Psychic Babes

How To Develop Psychic Skills

May 17, 2018 Kirsten Sandefur and Ashley Romano
Psychic Babes
How To Develop Psychic Skills
Psychic Babes
How To Develop Psychic Skills
May 17, 2018
Kirsten Sandefur and Ashley Romano
Learn how to harness and develop your psychic skills

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Learn how to harness and develop your psychic skills

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Hi, guys. Welcome to Psyche Babes and Kiersten Sandefur. And I'm Ashley Romano. And we're coming live to you on your first podcast. Very, very. First, I'm nervous, but yeah, we'll be old hat of this after the step of says,

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we're going to be very honest and open about her stories and our beliefs and also our research and studies and tine in science. And

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I just should preface probably anybody listening, that it might sound a little crazy what we say because hearing it for the first time, I mean, I would have said to that we were probably nuts, But absolutely. When you first start embracing the stuff and you realize how quickly it changes your life and how past the universe is and how everything is interconnected, it's gonna sound like who it is and people like Newedge away. But it's not. It's absolutely, really so. You know, if you find that this episode maybe a little highbrow, I guess whatever air. If it's a little too far fetched, just stick with us because we'll definitely come down to other topics.

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Yeah, we will be talking about a lot of different things.

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So today I think we're gonna start off and kind of just speak about how each one of us got I'm interested in the metaphysical world and which is really kind of just like a spirituality and science converged. But for myself, I was raised Catholic and, um then I converted to church to express a Latter day Saints two years ago. And that's kind of actually where I really got into, like seeing auras and stuff like that. A girlfriend of mine from church. Did she read auras? And that was really kind of the first experience that I had with it at all. And then I guess the first time would be when I had any experience. Psychic Lee was sky telling me that I was way we're not supposed to use. His real name's guy

spk_1:   2:32
isn't even his real name, though, so it's

spk_0:   2:33
okay. So, Sonny, it was It was interesting because I just went through while still going through a divorce. And, um, one of my girlfriends brought me out, you know, just to kind of get me out of my bunk. And, uh, she brought me over to this guy's house and I thought, Why are we going over this guy's really don't even want to do this. And so we sit down on a he started to saying things to me that he could have never known. And I'm looking at my friends like, did you guys say this? Did you guys plan this? And it couldn't have been knows too crazy to even be planned. But he started to talk about my grandmother, and, um I call her Oma. Um, because we're German. I

spk_1:   3:24
also call my grandma Oma.

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Very strange. Now that that's a whole nother. Yeah, our lately very, very interesting. Um, to say the least. So we sit down with this guy and he starts telling me that I'm in the top 10% of people in the world who have psychic abilities and that minor very, very gifted. And up until this point, I don't remember having any psychic visions. So I was like, No, you're there like you're wrong. You're definitely wrong. But I was so interested in things he had to say. And what he had told me was so accurate about my grandmother that I decided Thio do a little bit more investigating and to see, you know, if there was anything to it And the main things. What he told me is that nothing can live in the same space is negative. Negative energy. So visions and stuff like that they come from, they come from the divine energy. So it has to be a positive, altruistic space for you have to be that vessel in order for that information to be able to flow through you. So you can imagine anybody who's been through a divorce. I wasn't in the most positive mind frame so that that took some practice and actually can tell you probably took me about six months to get to to get to that place to where I could actually start channeling and start having visions. And once I changed my mind set, though, it kind of happened overnight, saying Fast track. Yeah. Yep, Pretty much. And so, what about you? When did you So

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Okay, let me think about this one. Um, so when I was a kid, probably when I was around, like, seven years old. I remember, um, when I would talk to people like my daughter, for example, are friends or, like, my grand parents. And sometimes people would say something, and it didn't quite line up with what they're thinking. But then it's sort of like I realized, like, Okay, wait a minute. Like I'm picking up on two different things like somebody saying something, but I feel their thoughts like their thoughts are sort of, like, completely different. Um, so that was one thing, and I kind of shut that down. Um,

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okay. It must have been scary as a kid to experience that. I thought I was completely normal. Like I thought, Yeah, I was

spk_1:   6:05
like And I remember, like, I was like, this little kid, and I can, like, literally visualize, like, specific situations where I was like, I would tell my mom like, Why is he saying this when he actually means this? And like, they're, like, ulterior motives behind Like what he was saying, etcetera, etcetera.

spk_0:   6:21
But as a kid, you premise that people are good by nature because you're not already jaded and you know, or did you see that dichotomy like you? I was just kind of

spk_1:   6:32
open thio like I

spk_0:   6:33
kind of when I was a

spk_1:   6:34
kid, I was very strange. I'm still strange now. No, but so Okay. Strange. Yeah, basically. So that was, like, the first sort of thing that I can remember when it comes to sort of like intuitive abilities and your inabilities, whatever. Telepathy. Another thing. I guess when I was in, I think it was third grade.

