that they're acting like they're about 14 feet tall. I mean, there's something right

Steve Strong:   51:59
up. No, they are not because I measured the femur bone and it's exactly the same sources. Morning. So it's not a joint. Wow, is my point. The bone Despina was no thick up the one inch I'm using one inch because you Americans start instead of making some money. Givens his twice since the because it's mine mine arm. Now he's My problem is being we found is, um, is much longer than any arm on any primate, anything on the planet. But it went with the bones to think Why did nature boys grow something that bloody wrong? Right, that thin? Because by the time you put the ligaments and muscles on that, it's a useless piece of work. You couldn't play tennis with it. You could pick up a couple of rocks and throw them. But you be careful because you might hurt him. It doesn't work. Now. What I've got is I gotta being there. I've shown you, and as always, you can't go in the dialogue with. There's always

Kirsten Sandefur:   52:59
now I'm

Steve Strong:   52:59
launching this building. Would have to wear sunglasses permanently. But even if he did that, what use is the arms? So one question is my problems. We found four of these brings spread 2000 K's away in Australia or the same time nature has made a huge mistake. It he can't go out in the day and his arms start work. Why would Night should do that. But if the being was born in a darker place with less gravity Lygia Roy's thinner arms, a spineless gravity I can still get the ligaments and muscle tone now because I don't have the pressure of gravity. So what I have I want to show you

Kirsten Sandefur:   53:36
that makes complete sense. Yeah, so they they obviously aren't from here. What

Steve Strong:   53:41
you've got with this thing here, the one I'm holding up. I'm not allowed to take this out of this room or putting John. The government's told me that four or five times I'm not allowed to test it. I'm gonna let you take any of these bones out of this room. What do you

Kirsten Sandefur:   53:54
keep in your house? But they won't let you do anything, Although

Steve Strong:   53:57
I know it's I know it's me and I know it's in my house. They'll let me keep it in the house. If I took it outside the house, I've got a test that I'd be in jail inside a guy. I'm

Kirsten Sandefur:   54:06
surprised they haven't come and confiscated it from you.

Steve Strong:   54:09
Ah, because it's so well known that I've got her. Um, it's very difficult for them because we nine throughout Australia is bringing the radical whatever on they all the academics. Now we've got everybody and as recorded, and they actually think they'll writing income status that the government after we constructed Discover, put it at this level one I've shown you here e didn't back down and get a favorite and shit all we're not gonna put you in jail anymore. In fact, I got a letter off two weeks ago on official warning where they said, we're not gonna put you two in job for one offense right now, but we could later on. So right now we are not taking the job, but what they're saying, it very simply is shutting. It mounts up, and we might leave you a lamp. If you cause us more trouble. You're going so but that tell me why was it found now? Because it came here. They play idea. This is the player you were talking about. They came here a long, long time ago to heal this planet and filed. So they're coming back to complete the journey. We believe that is Breen's thereabout knowing 100,000 years old.

Kirsten Sandefur:   55:19
Now, do you speak with the plate? Ian's? Do you do channel them, or do you want with them? No.

Steve Strong:   55:25
Now, I just Honestly, look, I was a principal. I actually do science, okay? And that's when everything I'm causing a lot of problems with mine straight. Because if I was channeling, we're doing stuff. What? That they'd love to hear that.

Kirsten Sandefur:   55:37
Because in that yeah, yeah. You know,

Steve Strong:   55:39
like, it's something like when I got the Atlantic right First, you know, he was with chemistry. Yeah, we think that what was in it. I start with science and my job when the oldest told me was mailed. This said this. We have a blackfella story. You got black white Fela thinking you tell them the white films were there thinking what we're saying is true and there's a darling get a society. So that's been my brief from the very beginning. Do I believe in all the things of magical parts in here? I do that when I'm doing this. I always separate the two. I'll do a whole lot of signs and then say, Okay, now he's my part. You can take a leader, but it's gonna be part of this story because when I go in the country, I know original people. We're dealing with magic first and foremost, renewal second. So I have to acknowledge it, but I have to make sure before I've done that, I've cleared up all the scientific, Gidget said. For this stuff here discolored. Yeah, the government knows what we've done. We've written many papers on it, they and where it's going around, Phoebe. But it's going around so much now to come and attack us and steal it off us. Remember what's very important? The skull was found in 1953 in January, which is when I was born, but most importantly, until 1966 in Australia, original people were counted in the census in 1965 with koalas and kangaroos that weren't counted. His people had no legal protection, and when they finally got legal protection in 1972. It wasn't retrospective. This was found in 1953. I know that. And so does the government. Which means if I want to Yeah, but what I want to do is I want to analyze,

Kirsten Sandefur:   57:15
then. Yeah, well, that's so important, because, you know, when I when I do my psychic work, um, I have an algorithm that I had created for me to track my accuracy. I'm very scientific about it as well, Like everything that I d'oh, I tried Thio, you know, apply the scientific principles to it so that it isn't so woo to everybody, you know, because that's the only way we legitimize these things because we all know they exist. But for the people that don't, um, you know, I think it's it's helpful to bring it down to the level of science to them because even what scientists are doing nowadays, they don't have an idea of any of this. It's like that's not real science. What they're doing is a real science. In my opinion, no

Steve Strong:   58:02
signs of magic should run together. I don't do that. We try and we try and festival present science and then say Okay, he's science. Now let's talk about I'm in the case with that, Scully,

Kirsten Sandefur:   58:16
wait a story like you guys out there doing this. I said when we need more people like you out there doing this because I think

Steve Strong:   58:25
if they don't end up Joe, I don't remember this being here has no suitors.

Kirsten Sandefur:   58:33
Yeah, that's it. That's it. With Bloom. Yeah,

Steve Strong:   58:34
that's so important. You're gonna understand Lucy at 600 cc, 3.4 million years since suit, How did that harmony grows Because he had sued chisel harmonies have searchers. That's what's that. That's what separates us from. Or all the apes are primates because age some primates have sexual kill on the top of the head, which meant men's their brain will never, ever get bigger. Because we have suit we supposed to trumpet much. That doesn't make sense. Anyone believe you, but because this one nice know searchers. I can't envisage how women give birth to this thing because there'll be no given tight in the skull. It want Ben, which is what it does when it's birth control. That's why you couldn't get skull through without the searchers searches. Guys, you're gonna have to have Syrian don't have kids.

Kirsten Sandefur:   59:34
You sure you can. You show me the ring, Steve, that you have, um, and explain

