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Behind the Disc: Jack Panic's Evolution from Prodigy to Rockstar

April 11, 2022 Annette Smith/ Jack Panic Season 1 Episode 42
Music Junkies Podcast
Behind the Disc: Jack Panic's Evolution from Prodigy to Rockstar
Show Notes

Fasten your seatbelts, music enthusiasts, as I welcome the multi-faceted Canadian artist Jack Panic on this engaging installment of Music Junkies. Jack's musical voyage began with the piano at the tender age of eight, transitioning to the guitar, and eventually playing bass in the band Sparrows. As he shares his fascinating journey, we traverse the turbulent terrain of the music industry, unearthing insights about the endurance and sincerity found in bands like Motley Crue and Tommy Lee, punctuated by an intriguing encounter with DJ Ashba


But it's not all about the high notes and hit songs. The conversation takes a poignant turn, as we explore the echoes of managing relationships for artists living life in the fast lane. We dissect the transformation of the entertainment world, from the rock & roll rebellion of yesteryears to the more accountable and somewhat censored environment of today. Also on the playlist is a discussion about how concerts have evolved over the years, from a wild, immersive experience to a polished performance for social media.


Our deep dive into the world of music wouldn't be complete without discussing our favorite genres and songs, and underlining the importance of an open mind when it comes to appreciating different types of music. Jack and I also pull back the curtain on his secret Billy Talent show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. Finally, we wrap up by exploring the creative process behind his music, the challenges of releasing an album independently, and where you can find him online. Tune in to this electric episode of Music Junkies and experience the thrilling journey of Jack Panic!

You can find out more about Jack by finding him on Instagram and Twitter @thejackpanic, on Facebook at

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