EP 4: Scaling Business, Parenting Children, and Believing in Your Mission with Dave McCready
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Impact Warrior
EP 4: Scaling Business, Parenting Children, and Believing in Your Mission with Dave McCready
Sep 02, 2021 Season 1 Episode 4
Easy Webinar

Welcome back to the Impact Warrior podcast!

In this episode, I talk to Dave McCready,  CEO of Positive Parenting Solutions
. He and his wife, Amy McCready, have built an impressive and growing business while bringing their positive parenting message to millions of parents with online courses, TV interviews, books, and more.

Positive Parenting Solutions has made a massive impact on parents and their children worldwide, and it has certainly impacted my family and how we parent. Amy and Dave have answers to those seemingly impossible questions that many parents struggle with, and are a fantastic resource for all parents-- I can't recommend them enough!

I asked Dave about parenting difficulties of my own, and what advice he has for navigating stressful times such as those we all experienced during the pandemic. Dave also generously goes into the inception of Positive Parenting Solutions, how they use EasyWebinar, what is on the horizon for their business, and more.

I am grateful to Positive Parenting Solutions for what we've learned about parenting from them and to Dave for coming on the show! If you’re navigating being a parent and running a business, I know you’ll love this one.

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What you’ll hear in this episode:

[11:20] How discovering and implementing automated webinars changed Dave and Amy’s lives

[14:40] Casey asks Dave about patience and keeping to positive discipline during times as difficult as the pandemic

[22:20] Casey asks about the hardest moments of running Positive Parenting Solutions, and Dave explains the importance of having belief in their cause and building up the great team that they work with. 

[30:43] Dave talks about the sales funnel and reach of Positive Parenting Solutions. 

To find more about Dave and Amy McCready and their business, Positive Parenting Solutions, visit their website at the link below.

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