Steve Strong:   59:38
from the library and one of the Atlanta eat because they're wonderful, actually. Here it is. Here, trying. Hold up. He's here. Yeah. Unusual one. Respected. The story with this ring is that I love you. I have people who buy these things on the open market when they're being solved and seeing around the world. That's how we get all this stuff because it's gonna strike has been sold everywhere. These people buy these things for me. They buy me Iraq state. Blimey, skulls. They buy me everything and and then one person around a map and see that found this ring. When I said the rose of the time, What's your dish? And she said, I'm gonna buy. I think we should look at it and see why I said I don't do it. I said, you put me out in country. I'm fine. Give me scalpel with that Do rocks. I've got 180 sacred rocks and other stuff on fine with, but I don't do rings that anti personal adornments you said that the ring needs to be bored. US. It rise. If you want to watch, you can. But that's your decision, not mine. So she bored and then she rung me up and told me I'm having a problem with the great I said, What's that? She said, It keeps disappearing. You mean, she said, We put it on a time when we will put it on the kitchen. Time we walk out, we come back. It's going, doesn't come back. This read eyes and there it is on the kitchen table. Sit on the issue of sure that's the case. Then I found out her husband didn't believe it, Eh? That's how he put the ring and put it in on the kitchen table Walk. That's like comeback was gone. Didn't come back for four days, and eventually when it did come back the ring, that's what I was told gonna come down to May. So they sent it to me, and so she sent it to me and it was in the black pouch, which is not a moment for three months. Like walk past it right, right about rocks. And I was writing that silence and I walked past the great reed. What am I gonna write? Nothing. And I left. I didn't go in here for three months. I'm finally I did simply because I thought what I know. She spent a couple $100 on this. Really? Geez, I better do something. She's done it better, right? So this is what the article is gonna be about. Three paragraphs. This ring, a story I could I knew was this. It was found in the Goldfield in yourself. I was a place called Hyland was found by a prospector. And what happened? She went there with his might. And I bought a brand you messy, mentally checked out. And in typical Australian fashion, they decided to celebrate their win before they got out in the field. And they got drunk that night. Really drunk, celebrating effective. They're gonna find God. That was Hope is healing is a gold mine. So I'll make this short notice. His name is It's quite happy from the user's name and back it up. Opening. I'm saying I spoke to in person. He gets up in the morning feeling very city. You gotta hang on. This is our man got this notion of used before better practice because he's might was asleep. So he decides to go up. This hill is not gold up that you'll everyone knew that doesn't track up there with old Blighty grass off ST Pictures off. Nothing, man. Halfway up, the only machine goes off. What's going on? He is not happy. And he starts Deegan and you guys stand on the meter. Full meter takes a wall, and he stopped it. You know what I'm doing? My summertime he puts the machine, That guy's off. We're gonna be And he keeps thinking that went in one on our mix one and 1/2 meters beneath the surface on inside of you. You know how long it takes to get there? Normally, about 50,000 years. It was normally place If we just dropped in there, people talk. Wow. He digs it, Leo. And it's just a little company. And, uh, and then went funny claims he went down to the creek, claim it. And if you look at it, it looks like gold. Yeah, and it's got markings on it. So he takes the markings around all these different people. Look, the markets I don't know what it is done on what it is, but it's ancient and it is engine you can see thought war most simple syrup warn You could just see most So far only sees that guy. What cleans it up He goes and gets it outside. What does he want? He wants gulf, doesn't it? Right? And he gets that. I've seen it. I've got I've got the reading. This isn't gold, not prison. It's got copper. It's got sink. It's got where it's got on and it's got new. Hey, looks at things. Copper, zinc. That's nowhere. Shit, I'll sell it. Is that what he had for five years? Okay. And they'd find yourself. So all I knew was I was going to write and say that ring was found in the dirt. And it shouldn't be because of regional people in place to make copper rings like that. Then what the hell does that mean? End of story. Then I decided, Well, I don't do computers, you know? Really? When I said I can't turn the Skype on the way, we wouldn't be talking. I can't even ring on my ball. Found yes to give it to me and say someone's talking. You all bring himself. I can't do it. I have no interest in computers

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:4:29
for you, though. Good for you. That's how most people should be. I wish my life so I

Steve Strong:   1:4:35
won't touch him. I think I need it. I won't even hold him. I wanted to carry my girlfriend. I'm going anyway. I decided because Evan wasn't there. I'm gonna type these five women seemed Seemed fine on the computer. Yeah, and I spent three hours. I couldn't find a paper that had a ll five elements in the sight of a

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:4:54
blessing in the same

Steve Strong:   1:4:54
sometimes of cadmium in there or a chin. And it was never the sign. But there was one really on week opinion. I wouldn't get it because I've read what we completed say about us, and it's not very nice, right? Very nice. But I don't think much of them as an authority. Anything but finally a winter, because I was desperate along the hall when I went to the page. There I see the word Aphrodite, Homer Plato, plenty of the older of the final person. I'm gonna read this. And there I find exactly the five same five elements in the same order and Wikipedia causes the mythical. Are each Malcolm that was found in a mythical place called Atlantis. And, as you would know, the word mythical in Wikipedia. MENSA later. Shit. Right. But that Okay, fine. And then I read some more about this story gel which has got the same elegance. And I find that plenty of the older said the mines were exhausted in the first century BC that we're going, I find the Plato. We read what he could say, checked it and retires. And they talked about a lot. I know we're talking about it in the past tense, or each album wasn't there anymore. But what we found out was our Each elkin was used and was revered as much as gold in the plant is, in fact, the Temple of Poseidon, Italy. Eat up was lying. The inner temple was lying. The walls the floor were lined in. Or each album the plant that had the writings of Poseidon and evidence was on maid avoid shall come. And it was a gold dome. On top on there were our Rachel come temples oaks where and when the sun shone on them with rig and you could see them kilometers away, 2030 corners away. It was the most sacred metal on the planet. It was devoted to Aphrodite E as her middle

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:6:40
from Atlantis. This is this

Steve Strong:   1:6:42
race only from Atlantis. So what we then had it's the beginning of a story. But I prefer to go through the sign so much. Not so much the magic, but we didn't have enough. Didn't have enough, I thought, Okay, this is it Could be that. But then we found we did more research and we found it there. Wa sorry. Children found in a Roman boat that was written near a gram. And Gillian was wreck me. Sicily from the sixth century BC, and in there with 30 I in God's saying, Colorist is Justin got and they were gonna be used in Rome and coins. But it's sunk. Our understanding was that was the last mine. Our mining, I kind of lands have been taken out and that we're working on my mind and at some stage, probably after the sixth century before the fourth century, that mine was exhausted. So my problem waas this thing I got here. Could have been Roman a little bit. So what we then do? I'm still doing science. We then found out what? The breakdown off the R H al Comores in the Roman galleon. And we've got the breakdown of a house and we found out something quite interesting. And it was this in the Roman R H. Welcome. The copper is 75% or higher, this 1 73.96%. It's below 75 So there's a bit of a difference there. Zinc in the are each alcove in the rhyme and countless. Gillian was 20% Olarra. Alice is 25.6. That's a big difference. Yeah, National saying way got a difference. He then we looked at the trace elements on the trace elements, which were nickel lead and all in right up 5 to 10% in the count galleon. And this is the big one with this. Those three elements make up point less than 30.0.5 of a percent. Like home your path IQ drops. They're putting toe Liston 0.5. You had the three together. It's about 30.46 Something percent is massively different. 10 times less. So what did we get from that? Yes, the Romans were mining, or Rachel comes. But it was not from the same mind that this came from. So now I'm starting to think we have some fairly strong circumstantial evidence. Right? But this isn't an Atlantean ring, but they were still two things left The markings on him.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:9:15
Uh huh.

Steve Strong:   1:9:15
And rots. He's a fantastic research. I found out one of the markings, and I can't show it to you right now. But look, if Ugo, our website will see pictures of it, anyone alone behold, most people might know what I'm talking about. This a statue, a set path. It's holding the world on his shoulders.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:9:31
Yes, Yes.

