EP 3: The Audacity to Push Beyond with Page Kennedy
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EP 3: The Audacity to Push Beyond with Page Kennedy
Aug 26, 2021

What’s up? Welcome to the Impact Warrior podcast!

In this episode, I talk to  a longtime friend of mine, Page Kennedy. Page is a TV and film actor known for his roles in Weeds, Blue Mountain State, The Meg, S.W.A.T. and currently, The Upshaws on Netflix.

I have known Page for over 20 years (wow, time goes by fast!) and I invited him onto the podcast because I think everyone should have a friend like Page! Over that time, I have learned a ton from how this man approaches life, with bravery and belief in himself. He has always been relentless in the pursuit of his goals and unashamed to go after the things he feels destined to do. I think we can all take a page from Pages’ book (pun intended), and aim to be more audacious in our lives.

I love the way Page looks at the business side of acting and of his industry, and we discuss not being afraid to ask for what you want, and to keep reminding people if necessary to attack your dreams. Page is also an outstanding, “esoteric” (in his words) dad, so we talk about parenting as well.   

It was great to catch up with my friend Page and to have the opportunity to talk more in depth about how he became the unbelievable person he is today. If you take anything away from our conversation, I hope it is that you must be willing to take risks to achieve your dreams.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

[8:30] A powerful thing about Page: He does not circumspect and is audacious  in his pursuit of success, and how he got that way. 

[16:08] What Casey has learned from Page about flexing what you’ve got, your skills and strengths. 

[21:05] Page and Casey on their parenting styles and things they’ve learned from one another about being a dad. 

[40:05] Page on what’s coming up for him in his career, and things to be happy about

To keep up with Page, you can find him @pagekennedy on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube, listen to his new album, “Page”, and catch him in The Upshaws on Netflix.

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