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Almost A Music Podcast

Channa Silva & Meggy Caparas

Channa Silva and Meggy Caparas joined forces to talk about their biggest passion "Music" and how it inspire, complement and enhance all aspects of their life. Channa Silva (@channa.channa.channa) is a Dad, Husband, Buddha Śrāvaka, Metalhead, Smark, Biker, Geek, Founder of Metal Royalties Philippines, and Host of Channa Channa Channa VLogs. A conscious living practitioner with passion for meditation, yoga and spirituality. Meggy Caparas (@meggycaparas) is the Founder and Creative Trouble maker of We Found A Place - a collective space nurturing mindfulness in the everyday.​A Visionary learning to build and bind communities on conscious living and soulful entrepreneurship.Taurus Sun, Manifesting Generator, Breathwork enthusiast, Spiritual Seeker, Yogi and Playlist Connoisseur.#almostamusicpodcast #aamp #channa3x #megcapras