People and Performance Podcast


June 10, 2021 Fidello Inc. Season 1 Episode 1
People and Performance Podcast
Show Notes

We are delighted to bring you this new podcast laser-focused on the competencies, behaviors, metrics, and results needed to create and maintain high-performing work cultures

From attraction and recruitment through onboarding and measuring all the way to succession planning, each episode will take a deep dive into the stages of workforce planning you need to master in order to guarantee long-term success in a rapidly changing world of work. 

Typically, Chris Bjorling (CEO at Fidello Inc.) and Bill Banham (Founder at The HR Gazette, HRchat Podcast, and InnovateWork) will be your hosts, although sometimes we’ll swap things up. In each episode, they're joined by super impressive guests from HR, Talent, Leadership, Wellness, DEI, Culture, Finance and Operations.

Today's intro episode is around 30 minutes but usually each interview-style show will be 15-20.

Tune in to hear from such experts as:

  • Russell Robinson, EdD, Founder at Amplified Research & Consulting / Senior Training & Engagement Advisor at U.S. Federal Government
  • Rohit Manucha, Chief Human Resources Officer SIH - AGH and former Head of HR at Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company 
  • Kerris Hougardy, Vice President, People Services North America at Colliers International.
  • Matthew Hamilton, Head of HR Strategy & People Analytics at Protective Life
  • Joshua Siegal, VP, Organizational Effectiveness at Wave HQ
  • Dr. Phillip Meade, co-founder of Gallaher Edge and Associate Director, Spaceport Integration and Services at NASA, Kennedy Space Center

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