WENTS & Friends

Introducing WENTS & Friends: The Podcast

June 02, 2021 Heather Pownall Season 1
WENTS & Friends
Introducing WENTS & Friends: The Podcast
Show Notes

Welcome to WENTS and Friends,  a podcast series by Women in ENT Surgery UK.

In this introduction, WENTS UK president Ekpemi Irune is joined by Emma Stapleton (Vice President) and Medical Student Representative Melissa Hammond Flynn. Listen as they discuss the importance of WENTS UK as a society, their vision and hopes for the Podcast. 

This series will stimulate dialogue revolving around diversity and inclusivity with a view to learning more about the traits that make us unique.  This will be a celebration of the experiences of all peoples within and beyond medicine to foster a better understanding of our individual journeys and fellowship in our commonalities. Hopefully, leading to a more equitable and thriving healthcare space. We hope you enjoy it!

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WENTS & Friends is the official podcast for Women in ENT Surgery UK

Visit  entuk.org/wents-uk for further information and details on becoming a WENTS UK member.

Email: [email protected]  for any questions or topic suggestions you may have for future episodes.

This show is brought to you by WENTS UK; Follow us on Twitter @UKWENTs.  This season’s episodes are hosted by Ekpemi Irune @ENTmimi, Emma Stapleton @otolaryngolofox and Nina Mistry @nina3mistry.  Produced and directed by Heather Pownall @heathershub of Heather's Media Hub Ltd.  Created and co-produced by Ekpemi Irune.  We would like to thank our sponsors Karl Storz for their kind support.