spk_0:   7:02
Whoa. That lightning Just Really? Yeah. I don't know where. I'm sorry. We're, uh, lightning here, and, uh, I don't know, but if any of you know, but like, lightning storms are electromagnetic storm, so with negative

spk_1:   7:23
ions. Okay, So when I was in third grade, I remember a few stories. Um, So I ended up going to a Catholic school in third grade, transferred from, like, a public school, and we had a religion class, and I kind of I kind of had this weird thing about, like, I would go up to people like I wasn't, like, a normal. I don't like talking about normal stuff, but I would always go and like us, like I would ask him, like, do you know, like how this all started? Like, you

spk_0:   7:53
know, he was like, Look at me. That feeling like judges, The stream first, I haven't really helped start a really rough time. Uh, S O que

spk_1:   8:08
get on, then I guess, like, sort of. Okay, I'm just gonna throw this one out there. But I have this thing where I knew, like, if I was going to get called out to read out loud and class and I would get really nervous before because I really don't like public speaking or just speaking in general, it would be really nice if we could just, like, all communicate telepathically. It would make things a lot easier, but yeah, Or maybe even

spk_0:   8:37
though yeah, waken already do that. Yeah.

spk_1:   8:41
Um but it s so basically that happened and then I noticed So psychic abilities also kind of like run in my family, my mom and my great grandma and probably like back even further. But, um, another thing. So I started when the like Malaysia air lying, crash Like I started having weird dreams before, some of these events would take place and I would tell like my aunt about it, or I would tell my mom about it, and then I was like, Okay, that's really strange, but I didn't really think anything of it,

spk_0:   9:11
like prophetic dreams. Kind of or, I don't know,

spk_1:   9:14
it was just like when, Um okay, like the Malaysia Eric are like one that crashed. It was like a little bit before. Like I was having dreams of, like, a plane crashing in the water. Yeah, And then I think there was a plane crash in Africa at that dream before. I also had a dream two years before my dad ended up going into the hospital on dhe. He ended up in and I see you for, like, two months and then intermediate care, um, for a month. But I had a dream two years before that. And it was like this repetitive dream of my dad, like being like suffocated basically, and like he was in a hospital bed. And so I told him, like I'm having the stream like it's for a reason. Like you need Thio. Take care of yourself a little bit more long story short, who's like, very stubborn and kind of like I am, and he's like, No, I'm fine. And two years later, I saw that same vision that I had in my dream in real life. And so then I was like, OK, this might be actually something, But then, of course, I sort of, like, shoved it off a little bit, but, um, I think it was about two years ago. I thought I started having dreams like my exes sister was going to have a baby. And then I found out like her. They found out the next day that she was pregnant, and then then, just like some other crazy stuff happened and, yeah, I kind of just, like, exploded my brain open to some of these things. Uh,

spk_0:   10:40
yeah, that's strange. That's definitely you've had a lot more experiences than I have, but in the short time, I've also had had a lot of experience. Yeah, no. In your phone and your focus. Yeah. I mean, as a kid, I get I was always really strange, too. But like, you know, voice had an interest in other worldly things. And, you know, aliens like the meaning of life kind of thing. You know, I like to philosophize about things, but I think I think on the euro league, like psychology. Yeah, that's on

spk_1:   11:24
essentially, like, psychic abilities, like it also from the mind. So psychology is really an integral factor.

spk_0:   11:32
And basically, if you think about it, this way We're all interconnected through our minds on this big map node blueprint of life. We're all interconnected that very true. And, um, it's really, really pretty cool. I mean, you don't have to use a lot of energy like this isn't just stuff that abstract. This is proven stuff. You know, the

spk_1:   11:59
really amazing thing is so like psychic ability is like, Okay, so, back in history, if somebody was a psychic or had some of these abilities which is really, like had more can use more of your brain like your you have more connections with in your neurons in your like accessing different parts. And you believe that you have these abilities which also allows you to tap into these abilities. But people would say like, Oh, this person is a witch. Oh, this in that little blonde. So now it's kind of this whole thing where there's, like, this ripple effect happening, and more people are accessing their psychic abilities now, like remote influencing remote viewing. All of these things were being like

spk_0:   12:42
cops from the universe. Yeah,

spk_1:   12:43
and they're becoming well known. And, um, it's kind of like a 50 50 years ago if somebody would have said, Yeah, like there are going to be many money psychics and healers etcetera, etcetera like people would be like, No, that's not possible And like look at today like we have. There's so many people that are psychics that can do remote viewing like the government has programs that do remote influencing remote viewing et cetera on their programs. Outside of that, teach outta used these skills, and it's really just tapping into different parts of the brain. And everyone has the ability to be able to access these. But it's just you have to you have to open your mind up to that and

spk_0:   13:22
everybody has ability to be psychic, had a psychic and develop their intuition. It is truly something you can develop

spk_1:   13:32
very, very true. But you have to kind of like get rid of like the limiting belief systems, the

spk_0:   13:38
eyes, noise from the universe. Yeah, you and what I call noises is that negative energy, the negative buzz, just putting people down and just negativity all day long. You really have to and they say vibrate higher, but it's true. You really have to kind of rise above, and you have to you have to think positive and you have to believe it. You can't just think it and and then you know another side of your brain. Just go. Okay, That's never gonna happen. You have to believe it. And I don't know why it works that way, but it does. When you know the moment you make that decision. In the moment your brain sort of accepts that reality. The moment things start changing in your life. And the moment this all becomes true, it's really that easy. And

