Focal Tangent: Perspectives That Shift
046: Get Seen with Short-Form Video For your Brand with Sarah Weiss
046: Get Seen with Short-Form Video For your Brand with Sarah Weiss 29:54 045: Prepared to Partner - Being Ready For YES Moments with Amelia Roberts 36:18 044: High Performance Leadership for Sustainable Scaling and Business Growth with Dinah Hampson 42:06 043: Lead Generation Strategies That Work with Jennie Wright 31:41 Becoming HER, The Leader She Knows She Is with Julie Cober 53:44 041: Managing a Multi-Passionate Portfolio Lifestyle - How To Manage it Without Going Crazy with Jessica Tudos 30:33 040: Sustainable Visibility® - What it is, what it means so we can show up on our terms with Mai-kee Tsang 48:09 039: Being Yourself Online and Finding Your Voice to Ask For What You Want with Nicola Moors 41:05 038: Five Secrets to Rocking Your Brand Photoshoot with Nathalie Amlani 9:20 037: Speaking at Summits to Grow Your Business with Jenn Zellers 37:16 036: Curating Those First Impressions and Being Styled into Leadership with Hailey Verity 32:51 035: Introvert-friendly Marketing Methods with Tara Reid 31:13 034: How Communicating Your Values in your Authentic Voice Attracts The Right People with Karen Lamont 37:58 033: Reasons Why CEO Days Help Entrepreneurs Be More Effective In Business and Life with Ashley Kang 32:35 032: Tips for Reclaiming Your Energy and Making Habits Stick with Chernell Bartholomew 26:16 031: Top Five Categories of Systems That Will Elevate Your Brand with Nathalie Amlani 14:30 030: How to Maximize Pinterest for Business Growth and Increased Visibility with Elaine Timms 34:50 029: Strategies For Driving Traffic To Your Website 39:31 028: How Personal Brand Photography Helps Accelerates Business Growth with Nathalie Amlani 10:36 027: Customer Engagement Methods That Have The Highest Consumer Responses With Cheryl Mason 26:30 026: How to Launch and Create Copy That Converts With Sara Vartanian 41:45 025: Scaling to a 7-Figure Business with Rebecca Lane 30:21 024: Why Contracts Are Important To Protect Your Business with Adrienne Ng of Open LLP 29:19 023: Managing Small Business Finances with Jayne Dykstra 28:20 022: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Community over Competition with Maria Locker 29:43