Steve Strong:   1:9:34
Don't miss. It is a motif that goes all the way around. Yeah, Come from the Berbers. It's their symbol for happiness, which is identical. The four of the symbol t nowhere. So we then thought okay. The Berbers would say that symbol represents happiness. Annapolis is a sign of her cycle because of Francis was lying after that. But I still had the other symbol to look at. And the other symbol consisted of five circles. When you look very closely all of the circles of different diameter and above. It is a straight line in a vertical bar on below it is the straight line of vertical wind. So I went back to Plato. We looked at the description of a glance and landed in a part of a Mantis, was made of five rings off earth and water. What we have, he five rings asked. Those rings were straight roads that went across vertically and horizontally, then connect them all together. Whatever I have above and below it. Horizontal and vertical lines. They don't go through the rink that they didn't just destroy it because it's only There's four meals by four mills each. Captain, you can't do that. So what about you have got Atlas before and the other five and made five rings with those straightened really belong. So I'm saying that's got to be the firings of Atlanta's. So now we have three different points that point to sign mine. Now, this ring, I can tell you, um, we had office might for one, which was quite a few 1,000,000. Another one said name your own price and I didn't buy the ring and the lady bought the ring was quite tempted. Yes. Said the person is gonna offer you seven right 1,000,000 for that. Would you invite them home to your house? No. A simple. Do you think that I should have this ring? She thought about it. Marks is a lot of money might. But who we didn't

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:11:27
know about the magic of the ring. And And what do you think it's capable of doing? Because people can't touch that, right? Even that there's, ah, it has, like, a healing property as well as the the opposite way. But

Steve Strong:   1:11:39
here's the problem with that. Okay? The problem with that is I suspect I'm a scientist. Now, if I'm gonna prosecute the fact that it's magic because look, there's a bit more to this story and I'll try. Just do that story to die because this is a bit more to fill it out. I went back to the computer before that. Okay, I've got an Atlantean ring Bill. Mother runs. So I had a wind. I've only been in the computer once of a lot. Got to resolve it. I'm gonna get to it. So I typed up Atlanta in green and there's an entry. There's an entry, this one. And luckily I know the family. I didn't know a person who belongs to the family that got involved in this and the family that got involved. It's the guy that got involved with this ring. Is a guy called Howard Carter. Is it not just winning Tutankhamen's tomb? Okay, now, I don't know if you know what happened when he went in there and tell him I did. Another people and 78 of them died within six months and sleep for another 30 years. Tutankhamen's tomb was cursed. They did that. And I do know that when one of the pick died in Egypt, I had a blackout throughout all of Cairo. In another cation with another person die. All the dogs in Egypt started howling when you died. It was all to do with the curse. And what we found out was he wore a ring or ring a mole too, then well, he is a trick. How Where did you get this ring from? That wasn't Arena was a copy. And this is what happened. The story is a French guy called my Keep igraine. It was an archaeologist went to the Valley of Kings and found a ring, which he called the Ring of Atlantis. I don't know how he wants. It doesn't matter anyway. He's starting his grandson. I'm sorry. The what the husband of his granddaughter wrote A. His name is Andrew Bill a sow.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:13:29
You write

Steve Strong:   1:13:30
a book in the idea and 29 inch ones decided this ring, the one I have. This is the 2nd 1 they've got one that took that ring can repel all negative forces on this planet. It will can overcome any evil or negative force that ever existed on because you write this book And he published it and went around the world and everyone said he was an idiot. But one person, Howard Carter from England, he was different. They went across the mitt and I showed him the ring on. They told him It's the markings on the ring. Give us magic on that. Maybe my identical copy what she put on his little finger. And if you ever see a picture of how Carla every picture will see on the little finger is that ring and he walked in there and I know this is true because I know member off the family. He's great. Great cry and niece or something. Who told me when Howard Carter died? It went toe another member of the family. He's got her great party is being passed on to the family. Ever since they were like, I wear it on a stream when they never let it go. Now, remember something? Ladies and gentlemen, that was a copy off the original. Now, what we found out is the Atlanta Leon's Know this is gonna sound like a story we met somewhere recently had three rigs, three rings not send for the over in kings. But it does have a talk and feel about, but you must remember something. When people laugh about that, you need to understand that talking was not a novelist. He was a professor of linguistics. And, you know, we got

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:15:11
this ring too. Tolkien had this ring too.

Steve Strong:   1:15:15
No, no, no. Token wrote about the three rings.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:15:18
Right? Right. I got

Steve Strong:   1:15:19
the story. It's a Scandinavian myth about three rings that ruled the world can. Yes. So what I'm saying Sze the Tolkien actually locked into a Scandinavian miss about the three rings on what we found. We're talking about two of these three rings now, one that Carter has a copy off the Marquis de Grand in that family. Still have that can turn on the second ring, which apples? Defiled. And that's why Atlas was holding the world. Because what people don't know that was a punishment you're looking at? Yeah, he was punished. You see, he had a temple insurrection in the temple because he defiled. This ring's been cut. There's a cup to go straight through it and it carries buys boot. Any. This is a mix brings both wise.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:16:06
Yeah, that's that's what I've heard to that person who holds it is evil. They can also unleash terror on the world. Right?

Steve Strong:   1:16:16
And it was stolen office in the person that actually stole little, has put up on Facebook and told everyone that we're going to kill me and Evan on a month. I know my oldest run and I never did kills license. We had the worst night without the head. We were attack site by the ring. I had my rock sale. I had aboriginal chance to have been given to me by my oldest We had everything going on. We salted everything. We smoked everything on that noise. It went to bid in the middle of winter. When he woke up, he had 30 ticks on him and he didn't go out in the bush. And it's the middle of winter. There's no ticks up you. And he's allergic to tix nearly killed him. I never killed me, too. Now that ring I can see it's got back side. But here's the interesting part, Ladies and gentlemen. Token was right about two things with the rings either very possessive, my tai chi control business with him. And secondly, there were three reads. The third ring is the one token right about which was the ring of mortal. This is not the ring of more door, nor is the ring might clean. The migraine has a during a mortal is one part of Taliban. Story was never right. It was never destroyed. It was never destroyed.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:17:22
So no, nobody's found that one yet. You think?

Steve Strong:   1:17:25
Oh, yes, like Okay, someone's wearing it. Haven't you noticed rounds?

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:17:31
Do you know who?

Steve Strong:   1:17:32
Yes, it's a rib chili, and it's It's beyond disc, and everyone else answers to that repealing That will be the person that hell is that ring by are aware that we have this ring. You know what? Don't worry about that. We know that already. I'm wait. They fully aware of it? But that person has been every on the difference between this ring which is not turned on. And the one that French, eh? Is that bringing? I've got the red chillies. I've turned it on. Look around. Today you'll see what the world is being run by them for the last 7 9000 years because they had every now, in a focal point. When

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:18:09
you say turned on, what does that mean to you when you're because you said yours isn't turned on? Why? Why haven't you turned your son?

Steve Strong:   1:18:17
Oh, I'm not gonna get too much big job. We've been given the stereo money, and I'm not gonna just because I don't really want to. I don't like insights that the Marquis Grains family don't know how to turn the ring on. Uh, we're not sure, but first impressions and first results wearing with show room of the show. Andi, it's a long way off. And I had certainly people contact me and say on the one should wait of being elected only gets sick like it nearly every day. I appreciate the fact that they write that, but it's not that easy because they really kill anyone. Where's nice? I put it on my ring finger. I think you're right. I'll bring the endless same time. There are three women of war. Yeah, and it didn't harm them. And I can tell you that when the change takes place, that ring will only warm. What? Women again? That we know men. Where's I can wear it for now? I'm not the owner of the ring and nor am I gonna be. The control of the ring will be done by women. When the change comes, I'm gonna make this point very clear. When the change does come, the hole will becomes metro menial and women take control. Men protect women rule. There'll be no men rulers. But I don't mean I don't make women like my protector and enduring called women

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:19:38
in Yeah,

Steve Strong:   1:19:39
creation that understand their old is to be women control may women will take over and that ring will go to the women and then don't make decisions with it. But we still have to bring Barry's with the third degree. And I have no intention of letting that Ringo. And by the way, that green has no redeeming creatures. But it had to be night. Some people supported. I make that. I said simple, original people. Original culture on is evil, we

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:20:10
say, Yeah, because

Steve Strong:   1:20:13
without evil, there's that makes no sense. Yeah, Otherwise, if you incarnate, he when you finish here and you go back to your maker and say What did you learn? Our official lovely birds of fantastic, lovely place for the fjords. Great beaches. Yes, but what did you learn? How did you Incredibly soul? What were you challenged? I tripped over one day. I heard it. But what actually what injustice did you faced? How did you ever come? I didn't get any. Oh, what you got this evil because it challenges if we don't have evil is not a challenge on this planet. So we have to understand. But the problem is it was supposed to be a balance. The balance is gone. The evil green has complete control and it runs every way. So this change When the plea aliens come from. The rings are linked into this. The rocks. We have a linked into it. The skulls. We have a linked intense, too. It's all part of the same stories coming out from different angles. That's why I've become so convinced about the fact it's a change because all these things have turned up with me. I mean, I've got another ring here, which I'll hold up now. This one here. Oh, wow. It's my finger on it now. Come from ankle. What? Unless you know, ankle. What? Yeah. Was there a message? This is a Giants ring. This weighs 45 times rule.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:21:33
Yeah, that that that looks huge.

