Center Church ~ on the green ~ Weekly Podcast.


January 02, 2022 New Haven Ct ~ Rev. Richard DenUyl, Jr. ~ Music Director Karen Clute
Center Church ~ on the green ~ Weekly Podcast.
Show Notes

This episode is in lieu of our live service on January 2, 2022.
Organ Music: Karen Clute
Recorder Music: Lawrence Zukof
Scripture reader:  Foster Hall
Homily, prayer, benediction: Rev Richard

In this episode, Rev. Richard invites us to renew a sense of Wonder in ourselves and our relationships.

The music for this episode includes the traditional Christmas carols Angels from the Realms of Glory and We Three Kings.  It also includes the less well-known, hauntingly beautiful Catalan folk song, Carol of the Birds.  The traditional text for Carol of the Birds refers to little birds singing in wonder and awe at the Savior’s birth and with empathy and praise for his mother, Mary.  The episode closes with a Pastorale by Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726), a Jesuit missionary who served in Argentina.  Most pastorales invokes images of shepherds.  Zipoli’s Pastorale hints instead of a regal parade of camels that came with the three kings to Bethlehem.

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