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Embrace The Chaos with Ana Lorena Fabrega

October 26, 2021 Emma and Xavier Season 1 Episode 13
Curious Conversations: A Podcast for Kids by Kids
Embrace The Chaos with Ana Lorena Fabrega
Show Notes

What is Synthesis? What is a Chief Evangelist? That’s what today’s episode with Ana Lorena Fabrega is all about....asking questions, finding answers and then asking more questions! 

We were so excited to talk about Synthesis and so much more with Ana, or Ms. Fab as her students call her.

We learn about Ana’s journey from being a teacher in a traditional classroom to quitting that job to pursuing her passion for asking questions and thinking about education in a new way, which led her to Synthesis. 

There are so many different ways to learn and we talk about many of them. Including the challenges of a traditional classroom, micro school, forest school, the Montessori Method, International Baccalaureate learning and more. Plus, Ana shares with us her ideal school day, and it’s not at all what you think! 

Ana tells how Synthesis started and we chat about SpaceX and Elon Musk too. Then we trade stories and thoughts about Synthesis and the three of us get a chance to tell our listeners about this fantastic gamified learning experience we get to participate in each week. 

If you are curious about Synthesis listen to this episode and then click the link for more information. 

Synthesis School

Here are some of the fun things we talked about in our conversation today and where you can find them in this episode

6:25 - Ana’a job is Chief Evangelist at Synthesis. Learn what Synthesis is and what a Chief Evangelist does. 

13:17 - We hear what Ana’s ideal school day looks like.

20:15 - How does International Baccalaureate learning work? We do our best to explain it.

30:38 - How did Synthesis start? It involves Ad Astra, SpaceX, Elon Musk and Josh Dahn. 

39:32 - We talk about the LEGO effect.

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