Steve Strong:   1:21:36
It is huge. But here's the interesting part of these drinks. There's two of them, and I won't tell you the full story about it's coming. But the most important part is this. We know what's in that one. And this one has a war of exactly the same elements. It has copper and zinc, copper. First in second, then it has. Nick has led, and I'm just like this one. But when it comes to nickel no, this one has titanium. Now, here's the problem, ladies and gentlemen, from a scientific viewpoint, we have a major problem. Titanium was discovered in 16 91 or 70 91 but it was first placed in jewelry in 1933 was the first time titanium was placed in jewelry, which made ankle what must be night after 1933? Because this was found,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:22:29
right, right

Steve Strong:   1:22:29
grounds. It was found during the Vietnam War. They were told I was stolen. One ended up in England. Wanted up these wrong. We've got them both. Now, the point with this cheese titanium comes from a media. Why did I put something that comes from the outer spice in this one? Because it's got a relationship to that. But secondly, nobody in the planet you about titanium until 16. 91 no one put it ju it tonight and 30 said, What the hell is he doing in here? What that tells me is that when this was mine, if I were doing things that we only just done, we found it just dumb last century, but that we're doing it 10 2050 100 centuries before, which means whatever was going on here, what it was going with these two rings They both had before, exactly the same elements way. Actually believe this ring was formed inland area and given to the athletic teams or three were on. Then they marked him and I screwed the whole thing up. When I cut the spring, the balance was wrong because of someone able ways thes. Didn't I become a You see the rings, all of these, not this. Ring the story from here on your own, that's all they do. Yeah. They amplify what you have inside you on Whatever you carry comes out when this woman stole this ring off me. And you are not going to the whole story with that. She had a problem inside. Any time out on when she announces the people stupidly imports on Facebook, she gonna kill me. We hope you scream back. What did get the back Two days after was attacked. Someone went down a bicycle, went down the warehouse and said, If you don't get back to your trash it anyway, she got her back anyway. Kind that. But she wasn't gonna give it back to us any other life. She would have killed us eventually. That's why they went down because the second attack would have done the team. We were just about dining often for this one. I actually thought I was gonna die that night twice, and I got through it. But I knew if they came again when we come for So when we got this ring back that saved your life so do I know this magic in there? Absolutely. And I'm gonna tell you, Stop me. When I first started writing about Serena, I don't really sure about the magic. I need that for what? Everyone was signed and I challenge the ring On the very first night I said, Do it. Okay. If you are magic, you can hear me. And I've never spoken with a piece of metal before because I'm a black fella. I believe that there's magic in the soil and as magic in the rocks we've gone. Is it Andre? This is a foundry. I I have an issue with that. So I told the ring on a plate. It's magic. I said, If you want me to talk about this simple, my life on the line, which I have done again, I said you better prove to me that night. I demand that has to be done that night If you can't do something that I can't rationally dismiss because I could do that really Well, okay. Yeah. School. We've all been trying. You don't know anything. I think I stopped. I said, do it. It's gonna be pretty. Like I said, I went to bed that no one had the head on the stream Red stream because actually joins and nothing metal on it. I won't lie down. So my chest auditorium and about five signals operate laid down, started. It was just a frog, like a wave that went through the whole of my body. And it happened every five seconds. You could count 1234 thing to do to get for about 10 seconds. Stop for five. Well, and it went on for 25 30 minutes. That wouldn't stop. At the end of 30 minutes, I realized I'm gonna spend the whole night with these wise running through here. Couldn't sleep without hurting, right? Right. It also said the ring. I'm not questioning anymore. I took it off because I'm gonna have to sleep on it north, and it goes to be able to me every night. She's so much dressing table because I I protected as I do with the other wrinkles like Okay, people stealing and that noise At the end of the laughter, there's 25 minutes. I realized it was magic. Why Only question I had left waas. Okay, you can do it on me but can't do it on other people at a distance, right? I want to go into details with that one, but I found out that was a stupid question, because the answer is absolutely and I'll swing that anyone? Wow. More of the story is the ring was found five years ago when that's that gentleman who admit, he said he went up there on a whim. I said, You didn't go up in the wings now I didn't. Yeah, yes, of course it did. It wanted to come in, which is only one question left. It's not so much. Is it prominently in this because it is. I can tell you now, because oh, he not because people made some apparatus office for That's not the question. The only question that should be asked us Why didn't want to come back now it's been sitting in there so long. Why did it sort of wanted to come back wanting to call that guy? What was the reason for that? I will never Not sure, but I know the answer anymore. Because this was the time I was supposed to come. The reason that the skulls were found now because I want to be found The rings that lantern rink of the myriad want

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:27:26
crystals, you know, the Endara crystals and the memory in Krystal's those things as well. I think all of those things the rings, all that they're just think they're proud of showing up now because it's trying to help the vibe, you know, increase the vibration, Um right.

Steve Strong:   1:27:43
And is getting ready for when the shit comes, right? If the ship comes and then, um, the right things happen. We don't have to learn the turning on. People turn cellphone. I see. That's the part of this. My job is solely to protect it. All right? Possible to the women and protected. That's my role. I have no other role in this. As for me doing magic with it? No.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:28:08
Um, can you know? You said it can be replicated. Can you replicate that? That ring basically and and get the same qualities?

Steve Strong:   1:28:18
Hello? I've got a person who asked me if they could do that. And now we're gonna make up the Ori chocolate and put in the same constituents to die. Listen, I can't do that. I said, because if you make it from the same medal, when you put the same markings on it, how can I trust the person named boys? It is it replacing? Because this guy's both wives. So in that respect, not but bucks. I have said to this person because someone wants that they can do it, they can make up copies of it. I said if you were to make it and put it on pure kata, I'd be Bobby. I try with that because then people could have the ring. I like it, acknowledge that it's there, but it doesn't have the magic in it. If it was the other could bring, that will be different. I kept was purely good, and evil person would die if they put on their finger issue with. This is if we might it exactly as it is. No, I can't do that because that would mean that people might wear that ring and do wrong things with it, so that can't be done. But there is a gentleman in Australia. It's very changed or making a copy. Hey, wanted to do with that wise? You can't do that. But I would consider the green was the same markings in the same position, with same batons on it being done on a coppery running. People wanted to buy this.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:29:40
The reason for that, which is because the copper would keep it. It wouldn't release the, I guess, the negative powers, but it would still retain some of the positivity or no, it would

Steve Strong:   1:29:52
look honestly if she won't magical not selling to anyone,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:29:55
Not not not magic. I just mean for the vibrational aspect. Like for