spk_1:   14:26
the amazing thing that I see is there's always been the strong division between between spirituality, which is kind of like the I will see it when I believe it. And then there's science, which is I'll believe it when I see it. And it's kind of like they're 22 things, searching for the same answers just from different perspectives, like two ends of the spectrum. And now the amazing thing is like with quantum theory, quantum mechanics, quantum physics there have now been like experiments and scientific proof that show that things aren't quite as they seem, and particles can be in two places at once and in terms of like energy, like time and space. It's just a linear thing, and we actually can transcend thes linear things and actually access information from the past or project potential. Yeah, project potential. Future outcomes based on decisions or choices that we make in our life. And this can relate to the personal or the collective level. And just like a quick note to this has always been in my head. But the whole idea of their being like a ton of people that are psychic now and a lot of people are kind of becoming curious and stepping off of the kind of like the predictable path of the human being, which would be just too. I'm kind of like stay on this like like

spk_0:   15:51
the Matrix. It's kind of tricks

spk_1:   15:55
like people are starting to say like, No, I don't want to have that 9 to 5 job. No, there's gotta be more to the world than just this and like I

spk_0:   16:03
make a difference. I wanna create Jay. I want to leave a legacy exactly,

spk_1:   16:09
and it's kind of interesting, like the Mayan calendar ended and like a lot of these predictions, have been, verily, operate like Nostra. Thomas. Um, I guess like h people bought ski, but I think she she was more like the esoteric, sort of like a visionary, but, um, her profit. But anyway, so a lot of these things, like predictions, fail to predict past this given time. And could that be because there's so many people like there's a ripple effect happening of people stepping off that predictable path. So technically,

spk_0:   16:43
our present And I think so. I definitely think so because I think we've sort of gone off the the blueprint for Oh, absolutely. You know what's gonna happen Because people can't predict it. Because when your mind is in control, your you're in charge. You're not putting somebody else in control of your life anymore. You actually are in control and you create. You're the architect of your own reality. So you create what you want and you can manifest it. And that's true. I know some people try listening Go Wouldn't mean manifest the manifest things like they can appear before you. Yes, they actually can. Um, you can, you know, I think you're going to be a millionaire, and it can happen.

spk_1:   17:34
Dream it, believe it all has to do with your conscious mind. You fill your mind. Are you? Feel your conscious mind with positive thoughts and then that will essentially re program your subconscious mind, and you can, like, literally change your life. You can change your genes to like. Science has proven that we'll talk about that in a different episode. Um,

spk_0:   17:57
there's there's definitely so much proof nowadays. And I I'm a big person that, you know, believes in, uh, the stuff that I see in black and white, like E. I have a hard time buying into it if it's not something that you can explained by science or by math. So these are all things that aren't just in the abstract. They aren't just theories that we have these air, actually, things that are true my science. Yep, yep. And remote influencers and things like that where you know people would create there would create blueprints for, you know, being able to afford a house in two months. And then what happens is I think the universe creates situations to allow all of those things to happen. Because of your mind. Set your minds more powerful so and the universe wants to make you happy. I mean, that's that's saying is really just this is supposed to be a mental, you know, Um, this isn't supposed to be like hell on earth sort of experience for us. It's We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience and

spk_1:   19:11
back to what cure since thought about having the universe like work in your favor. So the way I like T. O. C. This is sort of like okay, animals migrating on a path and, like normally they go a specific way. But then there's some natural, like event that happened. I actually like made their pot blocked off and like they didn't actually see this. But somehow they intuitively knew. I thought they needed to go a different way. And so then they shifted their path, and it's kind of like looking at the like the whole like magnetic field of the earth and then looking at humans, and you know how you attract the right people to you. If you have your mind focused on something you'll always, we are always attracting like the people that we need into her life. And, um then, when we put our intent on, say, building a company or wanting Thio, get into some feel like you'll randomly meet like somebody that can connect you to another person. Or you'll be put into situations where you could actually have the chance to make that thing, that you want it or that you put your focus on happen and it's kind of almost like

spk_0:   20:24
people are just they just end up appearing in your life. Yeah, just there's no way Thio

spk_1:   20:29
Yeah, like like we're all like pieces of this puzzle. And like we're working together, it's like having are like electromagnetic field like we are. We magnetize people to us like we're drawn to people that can help us or we can help them. So it's kind of off just like a puzzle.

spk_0:   20:46
And the goal of the universe is to raise the collective so everybody can be happy. It's not meant to oppress anybody like that's not. That's not what you know. I think there's always this dichotomy because the understanding is like certain people lived live at this level, you know they live at a higher level, and then certain people there's a little low class and That's not how we can all live at this on the upper echelon kind of level and the other. If you tap into your mind, though, that's that's the catch.

spk_1:   21:21
Another really interesting thing, too. So most people have this thing of needing thio like, Oh, I'm going to one up you are. There's, like so many disempowering interactions. But so science is also now proving I forget the neuroscientist name, but they're talking about in your in your arms and how we're becoming more empathic. And these mirror neurons allows to I'm essentially mimic another person's mind to feel their emotions. This is also like telepathy, mind reading, etcetera, etcetera. So it's almost like the way that we're evolving because with her being in our

spk_0:   22:02
path, yeah,

spk_1:   22:04
yes, I that's like your If somebody's really sad, you can feel that sadness as if it was your own. And so it's kind of like this whole rise of empathy and like how our brains are evolving. It's kind of showing us like, Okay, we need to start working together to essentially raise the collective equilibrium, because if we're evolving this way, she's gonna continue on and like, if you're surrounded by a lot of sad people. Even if you're a happy person, you are going to feel that sadness. So it only makes sense that we work together to bring everyone up.

