Recovering Corpoholics

Ep 31 - How to Use Music to Motivate Yourself

April 20, 2022 Felicia Serano-Shtivelman Season 1 Episode 31
Recovering Corpoholics
Ep 31 - How to Use Music to Motivate Yourself
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to use music to motivate yourself

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Feeling down at your job, discouraged about your job search or just feeling downright unmotivated? One simple solution to lift your mood is to listen to music!

Studies show that listening to music is like a workout for your brain. Not only does it ignite creativity, but it is a valuable tool for reducing stress, improving your mood and creating a more happy mindset. 

It’s like a workout for your brain (as long as the music is upbeat and you like the music you’re listening to). 

And a happier mindset brings more benefits beyond just feeling good. It can make you feel better about your job, give you the motivation to keep going in your job search and just downright feel good!

I won’t go further into the stats or studies of listening to music but if I were to give you any advice for this week, is to take the time and create a playlist of happy, encouraging music that you like so if you do feel down, you have your happy playlist to lift you back up!

I know that if I feel stressed, anxious, or even nervous, I put on some happy jams, stand up and rock out. Even moving your body helps!  I know I do this before any interview or new client call. It just makes me feel ready to win!

I put some of my favorite songs along with proven happy songs in the full show notes at so head over there now to check out that list now!

Remember, my list of songs could not work for you - you have to find what makes you feel like getting up and dancing!

That’s all I have for this week so hit the play button and start jamming!

Stay Inspired and Live Powerfully,


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