Steve Strong:   1:30:00
Compass, Carberry should probably know is the most sacred of all the medals we know that in. So that's why I said, I'm comfortable with that, which means it will have a degree. A small degree of power was in it because it's sitting on copper. But if you want pure power, you need behind the Patrick drops of the three ones at the right proportions and the copper in the right proportion to the sink and all that. Now that's not gonna happen. No, I am seated. I have considered this, but I have considered that maybe we could make balls with eyes elements in it, like you bring the boat. But then if I do that, people might then take the ball, then fashion into the ring. So I fought through that, too. So I've gone back to the original, which is to make the set of commonality. And that's gonna happen, Theo Gentleman's eyes around me. I saw

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:30:48
him in

Steve Strong:   1:30:49
the last talk. We did. He came specifically to ask permission, and I said, I can't give him permission for that but I could consider that That's as far as I'm prepared to go because I've seen one person with bad intention What they didn't know I would be. I prefer to get to a better before nine and impartial e don't wanna die. The white thes rings do it smoke. Very pleasant. Look, until you I don't want to come in through Texas. So no, but we

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:31:13
are think first for healers and stuff like that. People like myself who do breaky and I think there's a lot of positivity that you could used, you know, the used in the copper way you're saying it and

Steve Strong:   1:31:26
doing it. I think that it would have some degree of power, but wouldn't know have one 100 for Pel was this thing's got right now. But if you have one hundred's, the power this that would still be manifest. That was a moment, because this spring primarily, as far as I'm concerned,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:31:42
it's a responsibility. Thio have that ring that you have. I mean, you have to protect that with your life and, uh, I wouldn't want that and I wouldn't want that over my head. Uh, you had

Steve Strong:   1:31:53
almost I gotta protect my family from this, too, because what they could do is kidnap my family and the Hasse Karima. But I've made an arrangement rain and my rocks and a few other things because I have protected hours outside the ring, too. I was being protected for I've got rocks that are nice, powerful rocks on the planet. I've got three out there permanently protecting this, and if anyone curses, that's anymore. We've been close to about five times last person who did this. We put the rocks in formation within two minutes. They rang us up and said your box of killing has to stop the personal told him off and he didn't get them in formation. And finally, I turned him off and turned him away from me. No, we've got protection for this because I need

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:32:34
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think

Steve Strong:   1:32:36
1st 5 times in the last two years I've been on distorts quite a few times. When I'm done with person, my rock stop. Because this ring is for stronger versus now. I'm not particularly worried about people. I mean, because I actually

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:32:50
not too many people who have that sort of power these days. You know, um,

Steve Strong:   1:32:54
you know, look, honestly, I've got rocks and kill people that brought I've been giving rocks that are strange killing rocks, but I don't use him like that. People went on. I actually write an article on my challenge paper and said, If you want to curse me again now, we'll never know about because I saved the last guy. I don't know lying. He begged us. He said, It's killing me. And it was in two minutes of me putting information and he was in West Australia, knows in New South Wales at 3000. Case of park, My wrongs bound him in two minutes. I would find anyone in the country that curses on that will kill him. What I told him the article is I want no next time. If you cursed me, I won't be able to save you because there's rocks will just kill you outright said Don't do it. Just what lost four months? Authorities tried. No one's cursing me. I've gotten on about 80% healthy now. My son is really fully recovered and no one's touched this because there's three rocks out there. But I have got one job. All I know what to do is to cure this thing is in the great defending someone for Chinese. They're just killing mindlessly to him. Don't get it. One does. One's got a bit of hope in there. The other two just nasty pieces of work. So no

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:34:08
one massive. So are you. Are you still finding things? Do you still d'oh! You know a bit of archaeology around Australia. That and you're finding things consistently like this for Troy, you mental God

Steve Strong:   1:34:22
got good so much. I mean, I've got an artifact up there at the moment, which is just sitting about me. I won't show it to you now. We had that one analyzed by the top Mubarak in the country, and I know that God twist like Brian said. He's a friend of mine and it's 73% of you mean in 3% copper and 24% medals that they can't identify that belonged to this planet. I got plenty of proof. The government knows that that's doing extent. While we're somewhat protected because we have so much proof, I'll stuff that doesn't street because nobody in the world makes aluminium that has. Listen, I need 5% of aluminium in it. This is step 2% and you does my conference yellowing of around 1,000,000 on the 24% of other stuff. My friend said to me it could be an oxide. No, it's no, we don't know what it is. It's not here on. They know every metal on the planet. They're the top laboratory in Australia. This guy's a world expert drilled. It was quite funny when you draw that I was there when they did it. I'm not gonna chipper because I have to do analyze it. And when the guy put the drilling, it just fell off. It gave him. Dad, what are you doing? That's a not even in drill, so I can't get into it Targeting. I had to get a tungsten tipped drill to cutting the webbing. Medium couldn't get into what any other wife because the other 24% That's different because this stuff is quite heavy. How do you mean? It was like when a guy's head really? Well, I mean, put in case this thing when it hits your hand, it's not. It's not like aluminium, but it is, but it isn't so. You got so much we got plenty of proof,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:36:01
do you? Do you have anything in age stones and things with death that that have healing properties? Really?

Steve Strong:   1:36:11
I get a rock. I've used it on people. That's all you have you. Some people with contains cancer. They were walking around to die. Now I've gotta run. I gotta run. It's a it's never It's never been holed by man that's never been used to curse anyone. It is purely a bit like, um, um, Arcadia grinds ring. Nothing can harm that. If someone's I used it on my wife once when she got a bad back, she went back to the car president, and he said he was gonna be with him three months. We couldn't believe it should you Completely better When I saw your four days before and you couldn't leave your legs

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:36:51
Wow, that's

Steve Strong:   1:36:53
just wrapped it on the back voice. No, we got all this stuff here, but, um,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:36:59
do you ever take people on digs like, um, with you? Do you allow people to go home with you in tow? I see things like that.

Steve Strong:   1:37:07
I take people sometimes occasionally. I've taken a few people to one sign, but most of our sites No. Yeah. No, I'm happy to show people.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:37:19
Right. But

Steve Strong:   1:37:20
I'm not happy to take people to places. Well, because of people might go there because I might trust this site that might tell someone until somebody

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:37:28
you gotta protect it. I enjoy

Steve Strong:   1:37:30
What I do sometimes is when I write I sometimes all these are just cited. Seen yourself lies, more time. That's all. Like to pay most times. I will not give up location because I was never given that. Like to Ah, no, I can't be sure.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:37:45
You're right. You can't. These days you can't. You can't mess around stuff like that one. And if I've learned that that lesson the hard way with things but then I'm sure you have to. You probably. Um Now, what? Do you have anything that you found from inner Earth or any of those types of areas?

