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Book Club with James Mayhew Show No 31

October 13, 2021 Learn Radio Season 2 Episode 31
Learn Radio Podcasts
Book Club with James Mayhew Show No 31
Show Notes

Frist broadcast on LearnRadio.Net at 4:00pm on Wednesday 13th October 2021.
This was our 31 st #AfterSchoolBookClub radio show, with Maria & Russell and our 163rd live broadcast overall.

The amazing James Mayhew joined us live to talk about his latest Book Once Upon A Tune - Stories from the Orchestra -  published by Otter Barry Books.

You can enjoy a full reading, with the music tracks and read all of the listener comments by vising the showpage on our site LearnRadio.Net/OnceUponATune

The two remaining musical works are copyright Free from YouTube's Audio Library and therefore did not require removing before Podcast publication, please enjoy!

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