Finding Your Flow- Tempo Energy
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The Soulful Leader Podcast
Finding Your Flow- Tempo Energy
Feb 27, 2024 Season 1 Episode 142
Stephanie Allen & Maren Oslac

You are MORE than you believe.

We know it. 

You don’t realize how much of your self image is based on conditioning, based on your past. There are BRILLIANT aspects of you that you’ve squashed and put aside, because you were conditioned to fit in, you were told you were ‘too much’.

It’s time to retrieve those parts and step into your shiny, amazing, uniqueness. It’s time to own your natural flow. Being in your flow state is most likely dependent on getting in touch with a few things you’ve pushed aside over the years.

Maren & Stephanie have dedicated a series of podcasts to help, to address this question of flow - today’s podcast is all about the flow of the Tempo Genius.

  • 01:40 Tempo Genius - the questions they ask, and google maps metaphor
  • 04:04 Procrastination of much needed slowing and grounding
  • 06:24 The Shame side
  • 08:11 Season (Autumn) and Chinese Medicine (stomach/spleen)
  • 10:57 Processors

This series includes:
Ep 139 explores the role of profile tests in our lives and businesses - how best to use them to get real traction, and the profile test that Stephanie and Maren use as a tool in their own business and with clients. 
Eps 140, 141, 142 & 143 dive into the different Genius energies Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo and Steel. 
Ep 144 brings it all together with the ‘Why’ element. 

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12:16  Free Genius Test


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