Steve Strong:   1:38:05
I don't know what the rocks I've got which I think you're out. Major, I'm not showing you today. We've got I think the finest rock collection on the planet off Sacred Rock said have markings on the terms you couldn't do today. Honestly, I had I had a professor off geology from one of the top universities in the country looking one of the rocks and said, This is the greatest geological mystery on the planet. For now, they can't all the box anymore. The Smithsonian know about one of the rocks and said there's nothing like it on the planet. I know my comments about the fact I'd like to have the road with him. Why? Professor ring up Said this me sign interviews and he was really happy about it. I feel alive. I right. They said, get Thomas L. Christ. I said I would rather give that rock to the head off this Mr Opening the world and he couldn't believe not we've got. And where was it made? We don't know. But I can tell you about rocks. It We now have evidence that will form in thousands and thousands degrees Celsius that had to be melted. The stuff on those rocks that time break all the rules with our night? I don't know. I don't know. But what I can tell you is that the technology involved because original people that spice to be stick stein and bone tickling

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:39:26
and this is very advanced

Steve Strong:   1:39:28
rubbish. Original people had all the technology you guys now a long time ago and got rid of it. They gave it up because it's direction. It doesn't look on in our country. You see this planet? What is it? It's

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:39:40
killing us all the technology stuff. Let word. Yeah, it's like this five stuff. You know, the five g technology. That's I believe that's going to be part of the downfall of you of us what

Steve Strong:   1:39:52
happened because it's it. It won't happen. That that's just another reason why I kind of this planet doesn't work well with high technology. It doesn't gel with it. And that's the one cursed the plea ideas Boyce. I brought his technology that didn't understand this planet doesn't enjoy him on. That's why every time I technology gets ahead of us, it gets destroyed and we start again. I don't think

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:40:16
so, until some person comes in and ruins it for everybody else and they advantage. And

Steve Strong:   1:40:21
then we got back on. We gonna become hunter gathers. We come magicians and Charming's for wall and everything's perfect. Money turns around in Tai chi over. Women aren't spoken to any more in the whole thing will spot again, and that happens time off. The time men have never learned their place correctly. On this time around, I finally will.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:40:43
Well, that's interesting. What about portals? Especially in Australia? What? What is your thoughts on? Have you seen any of these portals open or have? What do you think?

Steve Strong:   1:40:57
But to be honest, don't sell over portals. I've seen 70 often.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:41:02
People keep talking about portals opening up by rail every

Steve Strong:   1:41:07
look the portals into destroying you Couldn't remember this wasthe demise that all my life has come here. It's a bit like America. You're American in classes, brothers and sisters. We're leaving very similar to us. And you gotta remember that one magicians to on our Sherman's like we were on. We did this together. We understood this back to front. The whole planet worked like that. That's how it used to be. It was no other way. And all of a sudden it changed. But it was meant to change because of my gallons of reasons why. But we might have mistakes. He too now portals they're everywhere look like others on the port. We we did one time I forgot about what we did. A disappearing sermon.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:41:50
But Carrie was telling me about this. Yeah,

Steve Strong:   1:41:53
it's disappearing. Ceremony and way had to go at three o'clock in the morning, which I like craft that's crept from there on. We had to do stop first like there was no moon. It was pitched by. One thing we have to do is run through the bush to another spot, and I couldn't say where you're running, and I said that he built a dustman who didn't. Smith on 63 across like I'm gonna fall out. It's not gonna fight. You just rocked and you run in there and you'll go off and then I'll call you back. You'll come back and we'll do this stuff and we're doing all this crazy stuff. And the individual Diakite the portals in a weapon looking at all your crap. Okay, well, let's see that it's not for I think he said I could see a lot of this. Doesn't believe this man. Yeah, I'm the one you said. I can't got even to go there first. We were starting the Spartan freaking disappeared. I was quite fine. You could know. And then all the somebody come back, it comes back. And first of all, this happened. Every party that did it. I was the last one to do it, of course. But when he comes back perpetual provide and they could not back. And then they come back in and I was the last one to do it. I'm just saying in here and that's not working. So I hadn't disappeared. I come back. The old Miss. It didn't work on sale after what you told her that none of us could sing Internet. Come back in here. Look, there's here. This to live a minute. Hey, when I put my rocks my 100 ideal rocks into our frequent formation that creates an incredibly pelvic portal, which we're gonna put on country very soon and leave it there for good. There are portals everywhere, okay? And they're opening up all over the place in Australia, and he'll just keep telling me sometimes the right thing for hours and then end, and people could walk in them. You can see them, and then they come back again or not being in the sports. Um,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:43:36
you also don't you? Don't you feel like reality doesn't change for the person going into the portal. You still think you're here but yourself, then?

Steve Strong:   1:43:46
Exactly. I mean, I didn't feel any different, but then the other side, the side thing, I'll bring the sign. Your evidence. Where'd you go standing? It's a neighbor. And that's the same bullets. And he was just showing us that this was like a one on one for begins. I mean, there's a lot more you could do with that. Well, if she's just to give people an understanding, using truth. The older that did this got into trouble because he was showing no one original. Pretty. Yeah, and that's why I like it. I know his name. His name's Bob Crombie. Well done, Bob. I like it a lot. And he's the mine custody, um, down in Sydney because they were even in Sydney. Five and 1/2 1,000,000 people that were still got portals It I don't know when I opt is still there and is still functioning. You can put all the crap you want on top all the civilization you want. You think you're going over there? I imagine you never do. They still work, But they went dormant for a long time and quiet like a volcano. I didn't say extinct, mishit dormant. But they bring a lot of all the pools that

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:44:46
there's a lot here in Utah to where I am. Um, I'm sure you heard of skin Walker Ranch. Yeah, but there's there's there's portals here everywhere. I

Steve Strong:   1:44:58
will be opening a live plant. One of my I'm gonna make a point about this. I'm saying it's destroyers and these spark that starts the fallout, but the fire guys everywhere on this while we're burning first. Now this is part of our cleansing. The rock was cleanse. Now the land's been glimpsed. It's not a pleasant to like Attila the Fires here, outrageous. I mean, we

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:45:19
have to do that to like, well, Westerners have to do that as well. Disciplines this part of it or is being done for the whole world. And

Steve Strong:   1:45:26
when you remember, don't take the wrong country whenever it's like in my country. I smile. I was so I wouldn't take a personal country by One person said they weren't gonna be smoked since you got back to the car park on. I wanna talk to you and not talking about that point. Anyone has to have smoke on. And when they go in the second grand what? I don't think people from the understand is what what's happened to instance world being smart so many more days? What does you You can't see it been going on for months. Now you die my way, but lucky where we are out. Four eyes were earlier, but our rain forest would be burning a damn for the first time. ever. They're guys where you couldn't see 20 meters and probably still no way I'm in. Worse down in South Coast have been worse. Kangra Valley, which is ram injured limb, which worries me a lot, can't revive and rather the whole of the country's burden when we camp with flies that we have no idea to put him out on. Basically, Australia will burn until we have four inches. Now, if we don't have four inches, I continue now. This will go on forever. We just had a clear up yesterday and kangaroo on, and now basically it went through the rest of the armor. In the hall of that are 150 ks by 50 cases being singed. But that's small computer, I think, and New South Wales were up to five million hectares. Yeah, on billions of animals that did kangaroos of diet, they couldn't have run it. You said the problem was this fire was moving at 60 70. Chains from kangaroos can do 60 instead of the case, but I can't keep doing it on sometimes the M, the fire's witness, 100 k win the Empress Co 03 cases in front of the cameras running. They got back into another fight coming back at him. I can't get away from it on the far is he. We don't go out with the fires at what they do is they stay new, has insurance side. That's what we could do. So what? We've got no control over this. Nobody that every other bush fly with it. We put it out. This one we can't put out on the far is it joins. The trees are burning there, actually exploding. They're just blowing up front of you. Actually, that the fire is so bad it's creating its own weather systems. It's making fund the storms. You have full kind as do that.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:47:39
Yes, yes, I think

Steve Strong:   1:47:41
thunderstorms. Because it is so intense. It's the signs of all kinds. We get lightning strikes and taking place that may call fire, and then sometimes it rains. But it makes no difference, because when it's raining, on top of fire frames are seventies. 15 readers. I'm in the port. It just evaporates. It doesn't even doesn't even get to the ground seven makes no difference. This will continue. The whole about country will burn until we get. We were lucky. We're in a rainforest. You about three weeks ago. How far we're going Non stop when we've had him. For two months, we had five inches with only part in Australia. Got it? And it put out the two million fires we had here. So we're the only part on the East Coast nail from basically halfway through Queensland down to Victoria. That is actually no on the sign column has ever looks. So we're a bit lucky we did achieve months earlier. But for the rest of us,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:48:38
well, I wouldn't say lucky. I think it's for a reason. I mean, that's