spk_0:   22:38
Yeah, so that people can live. You can live in this level because right now and I won't get too much into the powers of be. But right now, people, they're sort of a sleep and just sort of happy just going about things. And I kind of like being unhappy. But, you know, it's whatever its life, you do it. No, you don't have to look that way. You

spk_1:   23:01
more than that. Make your life magic

spk_0:   23:05
every day

spk_1:   23:07
pretty much. And then also another another point with the whole idea of the mirror neurons and being like empathic and feeling other's emotions. And like how we're evolving, how this is significant and join us that we need to work together and have, like, positive human interaction rather than like this disempowering like bullying and all this stuff. So relating this thio. Okay, I'm gonna think of an example. So say Aye. You say you're a pretty positive individual and even bringing this to the scientific level in spiritual level. So say you carry with you a violent or the violet or is like associating with people that are psychic, that e s p abilities that are intuitive and light. Dave. Yeah. And so that's Violet. That's a higher frequency. And so say you have a person like that and then you are surrounded by 10 fairly negative people who they carry with them a red aura, which is a lower vibration. Okay, so naturally, the person with the higher vibration will balance out the people at the lower vibration. So it's kind of like those people will come up with that person, will come down, and that person will feel a little bit. Where's the other? People will feel a little bit better, but relating this also, Thio say, like a few very like high vibing people are together. They can create this like magnetized energy. So But this isn't just like there's this whole thing of needing thio be around positive people and like, take out the negative people like that's true. But we also have to look at it as looking at the collective like, if this is true on an individual level, it's also true on a collective level. So imagine this is just like a vision that I have, and I think this would be amazing. But like if we can all work together to bring each other up and think positively and get to sort of like this higher place where all of us are raising our our personal frequency, our personal vibration, that collective Yeah, And then imagine say, like, Okay, we have, like, 7.5 billion people on this earth or something. Say, like,

spk_0:   25:22
even one even like population. Yeah,

spk_1:   25:25
1%. 2%. 10%. Like say, eventually one billion people got to this place where they're thinking very positively. And and that would just have a ripple effect. Because this can also relate to Newton's laws of motion and momentum as it relates to psychology. The more the more people that continue to think in this way, and it will just have, it'll create more of a momentum.

spk_0:   25:47
Yeah, and it's almost like people. It's infectious, and people won't be ableto Yeah, sort of, um, you know, ignore it anymore, But

spk_1:   25:56
based on science, like you're like, the more people that get into excited state Yes, Yeah, this high vibrational state, then done. It's like the opposite. So, like, say, there are 10 people that are carrying, like this violet or which is like the higher frequency. And then you have a person with the like, naturally, there, like a lower vibing person. That person is going to come into that higher level like so it's kind of

spk_0:   26:24
like the other ones don't have toe loses

spk_1:   26:28
people. So it's like our collective exactly. So it's like less energy expended for individual. And that's more energy to put into our help Thio.

spk_0:   26:39
And that's the most efficient way to do things as well as you know you, where you can expend the least amount of effort of energy. Remember doing it

spk_1:   26:47
exactly. And it's kind of another, like Brandon Little example that I like to say is Imagine you have one horse pulling a wagon so that horse is going. Thio have to use more energy to actually get going, and then it will take more time and more effort, more energy to pull this wagon. But then say you have three horses pulling the wagon. That's more momentum, I guess. Less energy expended perforce like it will take less time like Ben. 10 horses. So it's kind of like it's kind of this whole thing about using our time and energy as efficiently as possible and like, Yeah, we could do that on an individual level. But it's the beauty will come from creating this on a collective level. That's when that's when the magic will really happen.

spk_0:   27:36
Yeah, I mean, one more,

spk_1:   27:38
one more. One more random thoughts. So another thing sort of relating this whole thing Thio like belief systems and how our thoughts are actually energy. And we whatever we direct our thoughts into, like, we kind of like a track up to us, and we can, like, manifest into reality, depending on the extent of like what you're focusing on. But so I have a family friend who she gets together with a couple, I guess. A couple of women and they're all they all have. Like similar belief systems. Their minds are open to being able thio like psychic abilities like mad

spk_0:   28:23
they get rid of the mental limitations. Yeah.

spk_1:   28:26
Yeah, And so these three people get together and they can manifest things into the physical form, manifest the spirit into the physical form and

spk_0:   28:36
these air Just

spk_1:   28:36
three people in in a group. Like doing so. Imagine like 10 people, 100 people, 1000 people. A 1,000,000 people, like we could literally like.

spk_0:   28:47
You do so much. Nothing. I mean, um like to give you an example. Um, actually and I were standing outside, Um, and we were wondering if we can make the clouds dissipate. Good. If we focus our into energy on them, it works. Yeah. Told it works The lightning storm tonight. You know, you can make lightning strike. You can back to just be timing too, though I could, but you can, you know, you absolutely magnetic energy that's going on. I mean, if you're a vibrating at a higher frequency and you push that energy out, you've been absolutely attract. You know, that's just the two. Um, I don't I don't know about lining. Yeah, maybe like you like me, but yeah. I mean, I don't know, but so I know what the next question P I'm going to get from people is probably How do you do this? Um, there's a number of different ways to kind of get to enlightenment, but one of the easiest ways that I've found his meditation. Um, it's very hard for people to get into this. I've learned that it's You have to be very disciplined about it. I'm not even disciplined about it every day. But the more I do it, the more I am so thankful that I do, because it just I don't know about you. But every time I'm so you know, so thankful, because the experience that I have, I go so much deeper, Um, you know, in my consciousness and, um, and my self consciousness, and I'm able to just I'm am able to really my abilities just grow every time I every time I meditate. So Mr Soon

