Recovering Corpoholics

Ep 25 - 2 Mistakes You're Making in Your Job Search

March 09, 2022 Felicia Serano-Shtivelman Season 1 Episode 25
Recovering Corpoholics
Ep 25 - 2 Mistakes You're Making in Your Job Search
Show Notes

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about 2 mistakes you’re making in your job search. 

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When you are in the process of job searching, one mistake could cost you the opportunity. Since you’re a professional (and probably an over-achiever), you spend every free minute trying to do everything by the book to land the perfect opportunity.

But what if the mistake you’re making is something that you don’t even realize you’re doing? Something that is going to have you back in the same place as where you are now in just a couple months or even years down the road.

That’s why this week, I wanted to talk about the 2 mistakes you’re making in your job search that are holding you back from career fulfillment.

And FYI, I created a spreadsheet to help you avoid these two mistakes. Just go to to download that now.

The first mistake - focusing on the external factors

The first mistake I want to talk about is focusing your job hunt only on the external factors. 

Whenever I talk to clients about what their dream job is, 95% of what they say are around the external factors of the job (such as flexibility, benefits, pay, etc.) and 5% is about what the job actually entails. 

I always like to follow up with the question, “Great, so if you were to have all the flexibility and pay in the world, you would do accounting work”? And since most of my clients are coming from a professional services background, the answer is 99% of the time ‘No way’. 

That’s why it is so important to know what it is you actually want to be doing. 

It’s good to know what external factors you.....

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