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Embodied Dialogue: Movement, Relationship, Wisdom & Practice

Seth Dellinger

What does it take to build a sustainable & meaningful personal growth practice? In other words, how do you construct a long-term path that addresses your unique concerns and find the motivation to keep showing up so you can attain the kind of change you're seeking? On this podcast, you'll hear conversations with creative movers and thinkers about how they have developed their own practices and consider some of the following questions: With so many different movement modalities available, how do you choose among them or mix and match them to create a consistent ecology of practices that you can follow towards what is meaningful to you? How do you relate to your teacher - as the source of the "answers" you are seeking or as the provider of valuable questions that you will research for yourself? What do you do when what your teacher tells you conflicts with what you heard from a previous one? How does your practice improve the quality of your life as a whole?