spk_1:   30:44
literally just started to, like, get into this like she said before. And she's like she can channel different people she can like, like, visualize, like different blueprints like, so that's just getting started. So if you're if you're focused on it and if you're dedicated to like if you can believe that you have these abilities, then yeah, you can you can do this and

spk_0:   31:08
sort of there's no ignoring it. It's like it's fine. You're fun, you know, instead of going out drinking or something like that. Actually, I sit around in front of your sliding night and like we, you know, channel Tesla like it's somebody ever

spk_1:   31:29
like video. Like what? We D'oh,

spk_0:   31:31
wait, visit, Just experiments and weird stuff. But it's so in trade. Yeah, and it's just, you know, awesome. And I can't I can't say enough like it's. I'm sure some people's parents will have a different take on this. But it's not weird, and it's a safe thing to do. And it's, you know, you're not. I think that the misnomer is that you're going to get into something that you that's going to scare you, or that you open yourself up to some kind of negative experience. But, um, you're in control like

spk_1:   32:04
you're always.

spk_0:   32:04
You're always in control of your own body. So if you're afraid of things that are out here, you will be afraid you will be afraid of, huh? If you're not, you won't be. You know, if you go into it, you go into things asking for the intent to be that You know what? That it benefits your higher sphere Hi itself. Then you know, negative and lower vibrational beings won't be able to, um, come through. But you know is does it happen? Yes, absolutely. But can you be afraid of it? No. You shouldn't be because, you know, you're always in control. You'll never

spk_1:   32:42
be given more than you can

spk_0:   32:43
handle also, right? And they, I mean things for me have come a little bit fast lately, which I'm okay with, but when it first starts out, it's It's in slow increments. You don't just wake up in your third eye, opens and you know, bam. And then you you know, you go and project yourself 10 years. It's not that it doesn't happen that fast. It's slowly and it's that way on purpose. I'm sure everybody's situation is different. I'm sure everybody has a different experience, but your third eye opened slowly, like it's not just, you know, Yeah, I mean, cause when I think about it like this has been over six months and, you know, it did happen slowly. It didn't just all open up one, you know, And in one sitting, um, you know, it's not like taking taking what says the stuff that you smoke that's in plants. I know. You know, I'm talking about D and e M T. Thank you. It's not like taking tea where you don't take off to another realm and then you come back and your your prophetic about that it's it happens slower. I kind of

spk_1:   34:04
my and who knows? But my theory on the whole, like the shocker system like it's something that's been instilled in our belief systems like you have your third. I have your crown chakra. You have your heart shocker accent, et cetera. But I think in like all in all, everything comes from the brain, and I think it's kind of if you believe that you're opening your third eye, then it's it's really just believe systems. Then you're If you think by opening your third eye become intuitive psychic, then this will happen. But essentially, it's kind of about I'm getting out of the habit because when you're in a certain habit, like the life that most of us live or it's just like the 9 to 5 job or this or that and it's it's a habitual thing going to bed at the same time, waking up in the morning, and so we create. We don't use all of our brain this way. So when you start to switch it up when you start becoming curious, when you start to sort of explore different parts of your mind and think about different things you access, you start to train different parts of your mind, and then these abilities come with it. If you believe that you have these abilities, and if you have that focus in time,

spk_0:   35:14
otherwise your brand protects itself. And it won't allow you to experience those things because it thinks that it knows that you don't believe in at your core.

spk_1:   35:23
And it's kind of like the whole idea of being stuck in like the reptilian part of your brain. And it's sort of like that that survival and most of us are all inside of flight. Always in this, like stressed out stay, even if we don't fully realize it. Um, just like, not quite healthy, like we're surrounded by a lot of toxins like physical and also people better toxic, and it kind of keeps us stuck within this. Like I guess, like the base of the brain, the reptilian part of the brain, which is purely for survival. It's aggression. It's like food sacks, ex cetera, et cetera. And the whole idea behind meditation is you get you take yourself out of that space and you go into sort of this peaceful, calm state, and then you access to your the like Carson. Yeah, the higher parts of your brain, like the cerebral cortex. And this is where you start. You start rewiring your brain and this then like if it takes training and practice and switching it up and you can develop and use more of your rain and then

spk_0:   36:30
11 Great, if you guys are looking for a course to sort of get into. One of the first things I started was with Dale Cellars, which he's an amazing psychic. He has a course called Life Leap Institute and it It's phenomenal. It really is phenomenal on DIT teaches psychic development all the way to telekinesis to astral projection. He teaches the whole shebang. So, um, if you want I mean and it's reasonably priced to yourself. That was I didn't ever finish the life leave course just because I ended up getting involved in other stuff and I just didn't, uh, didn't have the time on the money to do it, but it it is a very, very, very good program. So and I learned a lot from from a lot like the tents and release when you're projecting, you know, that kind of stuff? Um, yeah, And the 1st 1st vision that ever had was from that program. So, um so, because besides meditation, um, there's also the placebo effect, which is just, um, your mind sort of creating the picture for you. It's your mind saying, Okay, this is true. So

spk_1:   37:52
if you believe something will happen and it's like a self fulfilling prophecy but as it relates Thio like, if you okay, so this is coming to mind right now. So how How the subconscious mind like our mind works is if we I want something like, Oh, like I really like wants to feel this way. I feel that way we go looking for things that will make us feel that way. But in all truth, we can literally, like, go back to memory that made us really happy here. We felt love and like, feel that feeling in the present moment. And that's our subconscious. Like we're feeling that feeling and then Well, we can change our emotion, change your mood rather than going and looking like externally for like these things to fulfill that and to bring out that emotion. In this we have that ability within our own mind. Thio like change, change that and to feel good. And then the great thing about that, too, is like how the subconscious mind works is and like, how you're able to manifest things is you. You have to believe that you already have it. You can't say like, Oh, I want this. I want this. But focus on what you're trying to do and you believe that you already have it. And so that's like you're feeling that. And that's part of what used to manifest sort of these things.

