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"Authenticity is everything" - Karla O'Bryant Dingle

June 14, 2021 Chris Griswold
Improv Discussion and Resources
"Authenticity is everything" - Karla O'Bryant Dingle
Show Notes

Today my guest is Karla O’Bryant Dingle.  

Karla is the Improv Director and Acting Instructor at Acting Out Studio in Charlotte, NC. She is also a faculty member with Queen City Comedy’s Global Improv Project. She has been performing improv in Charlotte since 2009 and has taken classes at Second City, Hoopla, and The Groundlings. 

 I wanted to chat with her because Queen City seemed to figure out producing and marketing virtual classes and shows in a way other organizations have struggled to do. And Queen City is dedicated to community and forming partnerships, which I think is pretty great. Karla does a ton of teaching, and she was lovely to chat with.

You can see Karla performing with Now are the Foxes Improv Comedy, Don’t Mess Improv, Close Distance Improv, Charlotte Comedy Theater, Background Noise Musical Improv and the duo Judkins and Dingle.

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