How We Bloom

How We Bloom with Sharon McGukin & Smithers-Oasis

July 15, 2021 Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI Season 1 Episode 0
How We Bloom
How We Bloom with Sharon McGukin & Smithers-Oasis
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This newly-released flower trend podcast with Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI interviews enterprising guests who dare to do things differently. They share innovative flower tips, design techniques, personal growth plans, marketing and business ideas.  Brought to you  by Smithers-Oasis, this podcast encourages people who are passionate about petals to listen, learn, grow. "And, that's  How We Bloom!"

Welcome to How We Bloom, our new podcast offering an oasis of flower Ideas. I’m your host Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI and I believe that every great success story starts with one simple idea. A challenge that requires change.

On How We Bloom we interview guests who dare to do things differently. People who plant seeds, grow ideas and bloom to their full potential. 

We all know that change is inevitable. And, that’s a good thing! Change moves us forward. It’s how we grow. Unfortunately, growth can be painful when you’re going through it.

 Have you ever watched the slow-motion video of a flower bursting into bloom? Ouch! That kind of energetic growth has to hurt. Through the pandemic we’ve all experienced some growing pains of our own as we tried to adjust to the energy of wildly changing times.            

We have to remind ourselves that challenge happens for you – not to you! Inside every challenge there are hidden opportunities waiting to be discovered. The stair-steps of your personal evolution.

That’s where How We Bloom comes in. We’ll explore new topics on how to focus energy and channel growth. Allowing you to realign your goals to meet new expectations.

We’ll share flower tips, design techniques, marketing strategies, business ideas, DIY plans for personal growth, and more.

We’ll ask questions like … what’s the next big idea for your flower business? What changes are taking place in the floral industry? How can you speed dial your own personal growth?

We’ll ask - who’s doing something big and exciting? Or, what small and steady adjustments can you make to grow your business exponentially? Best of all, you can cherry pick what works for your personal or business growth! 

We’ll invite interesting guests who share their ideas in steps as easy as 1-2-3.  We listen. Learn. Grow. And, that’s How We Bloom.

Our guests will answer personal questions like “What’s your superpower?”, “What’s your #1 best piece of advice?” “What book changed your way of thinking?” “What’s one thing we should stop doing right now?”

One guest replied, “Don’t keep watering a dead flower! When something comes to an end … accept it … learn from it … and move on. Go for new growth.” I agree, it’s time for us to move beyond "good enough." We’re looking for great!

 In addition to hosting trend-setting guests, in each podcast - I’ll give a shout out to someone sharing new ideas or helping others to bloom. Often on social pages, you see inspiring people doing interesting things. We’ll share those ideas too. 

Today’s shout-out goes to my Pearl Sister, Vonda LaFever AIFD. I admire how Vonda generously shares her time and talent with fellow florists. You can find her online at

I’m a floral designer, educator, blogger, but I’m not a techie. Learning to edit this podcast was a big challenge for me. Thankfully, “our friends are the flowers in this garden of life” and my friend Vonda came to my rescue!  

 Having set up an inspiring podcast of her own - The Business & Pleasure of Flowers, Vonda knew the ropes. We zoomed, shared screens and she guided me step-by-step through the process of this first podcast. Learning new skills. Sharing them with others. That’s definitely an element of How We Bloom! Thank you, Vonda.

If you have a shout-out you would recommend or a guest you would like to hear on our podcast, please DM Sharon McGukin (that’s MCGUKIN) or send me an email at

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 Here’s the secret - creative people like yourself have an advantage - it's the ability to see possibility and opportunity where others cannot along the courage to change.

We know that everyone has a story. We can all learn from each other. We can’t wait to hear from you and learn your stories. Be sure to leave comments and share your ideas with our community of flower friends listening to this podcast.

Until next time I’m Sharon McGukin reminding you that -

Like the unfurling petals of a flower we grow by changing form. Soaking in inspiration like raindrops. Absorbing energy from others, like warmth from the sun. This growth opens us up to new ideas, and that’s How We Bloom!

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