spk_0:   39:11
Yeah, and I mean, that power is very strong. Nash is right. No, you can. You The only limitations that exist are the ones that you are self imposed. I mean, even there's experiments done on the collective the Maharishi effect, which basically says that if 1% of the population thinks positively that it will affect at least 1% of population, it will effect the blood of the global mindset.

spk_1:   39:44
And there have been various studies. An experiment? Yeah, like smaller versions of this city's. And it's proven measurable results and

spk_0:   39:51
crime decreases. Yeah, suicide raise their rates go down. It's pretty. The result of pretty astounding. You should. You should definitely I Googled out if you have a minute The Maharishi effect. But, um, so you know that that is definitely something that's been proven. So the limitation there is that you it's if 1% of the population is, you know, thinking positive for the you know that it can raise the collective. I don't even think it has to be one person of the population. Actually think you brought this up initially. We conceived them. And yet, and that it, you know, could be Less than 1% of the population are less than 1% of population yet too, you know, Why couldn't one person do it? I think it's all about just

spk_1:   40:42
creating connections in your mind. Yep. Believing you could do something, Everything. Everything can be considered to be a preconceived limitation. Always.

spk_0:   40:52
Yeah, um, going out into nature. Um, that's another positive thing for me. That's another way. I connect with my higher self nature is all around you, and it's sort of gives you, gives you the feeling that you're not alone and it makes you you. When you look at the beauty in nature and truly bring yourself to look at the elements in nature, you appreciate them. And, you know, if you spend time out there camping, you know, sleeping outside, going outside when it's lightning

spk_1:   41:32
Einstein. He also spoke about going out in nature. He would play the violin as well, which is probably has something to do. I think the violin is like 400 something hurts or whatever, so like different frequencies. But he also spoke of going into nature. And while you're in nature like you're if you're alone and you get into this, you drop into almost like a data.

spk_0:   41:56
I think it's a beta brainwave

spk_1:   41:57
state, and so that's almost where you have that very cool mind. Your conscious mind is completely calm, and that's where you can sort of access different information and also you're not surrounded by your focus is on nature, right, so you're you're letting your like conscious like thoughts go and your focus is on nature and So you're eliminating all that distraction that clutter that noise. And so you have, like, more clarity. And of course, you can do this when you're in surrounded by chaos. But it just takes more effort, more work,

spk_0:   42:32
just immunity. Yeah, the more we have to do in your meditations.

spk_1:   42:36
So eventually it's all kind of like mind mastery, but like going out into nature and connecting in, letting the conscious mind all those thoughts, like float away and yeah,

spk_0:   42:46
taking taking a bath for some reason for me s amazing. It's her washes of re cleansing her aura and washes away all the negativity. And I just I like to take a bath after especially I've been around a bunch of negative energy, just cleans everything, makes me feel renewed.

spk_1:   43:05
Another random thought too. So kind of looking at sort of the personal level in the collective level and seen how belief systems shifter like shifted molder thoughts and thoughts combined create reality, and we can talk more about this later, but so the whole idea behind thes different belief systems, So Okay, the

spk_0:   43:32
who was that? Okay. I heard that stuff happens. Thio.

spk_1:   43:46
Okay, so, basically, I'll just like they're this out there. But, um so the whole idea of, like, say, OK, crystals can actually hold a frequency so they they could be used for healing. But so it's a like a large percentage of the collective, like 30% of the collective believes that. Okay, Justin Example. Using stage, you can burn stage, and this can clear the energy within your home. Or that let's say, like using crystals for healing that they can heal. Or but basically what I'm saying is that, like a percentage, whatever percentage of the collective believes something that, almost like intensifies your ability and magnifies your ability to manifest things because so really, like our personal belief system well be true and like, we'll be able to do things I don't know exactly

spk_0:   44:41
know without the use of crystals and stuff like that. Yeah, whatever believed I could say

spk_1:   44:47
like, Oh, I can use a fork like in like put a fork

spk_0:   44:50
in my body could be anything. It could be a tuning fork over a dowsing rod for you, exactly, But whenever you set your mind to

spk_1:   44:57
using what the collective believes, like a large percentage of the collective you can use that to help magnify your ability to manifest. It's almost sort of like the idea, like the Bible. And like all these things saying that right now we're in this prophetic time and like Genesis and all of this, like this is actually the fact that so many people are believing this is true. It's helping to manifest this into reality. And, um, it's kind of yet kind of just the whole idea of the least systems and, like trained to create stories to shift, believes the Stones and, um, make them less limiting. And yes, so

