The Treasure Under the Bed
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The Soulful Leader Podcast
The Treasure Under the Bed
Jun 11, 2024 Season 1 Episode 152
Stephanie Allen & Maren Oslac

Negative emotions in our culture are something to be “fixed” and are usually pushed away, blocked or ignored - shoved under the bed of our lives. Just because we've blocked or ignored something doesn't mean that it's gone away, which is essential for leaders to understand. All those things that are pushed aside still take up time and energy, and they actually begin to control life from the shadows.

Stephanie and Maren’s use of this delightful metaphor makes the whole subject playful and easy to grasp and puts a new, more joyful paradigm in the listener’s hands. Looking at the parts of ourselves that we stuff and stifle has never seemed so engaging and accessible.

Stuffed aspects of ourselves show up in everything from business challenges, to family dynamics to chronic pain which makes this podcast essential for every conscious and conscientious leader.

In addition to the sections below, you’ll love Stephanie’s story around the 7 minute mark, and you’ll want to explore the practice they share around the 26 minute mark.

Enjoy your treasure hunt , and the flow that ensues. 

  • 05:23 The cost
  • 07:06 Making space and finding treasures
  • 13:03 Surprise and delight
  • 16:00 Gifts from our younger selves
  • 20:36 You did something right
  • 22:18 Find your people
  • 26:00 Everything that gets stuffed underneath the bed is actually treasure


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