Recovering Corpoholics

Ep 22 - What Career Professional Should I hire?

February 16, 2022 Felicia Serano-Shtivelman Season 1 Episode 22
Recovering Corpoholics
Ep 22 - What Career Professional Should I hire?
Show Notes

This week, I wanted to talk about the differences between a career coach, a career counselor and a recruiter so you can choose the best professional to help you when wanting to change jobs. 

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We’ve all been there - feeling stuck or feeling like something is missing in our career. Sometimes we want to start our own business, sometimes we just flat out hate our jobs and sometimes we love what we do but we just need better opportunities. 

Whatever the case may be, hiring a professional can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only have they done it themselves (most of the time), but they know the tools and tricks to get you the job quicker and most likely, into a job that you’ll love. 

But with all of the career roles out there, how do you know which one to hire? 

Listen in as I go through all the 3 roles regarding career change so you can pick the best one which fits your needs. 

And FYI, this is all my opinion so if you have any questions, comments or corrections, please let me know!

Before I begin there is a quick note I want to stress. You may be stuck and looking for someone to tell you what you should be doing. None of these roles will do that and if they do, I wouldn’t listen. Why? Because the only person who knows you best is you. 

It would be like going to a restaurant and asking the waitress, ‘what should I eat for dinner’? I don't know! What do you like? What do you feel like having? 

Everything that goes on between these 3 roles, the advice, guidance, tips, etc., should only be used to help empower you to make a decision. That's why it’s important to know what exact help you need.

Career transitions aren’t always easy but they go so much smoother when you have the right support during the way. That's why I am going to discuss 3 roles that help professionals during a career transition.

Now that we have that addressed, it’s time to jump in.

Career Counselor / Career Services Provider

I will start off with a Career Counselor or a Career Services Provider. 

FYI I will use Career Counselor vs saying both Career counselor or Career services provider as they are both the same thing, the only difference is a career counselor has a background in psychology. 

A Career Counselor is someone who provides you information and advice to help you find a job. They take an educational approach, using....

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