spk_0:   45:37
So what else? Um journaling, journaling helps me big time connected herself. It helped me to also see when things happen because I don't always I know you did this, too, but I don't always relate things toe. I forget a lot of things that happened in the moment. That means something, and that later on, you're like, OK, that's what those words to me. No, we should've written that down. How did I say that or whatever I'm so journaling is definitely a great thing. Todo Yeah, because once you're topping into that, you know that left brain like that created creative side. That's so whenever there's there's one thing or the right. Sorry, the right brand stick relative sign. Yeah, the left brain is returning. Uh, yes, it's really the

spk_1:   46:28
combination of the two because you need the logic and the the

spk_0:   46:32
nobody ever time intuition. Remember how I was saying thio? If when the brain starts thinking, especially with remote viewing something that that's when you're wrong, Wrong, wrong, wrong pen Jeanette class at the mediumship class last week said the same thing. If your brain started thinking, you're always gonna be wrong, you're out of it. So that's that's sort of one tip I can give you is whenever the your brain starts dependent, try to piece experiences together and try to make sense of things that's never gonna That's that's never gonna we'll get you there. But so journaling journaling can help you kind of fish these instances out and be able. Thio elaborate on them and, yeah, gets the creative juices flowing. Um, yoga. It's kind of like along the lines of meditation and yoga is good for you. It obviously has numerous health benefits. Stretching also does a lot of things for blood pressure and your immune system. And you, your joints and your bones. And the benefits are just on and on

spk_1:   47:39
about that alignment of mind, body and spirit. Kind of, um, I like this example. So looking at so they are aligning your mind, your body and your spirit and kind of looking at all positive brains, like Okay, I'm done. Thanks.

spk_0:   48:00
Okay. Yeah.

spk_1:   48:04
Pretty much like this is the longest I've ever talked. Where eso like using all positives and negatives that you encounter throughout your life. It's sort of like a compass to that center point, which is the linemen of your body. Your mind in your spirit. And so the body is like treating your body right? I'm feeding it with healthy food. I'm exercising your mind, kind of

spk_0:   48:27
playing away from chemicals. And, yeah, your

spk_1:   48:30
mind like meditation. Like like learning and metal. All

spk_0:   48:38
right. Do you know, stay? I kind of look at

spk_1:   48:41
your mind. It's sort of like your mental, like how you think in your body connected to your brain. But then in your spirit, which is like, yeah, like living, living in your spiritual self, like living in a place of love and like, um, kind of like in your truth and what

spk_0:   49:00
I just had, Like, I just saw person sleep. I had a weird just like a good decision of my heart. OK, I did too, but like, I just saw somebody right there. It was a lady. I don't know. I've never That's never happened. I got a really weird palpitations.

spk_1:   49:16
Like, I think that's almost why, like stop. I couldn't think

spk_0:   49:19
Yeah, so it was. It was because I had a same time. I was like by my

spk_1:   49:24
thoughts, literally just looked like,

spk_0:   49:27
Yeah, that was weird. Okay, so wait, do this a lot like things. I really, really strange

spk_1:   49:34
things happen when we're together, remember? But just to finish my example, like so, using the positives and the negatives to guide you to the center point, but then Thio, so that's like a place of peace. But then to use your excitement levels or your energy levels. So if you're really excited about something or if you're really just lethargic about something, use that as a scale to show you whether you're being productive or counterproductive in reaching that alignment. Because stagnancy, I look at stagnancy as a form of destruction. And we also are we always want to be in, like, us, like creation mode. Pretty

spk_0:   50:12
much crystals, crystals or another thing can I can help you heal. They can help you get in touch with your intuitive side. Um, but e think I mean, do crystals like, do they create that higher reparation? Because I know they can hold a vibration, but yeah, so they can hold a vibration, but okay, honestly, I don't

spk_1:   50:41
know. I think like everything

spk_0:   50:42
can hold the vibration. Like you sound like Kansas City and there that, you know, I like having them around me. Eso

spk_1:   50:50
Ay, yeah, they're beautiful way. Enjoy having beautiful.

spk_0:   50:53
And you do get energy from them. You do get certain kinds of energy calming, you know, excitable e. We definitely know that, but

spk_1:   51:00
kind of like being in nature. It's like having your home. Really? Yeah. But it's also like you can charge the crystals like somewhere up there and, like focusing on the Coca Cola cannon like it done. You could see the order around that just from the focus. So that's like directing energy like we can. We can put energy into whatever we focus on. Really? And if we believe that something is healing and like, yeah, and it'll be

spk_0:   51:27
healing. Yeah, just not if it's,

spk_1:   51:30
like, drugs yourself. Like that.

spk_0:   51:35
Uh, well, I think, people, the misconception is people take drugs to expand their mind. But, uh, I mean, and I don't know, because I've never taken drugs for that purpose. I can't say I haven't had an out of body experience, so I have

spk_1:   51:52
always been scared to try.