Steve Strong:   1:48:42
for yes, the smoking of the country. This is like a beginning of the trying, Dr Lee, but it's painful. Um, it's gonna cost.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:48:52
There's gonna be more to come, Don't you think? You are hit

Steve Strong:   1:48:56
back twice. Last night we had a really bad forest lost architect Victoria At the moment, um, they're in a bad way, and I think they've evacuated about 10 towns and quite a few people now. They just reconstructed, breached several places say, because the fire to cover it right up to the edge of a clich But the problem with also got now, as we're getting massive respiratory problems, you see how cities now beating New Delhi But the most polluted cities in the world Camera isn't there. Why ahead and finding out camera that national capital is got more pollution, any rocks? Now they're 15 times above the maximum level and twice the three times when you don't get someone died nearby, so you gotta be precluded. Really? I don't like New Delhi because they're good at They really know a lot more than anyone else.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:49:47
Uh, goodness that we have that, too. In Utah, we have the the inversion over the valley. That's just I can't even go down into Salt Lake. I live up in Park City in the mountains, but when you go down, you can see it's just this black fog hanging over the the valley. And it's just Oh,

Steve Strong:   1:50:06
come, don't worry. Next time it's your turn will come. Don't It's not gonna stop your money. Continent. This is This is not gonna finish. Don't know. You fired from California being pretty? Yeah, yeah, they're not like ours, but they're gonna get close. Don't worry. It's gonna continue. It's no good.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:50:21
Can we Can we protect ourselves? Like people like myself? Um, from that

Steve Strong:   1:50:26
they can't know. It comes like that when you're 50 maybe five. Combination and moving that hungry case, Nobody can't, man. When we've lost a lot of fires being killed and stuff like that and certainly have been so close, I mean, I stared next up, but no, you can't put it out. You honestly come which house? And you put out spot fires. That's what you do when you get in your house. You try and get the spot, boys and get them before they get to your house. That's what they do. They stand around. So here it comes. I can't get ready. The host of that used to house Let's talk for the spot voice. And sometimes I can save 234 5000 times. I couldn't.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:51:03
I meant kind of like them. What? You know what you guys were doing? Does those little spot fire areas, things like that? Can we do that? Things like that, Thio.

Steve Strong:   1:51:13
But do the burning we used to do the blacklist doing. I'm hoping the article I wrote next to smoke my play was this that we are 10,000 original people. Go out in the bush on Bernard, reach you in winter and burned at the white idea. Cockburn's because the way we do it's wrong. My hope is that our government Christ, in what way do you think that my hope is that people demand that the government say that we don't know how to look up the bush. The black voters have any of 100,000 years, and they do let them do it because we can't. That's what we should do.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:51:46
Yes, yeah, yeah,

Steve Strong:   1:51:47
but But in the best case, then if you then what were you doing? Should send that is original people at risk the world and teach you how it is to control. This still doesn't get you, and that's what we should go. But then again, you remember Al Bush's different

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:52:00
Thank you. Just a lot of ideas about things, though. You're right. We should We should be doing that, especially in the West Waiting Way. Should be asking the Aboriginals what we can do to prepare for some of these things because, uh, it's not like I think Americans always think we're exempt from everything he doesn't

Steve Strong:   1:52:17
know. What's that? Members. This will go every right for there's one thing you can't run a wife film that's in front of you behind you, that is everywhere. Well,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:52:24
and it's part of the grand design. I believe this is cyclical. Like this is Yeah, there's nothing. We're gonna be able to stop it. But those of us who who are, um, you know, whoever is our reparations efficiently shouldn't have anything to worry about, per se

Steve Strong:   1:52:40
nothing. It'll because it's zm. It's part of nature. I mean, what's the point? Warranted? Because we will die. We will die. We want die. That's the one thing humans share. So be fearful that just expect the fact that it's is coming because we screwed up. Yeah, what's going on us? And this is part of the deal. You gotta understand if you keep me straight in your mother, I'm just gonna start done with these cars down. Permit. We can argue with this global warming with its solar flares. What's whether to Indian Ocean guy Paul's or whatever you can argue about as much as you want. It doesn't make any difference is still gonna happen,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:53:20
and I think we'll think we still have so much time and it's like then then, you know, we're running out of time. We don't have this. This will happen in our generation. This will for sure. I believe that, you know? Yeah. I mean, I just everything in me tells me this is this is coming and there's no way we can't put a timeline on it. But I know that in my lifetime that it will be, you know, that this will happen. Well, I felt strong

Steve Strong:   1:53:48
as a change. You have to have massive things remind you there's a train with this has never been. I mean, everyone was upset about the Amazonian four.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:53:57
Yes, Yes.

Steve Strong:   1:53:58
Droid. We are at least 30 times bigger in the Amazon. What happened then? It's a a small dark compared to the amount of bush we've lost and the amount of smoke we put up there. The amount of smoke we put in there because I know that's got to Chile, but I know it's got to unpack. New Zealand airports were closed. I couldn't see anything. It was our spoke. It's gonna go around the world as smoke is going to continue and by the way, it's still looming out. Yes, it's not going to stop. And then the point is that that's something. Ladies and gentlemen, I mean, people are sitting like hell on earth and it doesn't look like it.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:54:35
Yeah, yes,

Steve Strong:   1:54:36
and the prophet said it won't be exactly like these

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:54:40
are kept. Yes,

Steve Strong:   1:54:42
it would look like that. And now it's their people trying to start and typically explained it away. Don't bother. It's there for a greater reason or nothing. As bad as it is, it's a sign now if you want to stand in their country. Like I said, it has made people aware of the environment. Therefore, it's all that because we know that before now we're worried about the animals and the colossus. What? I said, we probably lost 80% of air quality in this fire. The problem is kangaroo on is there were only store are purely having diseased qualities would lost among them too. So we're in a dreadful situation. We've lost so many animals, I would say the spire. We've probably lost 100 species completely that were on the endangered list, because I kind of run this one. If the Wallabies and kangaroos kind out running. Bye done for because nothing. And they're around them. In our country, there's a foster that prostitution. Was I on? I mean, I'm seeing them, but the pieces and we got baby Joey's everywhere their wildlife cares. Looking after Baby Joey's every record. Mom's dead.

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:55:51
Yeah, that's also

Steve Strong:   1:55:52
same with Wallace. We put Sami koalas. The moment is that so it's it's changes. It's part of this. And that's the reason why the rings. Here's what the skulls is. Whether Rossi, because we're preparing ourselves for something new and all I can say is the term if one's got your right, then if you don't want to believe it, that's cool. There's two ways to go if you

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:56:15
want. I think we've we've presented enough information, and if if somebody wants to find the information as such as it is as evidence, it's out there. It's out there. They just need to look at it. Uh, you know, and I think most of the community ignores, uh, what's right in front of their face because they don't wanna It's scary toe to confront it, right, so they just wanna they just wanna position right we're

Steve Strong:   1:56:41
running and a lot of people saying We've got to say that, Bush. And if they start thinking like that, numbers of people that were involved and it's up to you, it may get because I know the number of little that site. That's a scary number. One of it because I said the old songs You cheat where? That I don't know, did not eat. You shouldn't have. We had a kingdom. We gotta build it up. We don't have enough. Mr. Dark Older

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:57:06
send you? This has been an amazing, amazing talk. Thank you so much for coming on my podcast. Uh, this is really this is in some ways, people won't understand this. But this is exciting for me to hear this because this is like I said, this resonates with everything that I've thought so to get that confirmation from somebody else and huh? I'm pretty intuitive. I can tell when somebody knows what they're talking about. Um and you definitely. D'oh! And, um, this is this gives me peace in my heart that you know, that that I'm doing the right thing. I'm doing my part for humanity. You're doing your part and that we can continue to do that, and more people will do their part. And then you know it. That this is exciting for me because it's not. Not all is lost. In fact, um, having this information is power. Right? So,

Steve Strong:   1:57:56
uh, power is knowledge, and knowledge is power. All I can say is that you choose the right way. Your time is short. And if you do well, you've got to do is just be a good every simple, just be a person to the next year. Don't think bad for words And don't say bad things about people. Because when you start talking about someone that gives you the shits and you don't like him anymore, count how many times you think about that again and again,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:58:29
I get a vote. It's like an addict had

Steve Strong:   1:58:32
about you. Yeah, Someone said something crappy about you. You agonize. I think I horrible I do. You know what's happened is whether what they said crap. It doesn't mean a thing, but it does because you take it on board. So don't take things on board. Don't worry about other people say stupid things because that's the choice. That's their right to do that. What you're going through

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:58:52
most of the time, it's a reflection of something they have going on. It has nothing to do with you. Usually

Steve Strong:   1:58:57
always, always. When a person starts yelling at someone, the president yours first, is the one that has the problem. Always when someone gets angry when they throw a tennis record on the ground, it's about them. It's not about someone else. It's not because the young couple I made a bad decision is because they make bad choices. That's what this is all about. Choices. Right now we gotta make a choice again. Oh,

Kirsten Sandefur:   1:59:20
sure, Video. Yep. And that's I think that's the key thing that everybody should take away from from this episode is What are you doing for to do your part and at what you know and question yourself. Where you at in this process are you good person, very bad person. If you don't know, let's start making some choices in the right direction, you know,

Steve Strong:   1:59:41
remember, your mother is the earth. That's where we come from. I know you sided. Someone gave birth to you and I did the way the jewel come from you Come from the planet. Your mother? Is she resting? You're gonna trade him the Earth, like of these You, Marlon, we don't do that. And when we do that again, then we become magic you get. But in the meantime, this is the most magic planet on the cosmos, and it is a recent magic, but we lost it. We'll get it back once the mother has prepared. Well, got the mother, then she would give it back to us. In the meantime, she's not happy with us right now.

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:0:19
Shouldn't be. I mean, look at everything we d'oh rape and pillage. Our natural resource is to the level that is not needed is not needed,

Steve Strong:   2:0:28
you know? And you're gonna remember this is one of the very few planets in the cosmos that has trees. This is considered one of the most beautiful planets in the universe when we trash it and she got enough so this would still bail everything we do right now. I mean, we're doing serious presentations up down, youse guys to destroy him. And while we're gonna carry everywhere his story we call Ally our alien ends history. What comes next? Basically, about what we do next and how we prepare for the change on really

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:1:03
states at all. T talk about any of these things,

Steve Strong:   2:1:09
huh? Possibly. But gotta clean our own country for this. We've got some work to do. But wait. Could

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:1:18
interest in doing something like that in the future. Let's chat. Because, uh, I'd love to do a series of lectures around, you know, around the States to kind of get this started out here. You know, uh, his we're way behind on un realizing what's really going on,

Steve Strong:   2:1:36
loading a lot of great things about them. That just like I said, lost their right now, you know, not that far beyond. Honestly, you're in front of us. You have no idea how backward we are. Don't sell yourself short. You've got some issues. But I honestly think the Americans of the group perform far more aware that well, I know that it goes, but I think it's that bad. Honestly, where the ones who got a clean up job first, but no, no other. I need the next couple of months. I've got a We got a lot of things we want to do. He Once we get that started. Maybe we're looking doing something in America's. We always said If we did ever go overseas, we get to America simply because our customs our closest cousins, are the American temer American Indians. Because the hoppy and an apple Oh, she are a couple of small things were on the same line with everything. So yeah, that's where we would go next. Because there's there's an empathetic landscape. They're gonna remember your planet. Your country now is for the last two. That was the last to know fool you doing things. And we were the last to go you with the second last together. So there's a country to the still got that link to the old ways is still there something other countries is It's gone, but you will come back. But we've got to start for this in Australia and the ducks were so yeah, that's what we're on about. That's what I'm trying to do it. Thank

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:3:06
you so much. I'm so so appreciative of you taking your time to do this. And thank you for everything. You d'oh! For the planet and the I ask every question I ask every guest that comes on here just one question. And, um, it's kind of how I wrap things up. But what is your hope and your wish for humanity?

Steve Strong:   2:3:28
I have a machine

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:3:30
you could pass along Just one message.

Steve Strong:   2:3:32
Yeah, yeah. Um, I have a wish. Is humanity is that we reconnect with the reason we're here, which was defined what magic means. That's what I hope we can do. But the day will come when we start to talk like we used to tell a perfectly yes, and I will come. I haven't held up that distribute in front of me and Graham Hancock. So I consigned that cause crime was going to tell him. I'll close with this. He did a ceremony. Is my mind older on any? It was done a ball way saying the souls all the way back to stick them all back the seconds that disappeared completely and stayed, disappeared for quite some time and turned up the heat on this one with a big smile on his friends. Remember, looking back to Graham, crime didn't have smaller devices. Mouth was so everything. And I've got to tell your grounds quite good at speaking. Yeah, and our limber someone said Government asking because you're he's your rolled up going, asking what he's done. Selling bite, I'm looking, asking net No, Why? It asked me before all the questions returned, I couldn't do it. I'm not gonna ask my older brother because whenever you asked the question, you know anyone the next time someone did asking and said, How did you do that? How can you do that? Magic. Any small dining, we should so magic and said, every human on the planet can do what I can do. The only difference is I know it and you don't I know what I'm saying. One of us could disappear in front of Graham Hancock, a bury every one of us could tell a pastor communicate with everyone said no one could have a low I. Q. Every one of us could do the things I've seen. L kind of do. Time after time after time, when he broke all the laws, that story I told you I could give you an hour of things he's done in front of me and others where you just stand there shaking it in sight. I just don't get it. After a while, I realized that one of the oldest said when I spoke about that two other ones, you should. You mean kind of his party tricks? I thought that was so so. I thought it was a really nasty comment, but I realized like that's what it was. It was a party trick just to remind us all what we can do. So that's what I'd hope that every one of us could go back to what we used to do. Like I I know that an original stories, that original belief is that every person born has magic, not the sign amount, that we all have magic. And it is l roll. This is what used to be to find hell magic. That's how used to be. I want that to happen again, because when we're telepathically communicating, I could trust everybody again. I can trust that everything changes when we become magic. Until that happens until way magic. Well, I'm miserable. That's what I'd like to see happen.

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:6:30
That's beautiful. Thank you that I love that love that you said that because well, do you have magic inside of us? And most people just don't know it. And we've been That's part of the programming, you know, that's been done. Thio keep us held back. But if each person just realizes that they're their own worst enemy by not believing that they can change it, you know, it's that simple. So magic. Thank you again. And I would love to have you back on, you know, in a couple of months and things were out with you and talk about some more stuff is I'm sure a lot will change in just a couple of months. So on. Thanks again so much. Appreciate it. Pleasure. Thank you

Steve Strong:   2:7:13
for asking me. Appreciate it. Thanks for your convictions. You did a good interview.

Kirsten Sandefur:   2:7:16
Thank you. Okay.

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