spk_0:   51:54
Yeah, these things. Well, um, I never have anyways, but Judge Ben okay, but I think the miss number is really people take them to expand their minds, but really don't need to take any sort of drugs. In fact, you know. Yeah, we don't We don't encourage that at all. You just need to be your beautiful little self and, uh, and believe in yourself and believe in yourself and believe you can and believe you're better and believe you deserve better. And be grateful and express gratitude. When you do experience different things, the more

spk_1:   52:38
gratitude you express the memorial draw into your life to be grateful for like, the whole idea. You feel something. And then that's what you drive into your life, so you feel grateful. You feel the gratitude, and then you'll drop. Come here. When you feel you feel sad, feel deprived. Still draw more of that in your life. You feel it's kind of like the law of attraction like yeah, that whole with

spk_0:   53:01
training your mind not to think of it, not to dwell on negative things get stuck in the bad, you know, I don't know. But when I was going through my divorce initially I would listen to sad songs and I would do all of those things because it feels good to kind of prey. But then I would get stuck, you know, weird, you know, just from listening to sad songs so I don't over that now. But you know it. I don't listen to stuff like that, like, over repetitive, you know yourself cry because I realized that it's you know, there's there's nothing there to be stuck in that, then that from mine. So I'd rather be happy. And

spk_1:   53:44
this is like coming up. So I feel like I should say it. So the whole idea of, um, using your energy levels so like people that carry this higher energy like they have more of the yes P abilities, ex cetera, et cetera. And they have a stronger ability to manifest things because they carry this higher energy. And so the whole idea of like, the vibration of, like, excitement. If you're really excited about something, you are carrying this high energy, and but it's also the same with fear. If you're really fearful, like you can actually manifest something like If you believe that there's, like something scary like you'll like your mind, your mind can play tricks with you and your mind can actually create these things into reality. And, um

spk_0:   54:29
and that's just your mind. It's not a projection of your mind exactly, but jumping out front of you. But yeah, it seemed like that,

spk_1:   54:36
and I'm I'm gonna bring up this story. But so this actually happened kind of recently. So I have this weird. I had a weird sort of childhood and have this weird thing with my mom, and it was sort of like a deeper thing that I was holding. That was, um, kind of scared. Thio just thio kind of be like her, and I really don't like saying this because I don't want.

spk_0:   55:01
Hopefully, she's not going to listen to this. She wants. But but long story

spk_1:   55:07
short, I had a really weird experience where I got into this really fearful state that because I was like, feeling my mom's energy pretty deeply. But then it started. I was trying to, like, push it away, but I got into this state of fear. So I actually was projecting my energy to her more and feeling her morning. I actually feel like it was like I was by locating and I could I could smell her breath. I could. It's like I felt like her like I was thinking like her and like, really freaked me out. So, like fear and excitement can manifest things really quickly, you are always in control of yourself. You can always change something. But just to be aware of the yeah like fear, the only thing to fear is fear itself. Like so if you're

spk_0:   55:53
really stepped so ho, though, it's

spk_1:   55:55
getting really scared about something when you're doing this. And if there's

spk_0:   55:58
any problem, No, no, you should probably wait until you've you're ready to go to that next stage with somebody who is fearful? Me. Yeah, I go into everything. Like, if if I fear something, I'm kind of like Okay, maybe I need to wait on that on Ben. The universe will let me know when it's a better time. Because if I go into it with the fear mindset, I'm going to be scared. Something weird will happen, you know? And so I just look at everything is like, Okay, I'm open to, you know, I'm open to any experience, and if it's something that is scary, it's because my mind has made it that way because I don't think my personal my personal belief, is that, you know, even spirit energies aren't inherently positive or negative. I think they just are, and they're just they exist. And I don't think they're evil or good. You know, it's just, um just kind of one of those things. It's just in the way it exactly. So I think that we put those labels, you know, on stuff. So no, I that's our That's our you know, all of our stuff. Uh,

spk_1:   57:08
anyways, my point with bringing up the whole idea of fear. So say if you are getting into this and something happens where you get in that fear. ST Manifest something really quickly. Always remember that nothing is permanent like it's just it's literally a thing that it's within your mind and you are in control of your brain. Is your brain like there's no such thing is like possession, like none of that stuff is not really gushes like a kind of a fear tactic. And people believe certain things. And, like

spk_0:   57:35
people hear it, they can attach themselves on to you, if that's what you're seeking. If that's what you're going like, yeah, I find, because I do believe people, Yeah, that's your intent. But if your intent is to that not to happen, then I mean, I'm supposed to happen accidentally, but I don't I've never heard of it ever happening. Um, yeah, yeah,

spk_1:   57:59
you're always in control, and your beliefs, the stones in your mind, like you can get rid of anything that you want to get rid of you can.

spk_0:   58:05
Your mind is a very powerful or I mean,

spk_1:   58:08
I almost like to look at so up until recently, sort of seen as even with technology like the computer. And now there's the creation of the quantum computer, and it's kind of almost symbolic of going from this linear way of thinking to a quantum way of thinking and looking at the brain as looking at the brain. Almost as like when you go in access more of the brain, you're going from that normal computer to the quantum computer. And with this you can you can clear out like files or programs. Are these negative things that aren't suiting you and that air creating like less than optimal outputs And you can That's funny. And anyway, I'll go deeper into this in the next one,

spk_0:   59:00
and thus my fear ability or my fear level. Just spike because I'm seeing some lady in my house. And this is the way that they let me know that this is what we're doing this while you're doing your podcast because he won't get scared because it's like a can't break out on here. So, yeah, anyways, that's that's my here just now, because I am somebody who was very fearful so

spk_1:   59:24
and also, if there is something like this going on, the more you focus on something like this, you're giving your giving yeah, power. But you're giving it energy. And so if you

spk_0:   59:35
want something to go high energy is power. Exactly. Very

spk_1:   59:38
true. If you want something to go away, just ignore it. Ignore the muddy

spk_0:   59:43
water, but humble. All right. All right, guys, Thanks for listening. This'd are here. Sounds like and that will be many more. So we will see you a couple days. Daniela, Probably. That's why. Okay.